Inner-Peace & the Cravings of a Caged Spirit

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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen that will humble person with a little Jimmy Lucia de la ilaha illAllah hermetical How can we be no shadow Anna? Muhammad Rasulullah him. I mean,

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when I was looking at who he had to Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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refer to her or Kalamata timbira or colaborar, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah cynefin. Now naroda Baraka, Thailand and now we begin the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the grantor of mercy, all praise and glory belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Indeed Allah is deserving of the best of thanks, and the most beautiful of praises, those that we say and far above and beyond anything we can say about him, some kind of hautala and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion but Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed, in truth, His Prophet and his servant and Messenger, whom

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Allah sent is a mercy to the worlds and the truth of words, the words of Allah and the best of guidance, the sooner the example of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the most dangerous of matters are the newly added matters into this religion.

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For every newly added matter into this complete and perfect way of life is a leading history that only leads to the fire May Allah protect us and you and our families and every sincere seeker from anything that could draw us closer to that fire Aloma mean,

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exactly one year ago. Well Gregorian, at least last year on December 31,

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about this time, but Eastern Standard Time.

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It's nine o'clock now. So midnight, it was midnight in New York, I had to hand over the keys to my apartment, I was moving. And so I was kind of running

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to beat the clock, and emptying out my apartments and filling it in a truck. And I had the

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dishonor of riding through the streets of New York City, as the clock hit 12.

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And people are just jumping for joy.

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Going crazy, literally losing their minds, hugging and kissing and blowing horns and screaming across the street. And and when I just looked around, does it red lights every red light? I just I felt bad for people. Well, I felt like how empty how artificial is what what do you have? What have you accomplished? You know, even the lunar calendar, something has changed. There's a new moon, what exactly has happened on New Year's? What happened? Have your debts been forgiven? The average American i think is like in $12,000 in credit card debt? Are your problems solved? What happened at 12 o'clock?

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Absolutely nothing. And that's how empty people's lives are. They're looking for fulfillment in places that are nonsensical.

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Because they don't know where else to look.

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You know, there's a fancy term I'll throw out to you right now.

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This is joke that sometimes I say words that I don't fully understand myself, just so I can sound more photosynthesis, you know, meaning more sophisticated.

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The term is existential psychotherapy. You can you can boast in front of your friends about that. Okay. Basically, what that is, is a new form of therapy that addresses your psychology psychotherapy tries to shift the way you think about what existential regarding your existence. Basically, it's a therapy that is based on a philosophy, that the real reason why people are not comfortable in life, the inner conflict they have inside, why they can't find happiness, why they can't find inner peace, is because they have a problem understanding their existence. There, they have a conflict because they don't know what the givens what the facts of existence are.

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And so that's why people don't even like to talk about like, what's the purpose of life and these profound questions because I don't have any answers. And if I do think about it, I'm gonna have to think about death as well. And I don't want to think about that either.

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But the believer by Allah's grace, Allah has pulled you out of that rescued you from that you receive your perceptions, from the light of revelation in the light of why. And so you know, what are the givens of your existence, right? You don't just sit there and like live the moment. Whatever impulse you have, you just are compelled by it. You become a compulsive creature, right? compelled by your impulse. I feel like this now so I do this now.

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You Allah pulled you out of that swamp. I know it's odd.

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Because people have endless desires.

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You're born you have a desire to suckle milk. Then you move on two years old. You have the desire to become possessive. That's why kids, you know, they say mom

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Mine Mine mama right at two years old was just a natural desire, they find that inside of them, you move on a little bit further your hormones start pumping, you have a desire for the opposite gender.

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You move on a little further you feel like life is becoming lonely. You have a desire for companionship, right? And they just live being handed off from one desire to the next. By the way, this is very important regarding this gear. These desires are not how long okay? these desires are not how long these desires, physical desires you have they're natural. Some people call them physical desires, some call them the essential the carnal. The animalistic, right, the fleshy desires have to do with your body, your physical your flesh. That's not how long in and of itself to desire these things. Okay.

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As a matter of fact, Allah azza wa jal, one of the wisdoms why he placed these inside of us, is because they preserve our existence, right? Like if you did if a baby didn't desire milk, a desired steak, the baby would die, right? If humans didn't desire the other gender, there would be no reproduction, the human race would end. But what Islam also turns our attention to is where do these desires come from? What do these desires represent? Okay?

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Because all of these desires, you speak about desire for food for drink for mating for companionship, these all come from where you came from. Where do you come from?

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Where do you come from? You have to bear with me, the dirt beneath your feet. And all of these desires stem from the dirt, food and drink come from the dirt, don't they? Even your burger

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was his print is nourished by the grass, right?

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Your drink is from the water of this earth, even when you desire golden silver, according to one interpretation, at least scholars say because that was placed in the earth by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right? When you desire people, either sexually or companionship, whatever. That's because these people also come from the dirt. So Allah placed inside of you a natural desire to long for your place of origin to protect your existence. That makes sense. It's important to understand this. But what Islam does for us, it takes us one step beyond that you're not just the body these are just the physical desires, right? What else are you you're your spirit your soul.

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You know, Allah azza wa jal says,

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with color a bouquet Malika teeny Holly kombucha ramen Sol Sol in Hama in Miss noon. Allah said to the angels I am creating a human being from Sol Sol I mean Hemet Miss known from clay that was made out of a hammer mud.

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That is Miss noon. You guys know what Miss noon means? Anybody? What does Miss noon mean?

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Miss noon means rotten. Wonder era for Amica sharabi kilometer center. Look at your food and your drink. The guy who slept for 100 years in the cave. Lemmy at the center at the center Miss noon, it never rotted. So Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm creating a human being out of mud. That stinks. That's rotten that spoiled even the translations altered the mud. It's not good enough altered meaning it went to bed change.

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You know what's happening here a lot as diligently saying I am fully aware of what I made you out of Why? Because the ignoramus who's the ignoramus who's Mr. Note all

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shaitan he's gonna come along now and say iteca Heather levy Carranza, Allah you see this guy, you see this guy who you prefer it over me like have you taken a look at him? He stinks. So Allah azza wa jal is saying, I am not oblivious to what I made him out of. I'm fully aware of what he's made of. But the next day she wasn't paying attention. The next day says for either as a way to who when I felt to feed him and Rui fukagawa who said she didn't

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but after I have fashioned him that's how he's privileged number one because I love fashion Do you with his own hands, soprano tala hands be fitting His Majesty beyond our imagination, but his hands his two hands I fashioned him with and then the second way alone or do you and I blew into him from my room. From my spirit from my soul. My soul here means my the soul that I've honored by the way, we don't believe that a part of God is in us Do we? Do we believe that as Muslims is a part of God and every single one of us? No, no, that's not our belief. My soul meaning the one I've privileged the same way the cab is Allah's house. It doesn't mean it's a part of a law or law takes residence

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in that house. When I lost his nap got to love the camel of Allah and honored camel. Does that make sense?

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So when he says, My soul, this soul is created, it's not Allah. But I have honored a very special soul for me, I blew into the body, now prostrate to it. That's what you really are. Human beings are not a body and a soul. You're a soul that's temporary living in a body.

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Very important that we understand that, to understand how our lives our souls gets contaminated. You see the people that don't believe in a soul to begin with, they're not even gonna nourish it. But a Muslim believes that you're a really a soul inside of a physical body, because the soul was created first. And the soul is more important the body and the soul will live on beyond lift beyond the body. Right? That's what you are. That's what makes you special. You're a spiritual being in a physical body. We care so much about this body, right? We'll get to that in a minute.

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Though, it's about the vehicle.

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And so that's why By the way, when the soul went into the mud, it got transformed. That's what made it special. And that's why when your soul gets pulled out of your body, you rot again, you become rotten, right or wrong.

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That's why what you eat comes from the earth. And when you release it again, urine or feces or sweat, or it's it has that stench right or wrong.

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But when the soul went into it, it became very, very, very special.

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And so the same way the body

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gets nourished by yearning for where it came from the mud, the earth, the soul gets nourished by yearning from where it came from, from above, from the king of the heavens of China, hautala yearning to go upwards. And so when we live a life nowadays, all our life does, it serves the body, right? It's all about food and drink, how many flavors of coffee are there, how many flavors of barbecue sauce are there, how many different everything, what everything is objectified, women sexual appeal, all of that. It's all about power. It's all about socializing, and building friends and how many followers I'm going to have and how I can step on those that are like deterring from my

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prominence and like those that don't, when everything is serving that the soul dies in this atmosphere. Because your body's nourishment is from his origin and your souls nourish from this from its origin. So if you don't feed your soul, by connecting it with with its origin, where it came from, it dies.

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You become an animalistic creature, the animal within becomes you. That's it. That's why what you take home by the way, how much time do I have?

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12 minutes. Okay, good. The four poisons that the scholars mentioned, of the soul are not even

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in and of themselves, inherently. But the problem is, an excess of them is what makes them poison.

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Too much eating and drinking, right? Too much sleeping, comforting, resting the body some more, right?

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Too much speaking, socializing. And too much mixing.

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Right secondhand smoke, also secondhand sins destroy you just the same. Those four things he thinks about how I'm sleeping is not how I'm speaking is not how I'm socializing, not how I'm an excess of them will suffocate your soul making them a poison. It's too much.

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You have even in your physical body, you have elements in there that are fine. But if there's an imbalance, it destroys you. And so remember that now that's how those are the four poisons you quarantine from you protect yourself from and then you have to now foster the good elements. You have to feed that soul of yours.

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The greatest nourishment of that soul of yours is connecting with Allah. And the greatest agony of that soul of yours that will have yours is being distanced from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah said, I created you to serve me, meaning that's what you're made for. Nothing else will satisfy you. The greatest, most satisfying thing in this dunya is knowing Allah. The same way the most satisfying thing in the hereafter seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the nourishment, that's your nutrients, that's your meal.

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So the same way you need food and drink and oxygen, you have even more of a need. You have a need. You have a need a desperate need to learn how to love Allah. To learn how to fear Allah, you need that, to learn how to trust Him, to learn how to rely on him to learn how to enjoy his company. You know why we're miserable is because we dedicate our whole life learning on how to get an education

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To learn how to get a job to learn how to get a house, learn how to get married. And that's it. If you live like that, then you're you're living, you're not a life. You're living the life of an animal in the form of a body.

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But it gets worse. And I have 10 minutes to tell you how right? Try to use six minutes and give you three solutions. And the last four, you're right, like I'm gonna be able to pull that off.

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If you don't pay attention, and you live for these physical desires, these animalistic impulses inside you, you don't stay there. There's a Pitts beneath that. And these are the satanic desires. The Satanic impulses are robata Shea tawnya.

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Look, you will came from mud, your your longing is for the mud. Fine. Physically. What did shaytaan come from?

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Fire. So his desires are related to the fire.

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What are the two most necessary qualities of fire the scholars say? Fire desires to go upwards to climb to be exalted. And it destroys anything in its way on its way to the top. Right, you put a piece of paper over the fire what's gonna happen, huh? It's gonna burn the paper to get on top. It refuses to be beneath

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this is these are the satanic desires. Now, if you're so bent on your sensual desires, you will become addicted to them, and you'll destroy anything in your way to get them. That's where NV comes from. That's where hostility comes from. That's where resentment and violence and hatred that's where all that's arrogant. That's where it all comes from. Interestingly, Shay Thawne was bragging, I was made from fire. Right. And he didn't realize that he was supposed to be careful of the weakness in fire the same way you have to be careful of the impulses of the mind. he bragged about that Allah and how you I'm better than him I made from fire he's made from mud. And that's the very

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thing that destroyed him, though not that Allah destined him to be destroyed, and he didn't have free will. But he wasn't paying attention. He let it take over.

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You know, some of the scholars say that if you pay attention to shaytans, I am better than him. You can pull out eight satanic impulses there. And make a checklist for yourself for whoever wants to write. And I'll try to remember them. The first of them obviously is what?

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He's arrogant. Okay.

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arrogance was what? to belittle others, but you can belittle others because you think you're a nobody. So you want to like step on everybody else. He was also conceited. He felt like he was better. Okay, that's can see that's a different disease. Some people are conceited, but they can keep their mouth shut. Some people are so full of themselves, they can't stop talking about it. Right? You all know that person. But be careful, it might be you. Right? They can't stop talking about themselves in their account. So that's called self praise escaped and that's another poison he had inside of him. Right? And also, obviously, he was envious. I'm better than him. Right? He was

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jealous of him. Clearly, he's being defensive by saying that. Also, number five, is that he

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rejected the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah said, What stopped you from prostrating when I commanded you? Right? I commanded you Case Closed. I'm not going to accept that command.

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Number six is that he accused Allah's wisdom and you're never going to reject our laws or rules. Without accusing his wisdom, you think your decision is better than his? Or else? Why would you prefer yours over his? And that's something tons of people do nowadays, don't they?

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What do you mean could have the hand in 2016? You your mind? It's about to be 2017. Right? Do you realize what you're saying?

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They feel like they're gonna one up God on his logic if that term is even permissible to use, but this is the type of statements that are being said nowadays. All right, number seven. Number seven is

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ah, he used the false analogy and that's not small. The scholars didn't say that. Like he's just trying to fill a list of like, how many bad things a pun is ascribed subscribes to. faulty analogy is the way that every ugly human being or gin, silence is his conscience. I'm gonna worship Jesus because Jesus had no debt. We all have debts. He's special. That's a faulty analogy, right? Because as I said, I had no mom or dad, right? I'm going to worship the cow because cow give me milk my whole life. Mom only give me milk for two years. People say this stuff. It's a faulty analogy. But it's not about being right. It's just about you know, silencing the conscience. You don't want to

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wake up in the morning and say I'm a monster. No one likes to feel guilty. The eighth thing he did is that he over rationalize. A lot didn't tell you why didn't you prostrate when you're better when he's better when you are better, or he is better Is it because I said so. Why are you using your

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rationale when it doesn't belong. And so these are the types of mutations that come out of you not keeping your desires in check poisons and mutation that gets that ugly. How much time do I have now? Five minutes. Okay, so I haven't made the spear. Let me say a little bit more about satanic impulses.

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Just think about how much like how much evil how many wars have ever existed, how many gangs, how many deaths, how much violence, how much hatred, how much divorce, you know, so many people out there, they're just so resentful like, this is not a natural impulse. Like if if I some spouses hate each other so much that if I can't have it, you can't have it. Like they just they spite each other even when it doesn't benefit them. That's not normal. That's a tannic, that's where it comes from. A short, you want to cover it, and it's mine. That's what allows Jay Thorne to take over this is a shaytani personality treat. Right? So some people you wonder why they still continue in Ramadan

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because they've become an aspect of shaitan has become one with them.

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And thus we have made for every prophet Allah says shell Deen devils from the jinn and the humans share theme from human beings.

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So now for the remedies. How do you climb out? We said the pits now how do you get out?

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Step one, you got to get rid of all of the satanic impulses, Seek and Destroy figure out what they are. Study the subject take it seriously. Like chef Jamal was saying it's not a light matter.

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And get out like nothing left. Can we leave a little bit of arrogance left? Is that okay? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said in the heights of Muslims and Muslim, nobody enters gnf there's the weight of a speck of arrogance in his heart. They said you're all sort of lovely like to have nice clothes, nice shoes. Is that okay? Or is that arrogance? He said, No, no, no. arrogance is the rejection of truth. You're not going to accept it. Because you're not the one that came up with it. You're not going to concede to a point because it came from another the rejection of truth and the belittlement of people. And this is a genius. subpanel Ah, brilliant description by the brothers.

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Also lamb. Because the rejection of truth is something you do openly belittlement of people could be done inside. So just because you say just like Hello, hate on for the advice. While deep down inside. You're saying who the heck do you think you are telling me? I'm wrong. And you're right. That's still arrogance, it could be hidden check for it. The second thing you need to do now, you need to not remove the animal desires, the physical desires. You need to refine them. Whoever says you need to remove them has no idea what they're talking about. That's not Islam. It's Eastern philosophies and all that stuff like life is suffering and the more you hurt yourself, the better

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you'll be. the more you'll transcend and spiritual This is all bogus. And that's why it always backfires. Like the Atkins diet you know the Atkins diet. When you go really hard. You come back and you pray called out on all the carbs right like you do extra. If you become really religious overnight and you stamp you know, you floor it promises and says no one does that extended the dean will overwhelm him. So the dounia you're not supposed to remove it. You're supposed to refine it. So I really like comfort and sleep prefetcher

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I really love money. Just start payers. Right? refine it, how do you refine it? by feeding the spiritual? Allah azza wa jal says waka Veliko, hyena, la Kuru homina Marina, thus we have revealed to you a rule. So you come from mud, use urine for mud, you also come from Aurora. Allah sent to you a rule His revelation, he called it a rule. He called it a spirit. Why? Because it gives life to your life It gives life to your spirit.

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He says we have revealed this rule to you this book to you to feed your rule.

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So the knowledge that we have sent to you will give you life

00:23:53--> 00:23:59

and also actions being coupled with that knowledge is absolutely necessary.

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You know, when, when Abdullah Mubarak and I'll close with it with these two narrations he used to say, Massa Kino le dunia, Harajuku minha la mia to colavita Ayesha, these poor pathetic addicts of this world, they spent their whole life they left this life without tasting the sweetest thing in it. They said What is that? Call America to law, getting to know Allah. That's the sweetest thing here. That's not just facts. There are non Muslims that study Islam and no more facts about Islam than you. They don't taste this. They're miserable. They can go to sleep at night without their alcohol and they wake up in the middle of the night because of their insecurities.

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

And the suicide rates I already read them to you last night, through the roof and the opioids and wasting yourself on all of this. Getting to know Allah is not facts. It must start there. But that's not it. I will surely manage dharani

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Rahim Allah, I'll close with this. They said to him be mad to nano marry for too long. How can someone get to that point where he he really knows Allah he's, he feels it. He's acquainted with Allah on a real level called avatar it he said by obeying Him. They said to him would be mad to now look or to who? How can a person get himself to the point which are all thinking now? How can I get myself to the point that I'm really going to start obeying Him? Really dedicate myself to his servitude? How do I get to obeying Him? Call me he. He said through him. It can only happen through him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say I did not come back Muslim Allahumma tiene

00:25:42--> 00:26:31

FC taqwa zakia antihero. menza caha And will you help him Allah? memorize that and let it be the start. But don't stop there. Allahumma tiene FC taqwa. O Allah grant my soul its purity is the key here. It's piety. zakiyah Anta hieromonk zakka. Ha, and purify it, you're the best one to purify it. And we're Lee you have women who love her. You are its master and you are its guardian. We ask Allah the master and guardian of our souls in our lives, to not allow us to die except when he is pleased with us, and not allow us to leave this world before tasting the sweetest thing in it and make the best of our days the day that we meet him. subhana wa Tada. Oh Allah, master and guardian of our

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souls. Grant our souls it's tough coats, piety, and purify to the best of those that do so and I pray that Allah forgives us and you and grant us and you sincerity and pulls us out of this conference better than we came into with a loving man. is like a lovely and everybody