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40 Hadiths on social justice: Hadith #3 – From The Scrolls Of Abraham

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So the hill Corinne on an RV he also can be he was lm to Seaman kathira. So tonight's class actually has an interesting name to it. It's called from the scrolls of Abraham from the school the scrolls of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. And when we talk about the scrolls of Ibrahim IE Salaam, what's the reference in the Quran?

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The sort of Abraham the scrolls of Ibrahim. Now, as I said to you, just to remind you that the way that we're going to proceed with this class is we're essentially going to have seven holocausts on methodology, and then we'll go issue by issue by issue. So there might be some redundancy with today and, and maybe next week, and you might keep thinking, you know, we it sounds like we keep on just repeating the same theme of don't wrong, don't wrong, don't wrong. But that's kind of the point if you if you take from this entire thing, that I should not commit any volume in my capacity, any transgression of my capacity, then that's a good message, inshallah, but I encourage you all to

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constantly review the notes, I encourage you to subscribe, if you go to your pain Institute. org and you subscribe to the email list in sha Allah, you'll actually get the notes sent to you. So every week when I finish, I have the notes compiled and you'll get them sent to you they haven't been sent yet inshallah they will be sent right I mean, they will be sent inshallah. So everyone will get a copy of the notes and shot lots and there'll be a week behind because by the time we get them compiled, send them to people to put them together, then it takes about a week inshallah. So you'll be one week behind, but I want you to keep on reviewing the notes. And here's an assignment for

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those of you that are attending regularly every week before you come, just skim through the notes of last week. Alright, so every week, you just kind of refresh your memory as to what we spoke about the week before. Also, do tweet your Johnson shot law 40 on justice as the hashtag and do help us inshallah fundraise. We're three days left in our campaign shall our fundraising campaign on launch good. So it's launched good calm slash support team. So anyway, back to the scrolls of Ibrahim it his setup. This comes from a hadith which is not going to be the central focus of our discussion today. But it's an introduction and it phases us into the next Hadeeth. And it's a hadith that's

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disputable and it's centered. So some of the scholars considered authentic, some of them don't. It's narrated in the Sahaba. They've been hidden. rahimullah, so remember, had been considered it to be authentic, some of the contemporary mohabbatein like the moment and Bernie did not consider it to be authentic. But the message is undoubtedly authentic. And it's a powerful, profound Hadith. It's narrated by Abu Dhabi, about the allowance

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of culture. Yeah, rasulillah. He said, I said, O Messenger of Allah. Allah is known to narrate Hadith in this fashion, call a call to your rasulillah this is just for students of Hadith. There are many a hadith where the prophets were without narrates, I said to the Prophet sly, some old messenger of Allah. And I asked him a question, call a call to Yasuda law firm that accounted for Ibrahim asked him a messenger of Allah, what was in the south, the scrolls of the Prophet Abraham, of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam responded, Allah cannot unsilent kulu ha, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Abraham received parables. It was all And third,

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Canada and Ireland. kulu Hmm. And so he recited Salalah Hardy, who was solemn, one of the parables that was found in the revelation two Ibrahim alayhis, salam, au Han Malik, Alamo, salaat, Alamo, botella, Alma road, au and Malik, Alamo, salaat Al montella, Alma road, au King. So Allah addresses the kings, O King, Alamo. Salatu has been put in the place of authority and move it Allah Allah who who has been tested with that authority, and who has been diluted by that authority. So it's a it's a hip hop, it's a particular address to those that have power

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for Canon Law. So Allah said, that in the lung of Africa, detachment and dunya berbahasa. In about he said that I did not send you a law speaking to the king, I did not send you to this world, so that you could amass the fortunes of it.

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What I can do if Touka, Lita wrote Danny down with a Muslim but what I sent you for was to avert from me the cry of the oppressed, that in Neela, I wrote to her well, Canada's been Catholic, for I do not reject the call of the oppressed even if it is from a disbeliever. So again, you have Malik and masala Elmo vitola Alma road, Neelam abrasca detachment dunya Burma in about when I came back to Cali Tara danida with a Muslim in Urdu, ha

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In the law,

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my laptop Hello candidates been captured even if it comes from a disbeliever. So the idea is that in the scrolls of Abraham, Allah said, Oh, vein ruler oking, who has been entrusted with authority, and who has tested with that authority and diluted by that authority, I did not send you to amass the fortunes of this world. Rather, I sent you to avert from me the supplications of the oppressed, for I do not reject the supplications of the oppressed, even if it comes from a disbeliever. Now, these are themes that we've already covered. And this is something that is already established through many, many authentic Hadith of the Prophet slicin. But it's interesting, right? Because we don't

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typically hear of anything from the source of the Brahim it is Salaam of anything from the scrolls of Ibrahim, it is Salah, it gives us a sense of the consistency of the message that Allah sent to Ibrahim, and to new and to Moosa and Teresa and to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that each and every single one of them essentially preached the same social values. And they obviously preached the same creed. The difference only came in the legislation, and some of the tertiary or the legislation that was sent to those prophets and those messengers and it shows you that from a very early point, if not in every revelation, Allah subhana wa tada emphasizes the importance of

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justice. And a lot even makes it the purpose of the one who entrusted with authority. Listen to the power of that, the only reason I sent you is to avert from me the calls of the oppressed to avert the calls of the Muslim from me, because I will not reject those calls of the oppressed in it is a sign that what often causes people to be unjust. And what often causes them to be oppressed is that they are too obsessed with this world. So there's a connection between amassing the fortunes of this world and oppressing those that have no say over their own wealth, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised. Capitalism is one of the greatest reasons for hold'em in the world today. If you

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don't know then look at the continent of Africa. 2003 How many millions of people I think 2003 was the most people in, you know, in the history of the world that we know that died of hunger in one year. Millions and millions and millions of people died of hunger starvation in one year. So when people are busy amassing wealth, then they naturally neglect those who are disenfranchised. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, I did not send you for that purpose. Instead, what I sent you to do, was to avert from me, the call of the oppressed. Now this is the introduction. What is the Hadith? The Hadith that we'll be discussing today is the Hadith in Sahih. Muslim

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this is narrated from our beloved normanville, the Allahu

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Allah alayhi salatu was Salam in amoxicilina in the law here lm and abirami nur and yameen erwachsenen that the prophets lie Selim said that behold, those who dispense justice those who carry out their affairs with justice Alok soutine, this hadith is not specific to Kings and rulers and salons. This Hadith is to anyone that is placed in a position where they could do injustice, but instead they choose to do justice. So he said in our mocks, Athena in the law here, lm and abirami nur and Amina Bohannon, that on the Day of Judgment, those people will be on pulpits of lights on the right side of the Most Merciful.

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And he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah dinero de Luna, he hooked me him at him one hour Lu, those who are just with either their rule, or in matters relating to their families, or in anything that they undertake to do. So those that are just in governance, those that are just with their families, and those that are just with all of their affairs. This Hadith casts a broad nuts that all of us can be a part of. And this is why I chose this hadith as opposed to another Hadith which is very famous about the rulers, the just rulers, which I'll talk about in sha Allah to Allah, but this gives everyone this opportunity. So what is this Hadeeth mean? And what are some of the

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benefits we can take from this hadith? Number one, a look so clean. alum oxyclean are people that are placed in a position to make a judgment or to arbitrary or to govern, or to distribute? Those are the four effects of being someone who's in a position to judge. arbitrators, govern or distributes. Okay, you guys got those four hamdulillah. Those of you who aren't taking notes are going Yes. All right. I'm assuming you memorize them all. Now, this is different from Adam. It's different from justice because these are his

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Essentially people that are put in a position to be unjust or to be just and they choose justice, okay? Now why does Allah mentioned the mcnabola? Allah mentions these pulpits on the Day of Judgment. This is powerful. Can you imagine on the Day of Judgment where people are struggling to get a spot, right people are trying to hope they creep under the shade of the Most Merciful. And Allah subhana wa tada actually assigns pulpits for people, like you talk about the feeling of em the feeling of security that a person would have on the Day of Judgment, if Allah not only assigns them a spot, close to him, but Allah gives them a pulpit, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them a

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lot. I mean, and they're looking out to this to this gathering. Right? And they are on the right side of man, they're on the right side of the Most Merciful. And this is essentially you know, the opposite of the volume, the opposite of the oppressor and we're going to be seeing a lot of opposites here. The volume as the scholars say, the oppressor is power hungry in this world. He tries to seek as much power as possible in this world, so a lot humiliates him. The most, it does not allow a quest for power to make them unjust. So Allah elevates them. In the next life a lot gives them a pulpit, in the next life. And also we sat in the very first class that the prophets

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licenses in a Walmart Lulu Martin Yama, piano, that volume oppression is darkness upon darkness upon darkness on the Day of Judgment. So you have some people walking around in darkness, whereas in this situation, you have someone standing on a member, a pulpit of lights, may Allah make this amongst them every time I say that say I mean people standing on men beams of light pulpits of light so you're seeing the opposite going into effect here. Now a Lost Planet Allah also says Hola Hola, you humble violet mean? Allah does not love the oppressors, the transgressors. But what does the law say about the moxa theme? In the law, your head will make certain Allah loves people of justice. So the

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opposite once again, is seen. Now the prophets lie Selim did mention to us and I mentioned a very specific Hadith that we all know. He mentioned to them, that there are seven people that will be shaded by the throne of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment. And the first person he mentioned in Amman added a just ruler, so the scholar say, how do we reconcile between the two? ahaadeeth? All right, this had Ethan that had the there isn't a contradiction, but which, which father, which virtue is greater? And are they at different points on the day of judgment or what? So the scholars some of the scholars of Hadith point out that that Hadith of the seven shaded, many

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times you see the categories are switched in different layouts in different narrations. So for example, sometimes the second category are two people that love each other for the sake of Allah. Sometimes the second category are is someone whose heart was attached to the massage. And sometimes it's a young man that was called to a woman of beauty and status for color and a half a lot. And he said, I fear Allah, the categories change. But the one consistent category that is always first and every single time the prophets lie, some spoke, this narration was innominate added the just ruler, it's always the first category. And in terms of authority, Rahim, Allah said, because if you have

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email an ad that if you have a just ruler, then he sets the stage for that society to be engulfed in righteousness and justice. So he makes it easier for everybody else, makes it easier for one to give charity makes it easier for people to go to the massage, it makes it easier for people to love each other for the sake of Allah, He sets the tone for that entire society. So the scholars say he nomina added, the just ruler is by far the best of these categories. And it could be that not only will they be shaded by Allah's throne, but there will even be a distinction made for them under a lost throne, which is that they would also have pulpits of lights.

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So you can imagine all of the Fallen the virtue upon virtue upon virtue, and that's not something that could possibly be attained in this world, but like I said, the Hadeeth we're going with in the mcsa team, where a lot of talks about are the profits license talks about just people in general. Why? Because a lot of times we think authority and we think head of state, we think, Governor, we think presidents are we used to think President All right, we think of places of authority, but we don't see ourselves in positions of authority. So as I've been handling Rahim, Allah said, Emma when Allah Allah de when Madame was in Amman, Allah to lobby when moodier Imam on Allah morphine. What

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email messages email on Amazon in that what you know the father is the mom of the children. The mother is the mama of the household, the Imam of the masala lien that Imam of those

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are praying, the mom of your workers, those that work for you if you have employees, you are there a mom and a son in the States. And that's why the prophets lie Selim said, couldn't local Morocco and Morocco lukewarmness, Odin and Maria to each one of you as a shepherd, and each one of you will be asked about your flock. Every single person has a flock.

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And if that even if you don't know unless you live on some islands, right all by yourselves, each and every single one of you has a flock and you might have a flock on that island as well. But you are responsible for somebody in some situation, and in some capacity. And Allah has given each person that that that, that command in accordance with their capacity. So uncertain Hadith, Allah mentions that he sent the messengers he sent the messengers, the nicoma, yokomen, and NASA because so that they could establish justice amongst the people. The prophets lie Selim, therefore, is the ultimate Imam and Adam, he wrote this oma and he wrote it with justice. And he mentioned for each

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and every single one of us kuno co, Amina Lila Shahada must be upright in your in your responsibility to Allah and upholders of justice. So everyone has the responsibility to establish justice with whatever is under them. And there are many Hadith in that regard because the bigger the flock, the bigger the responsibility. So he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and another Hadith which is narrated in Sudan, and they have he called it his Salatu was Salam and Amelia Shara that there is not a single person who has been entrusted with 10 people 10 people. Well, who are you to be he Yeoman qiyamah La Jolla

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except that he would be brought with those 10 people on the Day of Judgment. Why do who Lula turn it around, okay, and his hands will be chained to his neck.

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And he said Salalah hard he was seldom a blocker hola and that justice will either cause his hands to be released ovako volume or oppression will cause them to be destroyed will cause them to perish. So just by virtue of having 10 people, for example, in some capacity, 10 employees 10 family members by extension 10 people in the messages, okay, whatever it is 10 people that you've been entrusted with a loss of Hannah Montana brings you on the Day of Judgment like this. And until you are established to have done right by them, those hands will not be untied. Or, you know, in some situations, may Allah protect us they would actually cause a person

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you know, to perish. Okay, so the Prophet slicin was mentioning to us again that we always have some level of capacity. The greater that capacity, the greater the potential, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Okay, so Fianna thodi Rahim Allah says and fanomena naskila solo has also had an omen, there are two people, two groups of people, if they are righteous, everyone in the oma is righteous. And if they are in a foster deficit, that alone man, if they are corrupt, everyone is corrupt. All al Mohler equilibrium that, he said, it's the rulers and the scholars. If the rulers and the scholars are righteous, everybody else is going to be righteous. If the rulers and the

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scholars are corrupt, everybody else is going to be corrupt. One is in charge of the dunya we affairs of the people of the worldly affairs of the people, one is in charge of the affairs of the hereafter. So if they're both messing up, and often when one of them is corrupt, they corrupt the other class too, and they conspire against the people. And it just messes it up for everybody. So these two classes can set the tone. Now what is the difference between the reward in this dunya and the reward in the hereafter allows the profit slice I mentioned to a several things about a person who establishes justice and consider yourself to be an authority now, in the authoritative sense,

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whether it's with your children or your family, or your community, whatever it is, you have some level of authority. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a Hadith, that's an authentic hadith and a Buddha would, he said sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam in them in his learning law. He says that one of the ways that you can glorify Allah subhanho to Allah and he mentions four categories. He says, a crime of the shaver, he says to show honor to a person who has gray hair from the Muslims. So you show honor to your elders, and he said, Sal, Allahu Allahu wa sallam, Mohammed Al Quran and to show honor to the one who is a half of an one who memorizes the Quran, and he says,

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Vail Valley fee except for the one who's extravagance in there regarding it, and there are different interpretations for that, which I won't talk about now. Or he says Hola, Lahore, and he was cinnamal Jaffe and what are the one who turns away from the Quran and he says, what a commandment this sulphonyl makes it

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He said to honor a soul bond to honor a ruler who is righteous or to honor an authority who is righteous. So it's actually the prophets lie some made it a soon enough for us to honor people like that, to show them appreciation and to show them that Allah subhana wa tada to hopefully make that a sign that Allah subhanho wa Taala will be pleased with them. In this world as well Allah is with that person who is just an a lot leaves the person who is unjust. He said in another Hadith which is also authentic Nativity, calling his Salatu was Salam in Allah Al kabhi. Man, I'm your for either Java to holla and when azeema has shaped one, he said some Allah honey with some indeed a lot is

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with the judge as long as he is not unjust. A lot is with a person who is in a place of judgment as long as he is not unjust. When that person becomes a tyrant in any capacity, Allah subhanaw taala to holla and who Allah leaves him abandons him well, azeema who shavon and instead sticks the shape on on him, so the shape on becomes his companion. And there's a there's there's a really terrifying commentary on this hadith from the moment. potatoe Rahim Allah. And honestly, it really scared me, it really scared me because if you think about it, and you start going through the examples, either in your own life or other people, you will see that it's true. He said that the the way that a

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person's heart becomes hardened, is the opposite of the way that a person's heart becomes softened. So the Prophet sighs I mentioned that to soften the heart, you accompany an orphan, you accompany the poor, you know, you go to the most the most vulnerable of society, and you spend time with them and you caress their head and you support them. So that's the way to soften the heart. Right? So the password, the hardening of the heart is the opposite. And he said nothing hardens a person's heart like volume, like volume, when a person transgresses or oppresses their heart becomes hard. So he says that once a person becomes a volume in some capacity, the punishment for that person is that

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they find bigger forms of transgression easy for them.

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Meaning what, if you think about it this way, you you wronged someone for the first time and it felt wrong, and it felt nasty, and it felt weird. Then after that a person's life, suddenly, they just take on the attribute of a shape and seriously, they just keep on wrongdoing and wrongdoing and wrongdoing. And volume becomes easy for them and in areas that they didn't use to do them. So they used to be good with these areas. But they were not too good with this area. But then they messed up in this area. But they did not they did not restore themselves from that volume. So instead, what did they start to do volume, volume volume, they assign that volume to everywhere else in their

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lives. So a loss, so loss of hundreds and azeema, whose shape on the shape on becomes his companion. And that person is abandoned by a loss of hundreds and until they repair the initial volume that set them off on that. Okay, so that's a difficult concept. And you know, obviously I'm translating a banquet table, was a great writer, in reunion about he writes these long paragraphs, and I was trying to paraphrase it but just think about that. Think about a time that you wronged someone and you hurt somebody and how easily you found sin and volume during that period of your life. Because the shape on suddenly sticks to you. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah And may Allah subhanaw taala

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protect us from ever being abandoned by him, or from ever having the shape on as as, as our companion. The other thing we mentioned is that, you know, the profit slice I mentioned that that was a month ago when we're talking about rewards in this world for a person who's in a place of justice, rewards in this world, the messenger slice and I mentioned that there was a Muslim, that the call of the oppressed is never rejected by Allah subhanaw taala, even if the one making that call, is a disbeliever. However, he mentioned on the other hand, it is Salatu was salam, the Hadith of the Allahu taala and call it salatu salam, that there are three, there are three people three

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filata, to large, large raggio, there was a home that there are three people who will never have their supplication

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rejected by Allah subhanaw taala. The first person he mentioned is an Imam, Allah added a just ruler, okay. The first person he mentioned is a just ruler. Then he mentioned some Allahu wa sallam the fasting person until they break their fast. And then he mentions Darrow to the Muslim, the, the supplication of the one who's wronged. So on one hand, you have a person who's wronging someone in their care, and that person's doing against them is accepted. On the other hand, you have a person who's in charge of people, and who does right by them, and they're, they're accepted by Allah. Now, the perfect combination or

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Right. And this is the worst combination of against the person is that you wrong? Someone who is an authority over you, and they are racist, and they make that against you.

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Think about it this way, if you have parents who did not wronged you,

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but you wronged them. So they have to do as are two reasons for acceptance. combined. In one, I met a brother SubhanAllah. And he actually gave me permission because I know his family, he gave me permission to

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say this, he said, You know, one time he was arguing with his mother and his mother was good for him. So used to always give his mother a hard time. And I know these stories, you know, a lot of times we don't think about them. And we don't take them seriously. But again, this is witnessed by an entire family, I know these people. And he says that his you know, he was he was arguing with his mother.

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And he, you know, he's throwing things and stuff like that. And finally, he picked up his phone. All right. And she said, How do I kalapuya duck? May Allah burn your hands, is that literally the phone caught fire in my hands. And he showed me the burn Subhanallah on his hand. So you have a person who has added or who has added or who is just who's not wronging their children. And she's also maluma. And she's also wronged. Think about how close he is to Allah subhana wa Tada. So you think about these things. Now a person who is just with those that are under them, Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept their their answers, just like he would accept the day of the month alone, he would accept

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the door of the one who doesn't do vote, but is in a capacity to do vote. And the last thing that the scholars mentioned here is that a person who's in authority, but chooses not to wrong, those that are under them, finds an M finds a sense of security in this world. And this goes back to a very famous story. I mentioned that armor hopital the law and who gets mentioned probably everything that I talk about every single class Amato, the Allahu anhu used to take his shoes, and he would put his shoes under a tree and he would sleep with his head on the shoes when he was the halifa. And he wouldn't have a bodyguard. Think about the most powerful men in the world. And he literally went he

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wanted to take a nap. He just go under a tree, you know, behind the message, put his shoes down, lay down and put his head on the shoes. So when hormozgan comes in, he's a ruler of Persia. All right, and he and he asks about Omar all the A lot of times. And you know, the Persian rulers were very pompous, had a lot of bodyguards, they were used to these huge palaces. And he says Where is the halifa? Where's the leader of the oma. And so they pointed to they said he's either in the masjid or his home is going to be between the two. So it goes to the Mazda doesn't find them there goes to some, you know, this little mud house, which was the home of our model de la and who is not there.

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And then they find the model the alarm and we're literally in the mid day, taking a nap under a tree. And hormozgan looks at him. And he says the very famous words on the counter for adult aminta and mTOR. You ruled a counter. And you ruled with Adam, you ruled with justice. So you were given security, and you were able to sleep out in the open like this. Like because no one no one had a claim against almost all the Allahu taala No, I mean, this is the guy who was establishing and he was establishing justice. No one had a claim against him. So Amato, the Allahu taala. And who though eventually Omar was assassinated, right? He was assassinated, but you're talking about years over a

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decade of being able to walk amongst the people and having that sense of security because he knows he did not wrong anyone. So I'll model the law and who knows that if he is killed, then he would not be killed because he wronged somebody. So even if the murder came or even if he was assassinated would not be because he wronged somebody. So loss gives us a Nyah has M has protection for that person. Then we talk about the reward and the aka. Now we talked about the opposite side of Allah, the One who oppresses darkness upon darkness, the Prophet slicin I mentioned now you can limit him Allah younger pianola use a key him Allah will not speak to an oppressor on the Day of Judgment. And

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Allah will not purify them. A lot won't even speak and what that that's not talking about in Bahasa, but the, the accountability will come but a loss of hundreds I would not speak to them, as if they are ignored on the Day of Judgment, and Allah would not purify them. On the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions the just ruler, right. The Prophet slicin him also mentioned he said Son, funnyman Almighty lanten Allahumma Lenten Allah Hamas affair it there are two people from my Ummah from my nation that would be forbidden from my intercession. We already mentioned the profit slice I'm testifying against the bottom on the Day of Judgment. And he mentioned Lalomanu

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transgressor who bribes people rich

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Takes bribes from people and harms the people. All right. So the profit slice I mentioned this thing now what about the one who is just he mentioned sallallahu wasallam. And this is Hadith in a tournament he.

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He says it is salatu salam in the haben nasi it Allah He Omen creality were at the now who men who met Lisa, Mr. Moon added, well above the NASA law, he was a bad woman who met Lisa enamul, Jr. He sets an alarm system, the closest most beloved of people to Allah on the Day of Judgment. And the closest to him in status is the just email. And the most hated of people to Allah and the farthest from him on the Day of Judgment is the oppressive Imam. So they both fall once again within the context of authority. authority will make you or break you on the Day of Judgment literally, you've got the spectrum of people, the closest to Allah and the furthest from Allah. And they are judged in

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accordance with their authority one did right. By their authority is closest to Allah. One failed with their authority and they are furthest from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He also sets a lie summon another Hadith in Sahih. Muslim. He said after the jannetty Salah, he says that the people of Jenna are three. And what he means is three types of people. And the first one he mentioned is full font and

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a person who has who has authority and is just with that authority. The second one he sets an alarm is a man who shows mercy to his relatives. So the first one is authority that a person is just with their authority. The second one is a man who shows mercy to his relatives. And the third one, the prophet slice I mentioned. And so this is how many people in here have more than five kids. Anyone?

00:31:47--> 00:31:50

It's the millennials. I know we don't all right,

00:31:52--> 00:32:14

yet, you got five, I'm not sure how many have five and in here, it's okay. This isn't like the father of use of ice on yaacov like enter from different web This isn't like a point of showing off this is a point of this is this is a beautiful Hadith the Prophet slice is that a believer who has a large family, but refrains from begging.

00:32:15--> 00:32:50

Okay, so a person who lost hundreds out of blessed with a large family, but they refrain from begging so they try to make an honest living, they try their best to not have to be put in a situation where they're asking for any money. But again, the profit slice I mentioned the types of people in general. Now, just to sort of summarize this topic, because I don't want to go too much longer because we're already like at the 40 minute mark, to summarize this entire topic, what we're going to do from a methodology perspective, inshallah, we're gonna go to now, the different positions that people are in and the responsibilities that they have in the next three weeks in

00:32:50--> 00:33:31

Charlottetown, depending on the position that Allah gave them. But in this situation, when we're looking at this, literally, we're finding that Allah subhanho wa Taala has guaranteed the highest position to a person with authority who did not wronged them. And there's something very beautiful that in the moment they help you Rahim Allah said, which which I thought was profound. And on behalf Rahim, Allah said that this hadith Imam when added this idea of a righteous person that did not wrong, those with their authority, goes all the way down to the mother who visited, he settled the allow Tana and her and our Isha gave her a few dates.

00:33:32--> 00:33:46

All right, she was given three dates, two kids, and this mother gave two dates to the two kids and she took one for herself. The kids swallowed the dates. And then they looked at her for the third one. So what did she do?

00:33:47--> 00:34:06

split them in half. And she gave them to the two kids. Okay? And she told the profit slice and I'm about this and the prophets lie, some ethnic, he praised her in the profit slice, I mentioned that that action entered her into paradise. So they have to him Allah says this woman falls under in this situation. Imagine when

00:34:08--> 00:34:49

a person adjust ruler. So that's how encompassing this narration is, it's not talking about even authority in the way that we understand authority within within a messenger. There's no even this woman who has nothing but is walking around with her two kids. And she showed an ad that she showed justice, and in fact, mercy, Justice would have been that they got their dates now leave me alone on my mind, that would have been justice. She showed mercy. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala would even include her in that category. The category is that encompassing and so we should also see it that way. And of course, the conclusion is that our fortune in this world and the next literally, after,

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

after Eman And after belief and disbelief, will be judged in accordance with how we do with our power. How we do with our capacity, how we do

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

capability. All right, that is literally how we'll be dropping

00:35:08--> 00:35:42

under a shade on the Day of Judgment. May Allah give us monopoly pulpits of light on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala not allow us to wrong or transgress against those who have been given to us, or those who are under our authority in any capacity. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to do right by them. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings with them and with ourselves and with our most mostly with our duties towards Him. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from vole, and May Allah give us know on the day of judgment and accompany us with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam agenda for those mean questions. I finished