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AI: Summary © A group of individuals are discussing a Islam practice called "the three of you" that is being recorded and is being broadcast live on Facebook. They discuss the importance of acceptance of Islam and reminding each other of the journey they take to become Muslim. They also mention the importance of witnessing and sharing experiences with their brother's actions.
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So now I come on up until I'm gonna catch up

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now I'm the last summer so now I do cycling Manuela Shalom and Aska brothers actually come forward and Sharla

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before we

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get started, shall you can join as well.

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I wanted to remind everyone Subhanallah when we talk about a lot of the early stories of people becoming Muslim you think outcome and used to be groups that would come forth a brother that would inspire his group of friends and say it's time for us to go and to embrace Islam and Hamdulillah we typically have husband and wife a few people that come and embrace Islam but rarely do we have three brothers where one brother encourages the others and it becomes a group to come forward actually the who introduce you to Assam where are they? Where are they here you got you guys come up to inshallah.

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So you guys have been since there, EADS

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working in sha Allah, working together, and learning the religion together hummed it up. So this is really a beautiful and heartwarming moment and I want you all to know and show that you're welcome to this community. We are really pleased to have you all doing this inshallah. And if you can just introduce yourselves one by one just your names to everyone shall on and we'll go ahead and do shahada, pert for persons. I know, Chris.

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My name is Giorgio Nasir.

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So Chris Giorgio Nasir, unless you're actually been looking into and practicing Assam for a few years, and I have the law. So a few brothers coming together. And you all know that when you take this, this moment the step towards Allah.

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Everything you have done before this moment is wiped out. The bad part. The good part is there. Every sin that you do before you become Muslim, before you testify, is wiped off of your record clean. But every good deed that you have done stays. And so you have a clean slate, when you take this testimony. And just as as a group, you come to a lot together. The way that you're going to stay together as is with each other and Shama you're going to stay with Allah with each other, reminding each other constantly of righteousness, reminding each other of this journey that you take these, these two mashallah are going to disappear, and it's going to be the three of you that are

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going to hold strong, hopefully they don't disappear altogether. But the three of you that will hold strong as brothers as friends, as you embark on this, and when you take the step towards Allah, it's a journey of prayer. It's a journey of righteousness. It's a journey of discipline, it's a journey of charity, it's a journey of thinking about your entire life and in the capacity of that oneness of God. But when you have brothers so you're like the early Muslims that embraced Islam like groups, you can lean on each other when you start getting weak you call each other and you move people on surely you move each other towards Allah. And hopefully you bring your your friends your families as

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well. And this journey continues and so who wants to go first? You're gonna first you're ready Mashallah. Alright, so Chris I'm gonna have you repeat after me an Arabic and then English and we're gonna go one by one inshallah.

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So you guys put him so if he if he makes a mistake in the Arabic is of no, no, no, no, he'll go first. Okay. All right. So repeat after me see a shudder. I shall I shall do, I shall do and, and La ilaha illa Illa Allah, Allah, Allah wa, wa, eyeshadow. I shall do and Muhammad, Muhammad Rasul Allah, so Allah, I bear witness, I bear witness that there's only one guy that there's only one guy and that Muhammad and Muhammad is his final messenger is his final messenger.

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Congratulations, you're done.

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Now you go next Insha Allah, this one. All right. You heard everything you said right. So just just repeat it.

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Say a shadow.

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And Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah

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and Muhammad

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Rasul Allah, Allah. I bear witness, a bear witness that there's only one guy, only his one guy, and that Muhammad, Muhammad is his final message in front of his message. Congratulations. Allahu Akbar.

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Alright, let's say you're a pro. You got this

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wa

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and Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah. I bear witness witness that there's only one guy there's only one guy and that Mohammed. Mohammed is the final message is this font of mass message? Especially since it's like be

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so 100 Allah, these are all your brothers now.

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Not just these two. These are all your brothers and Sharla and we're happy to have you so welcome to the community. And congratulations to all three of you mashallah sound like when

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