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Omar Suleiman
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additionally obeyed except for him and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his blessing path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin, the brothers and sisters, I wanted to begin this Ultra, by an overview of a stark contrast between the crying of shaytaan and the crying of Adam, it is set up. And it's it's very interesting, because if you think about it,

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the idea of shaytaan crying in and of itself, might shock some people. Isn't he a creature that has no remorse for what he has done? And so a person might even wonder, Is that even possible for the Shavon to cry and what would cause them to cry? And with Adam it has Salam what is it that causes other money is salam to cry after Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has forgiven him and already guaranteed him Jana and told him that he has risen above that one slip that he that he made that caused him to leave paradise in the first place. So why is it that shaytaan would cry when shaytaan is a being of no remorse? And why is it that other money has Salam would cry if other money has

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Sudan has already been forgiven, and assured paradise for himself. And ultimately, as we surveyed these narrations, the question that I want to come to is what makes us cry, and where do i Where do we find our own resemblance in regards to the tears of these two creatures that are on opposing ends? And so you start off with bliss shaytaan. The prophets lie some said in a famous Hadith in Sahih Muslim that every time the shaytaan sees the son of Adam making sujood prostrating era Tesla, yup, key. He goes to a corner and he cries the Accord O'Meara he says he was commanded to make sujood, the sujood for subject, and he responded well omitted to for our slate, oh, what a bait. In

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another narration. He was commanded. And he responded, and I was commended. And I reject it. And so if you read the narration there and you ask yourself, well, is this the remorse of shape on that he's saying that this person was commanded by Allah subhanaw taala to prostrate? And they responded, and I rejected Allah subhanaw taala what an evil creature I was, or I am to continue to insist on this way. Is this a form of regrets because the Prophet saw some some animal Toba? Sincere regret is repentance. It's the beginning of repentance, it is the foundation of what repentance actually is. So is this because of that? Or is this something else And subhanAllah there is another narration as

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we often find, that gives a little bit more detail that makes it obvious as to why he was crying, or why he cries when he sees one of us obey Allah subhanaw taala and Ebihara Tala the Allahu Taala animal kala kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a writer narrates an authentic narration of Nomada that the Prophet SAW is sometimes said either caught up no Adam, as such the when the child of Adam reads A such that meaning they read a verse of prostration that causes them to prostrate for sadaqa and then they make their such that they prostrate they respond to the call to bow and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that a shaytaan or yep key a call Yahweh who O'Meara dama be

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scheduled for such a fella who will Jana was rumored to be scheduled for a date failure now, it's only a simple addition but it gives you so much context that the prophets lie Selim says that when he sees you make sujood he says Woe to Woe to me. Yeah, whaler, Woe to me. The son of Adam was commanded to prostrate and he responded Fela hula Jana and so he gets Jana.

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And I was commanded to prostrate and I refused. So I get the punishment of the fire.

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There's something very telling about that. That Shavon is not doing anything to show remorse for his own deeds. He's upset that he's left out. He's crying not over the crime, but over the consequences of the crime that are self inflicted. And these are the tears of a narcissist. a narcissist cries as well. But a narcissist does not cry because of the hurt that they caused to others, or because of any type of regret for their deeds. They cried because they are always the victim of their own stories, even when they are the criminals and their own stories.

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And so he's crying because he lost Jana. Not because he disobeyed a rob a Lord who should not be disobeyed. A merciful Lord, who did

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absolutely nothing to be disobeyed. Yeah. Ever Tila terrible this shape one in the shape on a candidate. Nanny I'll see you when Ebrahim I spoke to his father and he said, Oh my father, do not disobey do not do not worship. The shape on Verily the shape on was to a merciful Lord exceedingly disobedience ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada did not give him anything for him to truly disobey Him the way that he did, but he's crying over missing out on an agenda what are some of the other narrations about his tears about his actual crying about I don't know the Allah Tada and who narrates that Shavon cried at the revelation of sorts and Fatiha. Why because no one who asks ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada for guidance 17 times a day will be misguided. No one who asks Allah subhanaw taala for his pleasure 17 times a day sincerely will attain his wrath instead. And he knows that and it bothers him that the Muslims have this tool that they attain the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala with on a regular basis, a Muslim who memorizes nothing else of the Quran knows certain Fatiha and so if you recite that with sincerity, that is your connection to Allah subhanaw taala and then there is a chapter in the books of tipsy it called Hanaa Becca bliss

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or the eye or the time that bliss cried or the idea that caused a bliss to cry, and it's based on a narration from Anna cinematical. The hola Tata Andrew and saboteur boo nanny or the Allah Tada and that when Allah subhanho To Allah revealed the verse in Surah, earlier Imran will Lavina either othera LUFA he certain ovalo Mo and fossa Hunziker Allah a stuffer Oliva Ruby him Romania Feroz Nova illallah wa salam you'll Saru are

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welcome yellow moon that Allah subhanaw taala revealed and insert adding I'm Ron and those who when they commit a sin or an injustice against themselves a Fantasia of Allah and Fusa home are they wrong themselves? They remember Allah that's the difference between sincere repentance and regret. Okay, they remember Allah Ya Allah, I disobeyed Allah Subhana Allah to Allah What right did I have to disobey Allah? Who is Allah to be disobeyed by me His creation, that God Allah for stuff, I really don't obey him before someone else made them ashamed of their sin, or before someone else reminded them or before they face the consequences of their sin. And that's why in Islam, even in

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the legal sense, if a person regrets before they are caught,

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and they have repented, before they are caught than they are to be forgiven. Right? So they remember Allah Subhana Allah to ALLAH and they seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho to Allah, when they your fear of the Nova Illa Allah and who's going to forgive them except Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when I'm you, sir. Oh, Anna, Anna Farah, little homie, Allah more, and they don't insist on their ways knowingly. The opposite of Shavon, who continues to go down a path that he knows is the path of destruction, and take as many people with him, which is also how some people start to spiral, right? They know they're doing wrong, but I'm just going to keep on going and I'll bring some people with

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me on this path of despair so that I'm not lonely in my destruction.

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And so on. So the Allahu Tada and who and thought that narrate or the Allahu Anhu that this was the verse that caused the bliss to cry. This was the verse that caused the bliss to cry. Why? And that's where you find another narration that explains it. And this narration is a narration from one of the tambourine the topic Muhammad who says better than the other who Lemma and as Allah, he said that it was related that when this verse was revealed, saw, at least a be God at least shouted out. When this verse was revealed, and he actually started to put out an ROTC hit to rob Hatha ROTC to rob he started to put dirt on his head, meaning he was so frustrated by this verse, when it was revealed

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Hatha Jujitsu, Judo the until his soldiers all came to him and they said my la que se dinner, what is it? Oh, our Master what's causing you to scream and shout and cry? Why are you panicking, the way that you are panicking. And he's saying that Allah has revealed the verse

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that the child of Adam no longer has to fear so long as they repentant to Allah subhanaw taala they no longer have to fear their sins, so long as they repent to Allah subhanho Tirana. And so he was upset. I mean, this really ruins much of his plotting and his planning. And so his Junoon his soldiers said to him, nerf definitely above and we will open for them the doors of innovations and desirous ways of thinking wishful thinking failure to warn our your stuff your own. They will not seek forgiveness from you and they will not repent What are your own whether your own inner home island help and they won't think except that they're doing good will help you in a bit of Serena

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letting go

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The sorry home for the higher to dunya home. Yes, I'm gonna and now you're seeing on a sunnah Allah says the losers are those who think they're doing good, but they're really doing evil. So we'll decorate practices so that they don't even realize that they're sinning because then they won't seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala who would otherwise forgive them? So again, what is he crying over? He's crying over the destruction of his plans. He's crying over his own loss. Now let's contrast that for a moment. To Adam and his son, Adam, it has set up who has already been guaranteed his place back in Jannah.

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Think about that. Now, by the way. The narrations in the books of Tafseer said that Adam it has said I'm cried for 200 years over his sin. What can Allah hotteok the way of the believer is indeed to cry over their sins. He cried for 200 years over his sins. He regretted deeply what he did even after Allah subhanaw taala. His forgiveness was short for him.

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But now, the money has Sadam as he sent to this earth, all he has to worry about is what I'm only here for a short while then I go back to Jana, if Adam it has set up was like a bliss. I'm good. I'm going right back to where I came from. I don't really have to worry about anything else right. looked at what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said when he met them at his salaam dilemma, I own a sunnah dunya. So either Raja Luna and Yemeni persuader one yesterday he asked me the call of another either Navara Kybella Yemeni he bought HCA were either Navara Kibera, Chemin de Baca prophets, I said, I'm certain I saw this man on the native at a certain mirage. When Gibreel at his

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Salam ascended with me, and he had this large group of people that were going to his rights. And he had this large group of people that were going to his left. And when he looked to his rights, and he saw that large group of people by acre, he laughed out of joy. And when he looked to his left, and he saw this large group of people that were going to his left Baca, he cried out of sadness to ya Gibreel Madhava I said, Gibreel Who is this man called? Harada Adam sallallahu alayhi wa salam, he says, This is Adam sub Allah, Allah, he was selling them. Well, he asked me that. And yeah, I mean, he went on Shomali he NASA money he, he said, and these people on his right and his left or his

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descendants, but actually, I mean, Jana, the people on the right are the people of paradise. And the people on the left or the Aluna are the people of fire. So when he looks to his right, he laughs out of joy for his children. And when he looks to his left, he cries out of sadness for his children.

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The crying of an empath

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the money his salaam teaches us a different type of crank. You know to do that work is also from empathy that you want good for people in their Africa just like you want good for them in this dunya from the same place. You want them success and salvation in the hereafter just like you want it for yourself. The same way that in this dunya you serve people and you give to people because you want for them what you want for yourself in this dunya that's the spirit of Darla. And so Adam and he has Salam is teaching us the tears of a prophet. And the greatest manifestation of that is the way of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the authentic narration of Abdullah and I'm Radi Allahu

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Taala and Hoonah that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once crying he read the area where Allah Subhana Allah Allah says lobby in Hoonah Alladhina cathedra Amina Nelson and Toby Arnica in the who many women are Asani until the end of the AFN I can tell as easily Hakeem that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the DUA Ibrahim Ali has set up

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where Ibrahim Al Islam is complaining about some of his children, some of his descendants that go astray. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hands to the sky called Allah Allah Almighty Almighty Rebecca Sun Allahu Allahu wa salam, O Allah, my mama, my mama and he started to cry sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, Yeah, Jibreel habido Mohammed, what I'm looking at Arnhem. Oh Jibreel go to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and your Lord knows best for Sandhu. Now you keep asking what's causing you to cry? Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Fatah Gibreel at his salatu salam for sal Allahu Akbar Allahu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Bhima thought. So he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophets I said I'm said Almighty Almighty my mama, my mama for cod Allah Hiya. Jibreel ALLAH SubhanA wa says, Oh Djibouti and if habido Mohammed go back to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam for Kula who in Sonora de Taffy O Matic Well, Anna Sook. O Muhammad we will please you with your mama. We will not disappoint you. We will please you with your Amma. We will not disappoint you. That was the crying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's why his one year on the Day of Judgment is a

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dua of intercession

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other than himself, it is the epitome of what a prophet cries for. And subhanAllah their ultimate point to the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, if you look at his crying when he was rejected by his uncle Abu Lahab compared to his crying when he was trying to prompt his uncle, Abu powerlifter c'est la ilaha illallah the Buka The crying of the prophets lie some of them were trying to save his uncle Abu Talib was far greater than any crying when his uncle Ebola was humiliating him and harassing him.

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So it brings us to a question. Do you cry like an empath? Or do you cry like a narcissist? Do you cry like a worshiper? Or do you cry like a devil? The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who cried over the harm that was being inflicted on other than himself more than the harm that was being inflicted on him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who cried for the salvation of the same people that were causing him suffering in this world. That's our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the brothers and sisters, we examine our hearts because now is a time where people express vulnerability and vulnerability in and of itself is good. It's good to be vulnerable. But if some

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people express vulnerability only as a means of gaining sympathy so that they can escape accountability for their deeds and the consequences of their deeds, that's not positive.

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What makes you cry? What gives you him? What gives you anxiety? What causes you to grieve? Think about it. And it's not something that you can answer to me it's something between you and Allah subhanho wa taala. And if someone says, Well, I don't cry at all. Then soften your heart with the two things that are the opposite of what bliss brings, and that is the recitation of the Quran bomb Sahara Cydia team and the Prophet sighs I'm saying to accompany the orphans to accompany and engage with the people that are suffering. The remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala Victrola the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala in private moments of solitude, where you cry at the remembrance of Allah

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subhana down the recitation of the greatest reminder which is the Quran

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and then for other than yourself,

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whether it's the Oilers or our brothers and sisters in Palestine or wherever it may be, you cry, you actually bring yourself to cry and make your app for people. Soften your heart Subhanallah are we so hard with our hearts that we can cry watching a movie about fictional characters, but we can't cry watching the real life suffering of our brothers and sisters. That's the problem. Soften the heart with the recitation of the Quran. Take moments of solitude, don't turn stuff off, no, and cry like a prophet, not like a devil. Don't be someone that grieves only when they lose out but grieve for what others are missing as well. And let that drive your data. Let that drive your spirit let that drive

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your worship May Allah subhanaw taala grant us those hearts and those eyes and those supplications We seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from eyes that don't shed tears from hearts that are not moved and from supplications that are not answered a Hulu holy ha That was tough Allah he will actually started Muslim infested in the hole of affordable him.

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ali he also can be you Manuel La Loma Nina What about me? Well Muslim you know when Muslim out here even when I'm watching the casa mia on curry with Mooji Boo jerawat Allahumma Ferdinand our Hamner wife wonder whether to Amina alumna and for sent our in love to further than our top 100 Then are called Nana mineral hypersaline. One in the caribou and Karima to him with alfalfa and Allah has nothing to do at dinner Robert Hamama comfortableness Ihlara Robin and haeberlin I mean as well as you know the reality and Kurata Aryan * limits Latina Imam Allah on sort of one and mustafina Female article I'll do my Barbie Allahumma is that

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Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam or Muslim in Allah whom there isn't it's not all Muslim you dealership coworker the been with me the ultimate advocate boiling in a bit lot I mean a fridge now with one and the baby inside I mean everybody's Allah and Allah hit a little bit it with axon what the Cordova and fascia it will Moon carry well belly your dopamine Allah calm Tada karoun First Corolla Heathcoat homage Kuru Hara nirvana is it lecan What are the chrome Allahu Akbar Allah Who Yama Tostan our own welcome salah.

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