False Accusations

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the issue of false accusations and the need for proper legal channels to protect innocent people. They emphasize the importance of proving the accusations and proving the actions of the victim. The speaker also mentions the need for proper evidence and takes on responsibility for the actions of the victim.

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You cannot just say things and do things as you wish. And you cannot just hold innocent people guilty based on mere accusation that has not even come from a credible source when I say credible source. Let's remember, accusations are serious, but equally serious, in fact, more serious are accusations that are false. And the issue of false accusation is there from the time of the Prophet Salah Salem and before if we had social media at the time of the prophets of asylum, one wonders what would have happened to our shadow the Allah Allah, when they accused her of adultery. One wonders what would have happened at that time, there were a few people spreading the tales. Allah

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says, just by spreading that which was not completed through a justice system, you are already guilty, and Allah says you will be served the punishment by Allah, so you don't get away when you accuse someone. That is something very serious because we have to strike a balance between helping a victim who is really a victim and trying to get justice for them through the proper legal channels. Or, on the other hand, we also have to protect those who are being falsely accused. These two are rights that we owe everyone and everyone owes us as well. If I'm a victim, I would like justice, and I want people to help me. But at the same time, if I'm being accused falsely, I also need people to

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help me. Where do we draw the line? We are believers we need to know and begin to Alma de William in Harlem and concrete evidence has to be brought forward properly by those who are making the accusation. And if that's not going to happen, then the person who is accused would actually have to present taken oath by the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala to clarify their name and they would be considered innocent. May Allah protect all of us.