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Part 6 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman

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smilla rahmanir rahim al

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edgeline

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allow Medina lativa we're in a bottle of water lower machined

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aluminum and found I'm a fan of Mr. Lipton I was

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gonna be no

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1am I now then it'll be shortly somebody was in the mid Washington aka Melissa Neff, Coca Cola Berg.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala glory and praise be upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam justify that there's no god except the law and artistic father Muhammad

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is the Prophet, the Messenger of Allah Almighty kewanee once again, he will with you on Thursday nights with arbaeen nawawi

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and again this for the hadith of Imam and now we'll put together by a man will know as he had of a moment not only his he had had led him to say these are the most important Hadith in Islam that the principles of Islam revolve around

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we've covered for a hadith and inshallah

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today we shall cover the six Hadith are read in Arabic and inshallah read in English. I do encourage every single one of you to memorize that as a hadith in Arabic. And in English. Once you memorize in Arabic, you'll memorize or understand in English, so you could have a portion from the knowledge of the Hadith.

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and Avi Abdullah he nomadic niboshi radi Allahu taala and whom call somato Rasul Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who, in halala begun in the aroma Bian verbena, Houma. Mousavi had to lie Allah munakata Dominus family Takashi bohat vaca disturber Allah Deen he was the

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woman walk off Chabot hottie walk off and haraam kawaii Yara hola Hema, UC taffy, Allah. We're in a liquid Li Malik in Hema Allah in the Hema law him or her Mo. Allah. We're in the field just a T Mobile either. solahart Sala Holly just had to

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worry the facade that first adalja do kulu Allah he'll la lower Buhari Muslim

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neurotic boy Abdullah Norma Jean Michel de lo to ongoing companion from the companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he says the profile is a lot what Sam says that the halaal is clearly evident claim

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and the haraam is also clean evidence plain and between the halal and haram, the doubtful matters, which not many people know about.

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So the problem Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Whoever avoids the death for matters, had cleaned himself and had cleaned himself, his religion and his dignity. And whoever falls and does death for matters had fallen into the haraam. Like, the profile is a lot worse, Sam gave an example, like a shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary.

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Afraid from his grazing to fall into these barriers. And then he said, for every king, that a sanctuary and truly the sanctuaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala is why he had prohibited

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and there's a lot he was telling me says

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that in the in the body in the in the body,

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there is a Moodle. Moodle, is

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a morsel of flesh. There is a Moodle is a solid heart. If this motto is good, then the whole body is good.

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And if this model is bad, corrupt, then the whole body is corrupt.

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And then sallallahu alayhi wa sallam referred to it as, truly it is the heart.

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We start with Abdullah and Ahmed bin Bashir, a great companion from the unsolved They say he is the first Ansari to be born after the migration of the profile a Salatu was Salam. So this man is a young man at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. When salallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away, he was eight years old. It was eight is also is a very young companion from the youngest of the companions from the youngest of the companions from the believer of unsub. And at the time of Maria, he puts him as a governor in hence the Allahu taala and who was killed because he refused to give birth to the son of Maui as

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he says though, I heard from the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and allow them how old he was at that time, you know, heard from the profile is a lot was set up. We said that the Salah low Ali was passed away he was told, he said I heard the profile a salat wa salam say that the halaal is clear and the Hara was clean. He we have two paths. You've got the halaal party but the Haram path, the good and the bad what Allah allows you to do Allah subhanho wa Taala was not allowed to do. He's saying that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam saying that the halal is clay and the Haram is clean. It's clean, very evident, very plain. You don't even need to ask someone if it's one of the

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halal or haram.

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People don't need to ask someone, for example is drinking wine or committing Zina is that haram? It's clear it's Haram. Committing theft is a Haram. It's clear it's Haram, stealing from people or doing the unlawful things is it's clear it's Haram. Have a for example, come out drink, Come on eat, can I walk? Can I go home come out do this. It's very clear. It's Hello. So the halaal is very clear and plain and the Hara is very clear and plain. And that's the common knowledge of all people, Muslims or non Muslims. Muslims or non Muslims know the right path, another own path, but not everything. Not everything. Most of things in life, people know this is right, this is wrong. And

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they don't need anyone to come from outside to teach them and tell them that this is the right thing and this is the wrong thing. It's a nature in mankind that Allah azzawajal had put in people that they know how to distinguish what's better, what's good, what's acceptable, what's not acceptable, it's lawful, what's unlawful, and that's why in the case of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that most of the matters either halal and haram. The halal is clearly the heart. Obviously, the halide is clear to people and the harm is clear to people.

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And between the Hillel and Hara, between the halal and haram, there are things that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam called Mr. behat. Mr. behat means doubtful things it's confused with is it more to the halaal? Is it to the harav is it acceptable is unacceptable, in the reseller law to set up said between the hallen and the haraam, therefore, things not many people know the ruling over

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the Bella salatu wa sallam said, Not many people know the ruling of the death of things. Because that therefore things could be halaal. Could be haram could be closer to the halacha becomes halaal. It could be haram becomes Haram.

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But people don't know. People don't know. That's why la Salatu was Salam. He said Lai Allah munakata Rahman, a nurse, not many people know about him, he knows about it. Of course, the Raja was people and the knowledgeable people that Allah and so on the knowledgeable people that Allah and so on. They're the ones that know this, that for Mehta, it's halal or haram. it's acceptable or unacceptable.

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So what's the ruling of these double things? As we mentioned, the score that Mr. B had halaal it's very clearly haram it's haram very clearly. But sometimes people are confused. Is this methyl halaal? Is this matter? haram Can I deal with it cannot deal with it? is it acceptable for me to deal with it or is not acceptable for me to deal with it? And that's something that occurs a lot, especially in a time and era that we live in will constantly things just come up? constantly, things just come up? new things come up? Are we allowed to use it? I will not let the internet came up. Is it halala? Is it haram? For example, cars came out is a halal or haram. For example, someone who

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deals with someone who's got hella money by buying this ummah dealing with his money, I'm selling him something I'm buying something from him. Is it halal or haram? So all these issues that come up, become doubtful that people are confused. It's got a sort of at the tailor and it's got a sort of it the term where does it get does it get to the halon or does it get to the Haram in the Vla Salatu was Salam

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mentioned Leia, Allah Mohan kathira Madonna's not many people know about this, Mr. behead? So what's the ruling of the Mr. br alayhi salatu was Salam. He said

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vamana tabaka Chabot, hottie stop rollatini while the whoever keeps away and avoid the doubtful matters had cleaved himself and his religion and his dignity, woman walk off,

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walk off in her arm and whoever falls into the Shabbat, had fallen into the harem and fall into the Shabbat had fallen into the harem. And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then gives an example kawhia Halima, like a shepherd, who passes around a grazing for his sheep, his got his area, when he passed us around with his sheep and his cattle and so on. But there's barriers with some other people on that land. For example, I've got my barrier, and I don't want you to come near it. So this Shepherd, his job is to keep away from my barriers. So his shape doesn't jump into my barrier. So what do they do because the shape is not a human being that doesn't understand. He can just let it get close. You

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have to keep it very far away from it because the shape is an animal jump in. San Luis de la Sonoma described it like our Shepherd, he's got his shape around. And there is barriers which this shape is not allowed to Gani. And back then they used to be the kings and the leaders, they used to have a place of pastoring for the animals for the countries for the sheep and goats. So that then led anyone to come nearer than anyone that comes near it or let the sheep or animals come nearer they'll punish them. For the BLS allotment Sam gave this example Mike, you're a shepherd. And he you've got a barrier laundry not letting go past. So what do you do with the ship and try and keep away so far?

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Why because you don't know how close you would be maybe could be few meters away by your ship. We'll jump into it. For now v la Salatu was Salam he gave the example. This is exactly where the Haram and the Halawa lies that with a haraam is danka near it, but just don't commit it. Don't get it. And that's what a lot of so a gentleman is vicious when he describes the Hello. What did he say? He said, wala karabo Xena, Allah Xhosa said he did not say and do not commit the sinner.

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subhana wa Taala? He said well, he did not say Walla Walla Walla

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Walla leucaena. That's not what he said. He did not say and do not commit Zina adultery. He said while I don't even get nice enough, then even get Niva Xena don't even go near the areas of Xena than even get near the places of Xena Don't even get me the actions of Zima when Allah subhanaw taala forbade us from committing the Haram he forbids us to get even around. And anything that revolves around the harem. Anything that revolves around the heart on that it's hard for me for example, to look at a woman or touch a woman or speak to a woman without a necessity. Why because this will lead to harm. And Allah subhanho wa Taala forbade us to go on the tracks of Iran. We are

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not allowed to go on the trick of haraam. I am not allowed to get on the track of Hello, sir Mr. behat my brothers and sisters are doubtful matters between the halal and haram that's got a side of it. That's halaal it's got another side of it. That's haram people are mixed. Is it halal or haram? majority of times this could be haram or something sometimes could be Hello, sometimes could be Hello. He knows the answer to those as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Laila Monica serum the nurse, not many people know the answer to this. So those who know the answer to this other Allah, other scholars, that's why Allah Allah, Allah tala Manas Allah Almighty says and

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as the people of the remember as as the people of knowledge, if you don't know it's your duty, something that you doubt you're asked before you commit something that you doubt he asked before you act upon something he does he asked before you do it. Because there's a lot of mentors in our lives that become very doubtful that we don't know. Allah salatu wa sallam want us to live it He wants us to live it. That's why there's another Hadith that the Prophet Muhammad Allah is salatu wa sallam he says that mareeba Allah mela revoke Lee was while you doubt and go for something that you're done don't leave what you doubt and go for something that you then dealt and this is a hadith inshallah

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we'll have more explanation about the Hadith in upcoming into the 40. If I didn't remember we saw the Mr. behat. My brothers and sisters, a great area, a great area that's not clear to us if it's halal and haram but to the scholars it is clear to those who have knowledge it is clear and

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Other ones will give you an answer to it if it's Hello, hello. And then as a Muslim who cares about his religion, I should always, I should always be very, very fussy and picky not to go near the areas and the boundaries which Allah subhanaw taala had drawn. With the Haram, I should always keep away from it. The huruma should always keep away from it and always put myself in the hallah and put myself in the Hillel area. That's why

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he says that some of the righteous people had left the halaal for the sake of fearing and getting scared of falling into the arm. Some of the righteous people had lifted from the fear of falling into the huddle. And Alan, maybe it's very clear

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that I feel as though there's so much the left the halaal for the sake of not falling into the huddle.

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in Ibiza, Lalo la was telling me he said but sometimes I remember a date. And I'm so hungry, I remember a date. And I'm so hungry are afraid to put that date in my mouth from the fear that this could be from the sadhaka. And the Vla Salatu was Salam he forbade the sadhak on him and his family sit in them and he also knows that this sadhaka is the dirt of people find out the halal Allah Mohammed, it is not permissible for the family or Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam know that it is permissible for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself. So la salatu wa sallam said sometimes I'm so hungry, I want to grab this date. But I'll leave it just for the fee that this date could be

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how it could be from the southern and the southern was forbidden on the profile a Salatu was Salam. This is the son of righteousness the son of Raja was people. One It is something we have cold water and what is to leave the depth of things. And what is to leave the depth of things you've got hamdulillah I'm a believer, and you've got someone with water someone was what is when someone leaves doubtful things, does not put himself in positions and situations in which become very doubtful to keep away so he does not fall into the hierarchy or maybe could be linked to the harm. Like for example, a lot of this comes up into someone who deals with harm and honor he deals with

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Should I do a job for him Should I do a job? This becomes like a shuba leave it leave it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal just for the case of you not falling into the Haram. So what is what is the quality of the believers this What are his people living death for things for the sake of Allah azza wa jal may be attentive, they could be hallel. But he leaves it just for the sake of not going need that can be 1% of it be Haram. And that's how the quality of the believers the quality of the moment, the quality of the righteous people, they leave the depth of things for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, they live the depth of things for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's what

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we call what the Torah is leave something that's doubtful and go for something that then dealt and as I said, one of the qualities that

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are the alota Allen who describes the righteous people, they used to live some of the halaal for the sake of not falling into the huddle, they still live someone's mohalla but they used to live it for the sake of not falling into the huddle and this is the quality of the moments of habila the female companions, they used to tell the husbands with these to leave the house please do not bring alcohol to us don't break out of the house for for us rather have patience on starvation in this world than eating heroin into the headphone in the heat after and look at these qualities, these are the quality of the believers. These the quality of the moment this is the quality that Allah subhanaw

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taala loves to see in the servants and the servants of Allah azza wa jal

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and that's why they are barriers that are Buddhists with Haram is or that just say or they commit the Haram I should even be around the areas of Arab Some people say well lay no come on get a place with this alcohol you should leave this areas and area with us hello hello leave that area what are some people say you know i mean you know like a lot of times people ask me is that okay, Mike yesterday's boxing match is okay for beef to meet for me to be the areas like that you should leave it you should leave with this. It's a ship of for you. It's a place maybe okay boxing in one way this few friends of yours but there's a lot of fitness another side. There's a lot of alcohol and

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other side. There's a lot of maaseiah there's a lot of these areas like this you should keep away from what Shebaa woman what a woman

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woman walk after super hard to walk around and whoever falls into the super hot that fall into the Haram areas like this you should always keep away from keep away from it's a stripper or keep myself out of it. Why because if I'm going to put myself into Shabaab, I am putting myself into the harem and that's why when it comes a lot of times is this haram this Allah you know, this is halyna this heroin but there's a gray area, especially when dealing with a lot of people especially with dealing with non Muslims. There is a lot of areas where people are confused. Is it halal, or haram? A lot of the times could be haram and a lot of the times could be halal, but as a

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Muslim in areas like this you should always leave with doubtful doubtful matters. Some people have exaggerate some people over exaggerate a guy and then they start thinking well I'm doing this for the sake of Allah Xhosa that's not called that for matters that's called was was a lot for example Mashallah we're a big pool of water

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until someone tells you I'm not gonna make out of this water why because maybe a bird maybe had dropped some of his some of his some of his dirt into the pool I'm gonna keep away from it this is not now doubtful this code was was was was one is someone that ever exaggerating the hollow hollow not in the haraam over exaggerating the hollow initial exaggerate and things like that. You shouldn't get enough powerful vice versa. Okay, things are very clear if it's hard to tell very quickly then come on over exaggerate in it, that you start thinking that you are living super hard when you're not leaving Shabbat you're just over exaggerating yourself in the in the in the halacha

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becomes that almost. And then the Prophet la salatu wa sallam he says

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and I just said the mocha is a Sahaja Lhasa it'll just subway, the Facade Facade.

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Allah here in the heart, the in the body there is a muzzle flash mobile guy, they call it Don't bother. As the scholar say the collar motto is like a bitten garment, a beaten, beaten, made of flesh. Okay, because it's it's like something that you could bite on Slack, something could bite on. The Vla salatu wa salam, he says that there's a flush of meat in the body. If this listen mate goes good, then the rest of the body goes good. And if it goes corrupt, then the rest of the body goes corrupt. And then Allah salatu wa sallam mentioned that and he said it is the heart. It is the heart. Salama brothers and sisters is the center of the body is the center of the physically

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medically, oh, this is the center of the body but no talking about his spiritually, spiritually. Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, Love polu been alive Kahuna

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said that they didn't understand threats. I was referring to the actual blog. It's the heart of your soul. It's your nerves that thinks it's your nerves that makes the decision and then you attempt to do the action. Allah subhanho wa Taala or the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam is warning us about the headquarter of the body that makes decision that makes decisions and makes an order to attempt to do such an action. Either either commit the Hara before you make an action or before you make a decision before you choose to make that decision. People don't fall into the Haram for themselves into the huddle, people think and then they make a decision, then they fall into it. A

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lot of xojo will judge you over that decision that you made. Allah will judge you over that decision that you made. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge the one that made the decision and his that that you had made the decision. Once again, it's not the heart that pumps the blood. It's your soul. It's your nerves. It's your heart. It's your mind, that made the decision Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge the one that made the decision and that one is the cult as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, and that heart is what Allah subhanho wa Taala judging the Hereafter, as Allah Almighty says, yo man, I am foul Milan wala been on 11 at aloha Mittal bin Salim

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that the day we now wolf or family will hope except those who come forward to Allah azza wa jal with a righteous heart. So Allah will judge your heart because your heart is the one that makes the decision. Your heart is the one that makes the decision and that's why those who don't have hearts Allah would not judge him in the hereafter because they are called mezzanine. locode insane people and insane people. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not judge them. Allah does not judge them. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is saying that this heart, if it goes good, the rest of the organs and the rest of the leaves go good. And if this heart goes bad and corrupt, the rest of the lives of

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the rest of the organs go bad Why? Because this art is the boss is the king, the oldest and his older its aura gets followed. And that's why I Muslim should always work on his heart. And how do you work the heart? That's where the man plays the role. That's where the man plays the role. When this heart is full of a man, then that has an aura what the email allows, and the email only allows What's good, but when that heart is full of disease, with a house full of corruption, then the heart will Allah order was corrupt and haram and why the order will go ahead with corruption and hold on. That's why it was said let me say says that in the body there is a Buddha. If this flesh or that

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morsel of flesh goes good, the rest of the body goes good and

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gets better.

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Grubb, the rest of the body goes corrupt. And that's the heart and that's the heart. And that's why what as a Muslim, we purify our hearts, we clean our hearts from that dude, by replacing that disease with a man higher praise that darkness with light. That light is the man that you replace your heart with and you replace that but you are a man, you train your heart, you the way you train your muscles, that you want to Mashallah have big muscles and heavy, not tense muscles and even have cuts in your body and so on and so on. He doesn't become love that one day and not you train and you put ever then you go on a diet and you run and you go and you come and you spend money and so on

00:25:38--> 00:26:16

until physically become strong and then you have to maintain it. Or else one one month later, you go back even wisdom ways to be exactly what the heart exactly it was the spiritual heart, the heart, you need to train it you need to keep away from the heart on and be in the right path you need to always remind yourself about Allah azzawajal Allah, Allah He taught me no calobra remember Allah constantly remembering Allah azza wa jal will always purify and clean your heart and always put your heart in the right environment. And always think the right way and always force yourself to do the right thing. Keep yourself from the desires the way you keep yourself from the field. When you're on

00:26:16--> 00:26:56

a diet, you have to also put your heart on a diet and that diet that you keep away from the harm and you follow the halaal keep away from the Haram and you follow the halal and constantly maintain it. Then after a few years of hamdulillah you reached a state handler namaha is clean namaha strong Maha Ali loves the magma and he loves the good and Maha his early attempts and things of the good. He doesn't stop there. He does stop that. He needs to constantly maintain it. You need to constantly maintain it because once you stop there, you for the sort of guy behind you might even end the personal ways to be, you might even end up wisdom or I used to be that's why this heart should be

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trained. And this heart should be looked after. And that heart should be turned to Allah azzawajal these hearts must turn to Allah azzawajal these heart should always think of Allah subhanho wa Taala this heart should be full of the a man of the fear of Allah of the taqwa of the European of the email of the subject of the of the Morocco but all these things get in the heart. That's why the other diseases of the heart, the diseases of hatred, and envious and, and looking down on people and the love of the dunya these are something they have to clean your heart. You have to clean your heart. It's the fact of the meat as someone tries this the fact of the heart you need to clean it

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you have to you have to wash away and the way you wash away is by training and training is not one of them just running around the block training to pray to Allah azza wa jal you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala you put your soul for loss of health I want you to be until it becomes a nature in you, when this heart is full of Amen And this how Allah accept to be in the right environment. And this how Allah except to do the right thing and this how Allah accepted thing the right way. And this how Allah except together what why, but once you don't take care of that, then you find yourself into the corruption, especially in the tournament era where the environment attracts.

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Environment attracts it want to environments, like a wave environment is like a wave. It's like a strong wind. If you're not strong enough to stand strong, that will take you wherever it goes. That's why a man needs to be strong that if I fit in there comes a wind and if a wind of a fitna comes of corruption comes you stronger fit enough that you get against it, you have that strength to get against it, especially in the era where the wind towards the fitness it's much quicker and faster than towards the good. You realize it yourself. Just today, for example, have the Lana auto mask handle at 730 from 630 to 730. I've been at like embalmers listening to the uprights a lot of

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Asia. And now listening to the talk and lecture handler feel good. You only had one hour of remembrance or reminder. But before the probably 10 hours, you see the Hello woman girl pass in front of you at work people drinking be others and listening to music this year as a reminder of 10 hours of the poem 10 hours today, especially those who are having a work in a very tough environment that he the hot are missing the hat on they get attracted to the hot arm, so on so on, so on and so on. I only get this one hour every second day for the remainder of the team. That means you need to be strong enough to face that. You need to be strong enough to face that. And that's why my brothers

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and sisters, the Muslim the believer that cares about cares about his email and cares about his he cares about his email and his relationship between him and Allah azzawajal is always cautious when he puts himself was cautious. We should put yourself that's all should be cautious. And that's what Abdullah Masada Did he say he said mattala taharah Mobile Allah Allah, Allah Allah wa salam, the everytime however mixes with halaal district

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It and one, one of my scholars he gave an example is like you have maybe this whole mosque full of water, a one.one.of urine or blood flows into it, which one of us will want to drink from it. Look how massive the water is, and a small.of corruption walked in, a small bowl of dirt came in. If I'll get 10 off from it, I was like, made the whole water dirty. And that's how it is when the bad evil gets in my heart. demolishes it destroys it. That's when you have to be strong and fit enough to face that wave that comes my Allah Subhana Allah reward you for listening and sha Allah will see you once again on Monday. Monday, inshallah we'll continue with the deceptiveness of Isa. And then the

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Jews, Jews, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Allah