The Beginning And The End – Introduction

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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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So I want to quantify the cat to everyone. So I'm super excited to be announcing inshallah Tada This brand new series for Vienna, which is albida Whitney high at the beginning in the end. Now this is going to be a series that's going to spend over several years in sha Allah tala. Let's hope it doesn't go too long, but it's going to be quite extensive. And it's based on the famous work of Ibn katheer Rahim Allah tala called it'll be die with the high at the beginning in the end. But what we're really going to do is we're basically going to discuss the story of creation and history as we know it and then what's been given to us of that which will come in sha Allah tala of the Day of

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Judgment, the size of the Day of Judgment, and that which comes afterwards paradise in Hellfire, and so on, so forth. So this series is going to start off with the creation of everything, the creation of the heavens and the earth, the creation of angels, jinn, animals, humans, you know, paradise Hellfire, when it was first created. In essence, we're going to cover everything that we can inshallah, out of the lives of the prophets, getting into the life of the Prophet, spice alum. And then we're going to go century by century and discuss some of the major contributions and developments of that century in Muslim history until our time in sha Allah tala and then we'll move

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on to the end. Now what we're going to do and what's what I think is very important when we're studying these types of topics, and when we're having these conversations is to discuss the benefits. If you study our legacy, or the history of Islam, you find that the scholars used to shy away from getting into the, you know, the very specific details that are irrelevant to us. Instead, they always talked about benefit. And so when we talk about the creation of the throne, when we talk about the creation of the pen, when we talk about the creation of a low head map with the preserved tablet, the heavens and the earth, the angels are the mighty Salaam and so on so forth. We're going

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to discuss benefits, I mean, you'll find the scholars even discussing whether or not there would be extraterrestrial life if there are aliens that exists, but they wouldn't get into too much detail about it. They just say what would be do of us or what would we have to do, if we found that there were there was a creation that lives somewhere else that we had no contact with, up until that point. So somehow this is the beauty of our legacy of Islamic history that we discuss, you know, the benefits and things that we should do and things that are due upon us and the wisdom that Allah subhanho wa Taala has shared with us on the tongue of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam or

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through the great scholars of our tradition, so follow along inshallah it's going to be extensive, it's going to be a long ride, I hope that when we finished inshallah tada it will be a significant contribution and you need to be consistent make sure that you're sharing inshallah the videos watching and sharing the videos as they come out consistently with your friends, your family, get them all tuned in. And I look forward to being with you for the next few years in sha Allah for the beginning and the end. zachman la hydrolysed, Santa Monica, Florida cut