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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the ongoing struggles of addiction and violence, including the loss of homes and lack of women working. The group eventually found out that the men and boys were using rubber rubber to protect their village and eventually found out that the men and boys were using rubber rubber to protect their village. The segment also touches on the global threat posed by Muslims and their actions, including shooting and shooting at people. The United Nations is working on addressing global issues, including the need for action, aid, airlift, transport, and transportation, and the need for people to stand up. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a tour of a church in Bangladesh.
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Salam aleikum greetings of peace. How are you my friend? Salaam. How are you? Hello, how you doing? Good to see you. Good to see you too. He had been eating some vegetables lately. Oh, we were just talking about that. Yeah. Good. Thank you. You too. Also, number one genocide, the only genocide that's happening here in the world. We don't hear much about it. Why is that?

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I don't know. But Rohingya people are indigenous people living in their ancestral land in Burma.

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And they're just being killed slaughter thrown out of their homes. 284 villages have been burned to ashes in 15 days, how many 284 in 15 days. By now it is more than 400 for the average Westerner, people who they probably never heard Burma. Can you give us a little bit of a picture? Where is the SAT is by China, Burma and Myanmar.

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in Southeast Asia? Yes, not with that is China. And west of that is Bangladesh. And on East is Thailand. And how long has this genocide been happening? Well, it has been a slow burning genocide for years. But now they are going for the final solution. And

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you know, majority of Rangers are no longer in that land. They have been thrown out.

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Now you actually you just came back from there recently. Is that right? Yes. I recently came back. This was my second trip to the area. And it's not that easy to get in there. I heard Well, you know, getting inside Burma, it's almost impossible now to that area. Not just hard. It's impossible. But I made it inside, right? No, I did not make it inside on Burma. I cannot go there. They will just throw me in the jail. As soon as they get hold of me. How close did you make it? I went to the border from the Bangladesh site. That's where the refugees are. There are almost a million refugees at this moment. They are very religious people, very practicing people. You rarely find any woman

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who doesn't have her head covered. They're very religious people. And they were very self reliant people. They were living off their land. They were not dependent on anybody. The government took away their citizenship in 1982. And because of that, they cannot enter a school, they cannot go to a clinic. They cannot have a job. So they were living off land, their own land, and they're not dependent on anybody. Suddenly, there are million people who are dependent on the world to give them food there is still want to work but work is not allowed. They're just sitting in these camps and next to each other barely from one

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and these are not proper tents as you see in Syrian crisis and all that they just cut the hill wood from the hill and put the stick up there and put some plastic at the top of it or some sheet. That's that's how they are living. And they put you know roots of the tree to dry out so they can cook with it. So they're very self reliant people. So I saw a lot of their hearts have not blocked and more than Chicago every 100 home or so. home I'm saying hearts bamboo hearts, Bob wood plastic arts. I will see a little bit of small you know, solar panel. So Wow, these guys are weird monster in Chicago. So it turns out the government will have electricity for the Buddhist Burmese, but in the

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same village, they will not let have electricity, Muslims have some Muslim and can to solar panel business. So that's how they have been surviving. So while running away, some of them were able to pick up their little. It's very small solar panel, one foot by one foot and they brought with them. Tell us about some of the people you met. You met some of the only surviving moms yesterday say while I was meeting people I keep meeting people who have horrible a story to tell from a village called Tila Chile. To you Li tality or Li. So I said what is happening until I totally I see what so people are saying half of the old people were murdered and a lot of women were raped, including

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young girls. So I said did you had any legal so your former chair of our village council is here. I said Take me to him. So I spoke to him. Then I met another former chair of terlato Lee. And I learned that you know, as the villagers were being burned all around, they were assured by the current chair, who's a Buddhist

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Is that okay? Don't worry, nothing will happen to you worse Converse. They will burn your houses, but you will be okay. So people were running around all around, but these people stayed trusting that mayor. And guess what, 8am on August 30. Helicopters landed and they came attacking and killing. They kill the separated men and women killed men and boys and women, they asked them to set 8am until three 4pm and water just had up. And then they came out, they will take five girls and five soldiers that will take them to temple and rip them. And so while talking here and there, I said, Did you had any mouse is Oh yes, we had a mom.

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So I met the mom. So it turned out there were five mircette and five moms. And four of them were murdered is the only one who survived. The way he survived was that they were some of them were doing a meeting at a watchtower to watch out what's going on. And that's what they attacked again. So they were able to find out and ran. And since military came from the north, they were in the south, they were able to set their families as well. Now we know that after World War Two, one of the greatest degraded genocide that happened you were actually a part of helping bring creating awareness to that you did a lot of great work for the situation in Bosnia. I was a you know, just

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horrific, you know, ethnic cleansing that was happening there. And now it seems like we have another great genocide happening again, and the world is what is it? What's the world doing? This situation is worse than bosnia in some ways. You know, in Bosnia, more people probably were killed.

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But one common thing is *. In Bosnia, I remember 50,000 Muslim Bosnian Ruhlman what a yes. And I remember sitting in the I have daughters, God has blessed me with three daughters. I was sitting in a room in their room as they were little girls at that time and crying, thinking of those sisters in Bosnia. So I launched a campaign actually, in America got all Muslim organizations together. And then we align ourselves with national organization of women. And we have marches and demostration in 100 cities. And we got raped declared war crime. And many people have been punished since in Burma situation, that's their main weapon. They use it as an actual weapon externally as a weapon. And

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that's how they do it dominates not just some soldier got crazy, and he did anything like that. It's nothing like that. It's a very planned method. And that's how they do it, United Nations surveyed, and they say 52% of all women they surveyed or NGO woman have been raped, how they do it, they

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will go for example, in one case, they will just pick up girls and take the mask. And they raped them the mask, but soldiers are having guns towards all the villagers. So villagers hear all of that right there. their babies in the girls cry, as young as six year old brother, I met 13 year old I met 14 year old who got everybody in the family killed, and she got raped. So when they hear this,

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they say, oh, run from here because Muslim honor that woman. And everybody does, but Muslim have extraordinary importance given to that

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to all sexual violence. So so people ran because of that. Other places, they will go into a village to pick up a girl and *. And once this happened for a few months, we'll say what in the world is going on? I met a girl in in Indonesia, through the board, she arrived.

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And I said, you know, why did you leave? With my parents sold everything and put me on board?

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And he said alone by yourself? And she will not answer me. So just look down. So a person next to her say, you know, the vision is that the soldiers will come every week here and there and just barge into the home and Draper. So parents wanted her to at least be free from that celebrity. So they're using * as a weapon of genocide, so people can run away from their homes and who exactly is doing this military, the military, mainly military. What do you call them? The Burmese military? Yeah, you can call it Burmese military. They have another name for it. But the Army's military is a good way of saying it and you have

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to them. There's a religion connected to it. We obviously we don't blame a religion. Like people try to blame Islam, but they are connected. There's some extremist differences, that there's not one extremists mark.

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There are a whole lot of extremely small who are Buddhists, Buddhists, they are Buddhist. Yes. And one extremely small, for example, they are giving theological justification. They're saying that all you know, they got this philosophy of people are born again and things like that. So they say Muslims actually are not human beings. They were insects. So when you're killing them, you're not killing human being, you're killing insects. This is one theology. Now that is considered extremely small, but now the most respected, highly regarded Buddhist monk who is currently visiting America by the way. He lecturing the military officers, American military, no, no, the Buddhist officers in

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Burma in Burma. They are all sitting on the floor. He is sitting on the stage all by himself. Yeah, he is telling them killing non killing non Buddhist is not a crime. It's okay. Yeah. And he's giving logical justification in Islam. That's a crime. It's clearly a Muslim commit crimes, but don't change the theology but but you would here Imagine if the if the situation was reversed now, right? You see these double standards happening? Why do you have so you mentioned these commanders these in the military, this is something that they're they're propagating, and they're using their religion Buddhism, to go ahead and and not some freak groups like ISIS type, which is a isolated group, but

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the whole military I mean, extreme people mainstream not infringe on the monks are telling the main army that says okay to kill.

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Wow, that they are on record. This is on video, by the way. You can Google it. And the guys visiting America, he was in Los Angeles a week ago, went to Minnesota now is an Aston coming to America on a full visa to preach Buddhism to the Buddhist hair. While he is on record just two months ago, preaching that is so critical in non Buddhists. He got the visa he got the old guy signed everything. Probably nobody knows that how horrible this person is. I think that's why some of us are writing to the State Department. What's his name? Citgo says lots of something like that. What's the other main month that they had him on the top? So what I thought, Yeah, he is the number one

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preacher of hate.

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I think military controls him.

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One of his I met one of his friend who's a Muslim, that preacher and that Muslim guy, he's a refugee. And he became a refugee because that headmaster told him, it's not a good time for you to be here, you better get out of the country. He says that he doesn't use to be that bad. But military took control of his monastery and Buddhist monastery women are not allowed not allowed to stay inside the monastery. You know, at night, there will be no woman in the monastery, except in his monastery, there is a woman and that woman gives him injections and whatnot. So he thinks that military somehow is controlling this Hmong to continue to do the dirty propaganda but that guy

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people knew is extremist. We're talking stucco which is the number one marks of that country who is saying based on the Buddhist theology or whatever interpretation he came up with it's okay to kill non Buddhist it's okay to pretty much kill anyone who's not a part of Buddhism yep Muslims in particularly now in this area are sees that listing the military a military officer sitting in front of him Yeah, he's just a find them in case they have some guilty conscious of killing Muslim is justifying them it's okay to kill. The Buddhist world is the Buddhist world speaking up. Well, there are some people is picking up the Lama have spoken out American with his community, meaning people

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who are converted to Buddhism in America. They have been good allies of Burma taskforce and chair of Burma Task Force USA. And we have been working on this to stop the genocide for five years. So they they are good allies, they have been speaking out against them and I recently I was speaking at Roosevelt University on this topic, a Buddhist stood up and he started sharing the teachings of Buddha that this is wrong. And it reminded me of Muslim trying to use Quran to tell what ISIS is doing wrong. So they are unfortunately on defensive although it's none of their fault. But in Burma right now, all laypeople, political, government, and military are all on the same page. They don't

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believe anything wrong is going on over there. But the rest of the world is crying What is going on? But rest of the world Unfortunately, not stopping this genocide, some lunatic, he lets off a pipe bomb. And he's somehow connected to even

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He's going to do an opposite to Islam. It's all over mainstream media and you know, there's a big frenzy. And then we've like you talked about before Muslims, it's one of the almost like, if there's six pillars, it will be, you know, we become professional consumers, right? Yes. So now, what are you seeing? You're on the ground? What are you seeing as far as the media? Like we hear a little bit here and there. But where is the world globally? Are they hearing some of the natural problem with America is that whatever happens in America, we think that's the main story. Whatever happens in the world is a very secondary, if not below that. So media is covering here. And they are what is

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happening in terms of genocide. But it's not going on that case. Because who are these people far away people Muslim to begin with, so you demonize Muslims so much, that anybody killing Muslims is okay type of a business. Of course, the Trump administration which regularly speaks himself, against Muslims and the Muslim community, and now he says that Islam is and Chinese are the main the most important threat to America. And China got guns, whoo hoo are Muslims that they are buying guns from America don't sell them, period.

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I will if we sell so they say a fear of Islam would justifies these type of things. So when I see what, what Muslims in Burma are accused of that the same thing that use of Muslims in America, the only difference is we thank God we have law and order. And if somebody attacks us, they get arrested. in Burma, it's okay to say anything, do anything, and you will always get away with Yeah, that's my next question. What's the justification behind that? Because, you know, usually there's some picture that's painted, there's something as propagated to pump people up. So you had you mentioned one thing about the the actual justification, religious acts, they're saying they're

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trying to take over Burma. Well, Muslims are not more than

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more than a couple of percent, but how they're going to take over the country. Muslims are no army of their own. in Burma, there are five groups, Christians and Buddhists who are fighting the Burmese government with guns. How many groups? At least five? Yeah, it used to be in principle, there are about 20 but five or main groups, fighting Burmese government with guns, they are not called terrorists. These Rangers are called terrorists who are peacefully begging, please give our citizenship back to us. So Rohingya people have an option follow what other Burmese are doing fight with the government fight with the military was killing them, they are so peaceful, they have

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chosen, okay, now we just want our citizenship act, they are not asking for country, they are not asking to do anything else. They said just let us live in our location. You know, there are indigenous people living in their ancestral lands, just let us live. So there are people without a citizenship and without a home without a label, let us citizens and he got to take it away. She was taken away. Actually, the last Muslim used to be members of the Parliament in Burma brother, actually, the last member of the Parliament who retires in 2015 is sitting right here in us. So there are people without a citizenship and without a land now, yet well off all their land, all

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their mosque, everything is destroyed. So where are they at? They have them in concentration camps. Well, there are two places a genocide is going on in Burma. So they have taken them about 200,000 are in those concentration camps, where hardly any food is given about 100 to 200,000 are running around orange villages, which is still have not been attacked, but they keep attacking last two weeks, they have attacked and destroyed 20 villages. So they're just sitting duck this moment, and they cannot run to Bangladesh. Because the main route to Bangladesh they have mined them, so people go through they get blasted. So the only routed the go further south on the sea, and luckily

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somebody can pick up nobody's picking them up. I recently saw photos, they have taken Bumbles and put some plastic bottles milk bottles to it, or floating on it for four miles, so many of them are drowning. What about the the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister there she actually won the Nobel Peace Prize. Is that right? Yes, what what she's saying doing it. She's not even Prime Minister. This is called the some senior counselor. And because by law, she is prohibited from becoming a

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prime minister because the military before they allow, quote unquote, democracy. They change the constitution. And in that constitution, everything is designed for military to keep control in their hand. So military, for example, there is a clause in the Constitution, that military can do anything you cannot try military in any court in Burma, rockside Burma.

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So and and they control the military, they control the most of the thing interior border and things of this nature. So she is essentially a collaborator. She doesn't have much power, but she has a power to resign. She is not resigning. So it means she's responsible for it. Tell us more, you're on the ground there. You You weren't able to get in? Why don't they let they don't they don't allow media in the place. They don't allow any United Nations inside that area where genocide has been committed. The United Nations has developed a committee to investigate, they are not giving visa to that committee to investigate. Actually, when they started this major war, major killing and

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genocide, which I consider to be final solution. On August 25. They have been building up for a couple of months, a month and a half before they kick out the United Nation, all the non governmental organization who are providing help currently, if they were all kicked out before they started this operation. So it was well planned by the military. Wow, what else have you seen on the ground there? Sure. Any other experiences, the situation is terrible for people who are living there, and they need a whole lot of help.

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And this help cannot be given by you know, you and me giving $1 here and dollar there. It's a it's a magnitude in which governments need to do more. And I had a speaking last Sunday in Cleveland, and Doctors Without Borders, one of their member board of directors who also she just came back, after serving two months in Bangladesh is a midwife. And she was saying that she has been to six or seven conflict zone. He said, I have never seen anything like that ever, anywhere. So people are in terrible shape is a very tiny, very narrow type of an island. And there are a million people sitting there couple of millions were already residents of that area. There is a one tiny road of which goes

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through that area. And it is always clogged because the well meaning Bangladeshi Muslim, bringing things for them and everybody. So what they need is I think something which I pleaded for Haiti, and it happened. Then it 10 helicopters 20 transport helicopters, so the ticket foot from the airport, and they deliver it to multiple distribution point. Now, people sit there for almost two thirds of the day to get food and Russian. And that's not enough. And because of *, there are a lot of unwanted pregnancies and different things. 80% of the people there are women and children men were either killed or they're in prison or somewhere. So, more distribution, more aid, airlift, transport

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helicopters that will elevate this situation. But the worst scenario is that China and India, India is emerging as a real enemy of Muslim and China is communist and all that, but they are supportive of Myanmar, but they are not emerging as enemies of Muslim but India is emerging as enemies of Muslim. These two countries are forcing Bangladesh to just throw these people back to me about back to where a genocide is happening right there. There is still coming into Bangladesh and you want them to start going back. So when I was there

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until November 29, or 30th, they were distributing forms are people to fill in and go back, go back where which land, which property, they are going to take them to concentration camp, they shouldn't go nobody should be forced to go unless their citizenship is restored. So their rights are at least theoretically restored.

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They get their property they land and their houses back or get compensation for it. And there is some force either creative force out of Rohingya people, trained them in the in defending themselves, so they are there or send the United Nations or send the Bangladesh army or maybe the Bangladesh and the Myanmar army together safeguard people, because they have done this in 7891 95 2012 2016 2017. They keep doing that. And then these people go back, go back to the start, they live from ground zero. What is ground zero for them? No house nothing. No education, no job, no land to do what?

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What am I married is this. I mean, this is the first genocide brother which is well documented through satellite, before and after. They have photos or before after the

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Before and after, you can see all this is available online. So there is no genocide in the world history, which is as well documented as this one. Except those people who said never again, are just sitting idle on their seats, saying they need to say, you know, never again is happening again, let's do something to stop it never again is happening again, never again is happening, people are just letting it happen. You have in real time, real time live under the satellite eyes. And those images are printed everywhere.

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People want to get ahold of you if they want to

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try to do their part. Yes, but my task Burma Task Force dot orgy, or they can go to Burma And we two things you can do sign up, we issue action alert, that every week, you could do one or 10 minute, 15 Minute. And there are things which you can do which are effective. And for this class, if you want to donate you can donate there. We're working to stop the genocide. We are doing that for five years. Now they're coming to final solution. And this is the time for people who cared for humanity who care for their doctors who care for Ayesha and, and Maria and Maria and Fatima. This is the time for you to realize you need to stand up. America gives us rights. We can

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take a stand we can contact our congress persons who can contact our senators, the UN and there are bills and senate and the house which we are trying to push and people are listening but the thing is, are we are enough of us standing up. Yeah. Thank you so much me. God Almighty Allah reward you for your efforts and wonderful work you're doing. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you. Thank you.

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