The Knots, Whispers, Sticks & Stones of Shaytan

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Dear brothers and sisters, I'm going to get right into it because it is a long topic, but one that is so specifically relevant to them a bond. And that is the topic of the impact of the shale clean upon us the impact of the devils. And when we talk about the impact of the shale theme, we know that one of the blessings of Ramadan is that Allah subhanho wa Taala chains the shale clean and we've talked about in previous hopup what that exactly means according to various interpretations of the scholars but at the bare minimum, they are limited in the impact that they can have upon us once Ramadan comes. So what that means is imagine being a prisoner whose sole purpose is to ruin someone

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and you know that you're about to be put in chains. How hard Are you going to be working in the 10 days or two weeks before you go into that prison to make sure that you leave enough seeds of discord and distractions that that person cannot meaningfully connect to a lot in a way that when you come out you will not have the same impact? So the shale team will be extremely busy in chat done in these next 10 days in particular as we await Ramadan Allah Allah but does not I'm alone. Oh Allah allow us to reach them a blonde llama I mean, and so as they are particularly busy, I wanted to run through a few narrations where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talks about the tactics or

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shavonne and some of the underlying things that we can take from it, because they're actually incredibly empowering. You know, usually, there's a sense of you talk about the sale thing, and it's going to just instill a lot of paranoia on Oh my god, I can't succeed because the shale cleaner out there No, every time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam talks to us about the impact of the shale theme. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives us a way to overcome them, so that we understand in their body lay silica and even some fun, as Allah says, My servants As for my servants, you have no control over them, except for those that willingly follow you. So what are the

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underlying themes and I'm going to run through them and I want you to try to identify in your own life, your own interaction with them, first and foremost, and a cinematic quality alongside narrates that the Prophet sallallahu it was that I'm saying said in a Shavasana while they're on hotma, who called me Adam for in the Kabbalah finance, we're in nasiha. in Tacoma kalba, who for daddy can was was al furnace, the Prophet sallallahu. And he was someone said, verily, shavon is lying overweight, over the heart of the child of Adam, he's waiting right over your heart. Think about the last few weeks what we've been talking about your thoughts, your heart, protecting them. So Stefan is right

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there waiting over your heart, to see when he can get in. He's waiting for the opportunity to ambush and one is that ambush. That ambush is when you forget Allah subhanho wa Taala How can I wait for him to forget so I can penetrate that moment. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you remember Allah, He sinks away, he can't do anything. He has to retreat. He has absolutely nothing to get into. If you remember Allah, because that's your fortress is the remembrance of Allah in your heart and your words and your deeds, the places in which Allah is remembered. shavon is just not finding an opening, but the moment that you forget shavon will devour your heart. And that is

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and what swas openness the whisper and the one who retreats he waits for the moment that you forget Allah subhanho wa Taala so he can penetrate so a space or a place including the heart and the mind where a lot is not remembered is right for the shape on he's waiting for it. So obviously when you remember Allah that He doesn't have much of a place to go and every night before you sleep the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said yeah to shape on or other coffee at the Roxy de comida who Anam tada rocket that every night when you sleep gets on top of your head and he ties these three knots. And as he ties these theme that three knots Yogi will mechanically rock that in our lake and Yogi

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will kill them I can put it in my can yo buddy movement can or couldn't hear aka he strikes the place of every knot. And as he ties every night he says chalet can even Pauline, you have a long night ahead of you. You work so hard today. Sleep, sleep, make sure that you go deep into your sleep. You have a long night ahead of you what a long day that you had already. Go ahead and sleep and sleep deep, deep deep so that you don't wake up for prayer for in a state or

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For that cut Allah in handla director if you wake up and you remember Allah one of the knots comes loose for in taba in Hamlet. And then if you make another knot comes loose for inshallah in Hamlet. And if you pray then the last of the three Rocha the last of the three knots comes loose and the Prophet salallahu it was set on set for us behind our seat and by evenness were Illa Baha beat the NFC Caslen. So you wake up fresh, pure sold energetic spirits. You undid all three knots, because you remember the last panel, whatever you did, will do and you went to the prayer, you came to your Salah, and you know the difference between the days you miss budget, and the days that you don't, in

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fact, you know the difference, especially the days that you pray in the masjid and you're fresh, and the days that you even barely catch it. But there is a difference in your energy. There's a difference in your spirit as you're waking up right as you're going through those days. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as he's sharing this with us, what is the underlying theme? Then Josie Rahim? Allah says the main tool of shavonne is procrastination. Wait, he didn't tell you don't pray when you went to sleep at night. He said, prolong your sleep. He didn't tell you Salah is not important. Don't remember Allah don't do will says what a long day you've had shanique Sleep,

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sleep, put off your prayer. It's okay, the time will come. And that is how shavon corrupts all of our acts of worship when we know at least here that worship is important in that we have to do what we have to do, then shavon can merely mess with our priorities. He can merely mess with us by making us procrastinate and isn't that the cause of failure for a person? Right and their personal affairs as well? I know what to do, but I don't really do it because well I've had a long day. I know I should be doing this but I'm stuck in this I know that I shouldn't be making this change in my life. But you know everyone else around me does it too. So I can wait a sense of urgency is put off of

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you. And that is a disease that is a disease may Allah protect us from it with our overcoming of sins when we we know we're committing a sin I know I have the sin it's not as bad as that person sin. Everyone else does it anyway. It's okay I can wait maybe next time about this summer but I didn't really feel it inside Who told you you're gonna live to see the next one hold on Who told you you're gonna live to see the next Jumeirah the next day? But in your mind that subconscious Yeah, I know, I could be doing this obligation a little bit better, but you don't have to do that at least I'm doing something. I'm kind of doing this obligation so I can put off fulfilling it later on.

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Besides looking everyone else around. I have time procrastination. That's what Satan is gonna come he's not, you know, he's not going to immediately corrupt your ideas or standards, he'll just break your spirits and busy you and mess with your priorities. So you keep putting stuff off putting stuff off putting stuff off. And then listen to this. What is the connection between the whispers and the knots and the personal and the interpersonal meaning there is a deep connection between that and family and community as well. Listen to this narration inserted into the job that will the alarm which says that the profit slice and I'm set it in a shape planner. But yet Isa and yahuda who Elmo

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saloon when I can fit it she bainham shape one has given up hope that he can take people who pray to Allah and make them pray to him. He's lost hope in you in that sense. He knows that you pray or that you at least know that you should be worshiping Allah. So what is he doing that he visits you with? busies you with each other? to him he bainer let me create discord and fitna amongst them, so that they can fight each other because they're not worshiping me. But if they fight each other, at least there'll be too busy than to worship Allah and that will give me more entrance to penetrate and Subhana Allah, that's where you see the incitements procrastination, and then incitement between his

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a bad between the servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And have you ever gone to sleep at night and you wonder like, why am I suddenly getting all these bad thoughts about my family? Why am I suddenly thinking like, I'm getting mad about something. As I'm, I'm in bed. I'm just starting to think about that. You know, I'm thinking about I can't believe she said that to me. I can't believe he did this. And you're sitting at night and you're boiling. Listen to this narration about mama or the allow. Narrator And it's his narration he says in a release. I'm sorry. He says in the shape Ana. Yep. de la philosophie haidakhan by dinner, your free shoe who knew who were you? Hey, you know, when you

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hear your owner, he said that shape one comes to you at night after you've gone to sleep. said Good night to your family. What you Hey, you know, they already you know, they gave you a sense of of good wishes, you know, at least even if it's just a courtesy. Good night. Good night.

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See you tomorrow. Good night, Baba. Good night, Mama, good night, honey, whatever it may be. So Stefan comes to you. And obviously, there's, there's a symbolism here, call us up and he rude, I will hedge our shade. Leo Libra, who I

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was think about the imagery of this, he starts throwing rocks at you and sticks at you in anything to incite you, against your family to get you mad at your family. You ever woke up from bad dream and you got mad at your spouse, mad at your kids? You're going to sleep at night and you're boiling, and you're getting angry. And now unfortunately, you can just pick up the phone and text. I'm getting really upset. I can't believe you said that. So you start boiling in your thoughts. Instead of remembering a lot at night. You're getting mad at your friends, you're getting mad at your family member. So of all my model DLL Tada, and who says, Hey, you know, what are the daddy fella Yaga Baba

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de Leanna home and I'm going to share a poem. He said, when that happens to you don't get mad at your family. Don't fall for it. So while he's tying knots on your head to distract you from a lot

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to get you to procrastinate. He's also saying can you believe he said that to you? Can you believe she said that to you? Wow, you know, you should do something about them. So not only are you putting off the worship of Allah, the remembrance of Allah, you're boiling in bed, like imagine if someone was standing on top of you throwing rocks at you poking you and saying go do something, say something. And then spamela you know, it's like, instead of going to sleep at night, like the Prophet slice on taught us to clear our hearts and forgive people. And that's your entrance agenda. you're filling your heart with anger, analysis, pick up a phone, send a text, make it worse, go

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ahead and compound the situation. All the while you have less time for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'll share with you this last narration Sharla just because of time, and it is a powerful narration. And I want you to think about it because again, something like these things always hit right before them alone. It's like now why now? Like there's always the fits in on and things just start hitting you before it on a button. It's like this is the worst time it can happen. Right? This narration every time I read it, I think about the imagery of it. But also the law he sallallahu wasallam in that Lisa Jamar Asha who

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at least sets up His throne upon water. Why does he do that? To try to imitate the Lord of the worlds whose throne encompasses all things. So he sets up His throne, right? Like I am. I am my own person. That's his ego, his arrogance. And then he starts to call his followers to him at dinner men who manzanilla Obama whom pfitzner Pamela, the prophets license of the closest people to sublease, when he sits on his throne on water and the shale theater next to him is the one who causes the most fitna, that's what least loves the most, the opposite. The Prophet slice, and I'm said the closest of you, to me on the Day of Judgment are those that have the best luck, the best character, the

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closest shout lien to blease when he's talks to his followers are the ones that cause the most fitna. So he then starts to say, he says, tell me what you all did. Yeah. Do you all have to cat our cat? So one of them says, I did this and I did that. Nobody says Mansell. natashia. That's nothing. Next, what did you do? So the sales team starts to tell blease, the corruption that they caused on the earth. And then he says, some may or

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may not or up to Hector, for MCC to bring in a whole verbania marotti. He called for your Dnia for your knee human who were cool near and

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slash safe on says I stepped on him until I caused him to split from his family.

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I caused the breakup.

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And then Billy says come here. He says what a good father, what a good follower you are, what a good What a good shape on you are and he embraces him. I like you the best messed up the marriage messed up the relationship. And that's not to say to your brothers and sisters that there aren't real reasons sometimes for for splits. And that's not to escape responsibility. When we do the things that we say it's a pawn. He was telling his follower, didn't you hear the Hadeeth? No, I mean, take responsibility, but that's to say, how happy he becomes when he pollutes, that when he messes up families, tears us apart from each other. Don't fall for it. That's the connection between the

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personal the interpersonal, the family, the community, too busy us with each other and negativity so that we can't long for Allah subhanho wa Taala and pursue him with positivity and productivity. May Allah fill our hearts with the love of Him. May Allah Subhana Allah not give the shape on any opening into our hearts or our lives with his whispers or his knots or histones or whatever it is in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan. May Allah allow us to remember him so frequently that the shape on finds no place within us. May Allah protect us as individuals from him.

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tract our homes from him, protect our communities from him and allow us to be engaged with what is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Ameen. okorocha we have those who can recite I'm assuming first of all the whole line hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah while he was Savio Manuela lot more than 1 million or more minutes will muscling in on Muslim out here even when I'm writing like a semi or unclear emoji but there are lots a lot of federal and our Hamner work for now what I did now I've been alumna and furstenau elantas level and I'll tell him that no cornella minahasa Dean, Allah him in the Capital One kidding went to heaven alpha fat for Allah Allah fiddley wadena of the humble

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my Kamara bonus the lotto Robin I have a dynamic as well as you know the reality now karate Aryan or Jana reedman. subpoena imama along on sort of one and most of the Athena female article or the mahavihara Allah advocate Vitamina bit Vitamina original with one and then being himself I mean everybody to lighten the load a little bit. It was somewhat at the quarterback oriented fashion. It wouldn't only carry with it badly. Yeah, it will come in under come to the Coronavirus Corolla here skokomish Guru Juan and Emma. Is it luck on what are the Corolla Corolla young