Should I be scared of Allah?

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Simple reason made mention of directly Why did Allah tell us to fast?

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He says Lala contacter code. That's the reason

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Oh you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you just like it was to those before you in order that you achieve taco Wha what is taqwa? When you hear people speak about it they say the consciousness of Allah the fear of Allah. What else do they say? They say

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various other things. I'm sure you've heard consciousness of Allah Dupois.

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I'm sure you've heard the fear of Allah Taqwa.

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There was a question that someone raised a few years back, which resulted in a beautiful explanation that I want to share with you. They said the question from a young lad Why should I

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be scared of Allah? Meaning that when you say fear of Allah, fear Allah? You know?

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It's a good question.

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One of the primary things you and I need to understand is the consciousness of Allah, which means to know that He is your Lord, He made you He is in control of everything on Earth, and you are going to helplessly go back to him, helplessly go back to him, meaning the day you are in your last no one and nothing will be able to delay you by a moment in Agile Allah, He, either Jah Allah, you know, quantum talamona, if only you knew when the fixed time of Allah comes for you, or for anything or anyone, it will not be delayed, not even by a moment, you got to go, you gotta go, you could have had all the wealth on earth or all the health on Earth, but your time is up, it's up, something will

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happen to ensure that you're gone. So I need to be conscious of that all the time, all the time. I need to keep thinking about the fact that I came from somewhere I am somewhere and I'm going somewhere, consciousness, but the fear of Allah?

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Do I worship Allah? Because I'm scared of him?

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Good question, right?

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When you're scared of someone, what type of relationship would you have? So you need to put this fear of Allah into context, what is the context, there is a way of explaining it, or there are perhaps more than one way, there is more than one way of explaining it, perhaps. But here's one.

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So when you love someone, and you love them dearly, think about someone you love. You love them so much.

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Sure, you guys have someone in your minds, right?

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Oh, by the way, you're nodding your head. I hope it's halaal broke.

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You have someone in your mind, I love this person so much right? Would you do anything to hurt them? Would you do anything to be in their bad books? So the relationship is disturbed? Would you do something like that? The answer is no. Why don't you want to do something? Because I don't want to spoil this relation that I have. You understand what I'm saying? So I fear spoiling the relationship with the one I love. So this fear is born out of tremendous love. You understand the point? Because I love Allah so much I fear getting into the bad books. You see what I'm saying? So Tekoa is untouch alibi in a carabiner other biller he will die. If you look at the deep explanation that some have

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given. They have said Taqwa comes from the term we chi which refers to a barrier. So create a barrier between you and what. That which displeases Allah or the punishment of Allah, I make a barrier. How do I make that barrier? Well, by doing the right things and staying away from the wrong things as simple as that, so that is taqwa in essence. So Allah says, I have prescribed fasting so that your relationship with Me can be on the highest level. You you realize who I am, you worship me correctly, you become compassionate and all the other benefits of fasting, and at the end of that prescribed time, you should have achieved a better relationship with Allah. That's why they say way.

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lunamon Adara Kurama Ivana for Lemieux for Allah, you might have heard that one day the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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said Amin thrice as he was climbing up the member, the pulpit and when he was asked later, he said Jabril made a few do as and I was saying I mean to them, what was one of the two as one of them was that will be upon the one who witnesses the month of forgiveness and doesn't achieve the forgiveness. Something is for sale, literally for sale.

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And you don't make use of it yet you need it.