The rule of thumb to stay consistent

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying consistent and being small in order to start from a busy day. They give examples of how they can still squeeze in on a busy day, even when at work or school, by starting with a daily devotional.
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Fathima How do you stay consistent, you stay consistent by being small, by staying small. What does that mean? A great way to start is you take your busiest day,

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whatever your busiest day is, and you see what you can squeeze into that busiest day, and you start from there. So for example, I know that you say to yourself, I'm going to start with an hour. But you know, like,

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in your general week, or your, you know, in two weeks, for example, you might have a really busy weekend. And in that weekend, you're not going to be able to commit an hour. So you say to yourself, okay, if I'm not going to be able to commit an hour regularly, then let me start with something that I know for sure. Even on my busiest day, if I'm at work, or if I'm at school, or if I'm at, you know, I've got a million things going on about finals, I've got all of this type of stuff. I can still squeeze in 10 minutes. I can still squeeze in five minutes. So let me start with that.

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Let me start with a daily devotional or whether it's to app or whether it's whatever it is, I start with a daily devotional of what I can consistently do