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AI: Summary © The linchpin of Islam is pride, and the linchpin is grace. The segment discusses the history of Islam, including the first racist, Hassan Al Asad, who became jealous of Adam Adam Alay dish and went away from reality. pride is a feeling that is specific to one person, not everyone, and general. The segment also touches on the importance of pride in one's language and culture, and the danger of pride in one's relationship with money.
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This in Europe took over, they began to spread a type of religion that had no respect for the real creator of the heavens in the earth. More respect was paid for a person based on the color of the skin, or based on the money that you have, or the clothing that you have your material things.

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Also, no respect was given to the earth. And instead of planting crops, according to the environment, that is how people used to plant their crops, they would rotate their crops and the soil would enrich itself. They planted cash crops.

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And by doing this, they destroyed the economy of the countries. And so people were forced to come into the large cities. And now we see in many parts of the world, we see this xenophobia, which is spreading the fear of foreign people, of different people. And it is not something which is particular to Africa.

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Some of the worst forms of xenophobia we will find today in Japan,

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in China, and of course, what happened in Yugoslavia, the former Yugoslavia when you have a beloved

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when the people the Bosnian Croat Serbian people living together in a cosmopolitan city, suddenly, the Serbians and Croats were killing the Bosnians, as though they were they hated enemies. So demonization when fear is put into the hearts and the minds of people

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and they lose their touch with the Creator. They are capable of doing anything.

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When more immortality comes, when you expose your body,

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when you love to see people

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in a naked position,

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when you love immorality, your hero becomes a gangster, or a thief. When you lose your higher. The promise of Salam said higher, no higher man, that shame and modesty is part of faith. But then he said either lamp tester, first, not now shelter, if you don't have higher, if you don't have any morality and shame, then you will do anything. You are capable of doing anything.

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So sadaqa rasool Allah Alayhi Salatu was Salam. It came to pass

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this hatred,

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but change, we cried for change. And we realized that Allah said, He will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themself. So let us go back to the beginning.

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Let us go back to the beginning of time with one of the great Imams of Islam. Imam Malik Ibn Anas Rahim Allah

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and the great Imam of Donald Hegira of Medina. He has reported to have said, Oh Allah Maha see al Qaeda. Well, Hassan was sure.

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He said the first of the sins was pride

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and jealousy and greed. Think of these three elements. We want to change ourself. We want to look inside of ourselves. The Imam said the first of the since it is pride. How did this come about? And then he said Rahim, Allah has said the Iblees what's a kappa? For Karla? Kolak 20 minute in well, collector who maintain

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the mom that said, the bliss the shaytaan? Well, yeah, the villa in the beginning of time, when Adam was created. And when he was asked to bow down, and he saw that Adam knew the name of everything. Adam had great wisdom. How sad that you please. He became jealous of how sad and then he became arrogant. And he said, You created me from fire. And you created him from clay. So he was the first racist. He was the first person that looked at the makeup of another individual and said I'm better than him, because I'm created from another substance. And so he became proud and arrogant. Then

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when Adam Alayhis Salam Hawa is now created. Now the Imam continues for color to Allah, for coolamon hate to share tumor. Well that Takara had the shirt euro for shahada, Adam, Hatha, Akela Mina.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala said to Adam and Hawa so eat from wherever you please but do not

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approach the tree Don't come near the tree.

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And Adam got greedy, and he ate from the tree.

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And so the three first major sins and mistakes, how sad.

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Kebab Kibriya pride

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that show greed, desires, following desires.

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These are three important elements. Why are we jealous of another person? We are usually jealous because of a material thing. They have a new baby.

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He has a new car.

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Jealousy is not when you want a car like kiss. That's okay. But if you want the car and you hate that you see Ali driving his new car, you hate it. And you put out a negative thing against him for something material. This is Hassan.

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And the strange thing about how sad is that the person who has Hassan Al Asad is more affected than the Massoud. So the one who has jealousy.

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He is more affected than the one he's jealous of.

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He destroys himself. He can't be satisfied at

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the Prophet SAW Selim spoke about the danger.

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He spoke about the danger of this and he said Jaco will hazard for in Al Hasakah

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Yeah, cool has sanity come on Takota Natl Hata. He said, Beware of jealousy. It will eat up your good deeds as a fire. It's a fire. You fasted Ramadan, you jealous of another person, burns it up.

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You give sadaqa destroys all your good deeds.

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Beware of jealousy. And know that all the created things if a person has money, that's not necessarily a blessing. You will see Muslims in different parts of the Muslim world. When they got money, they actually became destroyed.

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So money is not necessarily a blessing. Pride, proud of my color, proud of my language, proud of my wealth. This is the danger. Another major thing. The real pride is with Allah subhanaw taala. Because how is no matter how beautiful you think you are, and you die, nobody's going down to that hole with you. No matter how much money you have, we come from a simple place, a humble place and we shall return to a humble place. So why are we proud?

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Why are we proud with the little energy and strength that we have with this can be taken away from us in the twinkling of an eye.

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And so number two is pride. The last one is greed

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following desires and this is something which is widespread throughout the years.

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Allah subhanaw taala has given us many examples. And one of the most beautiful ways the Quran teaches it gives us examples not only from the world of people, but it gives us examples from the world of animals and insects. And we know in the Quran, there are three insects in particular, we have certain certain animal and certain uncoupled. We have the chapter of the bees, the ants and the spiders.

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And for a long time we studied the bees the bees have beautiful honey. So we studied the bees they uncovered the spider has its webs and we study this but the number the act

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this is an amazing creature of Allah subhanaw taala and in this ad in the life of the end,

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in the essence of the act, you will see much oneness insert to normal verses 17 and 18. When the normal is mentioned in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal is saying oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani regime

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well Hoshido the SU lay man what you know do hoomin agenda well NC will play it for home use r1 is our ato allawah nama call that I'm not doing yeah are you had normal? What Hello my Sakeena comme la Yachty manda come Suleiman what you know to who or whom la Yes, Sharon, the number is mentioned. What happened and before Suleiman were marshaled his host of Jin, men and birds, and they were all kept in order and ranks at linked when they came to a valley of X. One of the ad set O 's, she didn't think of herself as feminine too. She didn't think of herself she called to all the other apps. And she said to the ants, and to into your habitations, your houses

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