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The speakers discuss the use of "Returnsoh" in the context of the history of the use of the word in Egypt. They stress the importance of stories in building one's willpower and resisting desires. The "souls of evil" concept is discussed, with references to "souls" being a source of evil and "souls" being a source of joy. The "souls of evil" concept is broadly discussed, with references to "souls" being a source of evil and "souls" being a source of joy.

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salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah He was a huge Marine. We begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah Who may find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path.

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We welcome everyone back to the discussion of the story of use of La Salatu was Salam. And we left off at the story last week, or in Allah azza wa jal said, Who remembers

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or remembers where we left off last week?

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Because that glow faded. So the king said, we'll call al Malik Tony be the king said, No, bring this man to me. I don't want any middlemen between me and this man who can interpret my dream after everyone else, failed miserably doing so. Fela Majah who rasool and so on the messenger of the king came to use of Allah he's Salam in the prison cell.

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Color of jarred Arabic use of Ali Salam said to him, go back to your Lord, I'm not leaving, go back to your master go back to the king was L who and First l who so ask him what is the case? What is the true story about the women that cut their hands? Okay. And we mentioned a few lessons before we move on to that question of his and the response of the king. What were some lessons from this from this sentence? In this idea?

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The king said, Bring him to me. When the messenger went to him. He said, No, I'm not coming. You go back to your king, and tell him to find out first the truth regarding the case of the women who cut their hands.

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Anyone remember any lessons?

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Going once?

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What did we say about the word King? That was one thing we stopped that what is the significance of the word king here use of?

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We said all throughout the Quran, the king of Egypt is who is Pharaoh? Only in the story of use of alayhi salam do you find the king of Egypt never called Pharaoh?

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And we said if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was actually copying, plagiarizing from the Bible, like some people try to excuse right and he took it from other scriptures. He would have wrote Pharaoh because the Bible calls the king of use of Allahu Salam Pharaoh.

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And we said that very recently, it's been established, it is now historical fact that the term Pharaoh only came about after the time of use of Ali Salam.

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And therefore it would make no sense to use it. We said plus in those generations, Egypt was not run by Pharaohs was not run by

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actual Egyptians, indigenous Egyptians. They were occupiers from politic Palestine, known as the Hyksos. This is this is historical fact right now. And we said go back to Britannica, Encyclopedia Britannica or anywhere else. Hyksos even means foreign kings. They were foreign occupiers they were invaders, so it would make no sense to call them Pharaoh when number one the term didn't exist yet. And number two, they were not Egyptians, they did not belong to that bloodline. And the pharaohs were a bloodline, the word Pharaoh meant elite house. So this is of the greatest proof that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam could not have gotten this from other people, experts of other

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religions or otherwise, he spoke of truths that were locked away in the vaults under the pyramids for 1000 years after him la salatu salam.

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And then we said when the king said, Bring him to me, he said, No, I'm not coming. And we said that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called our attention to just how strong use of it Salam was in doing that, when he said, If I remained in prison, for as long as you sit for remain, I would have obliged the messenger I would have listened and just left I would have left at the first opportunity. But use of Allah he's salaam cared more about clearing his record that he cared about even his freedom.

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And he had the determination, the willpower and this is powerful, right? To talk about the same person who can talk back to the minister, as we said, or the minister's wife, who was tempting and threatening, can talk back to the king. Because he is a person that can withstand the consequences. He is not a slave of his desire for comfort, his desire for luxury, his desire for being approved of by people. This is a true king. That's what our scholars used to say. Giving into your desires can make a king into a slave, right? You're asleep with your money. You can't live without it. You're a slave of the air conditioning. You can't live without it. So those desires actually make you

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dependent right make you a slave of these

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amenities, whereas patients can make kings out of sleeps, and have what they call the story of use of La salaam here. So how do you build that in yourself? How do you build in yourself that determination to resist your desires and become a person that demands respect a person that can be accomplished a person that can resist trials resist that? versity? How do you build this inside yourself?

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That's a long story. But any ideas?

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For sure, right? We want to walk in the shoes of others. It's human nature. That's why 1/3 of the Quran is stories, which proves that stories are not for kids. Stories are for everyone. We need this alginate Rahim Allah used to say I'm here to join them and you know, dilla stories are one of the soldiers of God. They are an army that enforces or or carries you, defends you pushes you along. It advances you how else

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in America am says you can build your willpower and conquer your neffs. Right? Like the animal inside you that just wants to have the last word just wants to have a little more rest just wants to have a little more pleasure. You can conquer it with two things he says, shift your name.

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Yes, he says mohale effort to have a more has ever to have we had to summarize. He says by opposing your desires. Fasting is an example of that. And by questioning your desires Why Why? Why ask yourself right? This builds in you frustration tolerance, you get more and more tolerance so you can put up with more and more. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that he said enamel Elmo with the aluminum helmets. Uh, hello mas sobre with a subpar knowledge is through learning. And patience or forbearance is through practicing forbearance and patience is through practicing patience. This hadith is so profound. Why?

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Because we always we we never argue that knowledge is through learning. Right? Where do I learn from where how do I get knowledge through learning, that's a given. But then when it comes to our character development, we say I'll just I'm not a patient guy. I'm just an angry person. I'm just that's just the way I am. So he tied them there. And he's salatu salam to break that in your head the same way you can just say I'm not smart, you have to learn. You can just say I'm not forbearing I am not patient you have to learn by exercising it exercising forbearance developing a firm grip on your your impulses, right those drives inside you. In the Josie Rahim Allah He said about this just

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to appreciate again, and we will use the valet salon this lofty level he claimed that. He said everyone has desires and everyone knows they're supposed to control them.

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You see in Islam, we're not saying ignore your desires. That's not human. It's not natural. That's a different philosophy, different religion. That's not us. He says, but we need to make sure that we are not animals. And so we have to control the animal instinct inside us or the animal in within us. He says the problem is some people have a string on their animal and other people have a chain.

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The first HUD that's it you give in some people are like that. So you want to thicken your string, turn it into a rope and then solidify it and turn it into a chain. This is how by opposing it and also being self critical. Why did I do this? Why did I do that? Who gave me the right to do this? Why did I think I could get away with that? This is extremely healthy. And these are both very Quranic methods. In any case, he said I'm not going I don't care you he's demanding now from the king you go investigate the case about these women that cut their hands.

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In Nairobi, vacati hidden Allium because my Lord is fully knowing of what they do his confidence in Allah knowing the truth was enough to lean on that that Allah will bring the truth to light. The next area Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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kala Malhotra boo guna is our tuna use of an NFC he called a hash Allah Hema alumna Ali Himitsu.

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He said, The king now said to the women, what is your condition? What do you have to say about yourself?

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About that moment when you start to seduce Yusuf alayhi salam called in a hash Atilla they said We seek refuge with Allah or perfect is Allah. Ma alumna Ali Himitsu. We never heard of any evil whatsoever about use of notice how they change the subject. He told them what you do. They said Come on, you're such a great guy like he would never do this. Because if he would never do this, then we're innocent by extension. So they tried to switch the subject employing their wittiness yet again. They said man I live in Allah human zoo.

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We have

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We don't know of any evil whatsoever

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about him. By the way, that line this proves some of the lies that are attributed to use of Alayhis Salam in other books that you know the story of use of is exists in

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where the Old Testament the whole story of use of La sotto Silla. But there are some very different details of them is that use of either his Salam was in fact on route to committing the act, the Haram act. And then he saw basically a hologram he saw an image of his father in the ceiling or in the wall, telling him how good you are fear Allah use it for something to that effect.

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And this is this proves that that he did not take any steps towards the Haram whatsoever. Sounds like he stopped midway, no, the desire was there. And he was very noble for resisting the desire and that was it.

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And then,

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the wife of Allah disease now the actual woman who started the whole issue, said, Anna house, hustle, help. Now the truth has become clear. She admitted she saw that they were getting cornered, she saw that there was no running from it. So she thought it is better to come clean now. Better late than never.

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Which is always a wise thing to do. By the way.

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You know, Amara della Juan used to say for me to be disadvantaged, for saying the truth.

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Though it hardly happens mean the truth will always give you the advantage. He said for me to be disadvantaged, for saying the truth, though it hardly happens

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is more beloved to me than to get ahead by lying. And that almost never happens. This was the wisdom of Amara della Han. He would say for me to be disadvantaged, right to be shortchanged, because I said the truth, even though that doesn't usually happen, I'd rather get disadvantaged than to get an edge may ground with a lie, though that usually doesn't happen.

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So she said the truth has become evident

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and are our two who are Nevsky here in our lamina saw the theme it was I who sought to seduce him and he is of the truthful

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and then she said that he Kelly Alhama and Neela Mahan who will arrive one Hola Hola, decadal QA in in this is so he will know that I did not betray him

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that I did not betray him in his absence. Who she talking about?

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Her husband?

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there are three opinions regarding this statement. Okay. One opinion is that this is actually useful to his salaam, saying I made it a point to get the women to come admit the truth so that Allah Aziz al Aziz, who took me into his house will know and everyone who will come it'll become clear

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that I did not betray him. Well, as he's known me, it'll become clear to everybody else that I did not betray him. Okay.

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The stronger opinion is that this is the wife of Eliza is still talking. The truth has become clear. It was me. And I say this I confess right now so that

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it's all over the lecture is all Yes, ma'am.

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so she is saying and I confess now so that he will know I did not betray him in his absence.

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Who is she talking about? She's talking who she talking about?

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No, not Xena.

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man, there's no tranquilizers, nothing?

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Who is she talking about? She didn't betray who?

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Her husband or who?

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Or use of.

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So it carries the potential because the pronoun is on is in definitive, so that he will know I did not betray him. She either means I'm admitting right now. So that by use of his innocence, I am innocent, right? My husband will know. And the world will know that I did not betray my husband. Meaning I didn't go the whole way. Right. The other interpretation is that this is so useful.

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will know

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that I never lied about I never said that he did this in his absence. So in other words, she's still infatuated with him. And she's still still trying to win his heart over according to that interpretation, is that clear? I'm saying this, he didn't do anything, so that he doesn't think I made up a story about him when he was in prison. Okay, so he went to prison just for the sake of going to prison.

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And as he's needed to separate between them,

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that's all.

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Okay, and so hamdulillah Alanna have half the truth finally became evident.

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This means what this means that on some level, there are happy endings in dunya. You guys may hear me a lot say that one of the biggest problems is that we have a faulty world image where we want everyone to get what's coming to them in this world when this world is at trial, and the next world is the repayment right? But at times, Allah azza wa jal does allow for transgression to surface for injustice to be,

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to be clarified, even in this world. So it would be wrong of us it will be because people do this all the time. Right? People have this false faulty imagination that every oppressor is going to get what he deserves. During his life, don't we have that a lot?

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Whoever that may be people talk about this president here and that President they're not necessarily right. This world is a world of trials. And the next rule is the world of Recompense reward and punishment. Does that mean there will not be any reward whatsoever no punishment whatsoever in this world? No, there might be. It's almost like we are asked to walk through this journey. And this journey is somewhat like a desert. It is difficult, it is sunny, there's you know, sand storms, there's, there's heat. That's the nature of this world. Right? It is difficult and it is made to drive you to Allah subhanaw taala. But every once in a while, because He is the Most Merciful

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subhanaw taala He may send a light breeze our way He may send a sprinkle of rain our way, even though that's not the nature of this climate. And so this is one of those beautiful occasions where Allah Allah says it causes the truth to surface

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and the engineering of these schemers, I'm going to have to cut the lecture short as usual now, and the babies come out.

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And then she continued to say according to the opinion is her still speaking one that will bury OFC, this is very important. That is why my very own FC and I'm not acquitting myself. I'm not acting like I'm so innocent. In enough Salah and marathon de su, a per soul, an EFS and inner self translate however you want, is a persistent enjoyer and joiner of evil Illa Mara Hammurabi, except those who my Lord has mercy on.

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So there are three types of neffs in the Quran. What are they? The neffs is what some people translate as the ego. Some people translate as the inner self. Some people call it the psyche. What is the neffs? There are three types of neffs.

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Law one

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yes, the blaming or reproaching, Neff, some people call it a soul. What's the other type of knifes?

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Multiplying Now what does that mean?

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The tranquil are reassured neffs. And then

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Amara sue the one mentioned in this I write, when she says the neffs the human ego or the human self, is an enjoyer of evil. That's not always the case. All of us can fluctuate between those three categories. There are not three hard buckets either. They are a spectrum. So there is the the soul that is rotting, the soul that is corrupt, that is wicked, that drives you to wickedness, right, the unrestrained soul, the disease, so I'm translating a soul nefs is the proper word. Okay, that's a more of a suit. She's saying the human soul is like that, but they're not all like that. Move one over the Quran speaks about enough Salah Juana the reproaching soul. loam is blame, criticism

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censure, right reproach.

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And so that is the soul that is between the two between the corrupt one and between the reassured, tranquil one. That's the one that you do some evil and you're feeling

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reluctant, feeling remorseful, feeling difficult. And the scholar said, By the way, this is also the soul that when you do good, you'd be like, I shouldn't have donated that money. I might have needed it. Right. And I shouldn't have done this at all. Now now I'm stuck. See, I thought it was gonna be a 20 minute lecture. Now. It's 30 minutes. It blames you on both sides. Right goodbye.

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on both sides, yes, both sides.

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And then there is an absolute war in the soul or the neffs. That is my inner is reassured,

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reassured, meaning what? It is aligned, there is no more inner conflict, it is doing good and likes to do good and enjoys doing good, right? It's not foot dragging anymore. And it may Allah grant us that grant us that.

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The so that's important to mention not every neffs is an enjoyer of evil.

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But your biggest enemy is what is inside. That's why he said Illa Moroccan rugby, like we are all bound to be driven from within to our own destruction, we will self destruct, were it not for the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala rehabilitating that neffs within us.

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And one last thing to mention about the neffs before we move on, we have four minutes left.

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You never hear that the soul or the neffs in Islam

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is resting.

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It's not resting.

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It is reassured. Do you know why? Because the way Allah created the human spirit, He created it ambitious, it's a go getter. So it will either go get foul things evil, wickedness and get to a point or two below when it enjoys it. And it pushes for more and more and more.

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Or it will go for good, tastes good.

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Or like we said it'd be stuck in the middle. Both sides right conflict of interest interested in both at the same time.

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So that means the soul of the human being he doesn't rest. It gets reassured meaning we are created if I want to use modern terms for the grind, the seller used to say this they used to say a new force I will Ottawa I will call loop per worker that the hearts of the human beings they are not static. They're always in motion. You always want you always want he said for Birmingham Mayor hola hola louche la minha mayor who knew how to push. The only difference is some soul some spirits, they circulate around the Throne of Allah the arch. That's their interest. That's their investment. That's their devotion. And of the souls are lowly souls that circulate around the ocean, which is

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basically the sewage, the sewage, the dumps.

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And so your soul will not rest, it will find peace, it will find reassurance will find fulfillment in seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala otherwise it will continue seeking but it will not find out of its pursuits what it thought it will find. But just sitting back and resting This is not we were not made for that. We were made to be people of purpose.

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And so

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Allah afforded us a share of His mercy and so are the foods are awake to this reality. And so we need to appeal to him for more of it, so that we continue receiving it. And in sha Allah we get greater dosages of it. And the last verse were called medical Toony vs dockless holy NFC and the king said Bring him to me now so I may employ him exclusively to my own he becomes my right hand man mine only belongs especially to me for America lemme who color in Nakayama Dana McCune Amin and so when he spoke to him, interestingly, the scholars point out that we're not told what Yusuf Ali Salim said to him. When he used to have got there and spoke to him, he said to use of you are highly

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esteemed, fully entrusted by us.

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You're in great standing.

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You're hired.

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And so this was from the great love of Allah azza wa jal over His Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, as we said last week, that if the man would have remembered to mention use of to the King Years ago, the king would not have appreciated him, right. But when the king needed him and use the valet, Sam said, No, I'm not coming yet. Right? Until you clear my name. Now he's a man of integrity. And until everyone failed first at interpreting the dream use of La Salam was the one able to interpret the dream. He becomes a person of value look at how Allah placed everything in a sequence to move use of La salaam to that point of influence. And as you will see next week the annex I'd say What can

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Valley can occasionally use of, this is how we established use of on the earth. It was from Allah azza wa jal, he did not pick to be thrown into a well to be carried over to Egypt, right to be purchased by the right person who would get him stuck so that he can go to prison so that he can meet the Butler of the king. Any misstep in that whole sequence? The story would not have unfolded the way it did, right. This is the love of Allah azza wa jal, Allah is the most subtle Tapana horadada he works in such view

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Roughly mysterious ways and the believer that is close to the Quran remains confident in that

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as we will reach out to explore in the coming nights Subhanak alone Hamlet Elijah interested to take any questions

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forgive me for the one minute over we can blame it on Soheila

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water the local so the low saloon bar kind of $100 drinks I don't want to come