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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of life and the importance of having a successful life, including the use of Congressionalism and the negative impact of wasted time. They also emphasize the importance of researching people in the world to determine their success and productivity levels and managing behavior in order to achieve success. The speakers stress the need for a healthy mindset and the historical context of the MSO, which has caused people to think of him as the God of Unity.
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media's gonna torture or they

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are leaving and touring and fussing out and see how to get money. And yet the local town I fell on the left pulling your blood from Anthony the level we need unfortunately there are several Allah Illa Illa who does not have

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any waiting for wine and dine in order to be anything played with water pollution or the watershed around the water soon wasafi who was the leader of Manitoba, we sat at almost 100 locations a woman what's our

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legal How can I hide her legacy what I'm

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fighting for course so that goes to sleep. Why the added he was like the the one of the stuff that responded to either your mundane long agenda medical women and Medina Avenue. Wonderful slightly had your colossal been happy with loss of a sub enemy, mostly from what I've seen you talk a lot as those

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audits are

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tough with law, I've got two party words that I want to say one, you have to even ask it's up to about the formula, the follow up to the nursing lackey that will follow caminhadas Jaha was the new manager and because he had no money, what's up a lot and that leads us out I don't want to beat him here without harm in the law. And again, not even a fever. Yet, even though the second law will go to call them. So here, you'll step back from way up from the Nova Wamego, for example, or Sudha, who are the first fellows and Alena to begin by praising the loss of Hannah woods and bearing witness that no one has the right to be worshipped unconditionally obeyed, except for him some 100 was

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added, when we asked the last pentatonic to send his peace and blessings upon this final messenger, Muhammad Sallallahu. It was sent to his family, his companions and those that follow until the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst them among the the brothers and sisters. It's no secret, I would hope it's no secret that polygon is right around the corner. And I'm not going to give up on a lot because I know that for the next five weeks, you'll hear what it was about them a lot. But I'll give a fatwa and I'll talk about something that I feel like is pertinent to having a successful Ramadan and in fact, having a successful life as a whole. Allah subhanaw taala

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to Adam when he talks about success, and realize that success in dunya is not necessarily equal to success in Africa. But the habits that cause people to be successful in this world are the same habits that if you put a spiritual emphasis on them, cause people to be successful, successful in the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala says

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rarely the believers have succeeded. And levena who feels for that in class year one, number one, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, they are the ones who have quiet to have humility, internal silence and all whenever they are in their prayers. They're focused on Allah Subhana Allah, they're focused on that connection with the loss of petrol it's out. And then Allah Subhana Allah says something very interesting. Allah azza wa jal does not talk about as a cap, Allah subhanaw taala does not talk about fasting, Allah does not talk about some of our academy this time the pillars of Islam, rather Allah subhanho Its Allah says when Medina hope and the love we won't be alone, and those who when it

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comes to idle speech, wasted speech, useless meaningless talk, they forbid themselves from useless talk from a level and then the most power out of goes to this, those who are just the cacti very well and those who pay those account and so on so forth, and Allah subhanaw taala goes to the pillars of our faith and the pillars of our practice. Now dear brothers and sisters, the reason why Allah subhana wa Jalla talks about a level here and Adina home and in lovely Mariott and immaculate for the unlocking of Allah to Allah. He says that there's a reason why Allah did not say those who don't back by when that ego minor lever or whatever the number 100 He kept it those who forbid

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themselves from lying, those who forbid themselves from slamming, rather Allah Subhana Allah chose a Level and Level is something that's neutral in its nature. It's that that that amount of leisure time, that time but you're not necessarily working and you're not necessarily busy. You you can do with that time, whatever you please. And you can do with that speech, whatever you please. Right so you're not talking about work. You're not talking about being you're not in Salah you you're sitting around, and you're in a gathering and you can talk about anything, you're driving and you have some free time and you can do anything. What you choose to do with that time and what you choose to do

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with that speech is precious. And so the moment Kodama Rahim Allah said that ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah chose a level which is neutral, it's not necessarily always haram because sometimes you can talk about things that have no connection to religion. Sometimes you can talk about

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You know, sports, you can talk about whatever it is, as long as it's not haram, you can talk about those things. But when it becomes excessive, you destroy yourself. And he said, Allah chose that which is neutral. Because if you cut a level you naturally cut backbiting, you naturally cut the line you naturally kind of the gospel, you naturally cut the talking down to people, you naturally cut the mockery and the Sophia and all the other things that we waste our speech with, if you can learn to manage that idle speech, that free time, and that free speech that you have, then so many good things can happen. And this is, you know, this idea is particularly talking about the tongue,

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obviously, when it's talking about meaningless things, but some of them are fascinates, even brought into, they said, it's not just the tongue. This is everything that Allah Subhana Allah has given you that's neutral. And in essence, ALLAH SubhanA, which Adam, unlike student that matters where Allah Subhana Allah says, When the Nina home is flown out to him that even those Allah has talked about the external performance, right, those who are making sure they're praying their prayers on time, and so on, so forth. Right, they're praying their prayers on time, and they're observing it properly. Here, Allah is emphasizing the inner quality of that person, what that person is really

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made of, because that person has for sure that person is connected to ALLAH SubhanA to add it, and the one who's busy with the Creator is too busy for the creation doesn't work, the one who's busy with a hotter when the Creator doesn't waste his time with the folk doesn't waste his time with the creation. And what you'll find is that a lot of the reasons why we're unable to spiritually progress in Ramadan, or outside or Milan is because of wasted time and wasted talk. We could be doing so much better with the time that's given to us. And Allah subhanaw taala doesn't get bored of us, even though Allah doesn't need us. But we get bored sometimes when in reality, we love Allah subhanaw

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taala although we need Allah Subhana Allah, you'll find people that are trying to kill time. Right? I don't want you know, I don't I don't have anything to do right now. Let me find something to do. We don't have our internet, that we get depressed. You know, ask yourself seriously, in this day and age and some of us lived in an age where the internet first day I still have an AOL address I don't want on the internet first came up, right? Ask yourself right now, if you had a choice between your electricity going out for an hour, or your internet going out for an hour, which one would you choose? A lot of times people would say they'd rather the electricity go out because then at least I

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can still keep on, you know, monitoring, distance monitoring, not checking my email, looking, you know, looking at going through my social networking sites, and so on so forth. Because people now have developed such an emotional dependency on those things, that they get depressed when they don't have internet. It's actual depression. I mean, I'm in a place I'm in a clinic or whatever it is, I'm waiting for something. And if I have a weak signal, I'm frustrated. I'm loading up pages at one, two minutes, whatever how long it takes because I need to have something to stimulate me right now. I'm bored. And obviously, there have been many links between increased internet usage and clinical

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depression. Right many study links between them because it is depressing. I don't know how to engage myself anymore. Engage my mind engage my heart, engage myself spiritually anymore without being connected to the world. I don't know what to do anymore. You know why? Because we can't have consumed with Allah subhanaw taala anymore. You're so busy with all these things you don't have time for up to that point with difficulty in contemplation and thinking anymore. And so when we read about the Sahaba and Ramadan and we read about the sonnet and Ramadan for example, and you say the amount of Shabbat I used to read the Quran 60 times in the month of Ramadan you go that's not even

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You mark it right you said that's that's impossible. Right are plucked out of the vehicle about once a day and on the bond credible party once a night once a day, every in the last 10 days. That's impossible. That's not even that's No that's not true. Right? You'll deny authentic hadith authentic narrations doesn't make sense no way that they were making use of their time like that that Missoula spy center in one gathering. In one gathering would say you don't want Abdullah going oh my God, Allah. Allah says he would make Estefan over 100 times in one gathering. And it wasn't just the coolest, the coolest, the coolest, the coolest. The coolest. Says he would say rotten Definity. What

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took Alia in the center well for him.

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And it's not the problem. So I wasn't talking about anything else. But the prophets why Selim was using every free moment that happened. Right? When he wasn't saying something to the sahaba. He was talking to Allah subhanho To Allah Subhana Allah He was making use of that neutral time. That time that couldn't be used for so many different things. He used it to get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he was asking Allah ironically

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Even for forgiveness, although the prophets like some didn't need the forgiveness of a loss of habitat, and now you have all of these different things that we have today, the iPad, the iPhone, whatever it is, you know, we have iPhone, pretty soon, we might have, it might actually become high prey, you never know what will happen to all these applications and things that I saw you're talking about. They're talking about the generation of kids that are being babysitting by iPads, and I guess we're all guilty of it, right? Sometimes we want to keep our kids by giving them the iPad, you know, overstimulation and not knowing what to do with ourselves when we don't have those things. And

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that's really dangerous to our spirituality, that's dangerous to our iman. Because just as Allah is telling us about, about success, of the success of the believers lies primarily in two things. Number one is for sure his connection to the Creator, and is not wasting him not wasting his time with the creation. You don't. And so when you reverse that equation, something detrimental can happen to your spirituality, and your thoughts and your productivity, your productivity, you know, your productivity levels go down so much And subhanAllah I hate quoting philosophers, I really do. Because a lot of times now we both philosophers more than we put the prophets of Allah on English.

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But there's a very powerful thing, you know, and it's actually by Socrates, and it's very aesthetically appropriate to and he said, describing the different types of minds, you know, just describing the different levels of productivity, right? He said that weak minds, discuss people, average minds, discuss events, strong minds, discuss ideas, weak minds, discuss people, average minds, discuss events, and strong minds, discuss ideas. And I want you to really think about this now, from an Islamic perspective, you can even further break that down. And you can say, what type of people are you discussing?

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Right, so people that discuss people, what type of people are you discussing, and he knows how to live. You know, this morning, I just happened to when I when I was reading the news, and I was reading about, you know, Aaron Hernandez, the football player that was a murderer or accused of murder, whatever it is, and the people that were cheering him on his fans that were cheering him on as he was driving to the courtroom crying, trying to get a glimpse of him and take a picture with him. And I thought to myself, subhanAllah these people, they know what is it? Right? What is it, you know, that people have reduced themselves emotionally, even to being dependent upon sports figures

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and celebrities and things of that sort, if you don't think that's the situation with many of our youth, you're wrong. We're actually emotional, spiritual, mental dependence upon these people, I guarantee you that from our youth, and from ourselves, we might get more depressed if our favorite athlete got injured than 600 people being killed in Syria.

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And then go back to the Hadith of the messenger slicer, now you don't have to come back to you have to feed my family enough. See, no, one of you truly has faith believes until he loves for his brother when he lost for herself. And then you talk about that situation. That's not just the crisis of, you know, a minor source, that's a crisis of the Man, that's a crisis of humanity. My being a human being at that point. That bothers me even more, because I'm so obsessed with the lives of other people. And the type of people that I'm obsessed with, are not even, you know, are not even the people that are going to set a moral example for me. Right, so what type of people do you

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discuss and you'll often find that people will sit around and talk about people's faults, for example, and talk about people's shortcomings. And that's why people love reality TV, you know, look at the failures of everybody else's life. Look at what these people are going through, you know, so you can ignore your own flaws, ignore your own failures. And we do that in our gathering sometimes too, right? Talking about everybody else, not talking about ourselves, not focusing on ourselves. And subhanAllah you look at, you know, successful people in this world, the only time they discuss people, because we discuss people too, we discuss the messengers, hello, I suppose, we discussed the

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companions. We also discuss people, the only time successful people discuss people and follow people is when they want to emulate their success. That's it. Right? They're not sitting around wasting time. I guarantee you the CEOs that we have in the world that are multimillionaires are not sitting around wasting time on Facebook monitoring everybody else's meals, and what they ate and what this person's favorite song is because they're not wasting time on that stuff. Nor are they wasting time talking about did you hear about what happened to that person who would happen to that person? When they study people, they study people who are worth more successful than worldly sons so they can

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emulate their success. Likewise, as believers, the only times we discuss we discuss people is when we want to emulate their success. And that's why even when I'm

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Lots of parents either gives us the biographies of people in the Quran, Allah doesn't waste our time with the minor details. Allah tells us what we need to know about people. Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the reasons why they were successful. And when Allah tells us about people that failed Allah Subhana Allah tells us why they failed. He wants us to pay attention to that. It's not just random details. You know, many of you and I hope all of us would read suit and calf today as is the Sunnah. Right on Fridays, Allah subhanaw taala does not go into the heights and ages of the people of the cave. Allah subhanaw taala does not tell you about where exactly the case was. They know when

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they got hungry one night and when they got thirsty, a lot isn't telling us any of that. The only thing a lot of times is that they were a group of youth in the home physio, right? I'm an OB GYN was in denial with that they believed in their Lord and we increase them in guidance. And what does Allah say? People will waste their time and say, Oh, we don't have that. That's when we'll be careful hill, where coluna concert on Saturday, so who can go home? Right? People will discuss what how many worthley? Which number was the dog, they'll discuss all of these different things. And it's not relevant. Allah already gives us what's necessary for us to be successful to understand that

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there is a group of youth that treasured their faith so much, that they have to go through that and Allah subhanaw taala causes the supernatural to work in their favor, because of their to work around Allah subhanaw taala. But we don't have all the random details. We don't have storytelling in the Quran, with this person's age was this and this person's age was that because even when we discuss those people, what is it about those people? And so we need to ask ourselves, when we discuss people in this world, what are we discussing about them, when we discuss the messenger SallAllahu wasallam we discussed the Messenger of Allah it was set up because he is the epitome of success. You studied

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the life of the prophet slicin And you are studying the most successful man and that's ever existed the most successful of creation that is trying to study him, we study him to increase our own success to emulate him. It's not to fantasize about him solo love it was right and the Sahaba understood that whiteness to decode the Allah said, mankind, the Archons, Mohammed, Mohammed and FODMAPs wherever he used to worship or Hamlet's why, so that he's dead. It wasn't about him mentality, Allah, Allah, it was about the message that the messenger slice of him brought, and how we embodied that message. And when we studied the messengers by someone and we loved the messengers,

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micellar it's so that we can embody that message the way that he did, it saw it was set up. It wasn't an emotional fantasy. It's something it's trying to be like him or use a lot to set up. And you'll see if you're, if your attachment to the prophesy, someone does not go beyond that emotional attachment. It's worthless. It's worthless, that's Christianizing the faith, right, have a strong emotional attachment as you want but you're not doing it but you're not trying to emulate him it does fall into us and I'm even then that can be a proof against your hunch against you on the Day of Judgment. Then he said again, that average minds discuss events and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. He said, generally speaking, how to use the law to set up that from men personally, Islam and mommy from the goodness of a person's Islam, total Kumada. Yeah, this is abandoning documents does not concern. That is the goodness of you want to know how sound your Islam is. You look at how you abandon that which doesn't concern you that which is of no benefit to you whatsoever. And if you really think about this, again, a person who was busy with a loss of penance and doesn't have time to worry about other things. You know, when the Imam has some advice to him, Allah used to quote this hadith, he used to say when Anna, Matt and Rob longtime

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one of the signs that ALLAH SubhanA, which Adam has abandoned a person is whenever and yes, widow female nominee, is whenever that person becomes obsessed with things that are of no benefit to him and have no use to no relevance.

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That's a very bad sign. That's a sign that this connection is severed. So you're trying to look for other things to fill that void. That's not a good sign about ourselves. And again, strong lines discuss ideas. And these ideas for the believer as far as the believers concern is how to please Allah subhana points.

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If I have a burden in front of me, there's a way to please Allah subhanaw taala with that, if I have a date in my hand

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that is about to be made. That's an idea that I have How can I please a last contact with that date. There's a brother there, I can help him break his facts. If I have 20 minutes of driving to work, I have an idea I think about how I can please Allah subhanaw taala using this 20 minutes. If I have an opportunity in front of me to do dental work, I think about how I use this opportunity to please the last panel to

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not kill Tom

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Because time is your best friend, especially hold on time is your best friend. Use that time. And when I saw less of a lot, it was said that the Hour will not pass until time is shrunk, time actually shrinks and isn't authentic, have you been active, time will actually shrink, a year will be like a month, a month will be like a week, a week will be like a day a day will be like an hour, an hour will be like burning grass, just burning very, very, very quick. Time is already shrunk, has already shrunk. And all of these tools of productivity that are supposed to make us more productive, have actually become tools to make us less productive. So count on what I mean think about these

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things can be used for our greatest benefit. That computer that you have, if you're thinking ideas that computer that laptop could be used for you to enhance your knowledge to learn more about the the right that cell phone that you have that iPhone that you've had, could be used so that you can keep yourself more productive on your tasks, and pleasing Allah subhana to add. But now those same things are supposed to be tools and productivity and become tools of destruction. Because we use them to get involved in things that don't benefit us and then are meaningless to us. And the believer always thinks how to please Allah subhanaw taala as the man that was ALLAH beautifully. So

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either multiple candidates level FitClub, but he couldn't be shaking them wherever. When a person is thinking deeply about something when a person is engrossed in a thought. Everything around him lends itself to that thought.

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And you look at successful businessmen, they're always thinking about their business, sometimes in a way that's unhealthy because some of you might be thinking about your business right now. Right? You think about a person who's an athlete, they're always thinking about enhancing their skills. You think about a person who's obsessed with their education, they're always concerned with their education, it never leaves their mind. Right, it never leaves their mind it doesn't just disappear. And so the fluctuation that exists with our faith sometimes is because we've learned to connect and disconnect completely. And if you're able to disconnect from Allah subhanaw taala completely that

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means that the connection was not sound in the first place. Right? The connection was not actually solid in the first place. Because the prophets like someone told us and humanity is ego Yonkos faith does increase and decrease. But when it comes to the end of times, what did the Prophet choice I'm saying, said that whenever the time as time has come to an end, the prophets lie. Some have said that a person will go to sleep. You've said legend me now a person will go to sleep a believer. Well, you speak for Kafeel, and then you wake up a disbelief. There is a complete void of faith all of a sudden, complete disengagement to a point that you disengage faith as a whole. Or he would wake

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up your spirit and walk me now MC caffeine already wake up a believer and throughout the day somehow he loses faith completely. He loses faith completely. And so that's the last time that you know the last place and time and setting that you want that to happen as long a lot is a day Romblon

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keep yourself engaged throughout the day. Have a regimen for yourself, and don't waste your time especially in Milan and watch the bulk of the philosophy of Allah puts in your life and mind in the data. How do we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to have productive wives when we ask Allah us parents out to send us Ramadan and to allow us to be productive in Milan and to forgive us in Ramadan for all of our previous sins along with all the other was tough for a lot of US companies having missed the need for stuff

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come to the landlord anatomy what are the ones who love football? What makes a lot more fun to Southern Nevada crowd because we can come in and steal a lot more money

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selling to

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their brothers and sisters. I want you too for a moment. Think about this beautiful Hadith from above whatever will be a low tide

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where he says that one time you're walking with the messenger so a lot of it was and the prophets of Allah took us to a mountain by the name of Judah.

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And when we this mountain Juden comes from the word Javelin which means frozen the reason why the mountain on the outskirts of Mecca is called Jump down is because it is all by itself it's a mountain that stands by itself and there are no other mountains around. I will hold aid on the Allahu Anhu says that the prophets of Allah took us to that mountain and was so lost I still uncertain Cyril, walk fast southern authority dual Saba authority don't suffer calligrapher reader

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and the meaning of that hadith is that the loner

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ers and mofetil 2000 with the done is one was single. Now it's not talking about singles in terms of marital status the loners some of them will finally do. The loners have surpassed all the loners have surpassed all the loners have surpassed all MSO who didn't know what the problems like Sam was talking about. So they asked for so masala Hardy masala Who are these will finally do it Who are these people because the prophets Iseman was likening these people to this mountain, this mountain and also la sala Allah it was for themselves and that Keating Allah to get on with that.

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Those who remember Allah frequently from the men and from the women, they're frequently remembering the last kind of words. They're frequently engaged in every single aspect with their minds with their hearts, with their tongues with their lips, they're always engaged in remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that brings you dear brothers and sisters, emotional stability, success, productivity, and you know who will be a lot of time who's the narrator of this hadith, nobody says his son, he says that an operator was known to do to Say Subhan Allah to do to spirit 12,000 times a day,

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spa 12,000 times a day after he heard those words from the messenger so long as the knowing Erickson software does the heavy physical stuff.

00:26:23--> 00:26:24

How do you even do that?

00:26:25--> 00:27:03

It's actually possible. I don't know. I'm not claiming to do it, but it is humanly possible. That's the power of luck when you admit when you find yourself capitalizing on that time. You know, reading a deathless qumola has just three times you know, we're so lost myself, I'm saying that that's equivalent to the reward of reading the entire Quran, who amongst us is not capable of doing who amongst us is not taking a field that is not capable of taking just a few moments, 20 minutes of the day, to do our, of course a lot to do our morning remembrances, and then do our evening remembrances later on. But more importantly than that, your brothers and sisters will find that we aren't

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capable. And I guarantee you I lost some time on it to Allah has given all of us the same minds and the same hearts, Allah has given us an empty space, how you choose to fill that space? Is your choice. All of us memorize the equivalent of the Quran. All of us do, whether it's in movie titles, whether it's in cricket stats, or football starts, or whatever it is, we all memorize the equivalent of the entire call out in our minds, I guarantee you, we all do. All of us have filled our minds with something. But what you have to ask yourself is on the Day of Judgment, when Allah subhanaw taala causes the limbs to splint when he causes the limbs to speak, on a loss pentatonic brings out

00:27:43--> 00:28:26

all of these things. Is it something that I want to present to Allah subhanho To Allah on the Day of Judgment? Or is it something that I'm proud of? Have I really made the best usage of what Allah Subhana Allah has given? Have, I really made the best usage of the memory that the last panel has given me if I really made the best usage of the time that Allah subhanaw taala has given me because, you know, as one of those people was said that every single breath is a precious jewel, every single one of them, and once it's gone, once that breath is gone, the opportunity is gone to it's never coming back. Every one of your regrets is gone. You know, you've wasted a moment. How did you use us

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that moment? And on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will ask. And the first thing that Allah penance, I will ask from the four questions that he will ask the authentic hadith of affinity of the alarm was the public slice of themselves. I normally use normally he females, they'll be asked about his years, the number of years that he lived, and then the number of years, the number of months, the number of weeks, the number of days, the number of hours, the number of minutes the number of seconds, how did you use that? How did you use that for a last time what's out. And we'll find that when we look at the lives of the seller, they teach us productivity, because most of the

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great scholars of the past died before the age of 40 years old. And they left behind, they still live today through their legacy. They still live today through their productivity. A person like the man the bell, we don't even a lot 39 years old when he passed away, he lives through his books. He's alive through his books problem, a person like him and taking him a lot. And by the way, neither No, we already been taking over, got married lives through his books. Not because they didn't want to get married. They just was Allah. They were young people. They never got the text, lives through his books, lives through that legacy. And I have to ask myself, with the time that Allah has given to

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me, Do I have anything that will outlive me? Do I have anything that will continue to benefit me after I pass away? Do I have anything that I would be proud of on the day of judgment to show to Allah subhanaw taala as an accomplishment? We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us

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For our shortcomings we have some loss of parameters to make us from a decaying Allah Kapitel with that cut off those who remember Allah frequently from the, from the women, we asked the last panel to Adam to forgive us for the for the blessings that He has given to us that we did not make use of and we ask Allah subhanaw taala that in this little block we come to a greater appreciation of His blessings and learn to use those blessings in a more appropriate way Well look, I mean a lot of us we not what's the mean or what was the amount one a month in SME or on

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film than our camera Wi Fi now without proper Ebola and first in our in lamps after lead out of high school in the middle of paucity along the inner castle with

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