Haitham al-Haddad – Did you know this about Hajj

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of belief, political system, and financial system in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for help for those affected by the pandemic. The difficulty of navigating the pandemic and the importance of staying healthy is also discussed. The goal is to establish the Onima of Islam, which is to make the woman of Islam the one she is. The holy Air is seen as a powerful tool for achieving spiritual success and empowering Muslims.
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Al Hamdulillah he had in fact the summit de la de la merely Donna mula Donna Mia Kula who one who subhanho wa Taala oseni Ali Hill hola Kula wa Shadwell Illa illa Allah wa the hula actually kind of wash I don't know maybe no Mohammed Abu rasuluh so Allah Who Rahmatullah al Amin Bashir on one of the Iraq Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala and he was like the woman to be I will be sending laomi Dean, and my bad day respected brothers and sisters.

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We all know that there are five pillars for an Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Booney al Islam, Muhammad shahada to Allah Ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasool Allah apartments Sonoita is

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what was sold me Ramadan who had been baking Minister pie and he said history Vila Islam is built on five pillars, shahada to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad Allah so Allah Allah establishing salah, giving zakat, and fasting the month of Ramadan, and going for the help for those who can afford it.

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And my dear brothers and sisters in the ayat of surah Al Baqarah, Surah Baqarah is the longest chapter in the Quran and it is the chapter The only chapter in the Quran that mentioned the five pillars of Islam. No other chapter in the Quran has mentioned the five pillars of Islam

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and ends but in Bukhara. It is the only chapter in the Quran that is spoke about Ramadan, shahada, Ramadan and Lydia Lindsey Rafi Hill Quran who then Lynette you will be anatomy and who they will fall on. Then after the speaking about fasting, Allah Allah Allah mentioned to three verses about jihad.

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Then after talking about two three verses about Jihad without much details about jihad, Allah Allah Allah Allah spoke about how

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in number of verses yes alone a gang in a hill luckily I'm out at the Nashville hydrolase and the untell to do to remember who they are that many top our to boot I mean guava and then Allah de la Anna continue to speak about an HEC also Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned in Surah Al Imran,

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very one or two verses about unhealth then Allah Allah Allah had a complete a chapter in the Quran called Surah tin head, although that complete chapter is not talking about and head only but Allah della Anna mentioned, Al Hajj and these are in that chapter. These are the main chapters in the Quran that is spoke about and had.

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Now my dear brothers and sisters, I have pointed out to that previously, that the five pillars of Islam has been misunderstood. Sometimes we understand them as pure rituals,

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just pure rituals. For example, a Salah is just perform your five daily prayers. And that's all we did not understand the full meaning of those five pillars of Islam. When we said when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Al Islam, Islam is built on five pillars. What about the ethical system? What about the political system? What about the financial system? These systems are not mentioned in those five pillars. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, performing Surah, giving zakat

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after shahada attain, giving, performing Salah giving zakat, forcing them into one organ going for the head, where is the political system, where it is the social system? What is the economical system? Where are the systems that are needed for civilization to be built? And we know for a fact that Islam built the greatest civilization known to history to mankind. So how come Muslims managed to build that greatest civilization known to history that continued as super

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Power are one of their main superpowers for more than 80% of its existence.

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My dear brothers and sisters, Islam is not just any religion.

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Islam is a religion of justice and mercy and justice and mercy cannot be achieved. If Islam is a weak religion.

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It has to be a religion of power and strength.

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Yes, it cannot be a weak religion, that this religion that managed to at one point during that, during within 20 years, this religion managed to finish the main two superpowers that existed at a particular time, the Roman power, the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. They struggle themselves. I read, one historian said that they struggled for more than 200 years and they could not finish the walls between themselves they could not finish themselves, and Islam came within just 20 years,

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finish them up all.

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So Islam, my dear brothers and sisters is not over simplistic religion, it is over simplistic from one side, but from another side, it is a religion of power. It is a religion of empire, it is a religion of civilization.

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So how come this religion that is based on five pillars and those five pillars is just pray your five times a day, give you the first month of Ramadan, go for HUD, build those great civilizations? How come?

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Then we have to understand that those five pillars, they are not just us, we usually misunderstand them, rituals, narrow rituals, no, they go beyond that.

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Maybe I pointed before that, for example, Salah, Salah is Salah,

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gives us the foundation of so many systems, it gives us the foundation of the political system. It gives us the foundation of the social system, it gives us the foundation of the whole spiritual system.

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What about had my dear brothers and sisters?

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Had we in many cases misunderstand it? Why are we talking about how because had it coming within five weeks, my dear brothers and I'm talking about hacked because it is very unfortunate that many people don't take him seriously.

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And they don't put that effort to go for help.

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And they just leave it this year, the year after the year after the year after and days and nights go pass and then the person did not perform.

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And this year, Al Hamdulillah. We are able to go to help limited but Alhamdulillah there is a chance to go for help. We haven't been going from HUD for the last two years. And my dear brothers and sisters. During COVID. We received so many calls from so many brothers and sisters chef, you know the whole family the entire family book book to go for HUD

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but COVID And unfortunately, my father passed away. My mother passed away without performing health. What can we do for them? What shall we do? Are they sinful, not sinful? And I always remember cases different cases. Sometimes people at the age of 71 lady I always caught that lady. She called me she's 70 Plus she wants to go for help without Mahara. Why I want to go for help. Why do I need a man with me? Yes. Why do I need a Mahara? I said sister, you been for 70 years or 50 years later say

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since you've been in your 20s Why didn't you go for help? Oh, yeah, hi, I did not take it seriously. Every year. I say next year next year. Next year. Now I am 70 And I'm seeing death in front of me. I need to go for Hajj. SubhanAllah. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men are either headgear failure to add girl in the hula dilemma is the one who wants to go for

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Had you should go quickly immediately. Don't say brothers, please. I'm telling you don't say next year. See brothers and sisters, even from a management perspective. They say the person that who says next time he will never do it next time will never come this room next time I will do it, do it immediately because it is a habit. If you just delay it once, you will delay it. second time, third time and you will keep delaying. So go for my dear brothers and sisters, you might say I'm not yet

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ready, you will never be ready.

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You will never be ready because they Shavon will always give you some basic excuses. And who on earth? Yeah, who on earth is free from being busy or not being ill or not having children or not having certain problems in his life? This is almost impossible. So if you look at it from this perspective, you will never be ready.

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That's why my dear brothers and sisters, if you'll have

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enough money, yeah, reasonable health even if you are busy with this and that go for help.

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Go for it is my dear brothers and sisters in life it's life changing experience. And not only that, not only that, it is enough. It is enough for us to hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man had given me alphas let me have Sakurada I'm in the Ruby Can you help me with that will move. The man who goes for height and doesn't commit major sins was not involved in major sexual activities. He will come back as a new bone person Subhanallah

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how long it takes how long? How long it takes you to do what

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actually three days

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but the whole journey one day before two days after you go to Medina enjoy urine but the actual health just the three days. If you expand it four days

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and what is the reward?

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You will have all your sins wiped out Subhanallah all your sins wiped out. Why do you miss it? We pay pay. You know we pay. One brother told me the other day that check this year had might be 12,000 pounds. I said Brother Do you have it? He said yeah but 12,000 pounds is quite expensive. I said yeah it is expensive but it is worth it. Imagine if you have any illness. And they told you that that

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that treatment for that illness is in America and you need to book a ticket and you need to travel to stay there. You will pay a 20,000 pounds 30,000 pounds and you will take someone with you will you will pay 50,000 pounds and you don't care you don't mind why? Because you want to preserve your health for 40 years, 50 years.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if you go for Hajj committing you don't commit those major sins and you are not involved in sexual activities just for three days for three days.

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You will come back with all your previous sins wiped out or you will pay money for that.

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Or you will pay money for that. And subhanAllah My dear brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said it's time to be hurdle Beta Kappa and your Halaby nakoma baileigh

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You make us enjoy this house the house of Allah Allah Allah Allah before you are unable to do so. And Allah He those who used to go for Hajj during the COVID king for two years not being able to visit the house of Allah. Allah. That was so bad for them.

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Yeah, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that this Deen will remain established as far as this house is being visited by those who perform Hajj.

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That's why this Hajj is not just any pillar

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is not solely is not just any ritual it is one of the pillars of Islam.

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Allah Allah and who was the head said I was about to appoint certain people um, I don't know Qatar is the second caliph is the second column. After the demise of the province I sent them Abu Bakr Siddiq was the first

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For two plus years, then I'm out of no hot tub for 10 plus years, he was the kind of he said I was about to appoint certain people to visit las areas of Muslims, and to check those who did not perform Hadwen they can't do so. To a point it is yeah. Jizya is the tax that is taken kind of taxes not exactly that that that is taken from non Muslims who live under the protection of the Muslim estate. Um, I don't know how I've said they are not Muslims, how come they can go for HUD, and they

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don't go for HUD.

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So my dear brothers and sisters, please take this pillar. Take it seriously. And try your best even this year. Don't say I'm not ready this year, if you can go do it.

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And I remember

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a young person was telling me his story. He said chair, one year, my father was working in Saudi Arabia. And when we were about to leave Saudi Arabia,

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my father insisted that we go for HUD. He said, I said to my father, I am not ready to go for HUD, you know, the British mentality. Sometimes you need to tell them and return 32 years in advance about anything just to go to get ready for something. Yeah. So he said, I'm not ready. So his father, he said, My father insisted that I go, and then he pushed me. I said, I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I don't. And then he said years after I performed with Allah, He I thank my father day and

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night for giving me this chance to go to HUD, first of all, had the changed me. Secondly, I understood many things about Islam, I did not understand them before that. Thirdly, now it has been six, seven years, and I could not go for help if I miss that opportunity. Then who knows when I will do it. My dear brothers and sisters, hi. As I said, we need to understand how its full capacity. Had you my dear brothers and sisters, is introducing for us a number of other systems beside this

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perpetual system that it is

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introducing for us.

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The main

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the main aim of that is is to establish the Oneness of Allah, Allah Allah and the greatness of Allah, Allah. This is the main have had, that's why Allah Allah Allah, Allah says, we're at about 100 Ebola Hema makan and BT Allah to share it to be che Papa hit Beatty waited for a fee in order for him in our case to do well other than finance he didn't have due regard and why couldn't the vomiting Dean I mean, couldn't live again me. Leah Shadowman fer the homeless kudos, Mala he I mean,

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mean, but he met in an app. So Allah Allah Allah Allah showed Ibrahim the place of carrabba.

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And in other verses radiolabel Rahim will collide them in Albania is

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Elmina in the semi I didn't want to burn our remains react on matomo Cinematografica Seacon, our top runner in the world Rahim. Allah Allah Allah Allah showed Ibrahim the place of Canada to establish the Kaaba. And why in order to establish the Oneness of Allah, Allah, Allah and no God to be worshipped, next to Allah, Allah Allah beside to Allah, that is the main aim of the hike. And with that way, of course my Allah He am in myeloma to remember Allah, Allah in a few days, and the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam said the stoning is actually it was actually established in order to make the vicar of Allah, Allah Allah to make liquid of Allah.

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So this is the ultimate aim of my dear brothers and sisters is to establish the Oneness of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and to glorify Allah, Allah Allah. That's why in a outil had in Surah, Allah, Allah Allah says, There are many of them sha Allah He thought in her mean taco Kulu and those who glorify the signs of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, it is a sign that there is taqwa in those hearts. So

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My dear brothers and sisters this is the ultimate aim we can and he was so happy woman to be our BSN in either your Medina Amma bad my dear respected brothers and sisters

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Abuja Radi Allahu Taala and who asked the prophets Allah Allah they send them which house of Allah Allah Allah Allah was established on Earth first. So the prophets of Allah and He will send them said to him and bein to Hello

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in now while evaluating what they are the Nursey level let the be bacchetta moga Allah can

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mean fee to Vienna to Nakamura him and then the father who can mean a while in law here and a nurse Yeah, hey, don't beat him any stuff. Ah, either he's a Biela woman Kafala in Allah vahanian Angela and I mean, the first house of Allah de la isla, that was established on Earth was and basically

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a Buddha asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then which house the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Baitul Opsahl

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and Badal Azza and Masjid lotsa

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so the the prophesy Selim said that unless you do lotsa then I wouldn't say how long was the period between them the Prophet SAW Selim said 40 years between the establishment of al Qaeda and then the establishment of Al Aqsa. Now my dear brothers and sisters, when you will remember that you are going to do the head that was established first to fall by Adam, when you go for HUD to visit the house of Allah, Allah Allah that was first to fall established by Adam and it is the first house of

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Allah Jalla Allah. Then it was rebuilt by Ibrahim Ali he said, and also it's very early, he said I'm helped Ibraheem Alehissalaam in building what they are valuable to him will provide them innovative Ismar Ebola, Taco Bell Mina, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said every single prophet visited this house and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to us, hello and Nim and seeker calm, I may not see you after that. Convey take from me the rituals of Hajj and then you do the

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Hajj, you know that you are not any human being you know that you are a human being who is connected to all prophets, and who, whose history go back to the beginning of this humanity.

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Allahu Akbar, what kind of feeling you will have when you feel that you are connected to the beginning of history, history has been written since the time of Adam alayhis salaam and you are connected to the beginning of the history Subhanallah This is so empowering. My dear brothers and sisters, you are not following any religion you are following the religions that rites that route that history Subhanallah you are following the religion that all Prophets following the same

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religion? Allahu Akbar, when you go and you will perform the hajj and you'll see the Kaaba you don't you remember Ibrahim Ali salaam but you will remember first of all, Adam Alayhis Salam then you will remember all other prophets. Do you remember Ibrahim Allah He set up? And you remember even harder? The wife of Ibrahim alayhis salam whenever Rahim Allah He said I'm left her alone in Belarusian lady, these are an end debate he can help them. And then you remember our Prophet salallahu Alaihe

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Salam, how great you feel.

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And then my dear brothers and sisters, when you feel when you see around you people from all over the world, from China, from Russia, from Africa, and from America from every single corner of the world, yes to carry on and couldn't live on many on a team. I mean, couldn't be fake in the shadow mafia. Malai a yummy maghoma Allahu Akbar today coming from every single corner of the world. And you feel that all of them? Are your brothers and sisters in Islam, Allahu Akbar. How do you feel?

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Very empowering, very empowering. You will feel that you belong to the greatest religion that Allah Allah Allah has sent to mankind.

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So hello, my dear brothers and sisters is not just three four days, you go to Makkah, you do the your turn off. No, it goes beyond this understanding. That's why

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I can talk more and more about HUD by but because I'm so excited about this ritual and I felt and I feel empowered when I go to HUD May Allah Allah Allah enabled me to go for Hajj. ddca may Allah, Allah Allah enable all of you enable all Muslims to be able to perform. Hi, my dear brothers and sisters, don't miss this opportunity. Don't miss this opportunity. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to help us to go for Hajj. We ask Allah to accept it from us. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to enable more

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Muslims to enjoy his house we ask Allah, Allah Allah, we ask Allah, Allah Allah to pardon us for our mistakes for our shortcomings. And we ask Allah Allah Allah Allah to unite our hearts we ask Allah, Allah Allah We ask Allah Allah Allah to establish this Deen We ask Allah, Allah Allah to establish the deen of justice and mercy all over the world. And we ask Allah Allah Allah to forgive all the sins of Old Believers Allahumma filet mignon on

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a modern Muslim enormously Mandela hear him in Oman Ahmad Allahumma yatta yatta Yom Allahu Allah and known as El Camino. He couldn't be here. Ideally he was Dyneema and even I mean hormonal natinal mana to become an issue with goodly, odd, odd

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woman I'm Nana Malama, O'Donoghue Sana Taqwa Jose Kia and to hieromonk Anta Hi Romans that My dear brothers and sisters in carries a lot of Salah, and salam upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of Jonah, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said it is the greatest day so increase sending a lot of Salah and salam upon me and my dear brothers and sisters, remember that solder on the day of Juma is multiplying the number of time so give a lot of sadaqa for all causes in sha

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Allah may Allah Allah Allah accepted from you Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mannion Subhan Allah because I believe that Yama Yasumasa Rahman Allah and mousseline Al hamdu, lillahi rabbil, Alameen

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wa we go

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