What Does Jannah Mean to You? – Dr. Reveals What He Wants in Jannah

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work on Hold on. So we'd like them to ask you these questions. All right, shake. What do you got?

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Wait, let me get my monitor looks like it'd be like

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I didn't know this was gonna

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share how Mr. There will be a day in Sharla that we all make an agenda. What do you think Jen is gonna be like for you? What is your agenda, the First Vision?

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My agenda is with the prophets like something as companions, and with my mom. So that's to me, it's it's just people as well. So it's with the Prophet sighs I'm with my mom with the companions with my dad, family. It's people. It's introducing the people from the President to the people of the past. Think that's an amazing thing. So take my son, Abdullah, our beloved and I'm about to meet after love and Allah you know, may meet me, my daughter meet my mom for these yummy Khadija. So that to me is the dream is being able to spend that time with the family and with our extended family. The prophets lie some of the companions I think that's the most amazing part of it. So outside of the

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Prophet peace be upon him, who would you want to sit down I want to play football with you.

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Not dropping any passes.

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Outside the profit slice, and the competitors just outside outside of outside of both the profit and the companion someone in history.

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Ahmed bin Abdulaziz for sure, actually, I'm gonna bring him along. So he is the the greatest non companion. So he's just he resembles them.

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And he was just able to work amazing things. And he's, I mean, he basically, you know, we get very pessimistic about like the state of the OMA.

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In two years, he flipped it and took it to literally like Christ like environments. You know, subhanAllah just restored it all together. And he was only 38. So he was a special person. He's a descendant of almost all day long. So definitely he's he's the most fascinating person

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in history outside of the prophesized companions to me, when you get there you mentioned Do you want to see like your mother shower? When that moment comes? Have you thought about what the first thing you say? Will be or like, what is that reunion going to be like for you? Y'all are doing this to me. I do this to everybody else.

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That moment is the moment that drives every moment of my existence.

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That's it. I have no words. I actually don't think of the conversation. I just think long.

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Really, really, really well and I feel like that would do all the talking.

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Just embrace