2 Christians Denounce Trinity in Ghana

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With me,

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I'm maxed out the only foreigner. Virgo. So you asked me a question about something. Yeah. You are Muslim. And I'm a Christian here. So in your tribe, do you have anything related with the Christian Trinity? Alright, so we as Muslims, yeah. Let me tell you what we believe in now. We believe that God is one.

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We believe that he's the ultimate creator.

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Allah is the same God. We believe that Abraham believed in that Moses believed in that Jesus believed in same God. You know, when, for example, Moses was praying, Abraham was praying, Jesus was praying in the book, and for example, the garden of get some money. He fell on his face, and he prayed. We believe he was praying to the same God we believe in Yeah, so it's no different. God is the same. The Creator of the heavens and the earth. Yeah.

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Yeah. So in Christianity, we know that change is God the Father, God, the Son, God, the Holy Spirit. So you mean in your tribe? These three things, one, so we first we don't believe that. We believe that God is one. The Holy Spirit is not God, and Jesus is not God. So we say Jesus never claimed to be God. The Holy Spirit never claimed to be God. And it doesn't make sense for that to be father is God and the son has got an Holy Spirit is God yet there's one God, that's three gods, we say that that's logically impossible. You see what I'm saying? Also, it doesn't make sense for us to say that Jesus is 100%, man and 100% of God. We say that, how does it How can you be 100% man and 100%, for

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example, Jesus, he was he was thirsty in the Bible. He went to the factory, he didn't know that it was producing. He said, Where's the where's the fix? Didn't know where the figs were. So he had, he says in the book of Martin, Mark, chapter 13, verse 39, it says that no one knows the hour except for who? The Father, only the father, but the Holy Spirit didn't know the hour, and Jesus did not know the hour. But if he was God, and He knew everything that how comes he does not know the hour, just what I'm saying. So we're saying that God is all knowing all powerful or strong. He's the beginning. He is, he's doesn't end. This is good. So if Jesus was God, he has to have the same

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attributes. But in the Bible, we find that he doesn't have those attributes. They'll say, okay, but hold on. Jesus was 100% of man or 100% of God. We say, that's a contradiction. You can't be 100% man and 100%. Good. Yeah. So we say that this whole idea of the Trinity is not even mentioned, is not mentioned in the bible properly. Yeah. So I just need your final conclusion. So you mean, God is a Spirit? We say God, we don't call him a spirit. We just say he's the most powerful or creator, the the all powerful creator that knows all. And, and is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Yeah. And everything goes back to him. Everything goes back to him. He is everything is submissive to him.

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He's the most powerful one. Now the thing is, there's two differences between Christianity and Islam. One difference is the Trinity. So we don't believe in the Trinity. But we do believe in Jesus. We say he was the Messiah was the question. I wasn't. Yeah. So we believed that he was the Messiah. Yes, he was the Messiah. Okay. Yeah. Now we don't say it was God's Son. Because the Bible says, Blessed be the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.

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And the Bible also said to David, today, you're my son today, I forgotten you. The same thing that he said to Jesus. Because if you ask a Christian, if we're all God's children, what's the difference between me and Jesus? Okay, that he'll say, Look, he's bigoted and not made. Yeah. Okay. Now, I have a question. Yeah. If you believe in Jesus, why do you still pray to Mohammed? We don't pray to Mohammed.

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Okay, no, so Mohammed for us is a prophet, a messenger, just like Jesus. So Jesus was the messenger, Prophet, Messiah, like the Bible says he was a messenger. He says he was a prophet.

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Muhammad, yeah, preach.

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We don't pray through him. We don't pray to him. Okay. We just follow the teachings just like we follow Jesus's teachings. Okay, so for us, we say that the message didn't stop with Jesus, because Jesus says, of many things to sound to you, but you cannot bear them. Now. He talks about someone in the future coming. And the Bible also says in the book of Isaiah 42, it says, there'll be a messenger that will come in to the Arabs and people of Qaeda. And so who was this messenger that came to the people of Cato, we say it was Prophet Mohammed. So he was continuing on from what Jesus said he didn't say Jesus was a liar. No, Jesus was a truthful man. He spoke the truth we believe in

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Jesus was the messenger was the Messiah. We believe that he killed the dead we've got permission that he raised, so he raised a layer to the level of God's permission.

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He was conceived immaculately from Mary, who believe in all of that, but we just don't believe that he was God, or that he was the son of God. So what I'm saying is don't believe is the Son of God? Yeah, he wasn't the Son of God in a physical way. Because we say human beings have children, but God doesn't have physical children. So the Bible makes it clear that the word son is metaphor. It just means like, it's not real. It's not physical, like you're gonna have a wife or something that doesn't work.

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Don't you think this is past your son? Because the day he was born,

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there was a, there was a rising star, like there was the biggest

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Three Wise Man's where he was born. And before he was born,

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a prophecy was already made. We believe he was special. We agree that he was a special man, one of the most special men in the whole of history. We agree, just like Abraham was a special man. And just like Moses was a special man. The story of the wise men only appears on one of the Gospels. Some say they cast aspersions on it, but we don't want to go into that. Yeah, the story of the three wise men, some say it was taken from pre literary items or whatever. Forget about that. Yeah. The point is, yes, we agree that he was a special man. He was the Messiah. He was a messenger. So does this make sense? Yeah, so really, there's not much difference between if we agree that really you're

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more like Muslim now.

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You become a Muslim?

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Common? No, no, no, because if you don't believe in the Trinity, it you can't be a Christian and not believe in the Trinity. But really, and truly, I think both of you, deep down. You don't believe in the Trinity. Because if so, if I were to ask you, how can you have the father is God the Son is God Holy Spirit is God. Yet there's one God. You say, No, I can't explain it. Guys. That's why I asked you question the Bible. They said God is the word is the word. It's a powerful word. Meaning he's not a human. He's a spirit. Yes, yes. Yes.

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Yes, there's no Jesus. Yeah. So if you said,

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God, is, you know, you were saying something, you said, Allah is a spirit. I said, we don't we don't call him a spirit. We don't go that's not a name that he refers to himself as. Even in the Old Testament. It doesn't refer to themselves as the Spirit. Okay. So in the Quran, does it say Allah is a word? What does he say? So Allah, you know, and Jesus, he said, God, God, why have you forsaken me? The Aramaic was Eli, Eli lemmas have often Yeah, he said this when he was on the cross. Apparently we don't believe he was crucified or killed. By the way we believe God raised him like the Bible says he was ascended to God, he rescued him.

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But Eli, the word Eli in Aramaic, is the same as the word Allah in Arabic.

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Why don't you follow him? Follow him in the in the Old Testament, okay. It's like a lot. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Why don't you guys believe that he was crucified? So, yeah, we say that he got rescued him. Because remember, if you look in the New Testament, it says, Take this cup away from me take this cup away from me. Jesus didn't want to be crucified. In the New Testament, he was asking to be redeemed. So we say that God rescued him. And that's why in some of the Gospel accounts, he has, in fact, all of the gospel say, if not three of them, three or four. So he ascended.

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So we believe he ascended, he was risen, we say, and he was risen to the right hand of God, we believe in that we believe Jesus ascended, but he didn't come back down. So we have that narrative. We don't say that. How can God die? Anyway, think about that. If God died, how could God who's gonna be the Creator of the heavens on earth is going to maintain the universe? If that evaporate? Do you get it? So it doesn't happen like that? God didn't die. God cannot die because God is not a man, like the Old Testament says, Do you see what I'm saying? So how can God Be a man and die? Go to the toilet in food? All of this will say it's impossible. Yeah.

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No, I don't believe God can eat food. And

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yeah, so so the question if you don't believe that God can eat food and die, then you once again this, you believe in what I believe, to go and I'm saying, You are Muslim in a way. Now I'm not fully Muslim yet, because you haven't done the Shahada, but you have in this aspect, you're closer to Islam than you are to Christianity, because a Christian would maintain that God, Jesus 100%, man 100% God, he ate food, he died. Everything is written in a third day everything. We say, No, it's not. He didn't eat food and die. And these things, you get it. So really, the reason why people Muhammad came was to fix because let me tell you the truth. The question is, where did the Trinity

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come from?

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Yeah, it didn't come from the Bible because there's no verse in the Bible which tells us the Father was God, the son is God, the Holy Spirit is God co equal co eternal independent doesn't say that. I do understand you but the prophecy also said he will change the world and

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You can't go to the Father without passing through the sun. I want to explain something in this way. Yeah.

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Okay, Jesus Christ brought the grace

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to grace. Yes, Grace, Grace to let's say we place the 10 commandments, because both of us we do know we, we couldn't obey the 10 commandments so he came down to make it simple. But I think is when he was the Jewish man came to me a Jewish make a book of Mark chapter 12 verse 29, yeah, check it out. If you think I'm lying book of mine, Chapter 12 verse 29, Jewish man came to him and said, I want salvation. I want to be saved. What did he say to me? So I'm going to replace the commandments. He said, No. Is it follow the commandments?

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He said, Follow the commandments. What's the first commandment believe in one God? He's gonna say believe in father as God the Son is God the Holy Spirit is God. What did he say? He said, believe in one God. You know, that's the commandment. So we're saying go back to the commandments, because that's what Jesus if he was here now, yeah, if he was with us in this mall, and Acura, if you asked him the same question. Yeah. He would say to you the same answer. He says you the same answer that he told the Jewish man he said follow the commandments. And you say to him socially, I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit said no, just follow the commandments. Because that's what he said

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to that Jewish man in the Bible. It's in the Bible. So that's where this agreement.

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Thank you.

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Thank you. Thank you.

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Thank you. I would love to, you know, yeah, man.

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Next time I'll bring my wife

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You got your photo, you take all the references