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The speaker discusses the negative consequences of eating dirty wealth, including one's esophagus and the energy derived from the flesh. They explain that dirty thoughts and feelings can only be used to avoid healthy behavior. The series will cover various aspects of a Muslim home, including the importance of learning to achieve a blessed home and the benefits of the series.

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To get a little bit of wealth through the wrong way is not difficult. But what is poisonous is the result of that. Because when we put that into our mouths as Muslims we are taught that it contaminates the whole system. Say for example, I have had a meal, that meal was from money that I had extorted from someone or robbed or cheated them in one way or deceived them even if they gave it willingly, but for as long as they were deceived, that money is dirty. When I purchased a meal for my family with dirty money, what we are taught is they will eat it when they eat it, it has a negative effect on the esophagus, you know the stomach and the intestines, the entire digestive

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system, the enzymes, everything is cursing this human being. And on top of that, the energy derived you know the energy that is derived the flesh that is grown through that which we ate, which was earned in clandestine means, will not be used in something spiritual or good. So we have energy with our hands, we are not happy when we touch that which is permissible, we will only be quenched when we touch that which is not allowed. We are not happy when we look at what is allowed for us. We will only be quenched when we look at that which is prohibited. Why? Because we've eaten that which is what we call haram that which is prohibited dirty, filthy. So our eyes cannot be satisfied except

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through a filthy way. Our brains are contaminated that we can't think straight. This is why the Quran says Alladhina coluna Reba, Leia como una INLA Camilla Kula yet Babu shape Amin and miss a person who consumes usually an interest in you know, as Muslims, we firmly believe that that is haram it's prohibited. Because interest makes the rich richer, and the poor, poorer, you've got money, you can lend it out, people who are poor will work for you forever and ever to give you more and more, and they have less and less. In a nutshell, when a person eats dirty wealth, they get up or they can only stand in a condition of the one who is possessed by the devil, which means they are

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not happy when they look at their own wives. But when they see other women, they are excited and happy it clenches their eyes, they cannot be happy when they touch something which is legitimate. But when they touch that which is prohibited, they are happy. They are excited when they think they can only think awkward, they were only happy with dirty thoughts, but the clean thoughts do not come into their minds. Similarly, when they have to judge between people, their minds are sometimes blown apart. They don't know how to think they cannot see simple mathematics. One plus one to them is not to why because they don't have the brain. To them, they cannot see that this person is right. And

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this is wrong, because they have nourish that brain with that which is prohibited. The reason why we believe this is in order for us to realize the importance of clinging very solidly to that which is permissible and full of blessings. And this is why we say there is a lot to be learned when it comes to business ethics, we are supposed to be the most upright, very clear imagine when we are selling a motor vehicle, a true believer would be saying you know what, I've made an accident, it was damaged here, the car looks brand new, it is a beautiful vehicle. But I need to tell you the three defects it has. Here you are if you want to take it if you don't want it, leave it. That's a true believer.

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Whereas you have a person who might claim to believe saying no, nothing wrong, no accident, no nothing beautiful car, it was better for that person to say, here's the vehicle, look at it nicely. If you like it, take it if you don't leave it, that's even a better statement than that. So we need to choose and the result of it will be either we are blessed, or we lose blessings, the choice is yours.

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Our objective with this series is to cover various aspects of a Muslim home. So we can all have a blessed home in sha Allah, starting from who to get married to and how, what are the roles and responsibilities of a husband and wife towards each other, and their children how and when to complement each other and lastly, your parents and how best to serve them. For the first time ever, we are going to enable every one of you to learn all about how to achieve a blessed home from Quran and Sunnah with a single click in your own language in state of the art courses in sha Allah. The series will consist of 2000 episodes covering in detail in three to seven minute videos using state

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of the art animations paired with ground breaking detailed work. The series is a collaboration with free Quran education. The series will be made available in all major languages of the world in sha Allah. Now who

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benefit from this. Every single person with internet connection will be able to benefit from the series as long as the internet lasts in sha Allah

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becoming a source of everlasting constant sadaqa jariya for everyone who contributes, and makes the series a reality by the will of Allah