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But here's the thing once the profit slice and I'm gave them that extra attention, once the profit slice alum did what had to be done to bring them into the faith, then the profit slice I'm immediately started the process of divorcing them from every other incentive and faith. And so you'll find the conversations between the messenger and his Salatu was Salam, and hachimura ism about the Allahu Taala animal and others who were considered from the group of elephants equilibrium they needed that extra push and the profit slice and I'm saying you know, this money doesn't mean anything. You know that your only real security is from Allah, you know that toe he does your saving

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grace your your belief in Allah Alone that monotheism is your saving grace in every way. And he encouraged them to learn to fly on their own when it came to their faith in many ways, the same way that when a person raises a child and you're teaching them Islam a new and you don't tell your kids want to memorize Quran, Masha, Allah, you don't tell them I'm never gonna give you a gift when you memorize Quran or memorize anything, because that would compromise your sincerity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that would work out really well. If that kid still does it. But good luck with that. Right? Absolutely no worldly incentive, no, you know, pat on the back, no gift here there

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nothing to encourage them to their good deeds, it's probably not going to work very well. But you also don't want it to be a paid by memorization system. Right? Memorize this many is you get this, do this, you get this do this, you get that to where they don't understand at all the concept of reading Quran for the sake of their own good, or their charity has an immediately you know, an immediate worldly response to it. No, sometimes, hey, we do charity for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So you want to give them that means by which they start to fly on their own and that settles in their heart, but there is an understanding that it takes time to cultivate that in regards to our

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community, hello peer pressure, good peer pressure. The prophets lines that I mentioned a person who comes to a gathering and who sits amongst the circles of Andaman dikkat, the circles of remembrance the circles of knowledge, you know, maybe a time or two they just went because their friends brought them or they wanted to see other friends. And Allah subhana wa Tada says to the angels, what when the angels even bring up the protest, if you will, that that person that's sitting there did not come? Because it was the speaker or because it was the gathering or anything else they came because there was an ulterior motive. And what was Allah azza wa jal response that these people by a scholar

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who actually is the one who sits with them will not be deprived, there is a difference that they're intimate make between that person who gets that nudge gets pulled into the right direction a few times, and a person who only shows up to the masjid very intentionally to utilize the messages for some sort of worldly gain, who only shows up to the gatherings to craft a profile for themselves so that they can abuse that profile. That's a hypocrite. The other person had good peer pressure, you want that good peer pressure to pull you along to where the incentive is only Allah subhanho wa taala. It's not just hypocrite and Marcin when African Morrison and a person who excels there are a

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lot of layers in between there. And a person who is dedicated to their son to their spiritual upliftment is going to keep on trying to move along the way to where everything becomes irrelevant in terms of motivation, except ALLAH SubhanA hazzan everything becomes irrelevant, except Allah subhanho wa taala. In regards to their spiritual progress, sometimes it's not going to happen. Sometimes it doesn't necessarily make you sinful, you're just missing out on a great reward. You know, you read the very famous Hadith in the metamodel, the neons what normally collimator in Manoa, the first Hadith and most Hadith books, that actions are but by intention, and everyone will gain

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what they intended. And then you go down that hadith and we usually don't read past the first two sentences. And so whoever makes it makes him an offer Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His Hijra is for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and whoever made hijra for some worldly benefit made the migration so that they could benefit in some worldly sense. Also that they could get married to who either Mahara Eli. His migration is what he migrated for. And you'll always find the story of this man, Mahajan on case Mahajan on case who by the way, they're both Muslims. The man lives in Mecca. The woman either lives in Medina on case or made hijra to

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Medina. The scholars differ. But she says to him, Listen, if you want to marry me, you got to make his resume

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He makes his rock because he wants to get married. So you cannot say that he has the same reward as the one who made him not to flee from Villa del Kufa illa biLlah Islam from a place where they were being persecuted for their belief to a place of belief, you can't make that person equal and reward to Abu Bakr Omar is not in it. You can't do that. But at the same time, he's a Muslim. Fine, you know what, that's what's gonna motivate you. But don't show up on the Day of Judgment say I made him up for your sake here Allah.

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You get what you intended. And so if that's what was pushing you at the end of the day, to take that step hit, you're not to hit on my house, what are you doing the province lies I'm saying leave the man alone. Don't Don't go condemn him Don't lash him. He's got to think about this himself and think about why he's really doing what he is doing. And that's what makes this hadith so beautiful. The hadith of Abu Huraira or the Allahu Taala anhu, where he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is a man that went out and Roger and Zara Allahu ficaria, Tim Berry, that a man went out to visit a brother of his in a faraway town.

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And Allah subhana, which Allah sent an angel to him. And the angel said, Tim Aina to read, where are you going?

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He said, What do you do occasionally, if you have in Korea, I want to go visit a brother of mine who lives in this place. And the angel says to him, Hello, can I lay him in near mutton? Toto? Booyah.

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Is there some sort of favor? Anything? You're what's what are you really going for? Is there something you're expecting from this person? Is there a payment that you're hoping for? Is there something else that you're hoping to get out of this, that hopefully, in the capacity of that visit, he also says, Oh, by the way, you can have this too. And I've been meaning to do this for you? Is that person, a powerful person? What are you really going for? Now this person is talking to an angel that's been sent by Allah subhanaw taala.

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And he does not simply say, I'm just going to visit him because he's my friend called Allah later in the day up to Fila. So the only reason I'm visiting that person is because I love that person for the sake of Allah, what a beautiful answer. He didn't ask him, Do you love him for the sake of Allah? Or are you doing it for Allah or something else? He simply said, Is there something that you're seeking other than just the visit? Just to check in? Is this really a check in? Or is this something else? He's saying, Not only am I not seeking anything, I love this person for the sake of Allah.

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And the angel says, Allah has sent me to use Pamela what a special person Allah sent me to you to tell you, in Allah Hakata Habakkuk cannot adapt to houfy Allah loves you the way that you love that person for his sake, how beautiful. So when you call someone, or when you visit someone, or you check up on someone, and it's just Oh, nothing I was just checking in, but you already have programmed in your mind that I'm gonna probably need something from this person in a week or so or a month or so. And it's gonna look really bad if the first time I check in on this person is, you know, at that point, so let me put in a preliminary check in call them up now, so that when I need

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them, it doesn't look so awkward because I haven't spoken to that person for a long time. Not necessarily haram, but don't include yourself in this hadith.

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Don't put yourself in the reward of this hadith and it couldn't be haram obviously, if there's, you know, deception involved in that notion that and that's why the prophets I said, I'm sorry, Indian Muslim, either add a whole Muslim lamea selfie Horfield Jannetty HATYAI year he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam that when a brother goes out to visit his brother, just a visit for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, you are in a wide garden of Jannah until you get back. You're walking and you're picking the fruits of Jannah has it been handled Rahim Allah said well, codeword Allahu Taala Allah hurdle. Holton, Nabil the worst enemy when Allah Allah has rewarded this noble characteristic

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that you find and so few people so few people will do that will call you because they're calling you for Allah will visit you because they're visiting you for Allah. Allah has promised that person not just his love, but an expensive reward. Because most people have an ulterior motive because they view relationships as transactional. They don't view them as for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala very few are like that. And how does that come to reality later on? That's why the prophets lie Selim said that elmen Allah Nan, though not Allah azza wa jal who is Al Anon and he has the right to do so. But the one who does men be men who reminds you a favor as they did for you later on that's a

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sign of nofap

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why? Because Allah azza wa jal says it in the Quran la toggl Tito sada cardi Complimenti will ever don't void your charity don't void your goodness, by reminding the person boasting to the person remember when I did this for you remember when I did that for you, or other or even hurting the person? And Allah azza wa jal says that it's like a rock and a rain

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comes on that rock photographer who salida and it just leaves that rock there. You see the stone, it was soil on top, but the stone has been laid bare. So when you do something for someone, don't remind them that you've done it. Forget the favor you did for them. And when you interact with someone, don't show them something so that you can get a favor from them. If it's really for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then you'll visit them and call them for Allah. And if you really wanted something from Allah instead of from them later on nonrandom income desire. And when I show Cora, you'll never say to them again, that's it. Imagine if the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to do

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that to people. But the hypocrites would do what they they'd mentioned favors they didn't even do for them hygiene, they set out the entire process of receiving the people of Mecca. But they still boasted as if they took them in and they spent their resources on them.

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They took the credit of the unsought without taking on the labor of the unsought and that's a sign of hypocrisy. Don't mention your favorites to people don't only initiate with people because you want another favorite, if you want the reward from Allah subhanho wa taala. And the last thing I'll say here, dear brothers and sisters, is the opposite of this is also true, which are the sneaky sins. What are the sneaky sins? The sneaky sins are when you don't actually backbite but you're doing something even worse than backbiting. And Emanuel has a Rahim Allah talks about this and I'll paraphrase because of the shortness of time. He says what's even worse than directly coming out in

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backbiting someone is when you bring up their name in a gathering, where you know that other people are going to tear them up. Or you suggest something you insinuate. Right, so you know that that person hates that other person? And you say in the gathering, well, what about so and so? Or have you heard from that person lately? And you have that smirk on your face? You think Allah doesn't see that?

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You think you're fooling ALLAH SubhanA which

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are you know, how that person is know how is that person

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and your intention is that people will take that person it's like serving, you know, are you him or her DuCommun Yakko LACMA, he Mater is eating the dead flesh of your brother, what about cooking your brother and putting them on a platter and then serving him to a gathering? And so as a Rahim, Allah says, you have your sin, because Allah knows what you meant. And you have the sin of the other people too, because they wouldn't have sin. Had you not invited them to that? You instigated it, you provoked it. That's why most slander is by a shadow. It's by insinuating something. That's how our mother it shot all the Allahu Taala and Hamas slandered insinuations, investigations. And so you

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don't suggest and then think that Allah azza wa jal does not know. Your Lord knows what your heart intends. Your Lord knows what your tongue conceals. Your Lord knows where your thoughts are, and will lie. This is one of the greatest diseases that we have in our community. Right? Someone's not been around for a long time and you bring up their name and you just suggest something. Well, you know how that person is? Oh, you know, there's going to be a gathering. Oh, there are gonna be cameras there. Oh, you know, that person is going to show up.

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Right you might have you might as well have accused the person of kibin You might as well have accused them of every spiritual disease. And so I end with a beautiful example of the opposite side of this caribou, nomadic cattle the Allahu Taala and home when he was back home, as he missed Tabuk he missed the expedition of Tabuk. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. He asked where is caribou Malik? And cannabis, the narrator of this hadith, meaning he is the victim of what he's about to share. Cabin nomadic says Karla Rajaram and Benny Salima that a man from Benu selima, says, So Kara is going to conceal the identity of the man who hurt him when he wasn't there. That's the

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sign of the companions, the righteousness of the companions. He said that this man said Ya rasool Allah have a hobo Tada another affiliate fee. He probably got held back because you know mashallah cab has made some money recently. So can I probably was looking at his shirt looking at his cloak looking at his garden and got a little bit lazy. He didn't say cab is one of them. When I 15 cab got held back. He made that suggestion.

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And carob says, Well, I didn't know Jabil stood up and said bit summer cult. What a nasty thing you just said. Well, Allah He oughta suit Allah mer eliminare La Ilaha era, I swear on Messenger of Allah, we only know good things from him.

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Calf said I never forgot that from while God got the news afterwards, right? got transferred more I didn't come back and say hey, man, that other guy was talking about you into a book and then I stepped in, and I had your back. No, no more I did that because my mother was the scholar of this woman. He understood what you were suggesting was evil. And so we ask Allah to protect us from motivations that contains our good deeds and motivations that delude us into thinking that Allah will not see our sense

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May Allah protect us from what we conceal and what we make public. May Allah protect us from what we have done and what we will do. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be raised with the prophets like Selim and his family, his companions in the highest level for the dose Allah Amina kulula We heard there was a lady recommended certain Muslim infrastructural in the hood right?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah kitty Marla Edie he was so happy he was tell him to see him and cathedra your brothers and sisters, I want to ask you as we make sure to please remember the family and Allen

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who had that tragedy that befell them a few weeks ago the Sherwani family keep them in your they're still struggling and they've been through a lot so I just want you to remember them in your as you do with the brothers and sisters in Libya and Morocco, and also a very special sister that passed away sister sata regenda In Michigan, who was the Amira of the mother,

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chapter in Michigan, an amazing sister Subhan Allah that passed away after a long bouts and leaves behind a husband and a 13 year old daughter may Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on her and accept her as a martyr May Allah azza wa jal protect her family and may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for the Sherwani family have mercy on their deceased ones and uplift them and all of our brothers and sisters around the world along with Nina what not well Muslim you know what a Muslim out here a minimal amount in Estonia and Caribbean Mooji without Allahumma filled and our high net worth for an hour or two. I did not know what I'm not enforcing our inlanta for learn how to learn Hakuna nomina

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heartsine alarm in the careful when Kareem went to HIPAA for fat for Anna Allahumma Feliu it Deena Robert Hamama Kamara bonus Ivana Robin I have done as well as you know the Rio Tina Kurata Aryan what Jana Lynmouth Sakina Imam Allahu Akbar foo and Karima to Hibbeler for fat for Anna along them sort of one and Mr. Dafina famous auriculata Do Marathi be Lama is number one Muslim meanwhile the Leadership Academy in with Mr. Dean Allahumma Halekulani Amina but lighter meanwhile footage number one and being himself demeanor about Allah and Allah Hi, I'm little bit I do understand what you tell the court about why you inherited fascia you wouldn't want kariobangi Yeah, Coronavirus Corolla

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has croquembouche Kuru right in their mouth is it looking? Well as a Corolla he Akbar Allah Jana one that's awesome everyone. Welcome