The Story of Hajar – Uncovering Certainty in Uncertainty

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Dear brothers and sisters, as we go into these blessed days of the hedger a lot of the focus and attention will naturally be on Ibrahim alayhis salam on Abraham peace be upon him. And he is in the Quran Ibrahim, he is in some of the karate Abraham. He is an amazing figure, one who we take our ritual from our Deen from the great grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who resembled the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Most of the prophets lie somes way resembles his way the most. This is midlet a beacon Ibrahim, this is the way of your father in law hemmati his Salah the Hajj is a commemoration of Ibrahim alayhis salam, when you pray, you mentioned Ibrahim alayhis salam

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and every single Salah we are this man in so many different ways.

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And there's something about that, that I want to focus on. Had it not been for the tests and trials that Ibrahim NE is Salaam endured and the way that he endured them. Many of the reasons that he is celebrated for would not exist in the world. And in our history.

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Let me repeat that in a different way. As Ibrahim alayhis salaam was going through his trials, not only did he bear his trials with such patience, and such nobility, and sip and truth, and this loyalty, and and, you know, gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala. As he went through those trials, those trials became the means by which he was elevated, became the stories that we tell that are in fact the reasons that he is honored. He is first honored by revelation and by being

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the father of the prophets, and a person who did much good. But if you look through his life, much like many of the prophets that we find in the Quran, the reasons for his honor trace back to his most his most difficult moments, his lowest points and how in his lowest points he had the highest amount and faith and that's why we celebrate him. Those are the stories that are told in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And the thing about Ibrahim alayhis salaam is that everyone in his family has a perspective. And all of them have a very similar story of tribulation and trial that is unique to them. But it all comes together to make this beautiful family. So from the perspective of Ibrahim alayhis salam, you have a prophet that is rejected by his people rejected by even his father despite being the most eloquent of the prophets, as it been Cathy Rahim Allah mentioned of suffering MBR despite being able to articulate intelligent arguments, despite the reputation he had with his people, he leaves his people rejected by every single person in the town, except for his wife SATA. The perspective of

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SATA and the ending was not pretty the ending is him being thrown into stripped down and thrown into a fire and a lot protecting him from the burning of that fire. But the pain of being stripped down by your father and throwing into a fire in front of the people that doesn't depart by the fire being made cool for Ibrahim it is to them that's painful, and only having your wife sada to travel with you outside of that place. There's the perspective of SATA being married to Brahim it is Salaam, being his only follower in his town, being childless in that situation with no sight of anyone that would that would that would take over after they depart from this world that would inherit the

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profit out of Ibrahim it is set up late into their age, they didn't leave how long when they were young, they left after many decades of humiliation and struggle.

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And they start to make this journey.

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And then the other people start to become a part of the story. Each one of them having a very unique perspective and one that requires a lot of patience and trial and tribulation.

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Then comes hartzell Then comes a smile. He then comes his hat then comes Yaqoob and use if it's a legacy of tribulation and patience shown in that tribulation as each one of them goes through a different struggle that is unique to them, but completes this family of sip of truthfulness and patience. And so I want to actually view the story of Ibrahim ID is Salaam today from the perspective of hotjar. hotjar is a very unique person in the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet sly Salaam. Her intervention into the story is so different. Most of the time. When you look through the stories of the prophets, you see that the believers themselves the prophets themselves are

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rejected and then end up in a situation where they are hostage to an oppressor, like use of it has said, I'm going from being the favorite son to being a slave and a prisoner. Most of the time the Prophet is put at the mercy of someone else, how Josh's story is very different. She has the opposite cycle. She is put at the mercy of a Prophet and his wife, and then put into the spiral of uncertainty, and has to figure it out along the way, in a very unique way, to her perspective, and in a way that we can all take lessons of conviction and certainty in times of deep uncertainty. So where does this woman come from? And what is her legacy? And what is her perspective and this entire

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story of her intervention into this legacy of Ibrahim it is Salah, the ending of it is

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at no point

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on these 24 hours on any day of the year is she not being honored and celebrated inside this woman who could have died rejected and forgotten, instead is honored like no other woman in history with people constantly commemorating her patience and her ritual all the time. Tell me when you could go to Saturday and not find someone doing that the legacy is the prophets lie Selim telling his followers that one day you're going to go to a place called mustard Egypt

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and treat the people with a special type of love because they are the descendants of our mother on this marine harjot alayhis salaam. So they're special people because they descend from the same special woman that I descended from. This is a woman from muscle. How does she come into the story of Ibrahim it is solo. Brahim was traveling with his wife sada to find a new place to settle and to give dalla sada is a righteous woman.

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And as Sarah goes with Ibrahim alayhis salaam, they pass through mustard and there's a pharaoh and mustard a tyrant. And this is a long additonal Bahati that explains the story. This tyrant, this Pharaoh and muscle that takes to attractive women, kills their husbands and takes them for himself. And so Ibrahim alayhis salam, when he was asked about her, he said She is my sister, he was not lying because she is his sister in faith.

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And the pharaoh called sada because she was a beautiful woman.

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And he took sada into his palace.

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And he began to approach her

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Saudi maid

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as she was taken into the palace of this Pharaoh.

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And as the man started to approach her she called upon Allah subhana wa tada with a beautiful job.

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She said, Oh Allah, if you know that I follow you and your messenger only in obedience and in accordance with the truth meaning I'm not just the believer, because I'm married to blah he might he has stood up, you know that I am Amina, you know that I'm a believer that was willing to take on the struggles in my unique way. If you know that I was truthful. In following your messenger, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, and an abiding by the truth, then protect me from this man. As he started to approach her and she made that he was overcome by a temporary paralysis, he froze.

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And something started to happen to his body. And then she said, Oh Allah, if he dies, the people will say that I killed him, and then they'll kill me. So don't let him die. Just hold him back from me. So he's stuck and he can't touch her. But he's not dying, because sada is saying Don't let him die because of the people walk in and I'm here and there's a dead Pharaoh, then that's the end of me and my husband.

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So then he unfroze he regained his ability, he started to approach her again. She made your ad to Allah subhanaw taala a second time, and it happened to him again, except this time his shaking became more severe. And so she said, Oh Allah, if he dies, people will say I killed him. So don't let him die. Just protect me from his harm.

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So a lot protected her again. Third time he comes out hurt us again with the same thing. He's not learning his lesson she made against him again. And the shaking became more severe. She said, Oh Allah don't kill him because the people will say that I killed him, and then they'll come from me and my husband. Instead what happened is when he came out of it the third time, he called his guards. He says laqad Otto Sultan, Elijah Shavasana. You said a devil to me. This woman is not a normal woman. She's a Jin. She's a devil. He said. So get rid of her and her

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Give her a compensation send someone with her to get her away from me so she doesn't harm me he became afraid of her harm. So get her away and give her something to

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the engine was her job

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was a slave girl named Haji. Now her name is not actually hands on she adjunct just means a compensation or reward. How just literally means how a digital key here is your reward. So how does our means your reward?

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So he said, Take her and you and you and your brother, leave Get out of here please no harm intended and no harm reciprocated, just leave.

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So she smiled and she said, Allah protected me.

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Allah protected me from the tyrant and gifted me with her job. So they took her job with them. hazard is not a believer yet this is not the story of a prophet being taken as a slave. This is the story of a woman that was in the house of the pharaoh serving the pharaoh like Asya but under very different circumstances. She's not the the wife of the Pharaoh. She's just the servant girl in the Palace of the pharaoh has no idea who Ibrahim is. For all she knows sada could indeed be the cebada the demon that the pharaoh thinks he is. So it says take her with you. So they travel with hi john. How john observes the man the belief of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and Sarra. hotjar becomes a believer

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by witnessing it and just like sada was truthful in her email. Her job was truthful in her email.

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Sarah goes from being the servant of the Pharaoh, to being transferred as a servant in the household of a prophet to now being married to a prophet.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam takes her as a wife, she gives birth to ismat Eve, she's a believing woman. Now look at the change of her status.

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Look at the change of her status. How many more women were there in the Palace of the Federation, but a lot chose her for this remarkable journey to be brought in in this way. And she has a child is married. Brahim and sada had not been able to conceive for all of these years and Allah subhana wa tada gives them a smile.

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Now, this is where if you start to read narrations and stories and things start to come into play, you can misconstrue the situation because the next part of the story is that someone would say that salado said get rid of her, take her to the furnace desert and abandon her over there. That is not the Islamic conception of the story. Yes, sada had Lila then

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she was jealous of her job. But Ibrahim alayhis salam would not go and abandon how john and his inner child and his child because sada asked him to do so and will know this later on in the story. From a very direct question, did Allah command you to do this?

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So Ibrahim alayhis salaam takes hoggle this believing woman

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and her son is married

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and he takes her to Mecca and the child to Mecca. At that time, the carrabba is buried under the dirt under the sand the foundations of the Kava that Ibrahim alayhis salam would be told one day to raise it's there but it's buried under the sand the foundations of the Kava are there Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam knows he's in sacred territory. He knows that in this vicinity. There's Baitullah haram there's the Sacred House of Allah subhanaw taala. Where when Ibrahim alayhis salam doesn't ask questions, if Carlota horombo Aslam, kala Islam terrible alameen Allah tells him submit he says I submit, he doesn't ask more questions. He just goes with it.

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And he takes her job as commanded by Allah subhana wa tada is married to Mecca. Crude mountains, hot desert, no water, no buildings, no try to settle it.

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And Ibrahim alayhis salam sets up a little area for them,

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leaves them with some dates, a little bit of water. And in great sadness, Ibrahim ID is Salaam starts to walk away.

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Imagine how painful this was for Ibrahim alayhis salam, all the drugs he had made for a child

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and you got to leave him in a desert. He would not have his hack for 13 years by the way, so it wasn't even like immediately. The response came from Allah subhanaw taala he came home and he had a child through sada and his house no 13 years over a decade.

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He would have another child after he made you out to a loss of hundreds out of for all of these years. And now you have to walk away

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from her job. And this Marine,

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Brahim alayhis salam as he's walking away harder like any woman would to any human being would do. She says What are you doing?

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Are you going to leave me here?

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fi why them later these that are in VEDA the MA in a place where there's no fruit, no vegetation, no water. What am I doing here? What's going to happen? Ibrahim alayhis salam is overwhelmed with emotion and he can't answer her. And then harder says to him Allahu maraca be hava

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that Allah commanded you to do this, that Allah commanded you to do this.

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Brahim Allah His Salam

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signifies Yes, he

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nods his head or points or gives her the signal that yes, this is a law commanding me to do this. I'm not doing this out of my own desire. This is a last command.

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How agile at that point.

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does not say to him Well, in that case, at least do this do this this and that. Fine, I'll forgive it. You can go but make sure you do this, this this and that first. Hands on at that point with full conviction. Full certainty. She says even Ljubljana Allah. She said that Allah is not going to lose his people.

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I'm not worried them. Complete Sakina complete trust complete tranquility. Imagine this situation here. She's going to be left in the desert with a baby. No one around her. But she says a lot does not lose his people.

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Brahim Ali Salaam walks away with great sadness as he disappears from her site this is where many of their intimate say this is exactly where imagine the moment of Ibrahim Ali Salaam now behind the mountain where it turns back and he can't see his wife and his child anymore.

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And he says Rob be in need a scan to the reality. We wired in Haiti these are an antibiotic Muharram oh my lord. I've left my family there around your sacred home again. It wasn't built yet raised he doesn't know where but it's somewhere here. I've left them here. Oh Allah in a place where there is no vegetation where there is nothing to even physically sustain them.

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What I'm gonna do up masala Allah allow them first and foremost to be sound in their faith. Let them establish the prayer.

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And then he makes due to a loss of hands on either to men and asita, who lay him, let some the hearts of people come towards them, let them incline towards them. Now sometimes the data is so sincere and a lot accepts the data in a way that you can't even imagine. Because Ibrahim alayhis salaam and saying that perhaps it's just the tribes let the tribes find him let let the let the people find them

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and take care of them. But Ibrahim alayhis salam

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would have never imagined this level of honor that she has in the hearts of people that we are commemorating her how many 1000s of years later celebrating her and celebrating her great grandson Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the way that we do what is of communism a lot and let them have some fruits let them have some some sustenance as well. So provide for them, Oh Allah. Now, some had a lot as this happens. Now we know later on in the story, the tribe of gentlemen will come a tribe will see that there are some birds flying around and they will know that there is water. Later on in the story that the tribes come they settle, they end up with it with a civilization a

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small civilization around them. But at this moment, your brothers and sisters have a job when she says Allah will not let us go to waste a lot does not lose his people. At this moment when hajat goes back, how john is demonstrating and encompassing some of the most beautiful, the most beautiful verses about what it means to trust in moments of uncertainty. Hi john, is demonstrating what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said and I am the one NAB DB I am what my servant expects of me.

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I am what my servant expects of me. You expect good from Allah, Allah will give you good so when she calls out and she says that Allah will not let us go to waste a lot does not lose his people. That is an end the vulnerability be demonstrated I am what my servant expects of me personal one and Allah good expectation of Allah. Second thing is this well mania, tequila Ayala, Maharajah Zuckerman Hi, today I tested the one who's conscious of Allah subhana wa tada Allah will always make a way out for them and provide for them in ways that they never would have imagined or expect.

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When she goes back now,

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and she's looking at her baby, and the sun is getting hotter, and she has no water, and there's nothing coming from sight, and she's there standing next to a sofa

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looking around running around for her baby.

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And at no point questioning her faith at no point calling out to a law like Oh Allah enough

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completely certain that Allah is going to provide for her and the Prophet sallallaahu it was as as he's running around looking for mountain to mountain Imagine no one in Mecca no buildings in Mecca, no tribes and Mecca. It's a hard sight to imagine going from mountain to mountaintop calling out seeing if there's even a distant traveler. She raises her head for either gibreel she sees jabril Rodriguez Salaam

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and jabril Radha his Salaam simply strikes the ground with his heel.

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And Zamzam starts to pop out.

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He's struck it so deep, that we're still drinking from that strike today. The prophets lie Selim smiled and he said Rahim Allah who is married may Allah have mercy on the mother of his married because when the water started coming out, she was afraid that would that it would come out, burst out and then it would dry up on the surface. So she carved out the area of Zamzam to contain the water and said had she not done that Zamzam would have touched every part of the earth.

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May Allah have mercy on the mother of his married, she carves it out, she drinks from that water and she starts to suckle her son is married.

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complete confidence and trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then Jota home sees the the birds flying around and they say, well, we're birds fly around, there must be water. So they start to settle around or they asked permission to settle around her and thumbs up.

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And the rest of the story is as we know it, that history. But dear brothers and sisters, I want you to connect yourself to the story moment through the perspective of how God has Salaam and what she went through in that moment how she is honored.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 1000s of years later would stand on Safa. And by the way, zum zum is right next to Safa. It's closer to Safa than it way closer to suffer than it is to model. The prophets lie Selim with 1000s of years later, her great great great great grandson would stand on that same mountain of suffering.

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And he would call out to the people to believe

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and all of the people that he thought loved him,

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turned their backs on him and walked away.

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Imagine that painful moment of the profit slice I'm standing on suffer, that type of loneliness is different. He calls out to them and says if I was to tell you there's an army on the other side, would you believe me said of course you're a saw that for me the trustworthy the truthful. We always believe you are a messenger of Allah, you never lie to us. And then he says that I'm a messenger of Allah and they turn away from him. His uncle curses him, mocks him, and they turn away. And the prophets lie some of standing alone on sofa and watching everyone turn their backs on him and walk away. This is not Ibrahim alayhis salaam, turning his back and walking away from hotjar alayhis

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salam out of the command of Allah subhanaw taala. But think about him standing in that spot and watching the people turn their backs on him in the same place that Haji was left completely alone 1000s of years later.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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triumphs. Two decades later, he comes back and he stands on Safa again. And this time 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of believers around him surrounding him as he stands on a sofa.

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And the prophets lie some remembers I stood in the spot 20 years ago and everyone turned their back on me. But here I am now. And there are 1000s of believers from all over not just the people of Mecca, the people of Medina and all over salmaan and fantasy. So hey, roomie, people from all over the world sitting in front of him.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being reminded by Allah as he reminds of Allah subhana wa Tada. that so long as you have that certainty

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in Allah, but it doesn't matter what your circumstances are. A lot does not lose his people. A lot does not lose sight of his people. A lot does not let the reward of his people go to waste. A lot does not let his people in despair, a lot does not lose his people. The prophets lie Selim had to go through that moment of lowness to be celebrated in that moment of highness. The Prophet sly son was humbled in that moment, his head

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Down asking the people that I delivered the message to you properly asking Allah allamani Bella allama fashola I delivered the message Oh Allah bear witness to it, but he had to go through that moment of hardship to really appreciate that moment that he was in now. And guess what? When we go there and we do software and Marwan saying, you know what we say the prophets lie Selim made one as he would go through the gap between Safa and Marwa is all from your heart, in your language, whatever you want to say, but the one prescribed. The prophets lie Selim says at Safa and model every time and teaches us to c'est la ilaha illallah wa Tada.

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And just a reminder, one last hurrah, Abdur Rahman azova there is no God but Allah alone, and just a word that he fulfilled his promise to her job, and to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and to smile to make of immigrate nation

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and he fulfilled his promise to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to support him and to make of him a great nation. One last hurrah, and he supported his servant he gave victory to a servant, when everyone else turned away and it was only Allah, Allah gave victory to his servants, what hasn't been azova and Allah alone destroyed all of those that sought to oppress the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that came from all regions to oppress them. Instead, Allah brought believers to him from every direction.

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Their brothers and sisters the lesson from all of these prophets. The lesson from all of these stories and all these perspectives, is that if Allah has you under his control and his protection, whether you're standing on a mountain, or you're sent into a sea, whether you're in a palace or you're in a desert,

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the same circumstances

00:26:58--> 00:27:01

matter nothing to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because Allah subhanaw taala does not let his people in loss. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah, have mercy on our mother hodgen son his peace and blessings upon our father Ibrahim alayhis salam, and our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and grant us those same characteristics and traits and allow us to shine in our darkest moments so that our highest moments are actually in the hereafter May Allah subhana wa Tada, forgive us. When we question and see us through every difficulty alone. I mean, colloquially how there was stuff below you recommend a certain Muslim infested throw in a hole before walking