Thoughts on Dallas Shooting and Black lives matter

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of acknowledging and ignoring tragedy around the world, acknowledging the negative impact of actions on people and the need for people to be outspoken. They stress the importance of human Normality and empathy for those affected by violence, as well as the ongoing struggles in Syria and Iraq. They urge people to not be afraid of others and stand for justice, while also acknowledging the negative impact of actions on people's lives and warning against being called "parents." They emphasize the need for people to be outspoken and thank police officers for their actions, and address the recent protests and their potential impact on the community.
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looked at some of the Sunni yufka who will probably I'm going to ask the brothers to come forward from now in sha Allah Tirana, because we already have people going into the back. So please squeeze in as much as you can.

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So it's been a crazy 24 hours.

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And the things that we have seen, and the things that we've experienced here in Dallas,

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and national tragedy, and in fact, the global tragedy coming to our own front door,

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and Subhanallah in the last 12 hours, or 15 hours or so. We went from mourning the unjust debts of Alton Sterling and so many people like him innocent people whose lives have been taken due to police brutality to ourselves and many people from this community, in fact running for our lives from a shooting. And then today, just coming from mourning, the lives the lost lives of police officers. In all of these situations, children no longer have their parents with them. And in all of these situations, innocent blood is said

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And subhanAllah. It's there. I didn't really have a hope were prepared at all. If you haven't figured that out by now.

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But I would just like to share with you all just a few thoughts in a few words on the climate that we live in right now. We are far too comfortable living in our bubbles. We are far too comfortable living in our privileged situations with our lifestyles. Live

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Living in our mashallah nice homes, in our nice community here in Valley Ranch. And in many places around the world, the Muslim community has, you know, grown in the sense of a suburban presence grown in the outskirts of cities, a very affluent community in many situations. While still some of the massages that are doing the hard work inner city are left absolutely neglected, such as our own mustard in Islam, and Imam Khalid and the wonderful work that he does feeding the poor, every single week, from his masjid, and all the work that they do, but we're very comfortable in our bubble. We're very comfortable with our lifestyles, we're very comfortable with this Islam, that doesn't

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require any level of sacrifice on our parts. We're very comfortable with an Islam that tells us just pray and be a good person and be nice and celebrate, eat and do as many cameras as you can and do as many hedges as you can. And your Islam is good. We're very comfortable in our narcissism. We're very comfortable in neglecting tragedy around the world. And subhanAllah. What we are seeing in these last few months, and in these last few weeks in particular, is that even if you want to close your eyes now and try to escape it, you can't escape it, it'll be right in front of you. It could be you at any moment running for your life, at an airport in a metro puts us in a city, you know, center

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city in Dallas, a place like Dallas, Texas and an airport. And even when you go for your Umrah to the most peaceful city, in the world, in Madina Munawwara he could come right to you. It could show up right in front of you. And next thing you know, you will be running for your life And subhanAllah like the only thing and one of one of

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our brothers made the comment yesterday he said What were you thinking about when you were running from the shooting when you hear the bullets and you're running and that was my first time experiencing that. And I immediately thought of our brother out of salaam to jump on in Houston May Allah subhanaw taala give him a full recovery who had handlers in recovery right now. And as he was shot and started as he was going to sell off in February, the only thing that he did was he kept on reciting La ilaha illallah, even as he lay it covered in his blood, before he was put in a in you know, sedated and no longer able to recognize his surroundings. All he was saying was La Land, Allah

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And subhanAllah it can strike you at any moment. But I don't want to focus on that part. I want to focus on our climate. And I want to focus on the situation that we live in, and the country that we live in, and the world that we live in, and what your responsibility is, it's not my responsibility. It's not the responsibility of a few national Muslim activists. It's not the responsibility of city asset or some other Messiah. It's your responsibility. It's my responsibility. It's each it's each and every single person's lots to actually care about things that are going on around them, even if they don't directly seem to affect them.

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Because as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, or as Abu Bakr Siddiq or the Allah Tada and who narrated that the Prophet slice and I'm set in the NASA era ole Mancha, la you are your own Oh Shaka and Yamaha Mala. We are ecobee, that when people see evil and they don't do anything about it, then it's only a matter of time before they're all consumed by it. For how long? Do you keep your heads buried in the sense for how long do you pretend like there isn't institutionalized racism in this country, that there isn't a serious issue in this country? For how long do you ignore 400 years or 500 years of the history of the nation that you live in? For how long do you ignore people that

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are just like you, people that are just like you that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time dealing with the wrong people, and ended up having their lives taken. And for every Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. There are multiple hundreds, if not 1000s of people who didn't have the privilege of a cell phone camera setting light on what they went through.

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And you know what, if you were to be in that situation, you would be vilified after your death as well. Don't think that they would spare you and say mashallah, he was a nice Muslim Doctor living in Valley Ranch. They would connect you to ISIS in 30 seconds. They find a way they find a way to make your past look bad enough to make your unjust murder justifiable. That's how it works. And that's how it's constantly worked. And for too long. We continue to bury our heads in the sand. And we're waiting and bracing for the Muslim community's turn. We're waiting for our Masada to be attacked regularly because black churches have been burned down quite regularly. We're waiting for the

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environment that we're starting to see signs of now. And subhanAllah still, many of us

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choose to ignore it at the same time, completely reaffirming that violence is not a solution to violence. I wouldn't call law you either be Moncure This is a principle in our religion. It's fabulous. He he acts and Repel evil with that which is better. Evil cannot change evil. Allah does not call you to mooncup to change one come, Allah calls you to axon. Allah calls you to excellence. Allah calls you to do good. Allah calls you to respond with a better way to provide an alternative. Allah does not tell people that they should not be angry about injustice, Allah just tells them to be just in dealing with that injustice. Allah subhanaw taala does not tell you that you should be

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finally being alive. People have no anger. Allah tells you you should be Khalili mean LA's people that swallow their anger and that are composed and that know how to channel their anger properly. So that legitimate causes don't end up being D legitimized by illegitimate tactics. It's the same thing, the same game that we see played in Philistine all the time in Palestine all the time, where what those people have had to face for the last 60 years can be de legitimized by one action of frustration. The entire cause suffers, and everyone pays the price, more blood is shot, more people are killed, because there wasn't a solution of hope that was provided. If you keep on pacifying

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people and telling people to be quiet and not do anything about their situation, or that this is an acceptable way for them to live in, unfortunately, many times you have unjustified manifestations of anger. So we should feel pain, we should feel grief. But what do we do about it? The same thing with Syria, when this fanatical group, the Keylab, of Al Anon, the dogs of hellfire and Darish, the Herati edge of our era, manipulate at times the genuine frustrations of people that people have, with a hopeless situation in Syria and Iraq, and in other parts of the Muslim world. It's the exact same scenario playing out over and over and over again. So where's the hope?

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And at what point do we say enough is enough, without waiting for things to get completely out of hands? And subhanAllah if someone thought for a moment, because sadly, and I was at that protest last night, and 99% of it was peaceful, and the anger was justified. But sadly, some people thought that taking the lives of police officers, even Dart officers, people that were there, ironically, to protect people from shout, you know, as they shouted their frustrations with the system with a very real problem. And those people had to lose their lives. How sad is that? How sad is it that some people thought that that was a proper manifestation of anger, that because we are genuinely upset

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and outraged over the loss of innocent life, over innocent black people being murdered in this country over and over and over again, and everybody else closing their eyes and pretending like it doesn't exist, that they're not human, because every single time you hear their past and they vilify the victim, and you say, oh, man, maybe he was wrong. Maybe that person had a right to die. How many times do we ignore that? And subhanAllah all of us suffer as a result. And I want to just right now, make this clarification and say this from now. We have wonderful police officers that are standing outside this Masjid. We have officer McBride, who every single time I pull up into this parking lot,

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gives me a huge smile, make some sort of joke about my parking spot being taken most of the time, tells me something beautiful smiles at the community as they come out wonderful police officers that stand out there every single day. And I want each and every single one of you to thank them on your way out seriously stop by and thank them, stop. If you haven't already done that I hope you already have a few times. But seriously today, they need that reassurance that we don't hold them accountable. We don't hold everyone who dons a police uniform accountable. We know what it's like as a Muslim community to be generalized and stereotyped because of the actions of a few idiots. We know

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what that's like it happens to us every day. We're experts at that. We're experts at being victimized because of people that claim to be of us. Good cops are victims of bad cops as well. So go out there and thank them and tell them that you appreciate them and you know, subhanAllah aside that you won't see if the demonstration yesterday is that some people were taking pictures with the cops and thanking them for being out there.

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It's a part of

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What makes this beautiful that we can disagree and we can, we can show our pain and still be protected. And that's a very Islamic concept. By the way. That's not something that you realize in most Muslim countries, unfortunately. But that's a very Islamic concept. And that's something to thank them for and to applaud them for. But their brothers and sisters we cannot forget. And I don't even want to use the word but because they are all the victims, the cops and all of these people that have been killed,

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in the case of Black Lives Matter, hundreds of years, hundreds of years, different manifestations of racism and slavery for hundreds of years in this country. They are all the victims of stupidity, of chaos, of senselessness of hatred, a fear of xenophobia, all of these forms of bigotry eventually result in violence. And then sometimes, in some cases, unfortunately, violence that actually claims the lives of people. And subhanAllah. I just want to ask the Muslim community, how long will you bury your heads in the sand? How long will you not tell your children about a person like Trayvon Martin, I remember when that case took place. When a young boy who went out to buy candy, you know,

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we have a gas station around the corner as much as we tell our kids not to go there during Ramadan, how many of our kids went out there to buy candy and come back to the mustards when a young boy goes out to buy candy and is murdered, and then his murder is let go, and his murder is let loose. And guess what George Zimmerman is now today? He's an Islamophobe to not only does he hate black people, not only does he hate every but he's also spewing Islamophobia. And there are Muslims that defended that action. Because they bought into the pictures of Trayvon Martin as a kid doing what a lot of your kids do, you just don't see the pictures.

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And they allowed you to believe that a 17 year old kid who went to buy Skittles deserve to die.

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And his murder was justified. And you bought that. Let's not pretend that that conversation didn't exist in our privileged, suburban Muslim community. You bought that? A lot of you did. A lot of people said that that was okay. A lot of people said, well, we didn't see what really happened. A lot of people made excuses. And guess what, same people, same people, these white supremacist groups that we see today, do you think that they just came out? Do you think that they just arose because of ISIS and because of Muslims? Don't you know how long they've been here? This is a resurgence over and over and over again. So what do you do you fight the cancer, you call it out, you stop living in

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your bubble, you stop waiting for it to show up on your front door, you stop waiting for it to show up at your masjid, you teach your kids about that you have that conversation with your kids, your kids who in many situations are are living in such a case of privilege, that what gets them down at night is that they didn't get their latest PlayStation game or that their favorite sports team lost. That's the greatest tragedy they've ever faced in their lives in some of these situations. And then you wonder why they're narcissists and don't care about the world and don't care about their religion. You create a monster whenever you sell to them, you teach them, you show them that they

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need to be protesting this to that they need to be saying something about this, too, that a lot of those kids that died, we're just like them, because it keeps on happening. And we are the victims as a Muslim community over and over and over again of dehumanization. It stinks, doesn't it? It stinks when people don't care. When when 200 or 300 of your OMA are slaughtered in the marketplace and bark about it stinks. Doesn't it hurt? Doesn't that stink? That's not That's not accidental. That's intentional. That's because you're less than human as Muslims now. Welcome to the world of black people.

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Welcome to their world. They've been dealing with that for a very, very, very long time. And a lot of us have stayed quiet about it. If we don't raise our voices, and if we don't get out of our bubble, then our bubble will be burst in ways that we don't want it to be burst. And we have to show people a better way. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not turn away and multiple men. He did not turn away people who were oppressed, even the non Muslims and he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I was to be called, even after Islam, to hellfire football, to that alliance to that allegiance that we all took when we put our hands on the cab

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And we said that we will not allow a single one of us of our society to be targeted unjustly. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I was called to that and Islam, I would do it again. Yes, the prophets lie Selim would cooperate with non Muslims. Yes, the prophets lie. Some would stand with not only Christians and Jews, but pagans in Mecca. The prophets like Selim would stand with idol worshippers to ensure that no one is treated unjustly. That's our Islam. That's our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if you have the bandwidth, to condemn one murder, and to condemn one act of violence, then you better not be silent on all the rest of them. We know how it feels

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with the Palestinian cause. When all we see are the moments on CNN and Fox News and whatever it is, of one Israeli civilian that was unjustly killed. We condemn that we don't allow or tolerate the loss of innocent life. It's counterproductive and it's honest. lemak we hate how that feels. When 60 Palestinians are ignored. Let's not do that to other people. Let's not do that to other people. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not teach us that. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts, to make us the people that stand for justice, to make us the people that stand for peace, to guide us to that which is best for us, to not allow us to delude ourselves into going

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astray in ways that we don't recognize. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us We ask Allah to protect our community and our general community not just our Muslim community, but our community as a whole. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from a vile Amin to protect us from the oppressors and the transgressors and whatever manifestation they are, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to have mercy on the oppressed as he SallAllahu I think he was salam taught us that Dalits would have room to do or have a transgressed person of an oppressed person, there is no hijab between that person's do and Allah subhanaw taala even if they are non Muslims, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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make us people that stand for the rights of those whom he hears. If Allah subhana wa Tada hears those people, then we should hear them as well. Then we should be there for them as well. Dear Brothers and Sisters, before I sit down and I am this hotspot, it's a short hook, but I didn't have anything prepared today. I really did not have anything prepared today. But before I sit down, to insist on human dignity, as part of our deen and Subhanallah, the civil rights movement did not start off with the shooting. It didn't start off with violence. It started off or one of the major starting points of it, or sparks of it was Rosa Parks sitting on a bus and insisting that she did

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not have to get up from her seats. You know, who led the civil rights movement? You know, who loved the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a 26 year old. Think about that. Martin Luther King Jr. was a 26 year old, leading the greatest movement in the history of this country. How many of our 25 year olds or 26 year olds

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care anything about the society around them? Think about that. And think about what our Dean calls us to. May Allah protect us and may Allah forgive us and may Allah subhanaw taala make us people who are people of sick people of truth and who stand for truth, Allah Amina Furukawa was tough while you were not companies that must have been for stock throw in the whole offer right.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa one Illa and avala Meanwhile, our people to limiter clean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi Karateka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was so happy he was certain to see him and cathedra your brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala calls us to remember our generations that came before and to learn from the omens that came before us the nations that came before us. And in this country. We have a serious generational problem. We have a serious generational problem. Malcolm X Rahim Allah was martyred in his 30s Martin Luther King Jr. died in his 30s people cared about people around them in this country. And we don't we do

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not have room to allow narcissism to destroy us spiritually and to destroy us as a community. So I want you to think the message is Ramadan, Tara's empathy, sink. Don't just think about people that are hungry around the world as you fast. Think about people who have their lives unjustly taken from them. You should also have empathy for

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than if Allah subhanaw taala wants you to have empathy with hungry people, then what about people that are shot and killed for no reason? What about them? Think, have empathy, grow, grow your emotional bandwidth, make yourself a little uncomfortable. And Wallah, he will law he will lie. And this is not. I'm not I'm not saying this to portray some sort of courage or bravery here. The next Black Lives Matters Pro pro Black Lives Matter protests. I'll be there inshallah. And I hope our community shows up again, I hope that this didn't cast fear into anyone's heart and to say that, hey, we shouldn't participate anymore. I'm worried about what's going to happen. We still have to be

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there. We still have to go. Not just for follow Steen, we should go to the Palestinian ones, too, not just for Syria, we should go to those as well. But for those who are unjustly targeted, every single day, in this country, every 28 hours, a black man is killed by the police. And again, it's a small fraction of that police force. Our anger is not towards the police. It's towards police brutality. Our anger is towards a system that allows for villains and evil people to exist within it and go covered and protected which harms their colleagues and harms everyone else in the society. So may Allah subhanaw taala protect us and have mercy upon us and may Allah subhanaw taala bring peace

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and calm to our city. It's a traumatic time for our city may Allah subhanaw taala bestow Sakina upon our city may Allah subhanaw taala protect us and protect our communities around the world may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us when we fall silence at times when we should speak and when we speak when we should be silent. Lama Philmont meaning not almost immune almost not even run amok in like a semi or on carbon woody but there was a llama fella now our Hamner wife one Oh ALLAH to Robin how alumna and Susannah are in I'm tougher Atlanta, Atlanta, Lana Kona nominal ha serene, Allahu Martha Bittner and the Lotte de la isla in la la, la Martha Bittner and del monte de la ilaha illa Allah, Allah

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masa Bittner in Delano TV La ilaha illAllah La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in I couldn't I mean nobody I mean, La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in I couldn't I mean nobody mean

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illa Anta Subhana Kiton I couldn't I mean of what I mean? La McFeely Wally Dena, Robert Hama, Hama Kamara bonus. Ihara. What bene habla and I mean, as well as you know as a reaction or Kurata Harrigan or Jana LaMattina, imamo Allah Matsuda mastaba fina Wellman Kobina frequently McCann female Sharika all the Omaha Rebekah Allahumma Israeli cinema will Muslimeen what a villa should COVID Cody been with them Miranda Deen Allah Allah Allah kill Whitey Mina with vitamin Mark Regina with one and veniam Saudi mean about Allah and Allah has a little bit add the 1x and y Ito little quarter by the way on her and in fact shot you will monitor your battery you're able to unlock them to the

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Coronavirus Corolla has Croco wash crew while in your mouth is it vacuum? What are the Corolla he Akbar? Allah Haryana Matheson Arun welcome

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Allahu Akbar

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a shadow Allah in love law, a shadow