Similarities Between Sikhism and Islam

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I have a question from another non Muslim brother. He's a yoga sing many. He seems to be sick and he asked that, can you please tell me the similarities between Sikhism and Islam?

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Our sick brother has asked a very important question that what are the similarities between Sikhism and Islam? And there are a lot that I will not permit me to expound on all. I just mentioned in brief as you think that Sikhism is a religion of 10 gurus, for those who don't know, and it was founded by Guru Nanak SAP in the late 15th century, in the land of Punjab in the Land of Fire reverse and Guru Nanak he was very much influenced even by the Muslim family in a warrior class into family. He was influenced by the Muslims, many Muslims and the five K's that the Sikh always maintained is the case that the uncut hair, it is a Kanga. It is a comb to keep the hair clean. It

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is the car that the blue slate The fourth is the Kucha, the long under drawers and the fifth, it is a coupon, it is the dagger, this is identity. In short, this was a brief about a sick, so moment marshmallow is a person wearing a turban. Therefore I always appreciate that the people who keep the label without any fear other six they feel my talk on if the label shows the internet as the Muslims, that Mashallah the sick. He is proud to be a sick and even fought with the Canadian government. In the army. They said to shave off that he said No, I will not. And he fought the case and they won. When I went to Canada the first time in in 96. It gave me a headline that the six

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fights the case in the Kenyan army and even the case, but we Muslim many of us, someone does something weird by

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the company the similarities between the Sikhism and Islam. The second book of the sick is the guru grant on the ground. And if you read the first chapter of this, the grant, first volume, first chapter, first verse is called a JRPG. And it says that Almighty God is called as the truth

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is the truth,

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not created

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the fearless he's not forgotten.

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And he's free from fear and want.

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If you analyze these one is not because He is the Creator. It is similar to our story class, Chapter 112 verse number 124, which says, Oh ALLAH says Allah only Allah Subhan Allah the absolute eternal, lovely Villa mula he bigots not noisy forgotten, while I'm equal, no Kufa, nada, nothing like him. And in Sikhism, Sikhism does not believe in our VEDA, meaning that God it's a monotheistic religion, God, in the unmanifest form, is called as a comb Gara and manifest form as omkara. And there are various attributes of Almighty God given the Guru Granth amongst them is, is called as Katara there is the creator, same in Arabic as colleague. He's called a pervert, or the tarisha. Same as us, Rob,

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he's called us Lord, as Rob is also called as Karim, the benevolent is called as a him.

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beneficent is also called as a guru, one God. So if we analyze there are many similarities between the concept of God and Sikhism. Therefore Sikhism doesn't believe in idol worship. doesn't believe in Arvada, it's a monotheistic religion.

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And if we analyze Guru Nanak was very much influenced even by Santa COVID

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and you'll find in grant many couplets also of Sun COVID one of them is darkness Amina Saqqara, soapmaker Anna Koi just took me

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away, which means in times of trouble, everyone remembers God. In times of happiness, no one remembers God. If remember God in times of happiness, why should trouble touch you? Same as Allah says in Surah chapter 30, verse number 33, that when Tamil touch it, man, he cries out to Allah subhanaw taala. But once when the trouble goes away, he associate partner with la subhana wa Taala. So if you realize that Sikhism is also a religion of one God, it's a monotheistic religion that not widely worship, those scholars say it's an amalgamation of Hinduism and Islam. And we realize that in the concept of God, it is quite similar to Islam. And for more details you can refer to it as a

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concept of all major world religions are spoken more details on that hope that answers the question.