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Yeah yeah can I Stein when you saw this in prayer brothers and sisters understand the meaning and when you understand the meaning implement that which is mentioned when you say you're gonna do do not worship none other than Allah tala implemented

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and then the next verse comes and you know zero

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guidance to the straightway guide so all of the added to the straight path. What path is that?

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What path is that the next the next verse explains the path, Sirocco, leadin on the path that you have favored those, the path on whom you have favored and who they it's not mentioning Soto Fatiha is mentioned in Surah

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translated a bass Allah and His messenger will be over those in the company of those that Allah has favored the prophets, the truthful, the martyrs and the righteous. And what an excellent company it is. Allah says, this is the right path, the path that the prophets why the true for the martyrs and the righteous. This is the path that you weren't you want to be on the prophets were on what

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Illa ilaha illAllah autofeed lockback sniff equal Leone Mateen Rasul Allah, Anya Budo la wash Danny Bhutto, we have sent to every nation to every single nation I messenger, to worship online and avoid Association as crabby partners to the almighty Lord, this is the path that we want. So it's easy, it's not hard, and you know, sit autonomo stuff in our like Guide us to the straight path. If you look at it, you know, it's in a good frame of work, our mind can sort of be focused on this path. And that's when the slave says after that, lay it in moldoveanu Lane was not the path of those have earned your anger nor those who have went astray. See there's two paths here, two paths, the path of

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the righteous

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and the path of the evil. Those who have received the anger of Allah Tana and those who have went astray. This is the path that we have to keep far away, push it aside and grab the path. If you want to be with those people. You want to be in the highest of paradise. Push that path away and grab this path as run as you can by understanding the path day one, and you can never ever implement this path if you do not know the path. And the only way you'll know the path is by seeking knowledge and understanding that which they will earn

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not by reciting a Kannada yakka Stein.

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Sleeping looking like a man doesn't know what he's saying. They'll just hurry up get a man. Come on, you're taking too long and prayer

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is just the path that we want.

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When you recite Al Fatiha, recite it with reflection. Do not start snoring. Do not start thinking about food.

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Or what you're gonna do, you're gonna play next I'm going to play it tonight, Liverpool, Ottawa, I'm playing Warrick found,

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or they beat us last week, we have to kill him this week.

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Brothers and sisters implement this sort of implement it.

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And do not be on the path of those who earned all this anger. The Jews and Christians was Jews and Christians both. They both misguided and they have both earned all this anger. However, in the verse, Allah Maha Adobe Allah He refers to her to the Jews. What a volume refers to the Christians that the Christians likewise share this anger like the Jews, the reason why and Allah knows best that the Jews are specified he is because they knew the truth and they rejected the truth and idea never really came with falsehood. So the best description that we fitted such evil people were the Jews and inshallah next week, very briefly we're going to take before we start our new surah what

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caused the anger of Allah on them? We're so Darwin al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen