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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of pursuing good and gratitude in times of hardship, rather than just suffering. They emphasize the need for patience and gratitude in these situations, and encourage listeners to ask God for the reward of their suffering. The speaker also mentions a recent interview with Dr. de la Rahim Allah who discusses pursuing good and gratitude in times of hardship.
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So I want to once again, I will ask Mary Miller she follows him so now I know him and him Did he know me when I was one he learned a lot, I mean, but aren't able to do what's up in Alamosa,

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Dakota, silica, Mohammed and Salalah. While he was while only he was so happy he was setting them to see him and Kathy on. One of the things that happens when there is a test or a trial that is taking place like the one that's taking place around us right now is that a person can really feel like the only way they can realize that reward is by being amongst those that are hit hardest. And this is something I want to address. And you know, we've touched upon it when we talked about the Hadith of the Prophet sly somewhere he mentioned if a person has patience in their home hoping for a loss of reward, and knowing that nothing will come to them unless Allah decreed it. When a plague breaks

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out, then they would have the reward of a Shaheed the reward of a martyr. And has it been handled Rahim Allah said even if they didn't actually die, and I want to broaden that concept a bit and sha Allah Tana and talk about it in a way that's more wholesome and just how we approach our Lord, and how we how we think about him and how we think about test and trial.

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One of the things as Ramadan comes around, you know, the prophet space, lm said,

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you know, applying masaka women's either to slackness either the one who eats and is grateful is like the one who fasts in this patient. And perhaps I'll leave that for another, another episode in Charlottetown, or another nightly reflection. But what I want to talk about today is this very powerful statement that that was narrated as a hadith but it's weak as a Hadith, it's actually a saying of one of the great scholars

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of nom de la.

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Abdullah Hakim, Allah said, Arthur Ashe score a humble la min and obatala Hospital, I'm gonna save in Arabic again, none of us could have been an open tele hospital for me. And it's actually the statement that's translated and quotation marks, for me to be spared, and grateful is far more beloved to me, than to be tested and patient. And this speaks to a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, where he said subtle love laugh here, when laughter for dunya will actually ask a lot to be spirit, ask Allah subhanaw taala, to be healthy and to be spirit, in dunya, and in Africa, and meaning in this life and in the Hereafter. So the Prophet peace be upon him told us that we should ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to be amongst those that are spirit. And what this speaks to is not, you know, the lack of patience or not this idea that we wouldn't be able to handle the test or that we're not grateful for the test, right, that's the part of the good news of the believer is that I genuinely mean that the believer always has a wonderful situation, because when they're struck with good or when they're struck with evil, they respond in the way that's pleasing to a lot, hence, they assured themselves the reward. Okay, so it's not that we're not grateful, which is what patience is in times of hardship, right? Patience in times of hardship, is the ability to still stay focused, keep things

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in perspective and remain grateful. But it's not, you know, a person knows, or doesn't approach a loss of Hannah Montana, in the interest of that reward and think that the only way to attain that reward is to suffer. Okay? There is certainly reward in patients with suffering. However, don't ask God to suffer. Okay? Don't ask God to make you amongst those that will suffer the worst that will be tested harder than everyone else. If the test comes to you, despite asking for ease, then you know, there's wisdom in that and you seek the reward of it, right? You remain grateful, grounded patient but don't ask a lot to suffer. Okay? And don't think that a lot can't give you the reward of

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suffering without you actually suffering a lot does not need the suffering in order to give you the reward, right? Because at the end of the day, it goes back to your heart, it goes back to your patience, it goes back to the way that you approach these things. So when you're asking Allah subhana wa tada in these moments when you see things becoming more difficult, and maybe in a moment of heightened spirituality, and pursuit of closeted love pursuit of God's pleasure, you might feel like you know what, let me let me get the reward, right. So whatever it is, let me get the reward, but don't ask a lot for the punishment or don't ask a lot for the trial. ask Allah for the reward

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without the trial, okay. And if the trial comes, then Allah will give you reward upon reward, inshallah. Tada. Okay, so, again, the same and we'll talk with Dr. de la Rahim Allah tala, one of the tambourine. He said.

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He said, after

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school, how about you, Liam and Taylor, also verb, that for me to be spared and grateful, is more beloved to me than to be tested and patient.

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Because the reward comes from a loss of habitat and surely Eliza can distill the reward. Regardless, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala grant us a laugh What we'll have here for dunya will ask, you know, to be safe and pardoned in this life and in the next and that whatever situation we find ourselves in that Allah subhanaw taala make it to our benefit in this life and the next time that we never be deprived of the reward, nor we be tested beyond our capacity alone. I mean, does that mean Oh, hold on to you all. gelatin. I'll see you tomorrow night, and I might come when I come to life.

€œTo be spared and grateful Is more beloved than to be tested and patient

Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects on the idea of asking Allah for hardship in order to gain more reward. However it is a narrated that to be spared and grateful is better than to be tested and patient.

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