Don’t worry about money

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Don’t worry about money

Allah is At Razzaq – the Provider

As the provider, how would this dictate and determine how we think? How we behave? 

What if your neighbour sends over a dessert dish? What is Ar Razzaq’s role in this dessert?

Did you know Allah has made Himself the Provider for the inhabitants of the dunya?

We cannot provide for ourselves unless He provides. He not only created us but then goes on to provide for us. What has He provided for us? What are the types of provision from Allah that we receive daily? What if Allah withholds His Provision? Why does one person receive far more than another? Why does a sinful person have so much provision on this earth; it’s as if his sins have no effect on his ease in this world? Whatt happens then?

For further knowledge and proof of Allah’s Greatness as the Provider, listen to this khutbah today.


AI: Summary © The loss of wealth and the lack of provision caused by the pandemic, as well as the Prophet's use of words to create provision and provide for needs of the creator, is the loss of wealth and the lack of provision. The importance of provision for one's risk is emphasized, along with the need for a provision for one's risk in the future. The speaker emphasizes the need for a culture of doing things and being true to oneself to attain success.
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repentance and forgiveness. Julie Yuma Los Angeles Allah guides that can mislead and hammer la leaves to go straight there is none who can guide and I bet one is that there is nothing worthy of worship save alone. And then Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both a servant and His Messenger, called a lo Tada.

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To call it, well, let's move on to Muslim moon.

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Allah subhanho wa sallam in the Quran

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tells us in the la hora xapo, reporting Mateen that indeed,

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it is a law, the provider, the firm possessor of strength

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in this time, which is incredibly uncertain,

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where things are changing constantly.

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Many of us are consumed with worry,

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and anxiety, particularly over our wealth and our money.

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Many people in the community have been okay, but some people have lost their businesses. Some people have found their income drop significantly from what it used to be.

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And in this time, we are prone to becoming overly stressed and worried about our wealth and our money. And even if we haven't been affected by this pandemic, financially, we worry about what's going to happen. When you announcement is going to happen. How is it going to impact my job? How's it going to impact my wealth?

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But a loss of handouts Allah tells us as in the verse we just sent earlier, in the la hora zap of information Mateen. Indeed, he is a law address, the provider, the one who is the firm, possessor of strength.

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And so in this hospital, we want to talk about a loss of Hamilton is actually the being the provider, what it means, and how it should affect our psychology as believers, and how it should affect our actions and deeds as believers. Allah is

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he is the one who provides and Allah calls himself in what

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what does this mean that he is the provider? Allah is the only real provider, the only true provider

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someone can come and provide you with some food?

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Did they create that food? Did they make that food out of nothing? Did they bring it into existence? No. Therefore, therefore, I was created creates the provision to begin with, he is the only true provider. And he is

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because not only does he create the provision, he decides who receives the provision, and when they receive it, and how much of it they receive.

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And a loss of

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grants His provision to everyone Muslim or Catherine.

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Alyssa says, women

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fill out the

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There is no creature on earth, except that it is upon a law. Its provision, meaning a law has made a responsibility upon himself to provide for it, every creature, every one of the creation,

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he said, Oh law,

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make this land a land of peace and security and provide one provide its inhabitants with fruits, those amongst them who believe in a law and in the last day.

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He said all those amongst them who believe in the law on the last day, give them this. Give them the provision the fruits give them the money

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to survive what is the last say to Prophet Ibrahim in response by a woman? Allah says in also those who disbelieve

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also those who have this belief elements running into them

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Unless and even those in this room provide for them until for a short period of time meaning this world this life, and then they will be taken to the punishment of the hellfire.

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It was reported in some of the books in the scholars that Prophet Ibrahim Amsterdam one day I did not want to sit and eat with a man who was a disbeliever.

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So Allah subhanaw taala revealed to Prophet Ibrahim Ibrahim, you did not have the patience to sit with him for a single hour and I have been feeding him for his entire life. Allah subhanaw taala as a result, he is the one who creates the benefits creates the provision itself then decide tool receivers and what portion they will receive a loss of hemodialysis Yeah, you're living in Yeah, you are nurse was never meant to live.

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lives in

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La Ilaha Illa.

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Allah says all mankind, remember the fever of a lot over you? Is there a nother heart? Is there a nother creator, other than a law who will provide you from the heavens and the earth? law?

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There is no deity other than him. So how are they diluted? Allah subhanaw taala relies in this area. He combines or references the fact that he provides this, he provides for you. alongside with the fact that he creates

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he says hadn't been hard anything available.

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Is there a creator other than alone provides this

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you could have said is there a god other than alone provides for this? Is there a rosin other that alone provides you this but he mentioned his create the fact that He is the Creator.

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And he links these two attributes, and many verses in the Quran, that was the heart of the Creator with the fact that ally is

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the provider. And this is an important point in our belief system.

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Your wealth is not created by you.

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Your innovation did not create your wealth. Because a lot of people think this, they think I'm wealthy because I am so creative. I am wealthy because I'm such a hard worker, I am wealthy because I'm so smart. And everyone around me isn't?

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Well, if you really understand what these verses are telling you, you are not wealthy, because of your creativity. You do not have wealth because of your intelligence.

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You cannot create for yourself or for any other human, with your creativity, with your innovation with your intelligence, just like you cannot create anything from the creation yourself.

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Likewise, you cannot provide yourself

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without Allah subhanaw taala providing for you. It is only Allah who is capable of providing just like it is only capable of creating.

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So a lot brings these two meanings together.

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The only one capable of providing is exactly the only one who's capable of creating a lot

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of lessons another person was the one who created you. And then he provided for you for me.

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Adam eco May.

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Allah says he is the one who created you, then provided for you and causes you to die, then resurrects you, is there any of these partners they worship other than a law that can do any of this?

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And so just like there is no one else who can create you and cause you to die to revive you. There's no one else who can provide for you.

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And so a lot constantly brings these meanings together. And realizing that verse along with Lenny Hello. from Morocco. Allah is the one who created you and then he provided for you. Reza

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is in the past tense.

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Allah has already provided for you.

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already provided for you.

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What do we mean by that?

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Before you were created a lot decided the order

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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the famous had eaten

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me on a human,

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that the creation of any of us brought together in the womb of his mother, as a drop for 40 days, then it becomes a clinging thing for 40 days for similar period, then it becomes a lump of flesh for a similar period, then the angel is brought to us a lot sends the angel to it, and the angel breathes in its soul. And he is ordered to record four things be kept to me, that is the The first thing to write down its provision. Every dollar you are going to earn has been written,

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every meal you're going to enjoy has been written,

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every breath of fresh air you're going to breathe has been written, all of it has already been written, from the moment your soul was breathed into your body and the womb of your mother It was written.

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And if that's the case, if you believe this something that is repeated in the listener,

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then why will you worry over your money? Why will you be anxious over your wealth? Why do you fall into how long to gain money if you know that this is true? And the prophet SAW along where it was send them said in the Buddha's methods fee robbery and then Excellence Awards, had status doctrinal risk Khawaja? The Prophet said that the Holy Spirit's meaning to be

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inspired to

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that no soul will die until it completes, receiving its full amount of risk, and its full amount of lifespan. If you are to live to 60 years, you are not going to die at 59.

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If you're going to earn $2 million over your lifespan, you're not gonna die earning a single dollar less, nor a single dollar more.

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And this is incredibly important for us to question ourselves, do you believe this to be true or not?

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If there is a drop of water,

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a rain drop across the world that has dropped and a lot rose but you're gonna drink that drop of water, you're not gonna die until you drink.

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It gets bottled and it's put into a bottle and it gets shipped into from a factory to a factory until it arrives in your hand and you drink it, you're not gonna die.

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And if it was to be for you, it will not be for anyone else.

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And if we know this to be true, that we will not humiliate ourselves for the sake of money, we will not going to hold on for the sake of money.

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I will like the person who steals or commits how long term money they're earning a money they would have received anyways from

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but it is their hastiness to receive it from how long if they use their energy and their effort in high that they would have received the same amount of money that they took from how long is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make

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along those

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lines give me enrichment from your heart rather than your heart. Because he knows

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no matter what, allow me to earn it from rather than earning.

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And this is something repeated even in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada says, Would you

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mean so when

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talks about creating the earth, the heavens in the earth and he says well under our feet of water, he determined the sustenance of his creation allows already determined our sustenance, everything has been written, and every dollar that will pass through your hands has been written, and every meal that you will eat has been written and how many plants you will enjoy has been written. All of it has been decided by reserved for one who decides our provision.

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And you can think of it like a father who sends his son to travel and prepares him before he leaves, prepares him with money and prepares them with why he needs before he even goes. Unless a parent is prepared for us in this world we'll need we will need in our lives before we even arrive.

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And this is something that we should often reflect upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is what it is kumada

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Allah says in the heavens is your risk is your provision and all that you have been promised. One of the veterans heard this verse, and he said, some of the law is at a loss of the truth. And he left, he came back to Medina another day, he heard this verse and the verse after it was sent out.

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And that happens is your provision and what you have been promised,

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you will be in

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Islam, and

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Allah says, and so by the Lord of the heavens in the earth, this is truth, just as true as you speak, meaning just as true in real as it is that I am speaking right now. And you can hear me a lot says it is true that your risk is with a loss of habitat in the heavens. He heard the second part of the verse, and he was so sad, he began to cry. He said, What did we do, that caused the loss of panel data to swear an oath, that our risk is truly their meaning that Is it because of our lack of a man that a lot had to swear this oath revealed the next verse to swear this oath to tell us that oh, this is actually they're enriching for us. And then the lady or

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another lady. In this car, Bella jiofi, are to win win afford Allah subhana wa tada says, Who is it that can provide for you, if he's some kind of was either withheld his provisions, but they have persisted and insolence and aversion. No one else can give to us other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So don't humiliate yourself, seeking, seeking wealth from what is

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worrying and destroying yourself over anxiety over the wealth that Allah subhanaw taala has already decreed, and has already decided will come to you. And realize this, that we receive from a loss of handle Tyler is of different types, there is the risk. When we think of this, we think about wealth, we think about food, we think about money.

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And that's a type of illness.

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And that's a type of risk that every one of the creation receives from a law Muslim, non Muslim, everybody can receive money and wealth and food from a loss of Hannah Woods Island.

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That is

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a risk, the general form of risk, but there is a specific form of risk,

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which is the risk

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that benefits us in this world and in the next world.

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There is that is our nn and a loss of Canada either. That is that is knowledge of a loss of Hannah was either that is there is feeling poverty towards a lot as origin, and feeling his strength and understanding his power in Germany in terms of Hannah was either that's a different type of this. And the Prophet sallallahu. I mean, sometimes

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we haven't been You see, that's a servant might be prevented from risk because of a sin that he has committed.

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And now, prevention of risk that might come to you might not have anything to do with money.

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But it might be that a lot prevents you from the risk of worshipping Him. That is reciting for and that is of standing in prayer. That is a feeling for sure. I'm feeling connected to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And this is something incredibly important. When a man came to hustling and bustling, riding alongside I said to him, I commit all sins, every door of sin I went to is, but a lot has made my life easy. A lot open for me every door I'm making money, my life I have everything that I can possibly want, has inversely said to him, do you pray? Do you fast? event said no. He said so a lot from you, that is of Menagerie that is of salvation, that is from this connection to Allah subhanaw taala what worse of a deprivation is there.

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And this is something for us to think about this why the profits in the long run he was always say alone.

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All provide me this. And he did not mean sometimes we mean all I give me money, he mentioned is in the broadest sense including the risk of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and being connected to him. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to provide us with his It is so

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Palo Alto, California that was the documents offered all in all for writing.

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This allow him to sort of sit down rasulillah.

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How do we as believers connect to the meaning of a loss of handle to either being observed? And that was, and how do we attain this risk of a loss of penalty in a way that is pleasing to Him subhanho wa Taala. The first is to abandon how long

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to abandon all that is held on because when we attain wealth and provision from how long we are denying ourselves, the greater is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we are not increasing our risk that has been written for us and the Prophet sallallahu. Earlier you mentioned to us the example of the men

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who is traveling an extensive travel up the sofa

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and his hair is disheveled and his clothes are tattered

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and his hands are raised. And he is pleading with a liasing Yeah.

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Everything that has been described by our Prophet

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are matters that increase the chances of accepting our

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likes more

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when we are traveling, because we are undergoing hardship. A lot accepts a lot more when we are in a desperate state. So our hair is disheveled. Our clothes are in tatters. Like when the person goes for Hajj. They're wearing, you know, just pieces of cloth. They're in that physical state of desperation. So the person is in a physical state of desperation. And he's raising his hands up as the Prophet would do in times of desperation, making dry, and he's pleading with a lie. These are all attributes that make your dog more likely to be accepted. But what is the prophecy?

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But his food that he eats is his drinking that he drinks is haram and his clothing that he wears this around. And it shows you that he lives in his her own bed next to each other. So how can one likes his daughter? How can this be accepted? the harem that we do denies us the more important to this alliance regards wanna dance the risk of connecting to a loss of Anna with either. The second point is not to humiliate ourselves, when we are seeking the risk of a loss of handle. It's either to debase ourselves seeking the risk of a muscle panel, it's either and we see this happening a lot, you know, especially in our social media culture that we have right now where people humiliate

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themselves online sometimes for followers, because they'll get some money that way, the believer should never act like this. your self respect is important to you think of one of the great scholars of Islam lives in an IBD. That's

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Sorry, no, it was Salim

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Abdullah, one of the great scholars in our religion that he was performing pull off in the messages. And the ruler, the king sign there, saw him there. And he's a popular scholar. So he wants to get his favor. He wants the popular scholar to endorse him. So while he's the boss, when he sees in there, he turns to him, and he tells him, is there anything I can do for you? Can I do a favor for you? And Simon said to him, I feel shy to ask you something. When I'm in the house of a law, I'm in the house and along and asked, I'm not gonna ask Allah to Allah. So the Khalifa says okay, and he leaves him.

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And Salim continues his time off until he finishes, and the halifa waits for him outside of the messenger. And when he finishes and he comes to leave the medicine, he asked him again. Can I do something for you? And so he said, anila Can I do something for you? So he tells him are you gonna do me a favor in the dunya or in the

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Khalifa says, I can't do anything for you in the do something for you in the dunya.

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So he tells him analyze

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an aluminum liquid first No,

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I didn't ask the one who owns the last panel data, should they ask you and you don't even own the dunya.

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And this is a powerful look at the dignity and the self respect you as he doesn't want to humiliate himself, begging for the dunya from even from a king because he knows I was a penalty and ultimately will provide for him.

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And the third point is that

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While Allah writes his this for us, that doesn't take us off the hook of working for that Miss and working is a means to attain the risk of a loss paddle Tyler amendment debits and I'll call it any illegal region he

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Allah says that the the animals and the birds are just like us. Do the birds work for their sustenance or not? Do the animals work and scavenge for their food and for their sustenance or not? Of course they do. The practice alone is what we wanted to talk about that so what are the reliance upon a lot of a servant he said it should be like the bird who leaves with no food in the morning but returns full because it works and it strives and a lot provides for it. Unless is john

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Allison was the one who made the earth manageable for you. He made the earth tame for you so much potential female that could be her walk and its paths IE use the earth. with agriculture plants in its grow in its use work well kulu misty and eat from the risk of it. A lot provides you this sometimes as the opportunity and you are meant to work on it to attain and unlock the risk that a lot is written for you. So we need to work in our religion as if we're working as hard as we can, but also knowing that alone provide us with what is best in the moment. You can

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also do it yourself. Much Nima Allahumma salli wa sallam Odysseys, you know whenever you know have you been hunted along with Liliana Mohammed's in medical

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school of

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Minnesota cinnamon degi medium Dean while he was being played in the Palladian why lumads and many, many better lives on here.