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The importance of finding out what one wants to achieve in life is emphasized, and the need for strong heart and understanding of one's heart is emphasized. The importance of creating a clear roadmap and avoiding embarrassment is emphasized, along with the need for people to produce something and be careful with behavior. The importance of praise and legion is also emphasized, and the virtual community of Hamator offers advice for parents. The book, called Ron, offers a book that is easy to read and offers advice for parents.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Why are you so happy to send him some concealer? Should we lay the hill Allahu Allah? Should I show them Hamedan outdoor Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Who are they to the

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family Ramadan family.

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I hope you guys are doing wonderful and you're enjoying your family of thoughts. And of course, I can't wait for my home cooked family of thought and Allah subhanaw taala bless you all. My name is Mata Shakti. I'm an instructor with a motive Institute.

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I'm going to be talking about how you can get the most out of your drought and Ramadan. And I want to really just share a few points with you something very, very practical, very, very brief. I

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you know, there's a hadith that I love very, very much. And I actually have it on my wall here if you can see the prophets of Allah audio send them he says focus on what benefits you and seek the help of Allah. And don't give up.

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This hadith number one is really, really beautiful. It's reported by Muslim. And it gives us a practical roadmap to to success.

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You know, the self help industry is billions of books self development, bid, not billions of books, but billions of dollars worth of books and material, you go to any bookstore and you'll find all of these books about how to develop yourself and how to go this and how to live your dreams and how to and how to and how to adhere the private cellulitis and it gives us three really practical steps that I want to kind of manipulate for Ramadan. And number one is to focus on what benefits you

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focus on what benefits you he says. And so the first thing you have to know is what are you asking for? What do you want, and that requires some thought a lot of us a lot of us use art

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as some completely robotic exercise, disconnected from our life, the life that we are living, the things that we are complaining to our friends about every single day and calling mum about

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the things that we are venting on Facebook about or Instagram or whatever the things that we are crying about day in and day out. When it comes to drop. None of that is communicated here. And that's the first thing that we have to remedy in Nima Eshkol bethey, we're Hosni Illa. Allah, yeah, oh, my days. And I'm says, I complain, my sadness and my grief only to Allah. And so whereas we use all of these other channels for our complaints and for our sadness, and for our grievances. And when it comes to art, we're just saying some things that are robotic that were taught to us in grade school. Yeah, oh, by the way, is that I'm missing? No, this is the channel that I use. And so number

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one is, is figuring out what it is that you want.

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Some of us

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don't know what we want, had a friend of mine, who Allah subhanaw taala had given a lot of blessings to and you know, he was late 20s already had a great job. already married, Allah subhanho data, blessed him with children. And so living in a beautiful state of California, right, sunshine, beaches, all of that. So he, he, I was in a car visiting him and he was saying to me, you know, I actually don't I, I don't know what to make that for. He's like, I've got I've got it all.

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And that was kind of his moment of confession. And so I said to him, Have you entered Gemini yet? And he said, Oh, I guess I do have a lot of things to make that for. Yeah. And this is a formula if you don't, if you're not sure of what,

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what to ask Allah for. This is a beautiful formula that we're given in the Quran. Allah subhanho data says,

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or bene attina. If dunya hashanah will fill fill, it has an open it up and now it's a two to one ratio. I think if it dunya has no that's for the dunya give us goodness in this world and give us goodness in the hereafter. So it's one to one now. Ask for the dunya and ask for that hereafter. What can I dive in now? The help fire protect us from the hellfire and so that is a two to one ratio of asking for dunya versus asking for Atilla

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two to one ratio of asking for asset as opposed to asking for dunya. And of course,

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you know,

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the athletes should occupy more of our Doha than a person is asking Allah for Jen and hence, the Prophet sallallaahu said when I shall love the Allah and asked him she said, If I'm experiencing Leila to Qatar, what should I ask for? He said say

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A Allahumma inika phone to help with Alpha Phi Alpha. Oh Allah you love to erase the trace of sin you love to completely overlook and pardon.

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So have overlooked my sense, pardon me, forgive and erase all of my sins, right asking about the US in that moment of little fire that you ask Allah Subhana Allah for the hereafter, you ask him for forgiveness on the Day of Judgment. So focus on what benefits you but even if it comes to the dunya focus on what benefits you figure it out, what is it that you want? What is it that you want to accomplish this year? Allah subhanaw taala says about data to fee how you Franco Kulu Emmeline Hakeem, on the night of power, every matter of incredible, every matter of wisdom or greatness is determined on that day. Even our best said even the names of the judge for that date for that year

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for the Hijjah. They're written on a little others. So it is a day that you want to make sure that you are present, but not just present. You want to make sure that you are focused one of my teachers, he mentioned that when he was a kid, he he simply had a goal of memorizing the Quran, he was in a health program and he really wanted it he was making a lot of dough out for it. And he he on leave it to the closet every single night on the last 10 nights every single night he made sure to ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow him to memorize the Quran. He was like, I'm just gonna, I don't know which one is there to cut it, I'm just gonna go for that every single night for those 10

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nights. And Allah subhana dad gave him that gift of memorizing the Quran. And so the point here is, what is it that you want, it doesn't have to be memorizing the Quran. And this is another point, by the way, a lot of us we spend a lot of very valuable real estate making draft for things that we don't really want. We just think this is what a good Muslim should ask for. And so we're not very interested in memorizing it. For him memorizing the Quran was a real goal of his for for someone else, it might not be a real goal, it might not be something that they're interested in right now memorizing the complete Quran. And so you know what, I'm not going to make dua for something just

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because I think this is what a good Muslim should make go out for.

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Make do out for things that you are passionate about, that you care about things that will make your eyes tear, and your heart tremble and your tongue stutter things that you really, really care about. So that's number one. Focus on what benefits you and number two, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, and then seek the help of ALLAH, seek the help of ALLAH is incredibly powerful, that you, you know, when you're embarking on whatever it is that you want, that you constantly make dua to Allah, that you recognize in your heart, that if Allah wills it, you will get it. And if Allah does not will it it doesn't matter who says yes, you're not going to get it. And so when you enter into an audience

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with a lot in your DUA, that you recognize that you are entering the court of the king of kings, that you enter, recognize, and if you were going to enter into an audience with a king, you would have prepared and so part of that is preparing. You know what the 10 knights are coming prepare your dauntless have your six or seven or eight or 10 or whatever most important things, life changing the things that you care about the most that you want to accomplish within the next year.

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Make dua for those things. Have that list. Make sure that every single night you are making go out for those sticks, chase those things. So stay in biller seek the help of Allah and then number three, which is very powerful and important. He says, Well, I just don't give up don't stop. One of the things that stops us the province of Elijah send them said, you stay jaboulet haidakhan Mallam. You Ajit, he says, You will be responded to as long as you are not hasty. As long as you're not hasty. And they said well, what is haste he says that a person says I made dua and it was not responded to me. And so make dua

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today, and tomorrow, and the day after and the day after that. And after Ramadan is over, continue to make dua and don't give up on your DUA don't stop, persevere, endure. You know, yesterday was the 16th. So a lot of people have been sharing of course, and have read by now. That beautiful passage right at the beginning of Surah to medium where Zachary it set up the scene of sort of medium the first scene and sort of medium is describing this, this prophet has that has been weathered by Ah, he's an old noun now his hair is white, and his bones have become frail. And his wife has become Varun, and he is saying when I'm a computer EcoLog bisha Clear my Lord I never lose when I make dua

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to you. And so the call

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question that I have for you now, is Zecharia is asking Allah for a son

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Zecharia is asking Allah for a son, even though he has literally checked every reason why he shouldn't have a son. I'm old, really frail now my wife, she's barren now. But I never lose what I make doff to y'all. So grant me a son. Do you think

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that the first times that I am a dad for a son is when he had reached that level? That old age, that level of old age? Is that the first time where he thought to himself, you know what it would be good to have a son? Or has he been making that drought for decades?

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Has he been making that drought for decades, but he's not giving up. This is my drought, this is what I want. Yeah. And I don't lose what I make got to you. And so grant me a son, grant me a son. And this is a really important lesson as well is that sometimes you might have something that you want really, really badly. You want really, really badly you have the brother who's been trying to get married for years, sisters have been trying to get married for years. Or maybe it's the couple that's been trying to have children for years. And at some point, you might think to yourself, you know what, I'm not going to make that for it. This one Hold on, because it's just, it's been too

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painful. Last normal bond, I did it in the year before I did it. Then I went to hedge and I did it and I stood on our sofa and I cried my eyes out. And up until now it just has it. And you know what, maybe I should just come to terms with the fact that this just might not be my destiny, I am saying to you don't lower what you want.

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Raise your job, make it more powerful, make it more energetic cry even harder.

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Beg Allah even more from because of a number of reasons. Number one, that

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there are changes things due is one of the most effective means for you to get whatever it is that you want. But number two, even from an aspect of worship, just pure worship of Allah subhana Donna, there might not be anything that you offer in your life. That is more powerful an act of worship, than the drop of a heart that is breaking the DUA have a person who wants something so badly. And they are begging Allah subhanaw taala for it. It may be that if in Allah's divine wisdom, it's, it never comes to you. On the Day of Judgment, when your deeds are placed on a scale. It may be that those drives that you were making for an entire lifetime

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will be your reason to enter into paradise, those emotional duress, that hope that love that that not giving up. That could be what enters you into paradise, zakat ESS and I never lose when I make dua for you, every dua is answered, but

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they are answered in different ways. Sometimes ALLAH SubhanA data gives it to you as you want it,

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excuse me,

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sometimes it is delayed for you.

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Because Allah Subhana Allah diocese, in his wisdom, His perfect knowledge, that you receiving it in this moment is not what is best for you, it might be something that is even better,

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or three, that Da is used to save you in this life from something else. And so you have some calamity that was destined for you, but you're get married, and that dot then gets transferred over to protect you from this ailments or this disease, or this car accident or this poverty or such and such. And so, there are always always

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becomes a reason of goodness in this life and in the next. So these are three things. Now if I can add from the Hadith, if I can add a few other just points. Number one is the province of the lighthouse and he says of Allah and to Moteino inability Jabba. Number four is certainty. Number four is certainty that a person when they make they make too and they are certain they know that Allah Subhana Allah that is going to respond to them. That a person not say things like Oh Allah, if you wish, the prophets Allah lies him said Don't say that because you're not going to force a lot anyway. So don't say if you wish, do this or do that. No, ask Allah with certainty. Oh Allah grant

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me. Oh Allah give me that's number four number five, that the most to embark on the etiquettes of Doha. And the etiquettes of drought are many and you can

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you can

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You know, read a lot of books on the etiquettes of drought you can I'm sure somebody has a book called the weapon of the believer. You can check that out there. I'm sure there's a passage there about the etiquettes of drought. But Allah,

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that province on the lifestyle dimensions a lot of etiquettes and I have them compiled in a short poll that you can find if you look up my elbow on YouTube, just look up Marcia credo album on YouTube, you'll find a passage that says the etiquettes of dot and it goes, make steal your heart. So the first condition is the presence of heart. Let it be, may steal your heart, as you talk to the King of Kings let it be broken for word spoken or not token when hearts bleed from shattered things. Let it be broken, let your heart be present and broken. Because word spoken are not token when hearts bleed from shattered things, the things that you are saying in that moment, in that fear.

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Even if you're stumbling, even if you're the words aren't coming out right.

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Words broken are not token when hearts bleed from shattered things where it's spoken. So these when your heart is shattered, this is the most important. The inky Tsar, literally that brokenness is what is intended from Doha. That is how it is an act of worship. Because you recognize, Oh Allah, I can't you can, I am transferring whatever this issue is from my limited power and ability to the power and ability of Allah and how beautiful is that? And raise your hands for Noah has returned to him empty handed and sent praises upon the Prophet that are beautiful and expanded and seek entrance before you begin by seeking forgiveness from every sin and beg and implore and then implore some

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more do not by the late, be defeated. For he loves for our words to be repeated and entrance to be intreated. And so

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raising your hands of the Prophet saw the lightest and them in the hadith of said manufacture. See, he says that your Lord is shy and generous. He is shy that when these hands go up, that he allows them to go back down empty handed and that you simply set arm upon the profits of the lightest end up and that you praise Allah before you do so as well. So you say at hamdulillah and even if you just reset sort of the fat hats or their fat hat is they do it. They are still out there. Okay, that is a drought that you make before you make the drought. What are you saying hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen men are a medical but then you are praising Allah subhana data. Because even when you there

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always has to be an introduction before request. Even when you call up a friend. And you're about to make a request. You're calling them for a request. But what do you do? Do you just say hey, send it home? Can you give me a ride home? You don't do that right? Your friend? You just saw my equal Hey, how's it going? Right before you ask for money before you need to borrow money from them. You don't say you don't so I'm gonna borrow money. Like said I might as well How'd you do it? And how long time no see, man how's everything how's it work because you're out to do an introduction. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala that praise is the introduction. That's how you enter into the audience with

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the King, that praise and in any case,

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and raise your hands because no hands go deck down empty handiness and blessings upon the Prophet that are beautiful, expand it and seek interest before you begin by seeking forgiveness for every sin. And so beginning by making a still thought and then begging and pour and then implore some more. Again, this goes back to that notion that we talked about the province of aliveness and it says that it is responded to you as long as you are not hasty and do not by delay be defeated. Allah Who loves and in how he loves that we continue and continue and continue to implore Him and ask Him and there are a number of other advocates of them of course is by

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beginning with or using ALLAH SubhanA data has names and attributes of lots of panel data as names and attributes are there for the purpose of Allah says when he law hill a smell husana Federal who the salt Allah has app sorry, salt allowed off he says, And to Allah belong the most beautiful names so call upon him by those names. And so these names that we know of are because and for the purpose of making dua so remember to ask ALLAH SubhanA data for

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by his beautiful names and attributes that you if you're asking for mercy that you ask Allah by His name All right, man, if you're asking for risk and provision and financial security that you ask Allah but his name is Zach or I mean the one who grants safety and security or I do have the one who bestows and gifts if you're asking Allah subhanho data, of course, for marriage or for children a beautiful name is a little hard because we see many times that the word Heba is tied to spouses and children in the Quran, or banner Hamblen I mean, as well you know, the reality in a hobby like Ebola is a key

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Have a heavily melancholia, again and again and again we see this request for children from the prophets who using this word. And so we ask Allah Subhana Allah by His name and it will help and I am teaching in online and it's free and I would encourage you to join if you have the ability to do so.

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The names of Allah subhanaw taala, short sessions on some of the names of Allah in a program that we're doing with another institute called the Ramadan 360. I'm alone 360 is a really beautiful, virtual community that we've created because of people you know, all of us really not having access to our massages during Ramadan. And so we wanted to create this place. And then Hamdulillah we have almost 10,000 people on Facebook, sharing gems and you know, showing pictures and doing challenges together and communicating and getting advice from each other on what to do with our kids during Ramadan and all of this, it's a very engaged group, and we have these daily sessions three or four

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daily sessions happening every day. And I am doing a weekly session on the names of a lot and I would love for you all to join us. But in any case, ask ALLAH SubhanA dot and you can check it out online three But in any case, ask Allah subhanaw taala to to not make for us a to accept that it is accepted and no

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harm or stress except that it is that it is lifted from us and know that except that it is repelled or that it is taken care of

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for us by Allah subhanaw taala no sick except that they are healed and no deceased except that they have been experienced mercy from Allah subhanho data that the reception be beautified by him and no need of ours except that Allah Subhana Allah has made it easy for us and facilitate it for us by His by his mercy and his benevolence and his generosity. Does that come along with it? I hope that Allah subhanaw taala accepts from all of you your fasting and your charity and your RPM and your citation and book Ron are still alive. He didn't know how to do it sideways.