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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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So it doesn't matter who you're talking to, or how religious a person is, if you're going to talk about gin, everyone is suddenly interested. So even if a person is, you know, going through something in life, and even if they're, they have serious questions about faith, there's this fascination that we have with gins and with ghosts, and with the outside world and things of that sort. And somehow a lot, you know, there are some things that are beneficial to know about the jinn, and some things that are not so beneficial. And unfortunately, most of the time people waste their time, with the not so beneficial things, just things that are fascinating. And obviously, when we

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study anything that has to do with our faith, we should study for the sole purpose of benefiting ourselves and coming closer to a loss of Hannah Montana, and developing a greater understanding of our religion, rather than just simply sparking our fascination and amusing ourselves and interesting ourselves. So when it comes to the jinn, it's a very serious topic for us to study obviously, it has implications for us as well to know who the jinn are, what they represent what their purpose is, and you know, whatever it is about them that a lot or the messenger sallallahu Sallam mentioned to us about them obviously we know that they're created from fire, but they're not just created from any

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form of fire. last panel to add us as well. Haleakala Jana, Mary, Jim enough that Allah subhanaw taala created them from Maddie jenman not the prophets I seldom the way he described that is that they were created from a smokeless flame. Even Kathy Rahim Allah to Allah He says in the video when he actually he says that they were created men pot off the lab from the edge of the flame, which is the best of it. So Ally's actually mentioning it to them and sort of man as a favor to them. And that's that's the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that just as he created men from the from the finest molding of clay he fashioned men, humankind from the finest molding of clay Allah subhanaw taala

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fashion gin from the finest moulding of fire overall. Okay, so last time I mentioned it as a as a favor to them last pantai says well, john Locke now human compliment now to Simone that allows panatela created them before us now linguistically. gin comes from the word Jana and Jana means that which is concealed, and Subhana Allah it's interesting because at one point in life, linguistically Don't misunderstand me here. linguistically, we were all Jin linguistically. not technically we're always human beings but linguistically because Allah says in the Quran is antem agenda tune, feeble Tony Omaha to come when you were concealed in your mother's wombs, which is why a miscarried fetus

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would be called Janine. Okay. So Jin means that which is hidden that which is concealed. A last panel to Allah He says in the hall, your arcam who are Kabila who mean hydrolat, around the home that barely shavon and his and his soldiers and his troops, they see you in ways that you can't see them. So they're concealed from us as human beings. And that's a test for us. And that's a favor that they have that they can see us but we can't see them. Animals can see them. So obviously, we're greater than animals as far as our creation is concerned. But Allah subhanaw taala tests us by concealing them from us. And that's actually why one of the reasons why last penalty Allah bestowed

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upon his clothes because most of the scholars said that the jinn don't actually even have that last pantai says, Yeah, then he Adam, oh, son of Adam, oh Children of Adam, but Angelina alaykum, lieberson you worry so article that barely we have bestowed upon you clothing, so that you could cover yourselves what Isha and so that you could also adorn yourselves. So part of it is that we cover ourselves in front of one another, and that also at last, it gave us something to conceal ourselves, in front of the jinn that are around us, that were unable to see now obviously, in that fascination of jinn, Subhan Allah, likewise, you have a lot of theological deviation. So you'll find

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that the mushrikeen the pagans of Mecca, as we mentioned, they call the angels the daughter of the daughters of Allah Subhana, Allah binotto Rama, they also went so far as to call the jinn, the brothers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they they assigned a gender to the angels, which is obviously inappropriate because the angels have no gender. And then they assume that all the jinn are men, and that and even worse, they're the brothers of a loss of Hannah hoods. Okay, so obviously, a lot is free from the gin and free from anything in that regard. The gin do have genders there are male gin and their female gin. The Christians on the other hand, they just they don't

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actually believe in a separate creation of gin and Judeo Christian thought. They're all just fallen angels, the entire concept of demons is a race of fallen angels. And obviously, as believers, you know, as Muslims, we separate between the angels and the jinn altogether, which is something that we view as a mistake theologically in Judeo Christian thought. Now what it is about the gym is that they are more califone they're just like us as human beings. They're McKellar phone, which means that they are responsible for their actions. They have freewill just like human beings. And a

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La soprano to Allah He says that the jinn said to the prophets I seldom when I'm in the Muslim world I mean the classic one that we have some amongst us that are believers that have submitted themselves to a loss panorama. And we have some amongst us that are you know, rebellious transgressors that have rebelled against the loss of Hannah to Allah, like the shape lawn, okay like the devil himself and so on, so forth. So there are different categories, but their purpose is, in essence the same purpose as human beings. Well not up to the general insularity are we doing Allah says I did not create jinn or mankind except to worship me. So some of them choose to worship Allah

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subhanho wa Taala like human beings do and some of them choose to rebel. And they're mentioned in various ways in the Sunnah. So not necessarily with ranks, but with various names. And even in the Koran sometimes you'll see the word for example athlete. An athlete refers to a very strong Jin, or some lustleigh salaam. Once when he was praying, he caught a fruit he actually caught one of the very strong jinn and the prophets lie Selim he thought to tie that strong jinn to a pillar in the masjid but then the prophets lie Selim, he let him go. So the word athlete is used sometimes in the Quran and Sunnah to refer to a very powerful jinn. Likewise, you have shale clean the devil's, which

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obviously, it's pretty self explanatory. Any evil gin is referred to as a shape on and they are the shale clean, then you have an interesting word which will come across in Chatelet, in our discussions, which is the word lm and an hour, or the gym that tend to live within within the homes, okay, so they're the gym that tend to settle within homes, obviously, coming from you know, and that is someone that takes up residence, and that's and that sets up somewhere. And that's what they refer to in the sort of the prophets lie Selim in that regard. And that's how the Arabs used to refer to them as well, when they refer to a gym that was inside the home, they use the word out on

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them, okay. Now, obviously, this entire realm, whether they're good gin or bad gin, you know, where to show aversion to them as a whole, we're not supposed to interact with this realm, we're not supposed to take steps to try to reach out to good gin are so on so forth. Because we don't really know in essence, our interaction is limited. So we wouldn't even be able to tell who's truly a good gin and who's truly an evil gin. And some people make that mistake of trying to actually communicate with good gin, to do good things and it actually ends up backfiring on them because that gin that they were communicating with, turned out to be not so good. So we're supposed to try to avoid that

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realm as much as we can in general, and obviously take steps in our lives to ward off the evil amongst them and not to imitate their habits as well the evil habits amongst them. So the profit slice of them for example, he said, when one of you eats, let him eat with his right hand, and when he drinks let him drink with his right hand. Because the shale clean, they eat with their left hand and they drink with their left hands. Okay, so the prophets lie some is telling us to avoid being like them in that regard, avoid imitating the shale clean, avoid imitating the evil jinn and also obviously take the steps to protect ourselves, from them and from their heart. But the gin you know,

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shavon is an exception and that he lives a loss anta has granted him respite and he lives for a very long time. Otherwise the the prophets lie, some that we mentioned very early on and tell how you lay the lay multiple general into your Moton, the prophets lie Selim said to last pastor he makes a dua, saying you are a high you are the EverLiving who never dies, and both jinn and human beings die. In fact, you know, not only do they die, they have Genesis, they have graves, they have funerals, they have cultures, they have languages, they have genders, they procreate, so unlike the angels who are just perpetually being created, the jinn actually marry and have children they have the real as

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Allah tells us in the Quran, they have offspring, okay? And Allah subhanaw taala has also established some of their attributes in the Quran. So Allah has established their novel laws established that they can see a laws established alcohol that they can speak and a law has established a seminar that they can hear, all of these things are attributed to the jinn in the Quran, Allah, Allah He also as he mentioned to us in the story of a man that the jinn you know, what we can take from that is that the jinn are able to move much quicker and with with far more ease than we are as human beings, they're able to fly, they're able to travel to the skies, they're able

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to move a lot faster and to get things done a lot faster than us and to be in one place and another place far faster than we are as evidenced in many different stories of the prophets and in the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Lai, Salah, they also have a more fluid creation in the sense that their shapes can be very different, they can assume many shapes, okay, so, obviously, you know, assuming that they can fly would mean that you know, or we know that they can fly or that they can reach the sky, so maybe they have wings. But, you know, we also know that again, the Prophet slicin mentions to us sometimes they take an animal shape, so

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Sometimes they can even take a human shape and the Prophet sly seldom, you know obviously encountered the shape one once as a human being, although a lot of the allow Tyler and who he wants encountered the shape on the devil as a human being brought him out of his salon when he was tempted in the places of the Jamaat, where we stone today, he was tempted by the devil who was in the form of a man, even the enemies of the prophets lie Selim the very famous, you know, incident of data najwa, where shavonne came in the form of a human being, and suggested to them how to kill the prophets lie Selim and then made them the promise embedded, that they would defeat the prophets

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lysozyme in the believers and so on, so forth. So the jinn in their shape in though we can't really draw out a jinn and see how they would look but they're very fluid in their shape, and they're able to assume different forms, and they even have animals amongst them. Okay, so this is something established in the Quran, and the sooner that we'll see a little bit later because just as the jinn have right upon us, their animals have right upon us, as well. So again, it's a very interesting realm, it's a very different realm, but at the end of the day, their purpose is like ours, which is to worship Allah subhana wa tada and to overcome desire and temptation and abilities that have been

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given to them to do that, which is right. And so how to do something very powerful here at the moment, am Rahim Allah to Allah. He says that, you know, it's been established that the jinn will have more evil amongst them than human beings. And he said, it's because Allah Subhana Allah gave them more abilities. And when you couple more ability, with desire, so they might have the same level of desire as we have as human beings, but when you couple the ability and then you couple, obviously that with the evil of shape on and there's more room for them to become corrupt, so there will be a greater portion of jinn that would be punished on the Day of Judgment than human beings

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and we ask a lot to protect us all.

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