Medina Stories #06 – This Troubled Me

Tom Facchine


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One thing people really need to look out for, and be careful about is rivalry and enmity.

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It's a whole kind of tribalistic mentality that can affect people anywhere about anything. And it really is contrary to how a loss of Hannah hota Allah wants us to be as Brothers and Sisters in Islam. And one of the things that troubled me about some of the things I'd run into in Medina, you would even find this sort of rivalry in between students, you'd find rivalry in between departments, right? So I studied in the department of Sharia law, and another person was in Hadith, right? And then there would be bad feelings or suspicion or, you know, you guys don't do anything, are you You guys are all this you guys are all that and this is this is in Medina. Right? How sad. I was very

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kind of surprised by that sort of attitude. But it's a it's a universal spiritual problem. That can affect anything. People kind of treating things like sports teams, these aren't sports teams. Sure, yeah, Hadith. These are these is part of Allah's religion. Right? And it takes us away from cooperating, and the loss of Panem was Allah wants us to cooperate, right? What's our our new Albery? What Toccoa Allah says and slow to cooperate upon righteousness, and piety. So we have to really check ourselves because the ego, the neffs, wants to wants to compete. It sees other people as rivals. It sees people involved in things that you're not doing as rivals, because the

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implication is that, oh, maybe they're better. Or maybe they think that they're better and they're not better on the best. And so now you want to knock them down and prove that they're really not doing something so great. after all. This is all ego, something that Muslims have to really reckon with and struggle against, so that we can build up our own selves and build up those around us.