Omar Suleiman – The Beginning and the End – EP 61 Banned From Heaven

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The loss of a culture and the use of a snake as a enemy have contributed to the loss of human appearance. Researching and discussing the topic further is crucial to understanding the origins of various theories. The shavons are designed to destroy people and cause them to resort to plants, and the shavons are designed to destroy people and cause them to resort to plants. inaccurate theories are discussed and the segment concludes that shavons are designed to destroy people and cause them to resort to plants.
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So let's get back to the story of shape on particularly without the money has set up. You know, I want I want us to really focus on this particular encounter between Siobhan and advise them because as you can see, we take a lot of lessons for ourselves how the children of atomized lamb can fight against the shape and how we can disarm the shaitan properly. Now one of the issues that comes up and this is a very technical issue when it blease disobeyed a loss of Hannah Montana and he refused to prostrate to undermine his salon and he challenged the loss of Hannah and sad the way that he did Wasn't he kicked out of Jenna Wasn't he kicked out of Paradise anyway, so then how was he able to

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come back and tempt Adam it is not it's a very specific question and it's one of those questions that requires a lot of research and requires a lot of discussion. Well for one one a loss of hentai says oh Raj minha for in Nicaragua that leave it because you are an expelled one regime is someone who has stones thrown at them and and it's cast it out. Okay. But I lost my job does not say what he's kicking shape on out of or where he's expelling shape on from and so the scholars differ here, they say that approach minha leave, it could either mean 100 minute agenda or 100 minute, which means either leave genda or leave your station, because as we said a balise was lifted to a place

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that no other generalists. He was given a position amongst the angels amongst the Metallica, he had the shape of the angels, right? I mean, he was lifted and elevated to a place that no other gin was ever able to attain. So many of the scholars they said that this is referring to El roodman and Manzil that are lost pines, I did not expel him from Paradise altogether, but a lot expelled him from his position. And you know, as even Tamia Rahim, Allah to Allah and others, they said his shape was changed. So he no longer had the beautiful appearance, the appearance of the angel that he had. And you know, and that's where his name, in fact, does become obese in shape on right, the one who's

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expelled and cast it out and the first one, okay, so some of them said that, and then they said that persisted, he was sent to a position, a low position, until the last pantai says, Call nahi, toh minha gem era that all of you now leave paradise, alright. So that's one way of looking at it.

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And another way is to say that he left paradise so then if we say he left paradise, he left Jenna, then how did he get back in to sway out the mighty slam away? Now the the story from a biblical perspective. And we see this many times in the books of Tafseer, that the biblical story is what's used in the books of Tafseer, where there's ambiguity. The story from the people of the book is that he came in as a snake, which is why you always see the portrayal of Adam it Salaam and Hauer and Eve, and the snake that's whispering to them to do certain things. Some of the scholars they accepted that some of the scholars, they use that story from the people of the book that he was able

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to come back in in the form of a snake and somehow lost. There were interesting reasons that were given for those scholars. You know, one of them said that the snake is our enemy, as human beings, until the day of judgment, and then its harm is lifted, just like subleases harm is lifted on the Day of Judgment, what is the proof of that? The Prophet slice Allah mentions to us that when a Saudi salam, when Jesus peace be upon him has his reign on Earth, that the snake would no longer be able to harm the human being that at that point, a snake would not bite anyone, and even if it did, it would not harm them. So until then, the snake remains our enemy, so that there's a strong analogy

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between the snake and the devil, that it remains our enemy. Until that time, also, the prophet sites and I mentioned that jinn are likely to inhabit snakes. So we find that in our Hadith literature, so that's some of the explanations that are given. But still, it's problematic. And obviously, it's from the People of the Book. So we can't really, you know, we can't affirm it with any sort with any sense of certainty with any error of certainty. A more likely explanation to all of that is what other scholars sudden, and what many of what's been narrated from many of the tabs are in many of the early generation scholars. That was Swiss Allahumma shavon shavon whisper to them. He either

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cast the thought and Adam and his salon and how it has salon in their heads for a long time. He whispered to them for a long time, you know, kept pointing out that tree to them for a very long time. And that thought persisted because we as human beings, when shape bonds, his pitches the thought we then take it, and we you know, we apply our own, you know, our own things to it and so on so forth, or that shaytan called them from outside of the gates of genda because Allah subhanaw taala had not yet sent him to the

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Earth. Instead he was at the gates of agenda calling out to them. Now, the most, you know, the most likely explanation again, all of this is from the knowledge of the unseen. So we say a lot of Allah knows best we can express with any certainty. However, what we do know is that all shavon has to do is plant the thoughts. Once they find plants, the thought the poison is already there. And a lot of times what we see is that shavon will pitch a thought to us to commit a sin. And we will take it to another extreme In fact, right Satan gives us an invitation to a minor form of a sin and we make it into a major form of that sin. All right, all he does is he puts the poison there. Something else

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that we see sometimes that shavon invites us to ascend that we initially reject. But later on in our lives, when we find ourselves in that moment of insecurity once again, or vulnerability, that's when we go back and resort to that sin. When the insecurity and the vulnerability was not there, that sin did not was not as attractive to us. So you know, that seems to be the most likely explanation that shavon was working on our demise nom and a lot for a very long time. And he planted this thought in their heads and when the insecurity was there, that's when we find that they unfortunately resorted to eating from that tree, and that's where the rest of the story continues. salaam aleikum wa

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In this episode, Imam Omar Suleiman tells us the story of shaytaan particularly with Adam AS and focuses on the encounter between Adam AS and Shaytaan. A major question, “When shaytaan was kicked out of jannah when he disobeyed Allah SWT, how was he able to come back and sway away Adam and Hawwa AS?” is answered in a great detail.

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