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Look at the Positives

Mufti Menk


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The hardships and the difficulties that come in our lives.

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If they have brought us closer to Allah, they were always a blessing, they were actually positive, even though we should actively try to solve the problem. Why I say that, it does not mean that if your problem brings you closer to Allah, you should ask for more problems. That's not true. You should not ask for more problems, your problems brought you closer to Allah, You should thank him that it was not worse than what it actually was. That's a believer. Whenever you have hardship, you must look at how bad it could have been. But it was not.

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For example, you failed one examination one subject out of 10 Thank Allah, Oh, Allah, I thank you, I only failed one. But if you are going to become depressed because you failed one, there are others who failed five and six, right? So look at the positives, you did not do well in something. It does not mean it was a bad thing. Perhaps Allah wants you to achieve something greater. Maybe he wants you to repeat a subject or maybe he does not want you to follow the field that you believe you want to follow maybe so you can try again. You can repeat it but don't become depressed about it. Don't become depressed. It could have been worse. A brother made an accident with his motor vehicle.

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The motor vehicle was written off. And he was very sad. You know, Sheriff, my car is written off. What will I do? It is so bad. I said my brother, are you okay? Are you okay? He said I'm fine. I came out without a scratch scratch list. It was a miracle. I said so why are you concentrating on the loss of the vehicle? When you are not looking at the fact that Allah saved you unscathed? You came out of that. You had no scratch. You came out of it.

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Yeah, but you know, it was a very big loss. I said, look, there was an accident of another brother smaller than yours. There was loss of life. Nothing will bring that back. Agreed. At least here. You lost a car but you didn't lose your life. You can buy another car in a few years time. It might be inconvenience. It's okay.