The Firsts – Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) #2 – Selfless Even When Slandered

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The Prophet sallama's eclectic event, including his mission to bring peace to Earth, his use of force, and war, has been a focal point in the spirituality of Earth. The importance of protecting Earth and shaking people is discussed, as well as the history of the Prophet's actions and his motives. The segment also touches on the importance of the god-uses' connection to the poor and the negative impact on one's life. The segment ends with a discussion of the graveyard and its signage.

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So now when I come around celebrity cats everyone has been known hamdulillah salat wa salam and also dillo and he was so happy he woman went up. So inshallah tada we continue now with the virtues of Earth man have been our family a lot of time. And Pamela, it's very hard when you're talking about specifically hood about wash it in the last pants, I'll be pleased with them all, to just narrow it down to their time with the profit slice lm and the qualities that we should draw from them, because there are so many virtues. And there's so much to learn from them and their contributions literally take up 1000s of pages within books in Islamic history for us to really gain an appreciation for

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them. But as we said, it's not all the alongside on who is someone who often gets neglected and left out. And so what I wanted to do was just to focus on how his virtues particularly tied to the significant moments in his life, especially with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the capacity of being amongst the first and so one particular incident that takes place with Earth mammal, the allowance add on who is unique specifically to him. And this is the incident of a a total of one of the pledge of Ridwan under the tree in her they be. And we all know the story of her they believe that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the companions were on their way to

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Mecca. Instead, Allah subhanho wa Taala wrote for them, that Han Medina a great conquest and that they would enter into a treaty that would give them the ability to grow their data, and without would actually facilitate so much greater good than had they been able to go to Mecca. In that particular year. Now, in the capacity of her they be as they were waiting, and we know that many of the companions just wanted to go forward. And there was, you know, at this point, such a love for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu It was such a strength, such a connection, that they didn't fear anything. And so, you know, they wanted to go forward, as we know from the famous incident with the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and on top of the allot of time who in particular, and you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shaving his head at the advice of ohm Salah model the Allahu taala and her to let the companions know that there would be no omura that particular year, now Earth mama the allowance had on who was sent to Mecca as an ambassador, to try to negotiate with price. And this is significant, because obviously, it takes into consideration number one, the protection that he would have from his tribe. Number two, the relationships that are normally a lot of times I knew I had established prior to Islam. And obviously, there was going to be some some

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level of reverence for if mom will be allowed to learn how as a person on the part of the people of Mecca, who loved him so much before it's not. And when you see it, if mom will be allowed to add on who go forward, something happens or if man is there, and he is negotiating on behalf of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam an on the Muslims on behalf of the Muslims, and they held earthman up in Mecca as they held him up by delaying these negotiations. And I'm paraphrasing the incident obviously you could read about the whole day I sort of want but word gets back to the Muslims, a rumor gets back to the Muslims that are phenomenal, the allowance on I know has been killed. And

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Subhanallah you know, I want you to contrast this by the way, this moment to the moment that he will actually be killed. Unfortunately, not by the machine, but by people who said law, the law right I mean, so how do i mean this imagine the emotions that were stirred in the hearts of these people because of their love for Earth man, and of course their love for a loss of hundreds and that caused them to love Earth mammal the allot of time it was so much beyond his character. At that point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam takes a pledge and this was a pledge of death, a pledge of death Subhan Allah 1400 people 1400 people 1400 years ago, go into a pledge with the Prophet salallahu it

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who was saddled with only one hypocrite abstaining, that they will go forth to death that they will march towards Mecca to death because of the murder of earth model the a lot of time where they had heard of the murder of Earth not all the time no and they take this pledge one by one under the tree with the Prophet sallallahu it was to them and Allah subhana wa tada says that all the Allahu Nina at obey your una Kata sheduled that Allah was pleased with the believers when they took this pledge with you under the tree and Allah subhana wa tada you know testifies to the to the goodness in their heart Fatima Matthew will obey Him Allah knew what was in their heart, the ends at a Sakina tada him

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with Abba, hometown potrebbe so Allah subhanho wa Taala descended upon them tranquility and guaranteed for them a great reward and a conquest to come soon. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to those 1400 people about that

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He said unto him, hydro added up, you are the best people on the face of the earth. So panelo What a beautiful way to be praised by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam antem hadal. So as the Prophet slicin was taking their pledge, one by one under that tree to march forward to Mecca, when the prophets lie some had finished taking all of their pledges. Remember how Earth mama the Allahu taala, and who is not present at Bethel, but the prophets I seldom counted him amongst the veterans of bed that because of his intention, and because of the circumstances that held him back here, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he takes his hand and he clasps it with the other hand, and he

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says, have that and he will have that on earth man, this is for me, and this is earth model the alojado This is the hand of earth model the Allah Subhana Allah you know, what an incredible way of the prophets license showing his love for you to represent you with his own hand. Hannah law What an amazing blessing right how many people would have loved to be the hand of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that day that the prophets lie some represented or if not all the a lot of time who with his own hand, and this is something that only belongs to Horace Mann or the law of town I know so just like he wasn't at budget, but he has the full reward he wasn't at her they be a bit of lon but

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the prophets lie some counted it for him even though the entire cause was about him. All the Allahu tada on who now what was happening in Mecca at the time, as they were holding our phenomenal the alongside on who up one of the things that they said to him they said that he can perform pull off around the cabinet and piece that you know will let us model the allot of time and who fulfill what he wants to fulfill but the Muslims can't come forward okay. And you know, this model the allot of time and who refused saying that I will not perform the loss before the profits of the lahardee Listen, so he held backs of hell out of his love for the profit slice of them. And some of the

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companions had even mentioned to the profit slice on what if model the law and who stays in earth man is able to perform the throw off the profit slice on knowing earth model the law nor the one who he represented with his hand his son in law now twice the profits of I sent him said no matter how long he stays in Mecca, he will not perform the loss until I performed off I know him that this is not earth model the allowance I know the Prophet sly son was speaking to the character and the goodness of Earth mom all the time. And of course, as it turned out, are phenomenal the allot of time and who was not killed in, in Mecca, Allah subhanho wa Taala protected him, but a lot preserved

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the reward of all of those companions that took the bait with the Prophet, slice alum and Allah subhana wa to Allah preserve the honor of Earth mammal the law of time, and who was represented by the hand of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. On that day. Now, other than that, and what we covered last week, what I wanted to turn to was, you know, this theme in the life of earth model the law of China, and who would the prophets lie, some of the prophets lie some telling him that he's going to be murdered, and somehow let you know, I was just counting through the sources, there are no less than 10 times that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told her if not all, the Allahu taala and

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the most beloved person to replace the most beloved of Mecca, the kindest and most generous of the Muslims. I mean, who would want to harm Earth man right? over 10 times the profit slice alum telling Earth normally a lot of time and hope that one day you are going to be killed. And this is this is significant, because it's not one time. And you know, earth model the law and who knows this, that no matter what happens in his life now that this is going to happen to him. And so I want to cover a few of these incidents because they are significant to understand, you know, how things are proceeding the mindset of earth model, the law of title anyone how he's going to approach life after

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the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And it starts off with a beautiful incident from Abu Musa, Ashanti, all the Allahu taala and who, who said that I was in the company of the prophets like Selim and one of the gardens of Medina, you know, everyone would go looking for the Prophet, slice alum every day. So you go to the soup, you go to the top here, you you go to the messages, actually in opposite order, right? You go to the messages, you don't find them there, you go to the appear to the graveyard, you go to the marketplace, where's the profit slice on them, right. And here, the prophets lie Selim had retreated from the people or he'd gone away from the people. And he was in

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this garden. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had a stick in his hand. And he sat inside, he pulled up his, his his pencil alojar and he was setting them to where he would dangle his legs and this well bit at ease. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had a stick and he was slowly striking the water and he was moving the mud around. So the profit slice on them was in a moment or in moments of contemplation and you know, taking a break right

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From the people in what he was doing it his salatu salam says Pamela as they were looking for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a man comes to the gate of the garden, and he asked permission to enter.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells Abu Musa who decided he's going to guard the profits license privacy, let him have his time. The profit slice on him tells Alamosa go and open the gate for him and give him the glide tidings of gentlemen. So he said, I went to the gate and behold, it was not other than double backless, the vehicle of the law of Thailand, always the first, always the first, right. So, a while back, it'll be a long time who came in, and he was informed of the glad tidings of entering into Geneva. And he praised the loss of Hannah town, he went and he sat next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So imagine now the prophets lie. summonable Beckett will be a

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lot of time, who's sitting in this well, sitting at the edge of this well dangling their feet in the water, and then another person comes and asks permission to enter the prophets lie Selim says to abasa open the gate for him and give him the glad tidings of entering into genda entering into another garden, the garden of agenda, not just this garden, so I will miss this as I went, and who was it not other than Ahmet, I'm going to hop on the lawn of Tyler. And so I opened the gate and I gave him the glad tidings of genda. And he came in, and then he said, another man came in and asked permission to enter into the garden. And he said, the profit slice on him at that point, he was

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sitting in a leaning posture. So he was he was leaning solahart he was setting him, but he sat up at this point. And he said, open the gate for him. Well, there should have been agenda Allah Belvoir, Toshiba who enter him into, or open the gate for him, and give him the glad tidings of entering paradise, after a calamity that will befall him after a hardship that will befall him Subhana Allah, He didn't say this idea, his slot was set up for a bucket or for Alma, he said it for him for this particular man. He said, I went and behold, it was it's not even a thermal the hotel. So I opened the gate for him. And I gave him the glad tidings of entering genda after a hardship that would

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befall him or his mom will be a lot of time on who responded a lot who Mr. Han, from Allah subhanaw taala alone is help sorts. And he goes and he enters all the Allahu taala and Horace Mann into this garden. And he sits across from the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam and Beckett, and Alma will the Allahu taala and Homer or the Aloha marine. Now, this is the, you know, significant for many reasons and you've probably heard me speak about this incident multiple occasions, but I want to connect this particularly to a recent holtville m hassidic tomb and tactical agenda, do you think you will enter into jhana and then you hear the example of those that came before you and the ways

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in which they struggled, right? So Allah subhana wa tada connecting particularly the hardship to agenda in the case of Earth mammal, the loads on who this is a symptom and Ted's origin, right? The profit slice alum could have just given him the glide Titans agenda there, but the profit slice alum mentions that Jenna after after a hardship that will strike you in another incident. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on a hood. And with him on Jebin hood, was Abu Bakr, Omar, an earth man these three once again. And as the prophets lysozyme was walking on a Hood, Hood shook. And the prophet SAW The lahardee was set himself with to be firm or hood, because you have upon you a

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newbie, a slow, deep and shahidan, you have upon you a prophet, amount of truth, we talked about vehicle the whole time, and two martyrs. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had already informed both armor and earth man at this point that they would be Shahada, that they would be amongst those who were martyred. And there are numerous incidents that take place along the same regard.

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You know, obey have no capital, the law of town I know he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. And he was talking about the fitna, he was talking about the trials that would, that would befall us as a community, and the hardship and the strife. And then this man walked by and he was wrapped up and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said and this man will be upon a happy childhood that this person will be upon truth and guidance. And the prophets license said it multiple times. So then earth model the law of Saudi unwrapped his face, and I said to the Messenger of Allah, I send him him and the prophets like some said, Yes, him.

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Another narration from our shuttle the A lot of times, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his mom of the Allahu taala and who on earth man, perhaps a lot

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Will clothe you with a certain garments. And if the hypocrites demand that you remove it from yourself, do not remove it until you meet me some kind of law. The wording here is very important. When we talk about the murder of earth model, the law of the garment is the philosophy of the love not bustle the law and who would remind or if not all, the law and who later on in his life when he wanted to just, you know, he thought about just why don't I just relinquish this because that would solve the problem. Or maybe it would solve the problem. And that turns out to be some common law we had, do not take off a garment that Allah clothed you with remember what the profits I've said to

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you. So the profits, I said, Do not remove it until you meet me until you meet me. And another narration from our hld alone, and also, that it's not only a lot of time, I know had entered upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Prophet slicin told him to come close. And he got so close that the prophets lie, some was whispering into his ear. And as the prophets lie, some was whispering into his ear, or if not all, the law on his face was changing colors. And the Prophet slicin I asked him, if he comprehended if he understood the gravity of what he was saying and earth model the long time and who responded that his ears had heard and his heart has accepted what the

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prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said, and this is not just to Earth man, Subhana Allah, this is to the community as a whole. The prophets lie Some said you're going to face turmoil and differences fits in after I'm gone. And one of the people says to the Prophet, slice Allah, and you know, what would help us at that time you have a sort of law, what do we do at that time? He said, I mean, was happy he he pointed to his mama the Allahu anhu. And he said, stay close with this trustworthy one, and his companions Stay close with this trustworthy one and his companions. So this is another honor for his model the allot of time and with that the prophets I some would call him

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and I mean, the same nickname that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had so stay close with this amine, and those that are with him. He said some lahardee was sort of an another narration, whoever is saved from three things will indeed be saved. And what he meant it his Salatu was Salam was was the fitna, the types of fitna that would come in these three things he said my death so the death of the Prophet sly son was a major fitna a major trial and he said the ascension of the job a loss of hundreds are protect us all alone, I mean, and then he said the murder of a halifa who is persevering upon the truth and fulfilling his duty. So this is as the scholars mentioned earth model

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the alongside on who the fitness of the murder of Earth man Well, the Allahu taala No, so the prophets lie some is putting it on the scale of these other two fitness. Obviously not not exactly the same but the prophets lie some is mentioning it within the capacity of the other to fitness and we know how deep and how troublesome those other two fitness would be. And I want to mention one more narration and then we'll just kind of fast forward inshallah Tada. Here, when

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you saw the low tide on her describes incident, she says that the Prophet sly sound was one day laying down, and I will back it will be a lot of time entered in, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he, you know, he didn't, he was lying down on his bed, he wasn't really, you know, he was relaxed, it is salatu salam. And he remained in that relaxed posture, when Rebecca on the low on who came in. And you know, abubaker spent some time he fulfilled his need there and then he went away, the normal the Aloha and who came how this seems to be the constant right all model the law and who came he asked permission to enter the entered upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the

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prophet SAW some remains laying down in that in that way. He fulfilled his need, and then he went away, then Earth mom will be the one who came on earth Manuel de la hotel and who asked permission to enter the prophets lie some sits up, he fixes his his clothes out of his slots with some he tells her how he shall be allowed to, you know, to cover herself properly, not not referring to the hijab, but to you know, increase the appearance obviously, she was already covered, you know, if the presence of all metal the amount of time it was in there, but to get things set up in a certain way, right, the prophets lie Selim received him in a certain way that he didn't receive a bill Beckett or

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Allah, may Allah be pleased with them. And so he came in or if not all, the law and who came in he spent some time with the prophets license, he fulfilled his need. And then he left and how he saw the Allahu taala and obviously she was shocked by what she had seen right? Because I will Becca and Omar may Allah be pleased with them as incredible of a human being as great as the earth normally allow on who is he's not superior to Apple Beckett and all right, all the allow on him. So she says, you know

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jasola I saw something that I hadn't seen before and you did not. You did not prepare for the entrance of a Wilbekin and out of the way that you did for Earth man. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah a stain in Linnaeus, Damon Holman Attica, should I not be shy from a man that even the angels are shy from panel should not be shy from a man that even the angels are shy from another narration the prophets like some said, Earth man as a shy man. And I was afraid that if he entered while I was upon that state, he would not tell me of his need and the right amount. Explain this in two ways. One possibility is that, you know, if he saw, you know, some of

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the hardship, then he wouldn't have asked as needed if it was something in that regard. And some of them they said that what they meant by that is that or if not all the a lot of time and who would have been too shy to sit while the Prophet sly son was sitting there, he would have heard his visit because of the way that Earth model the law of time, was so bashful, was so shy. So the point being that, you know, obviously, this rank that Allah gave him, that the prophets I some said, even the minute you can, even the angels are shying from him, all the alota unknown. So let's just fast forward and again, what I want to just reflect upon is the qualities of earth model the alongside

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it, and how those qualities play into the fitna that happened with Earth man will be a lot of time.

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You know, the length of Earth man was long was it was it was a long tail off it was, you know, so long. And there was so much that was in it, of hatred of the spread of Islam of so many contributions to Islam. But we often just focus on the last few years which were the fitna that had to do with Earth nominal the allowance on on. And if you actually study the first decade of Earth, man's he lava, and the incredible contributions in the way that Islam spread, and what earth model the Alliance, well, the alongside who was able to accomplish

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it was incredible. And it requires a study in and of itself. And those contributions are often you know, affiliated only with all model the a lot of the time, right but with all model, the title had started in terms of the spread of Islam, obviously building on the foundations left from the short feed off of Apple back to the study called the law of town who continued in the life of earth model the law of time, and Islam spread and beautiful and meaningful ways the infrastructure of the oma was was further built. So why the philosopher of Earth man of all people, when you have such a noble men, such a person who is Beloved, who is shy, who is humble, and you have the goodness of Islam

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spreading throughout the world for over a decade, why this halifa to be the first one, to be assassinated by someone saying that, you know, Hola, right by people who claim to be doing so, in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is, you know, this, this is clear that, you know, the the only way to hinder the progress of this particular feed off of this great man and everything that was happening was to de stabilize, was to, was to cause dissension within because when fitna arises, we become too busy with ourselves to be productive. And by the time people figure out, you know how unproductive fitna was and all of the sins that will look were accrued and all of the

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hardship and harm that was caused, the damage, you know, at that point becomes too late. Right? And that's the problem. That's Pamela even amongst the Sahaba. This was able to occur, obviously instigated from outside when you read about the hadith of Earth, not only a lot of time and hope, but it took root. So how is it that a man who is this noble and this this generous to the oma who financed the contributions to the spread of Islam who gave so much to Islam who was amongst the first to embrace the prophets of Allah Harrison's message who marry two daughters of the prophets, Isilon and the virtues go on and on and on and on? How is it that him of all people is going to be

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targeted. And this is where it becomes so important for us to take a moment and pause on the way that rumors spread in the time of Earth Manimal the allot of time, especially for the age that we live in right now. And to take heed of this, I want you to I want you to pay attention to this incident. And so he had a body where I blogged on metal, the law and who was sitting with some of the companions and it was hedge, Abdullah Norma used to obviously receive people and had to answer their questions in the time of Hajj. And a man from Egypt passed by and he saw some companions that were sitting with a role model the allot of time. And he said, Men will come Who are these people?

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And they said that these are grace. She said, Who's the old man amongst them? And they said that this is the love normal, the lavarnway. So somehow, not even in his own lifetime, right? He's unrecognized despite who he is or the allowance of the love, no matter he's not recognizable to this man from Egypt. So he says to him, you have no model. He says, I want

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ask you something. He says, Go ahead. He said, Did you know that Earth man fled from the battle hood? Or if not as the halifa right? Did you know Earth man fled from the battle ahead? He said, Yes. He said, Did you know Earth man wasn't even there?

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He said, Yes. He said, Did you know Earth man wasn't there? They are totally with Juan. He said yes, the man says, you know, the man is shocked Allahu Akbar. Why is it that you let this person be the halifa? How could you write I mean, all these things, and he was you know, he fled. He wasn't there at bed that he wasn't there. They are totally one Subhana Allah. This is while so how about are still alive? This is Walsall, hava are still alive. And I believe normal the lavon Houma he was there right at these, you know, for these incidents? And he says to him, he says first of all for Eliza that revealed the forgiveness for those that had left the battlefield of it, right Eliza just

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forgave them. So let's put that aside. But subpoena luck. Can you imagine that did and they are totaled one. Both of them, right? We know the circumstances as we spoken about them with better and they are totaled one or it's not all the law and who wasn't president but because the prophets lie, some permitted him to stay back and care for the daughter of the Prophet slicin them and the prophets I some counted him from the veterans of bedroom, and he wasn't a big one, the whole Bay Area. What right was was sparked because of the rumors that Earth model the a lot of time had been killed in Mecca. But even at that time, while Sahaba were still alive, without the world of social

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media. Look how these half truths were spun. And the fitna built up, right even in that oma with those great people that were alive. And it's normal, the a lot of time

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was targeted. So somehow it's very important for us to think about this until Cebu Coleman beija holla that you would, in ignorance, out of righteousness, even out of a sense of righteousness would end up hurting a people out of ignorance. There were people that joined the fitna, guesser, it's not only a lot of time to animate the movement against earth model the a lot of time that did so from a noble place, because they they believed all of the things that were being said, I mean, amongst them even Can you imagine Mohammed Beckett, the son of avocado, the lion who the youngest son of abeka, he, you know, Rebecca de la and who died when he was an infant. So, but the fact that that young

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people got caught up in this entire fitna and think about our time, right, so how to learn how this can happen, right? So these half truths were spun. And what ends up happening is that some had a lot the the web of lies continued to grow. So then they accused him they said nepotism, they said that he stole money. And he was spending upon his family from beta. And then they said, Oh, the men book, model the law and who raised the men but then they said earth model the law and innovated in regards to the time of budget. In regards to the athon being done twice Earth man did this earth man did that. And it kept on increasing until the environments became impossible for Earth model the local

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town hall. And this is where it's important to pay attention to his qualities. Okay, earth model the alongside and who becomes the victim of this massive rumor mill. And this is not even in the time span a lot of telecommunications. Let's not even talk about social media. We're not talking about text messages here. We're not talking we're talking about letters being written and people passing by word of mouth, while Sahaba are still alive. And rusnano the law on who this who is, you know, this person that the angels felt shy from and who was so beloved to the Prophet slice of them. But it's not only a lot of Thailand who is targeted. And I want to talk about a few things here and how

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his qualities came into play. Number one, the core, core and his love of the core and

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so how to love when a person is in fitna in any hardship, not even just fitna, you're going through hardship, where do you find your ease? You should find it in the end. Right you find it in the Quran, a tan look the Kitab Allah you go back and you tie yourself to the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. And what it is normally a lot of time who used to say used to say little Talat kuruvilla if our hearts were pure, not shabby Ottoman columella our hearts would never become sick of the words of Alice pantai never, would never become full of the words of Allah that you would never you know, the word I'm looking for, like the thirst would not be quenched for the words of Allah subhana wa

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tada machelle the Ottoman kalamunda right they would always crave the Quran if our hearts were pure. So the pure of the heart The more that it craves the on an earth model the low octane and who used to say in Neela, Accra whoa and yet tiara yom I would hate that even a day passes by me not on little fee and I don't look at the page of almost half. I would hate that a day even passes by me without me staring at the most half without me reading the book of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So the books have a lot of the books of the virtues of Earth man mentioned things like him reading the Koran in its entirety twice a day mentioned things like him doing a Hutton of the urn in front of the cabinet in one locker or two records. You know, so it's it's, it's unreal and even when when the fitna was taking place when his home was under siege, and these people who had again, you know, fallen victim to the slander of earth model, the a lot of Tata Einhorn are attacking him. One of the one of the family members of earth model the ultion, who screams out and she says, oh, Cthulhu Oh, there, oh, you kill him or you leave him for a la helipad county you're in Layla bill or an firaga.

00:30:42--> 00:31:23

This man used to revive the entire night of his of his or his entire night with a recitation of the Quran in one record. This is a man who is deeply connected to the poor. And so whatever you do to him, know that this is a person that's connected to the world. And so when a lot what would end up happening is that he would even die, right while reading the Quran, Allah would take the life of Earth man, and this is something that you we often do not appreciate. When we're talking about orthonormal the law of timeline one that's with a short time that we have to cover him here, you know, his connection to the poor and did not just show up at the time of death. His connection to

00:31:23--> 00:32:04

the plan was constant. And at the time of death, what ends up happening, he's sitting and he's reading the Koran as the people barge in on him, and they murder him while he's reading faceva kavika Houma la Bahasa, Allah will suffice you in regards to them, and allows all hearing in the moment, he's reading the Quran as he's killed. That type of a gift, that type of an ending does not just show up at the end, right? Saying that you got a lot, the time of death does not show up for a person that does not live La ilaha illAllah in life, these types of words, right can only root themselves in the heart when a person is constant upon them. So it's a reminder to all of us,

00:32:04--> 00:32:23

especially as we're encountering, the hardship that we're encountering, you know, with COVID in the pandemic, and so much that's going on the court and the court and Elena will call upon us and to create that connection to the poor and it's Pamela imagine with earth model the a lot of time on who then the way that the character of the

00:32:25--> 00:32:58

or the qualities of the poor and poor and mentioned showed themselves in the behavior of birth mom all the time. So imagine what that Tumulty little saw the article on Monday, what other Oh, you who believe do not void your charity, but in manly will other by boasting about your charity or harming the one that you're giving charity to? Imagine that right? Imagine what this does to you. If you're if Manuel de la sat on right so Earth man would not come out and boast about what he did for the

00:32:59--> 00:33:35

earth man was not going to remind these people of fitna constantly and say, Hey, remember I did this? And I did that? Don't you know the prophets eyes on them told me this? And don't you know that I did this? And don't you know that I did that? Right? He doesn't do that all the time on Earth, not only a lot of time on who does not boast about his charity, nor does he harm the people that he gives charity to imagine what sort of delayed which we talked about, you know, was revealed in regards to Beckett, or the law of town, and that the 11th law or once you get up the hill arella, that this person does not seek approval from anyone but the Lord the Most High, they seek the

00:33:35--> 00:34:15

pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala imagine what that does to earth model the law. And when he reads these words, in the book of a loss of Hana, let's add. So it starts with that connection to Allah and His messenger. So I sent him the plan which lasts obviously beyond the messenger it his Salatu was Salam. And what or if not all the law on who did to keep a constant connection with the court and to keep him going through all of these times. And his higher, which already existed before Islam and was only beautified in Islam, his modesty stops him from mentioning his favors to the people. So if Manuel de la and who is not going to come out and continue to mention his favors upon the people,

00:34:16--> 00:34:33

right? He's gonna keep that to himself or the a lot of time on his generosity with those that spread the rumors and caused his siege, okay, and continue to hold him under siege. Where does earth model the law and who gets this number one he fears learn

00:34:34--> 00:34:41

to an extreme he fears oppression himself being an oppressor to an extreme. And you know, I was thinking about this panel.

00:34:44--> 00:34:55

You read about the trials of Eric's model the allot of time on home, and then you compare that to the Hadith of the prophets lie Selim where he says bla bla bla If not,

00:34:56--> 00:34:58

nothing will hurt Earth man after what he's done today.

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

paddle. I mean, look what he goes through, right with the seat knob like so. Again, I'm hesitant to enter tolerogenic, nothing will hurt him in regards to his standing with a loss of patterns or his rank with a lot. So it says, if you can see, or if Manuel de la and who is concerned becomes not to compromise that position with a loss of Hannah Montana. So his generosity with those who spread the rumors who caused the siege, who held him under siege, his fear of boredom, there was once a servant, a young young servant who,

00:35:30--> 00:35:43

with not only a lot of time and who had, you know, there's an old man, right, he's well into his, his, his seniority, and he, he pinches the servants just to get his attention. And the young servant

00:35:44--> 00:36:23

looked like he was upset by an earth nonyl the law on who was hurt that he might have heard that young man so he he says, pinch me, pinch me back, he goes down, and he says, grab my ear, pinch me back. This young servant is saying, Yeah, I mean, I mean, I have no desire to do so. I don't want to pinch your ear. No, of course, I'm not going to pinch your ear. And he insisted, and he kept on pushing him pinch, pinch, grab my ear, pinch it. And the Young's this young man is saying, No, no, it's not what the law says. Please pinch it, and then he pinches it. And he just you know, touches it and if not all the law says pinch harder, grab it harder. And he says to me, I don't want to he

00:36:23--> 00:36:38

says please, he says because the sauce of dunya dunya our know the sauce enough enough to be to feel the pain of retaliation in this world is far easier than feeling the pain of the retaliation in the hereafter how Look at that beautiful

00:36:39--> 00:37:10

luck that he displays his selflessness you know you have the likes of Ali and Hassan Hussein may Allah be pleased with them but how is the better man lobby pleases them these people that are saying let us fight for you Let us fight on your behalf let us kill these people right that are that are causing all of this and our model the law says do not shed a drop of blood and my cause not a drop of blood in my costs. So it's kind of like you can see the the sincerity of Earth mama the Allahu anhu in that you know

00:37:11--> 00:37:51

everything that he did for the oma when this now happens to him it's not did not change his character. Right It's not did not say You know what? Forget about you guys. I've done all this for you for decades I've served and this is what I get in return. Forget about you guys. Let it break loose right let's let's go ahead and pull the sores and let's just cause chaos, because his sincerity was to a lot. his sincerity was to this little law. The sincerity was to the oma okay his sincerity was to the fact that he would rather be the first halifa to be killed by members of this oma rather than to have members of the oma killed in his name. And he didn't want it while the allot

00:37:51--> 00:38:06

of time. So he he maintained his sincerity to Allah sincerity total so lustleigh Salim and his sincerity to the oma until the time of his death. And, you know, we end with and I don't care how many times I would say this panel, I will love it is.

00:38:08--> 00:38:45

You know, the goal of every believer, right is to is to be with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And it's not only a lot of time, on the last day of his life, he goes to sleep in a state of fasting, he takes a nap, he's fasting. It's a Thursday, and he sees none other than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a dream and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to Earth man will be a lot on earth man. Have they prohibited you from water and earth model the law says nothing else little ah no it's like complaining to the profit slice I'm yeah so messenger of Allah they don't they're not letting me have water. Have they forbidding you from food? They're not giving me food.

00:38:45--> 00:39:01

They're they're starving him. They are torturing him in every way holding him under siege setting fire fire to his house all types of things. And Earth man did they prohibit you from praying in my messages? Now? They're not even letting me pray in your message.

00:39:02--> 00:39:37

And the prophets license tells Earth normal the law of town on earth man glad tidings Earth man. Tonight you will break your fast with I abubaker. And Allah Subhana Allah you'll get to join us again. Remember that garden. This is not the narration but that garden when they were sitting, right just like you enter into the gate at that point number three, you're going to enter into this gate. You're going to enter into this realm and you're going to have a slot with us tonight. I will bucket and Alma will be waiting for you and we will break our fast together

00:39:38--> 00:39:39

and Subhanallah

00:39:41--> 00:39:54

it happens that he wakes up and he is killed again reading the whole and he's so happy when he wakes up from this nap because what what do you want right? I mean at that point, what do you want what's what's left of this world right that you have the profit slice I'm waiting for you.

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

So he is murdered. reading the Koran and reading

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

To break his fast with the profit slice on them double bucket and automate a lot be pleased with them. That's Pamela we end on the story of If man will be alone and hold back to that moment of the garden where they sat in that garden, and they dangled their feet in the well. There's not only a lot of time who was prohibited from being buried in the backyard, not just not only would he be prohibited from being very close to the profit slice on a bucket, and he would not be buried in the book here. They prohibited a janaza public janazah because they knew that it would cause the emotions to flare. So the people that murdered him that had taken held Medina under siege, they

00:40:35--> 00:41:12

forced his burial to be at night, no public janaza nothing to try to hold back the people so that the emotions would not be stirred at the death of this noble man the murder of this noble man in such a way and Subhana Allah. You know, Satan will say, you know, the law of time who said that, you know, the way that Earth model the lawn was placed at the well, right, he's across from the profit slice on mobile, Beckett and Alma is the way he's buried. Right, that if you, if you look at the cemetery, the way that it is the way that the grave of Earth mount is placed on the outside, I know, it is as if they're sitting in that well together, and he's the one that's sitting across from them.

00:41:12--> 00:41:49

And Allah azza wa jal, so we'll get that the book here would expand to include the grave of Earth man. So now if you go to Jonathan buck here, when you go to the graveyard, and you walk in, as you go forward, I don't want to, it's hard to give the precise location but there is a sign, you know, that talks about the prohibitions in the graveyard, and there's usually a guard that's sitting there, and it's distinct from the earth from the initial opening available here, where you have a lot of the prominent companions and family members of the Prophet's life and there is not only a lot and whose grave is there, in a book here today, may Allah subhana wa tada be pleased with them all.

00:41:49--> 00:42:02

Upon the family, the companions of PolitiFact, Alicia Dean, Eliza to join us with them, and with our messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and genitives a dos alum and Ameen. desikan lo Hayden was Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato