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The speakers discuss the importance of faith in handling hardship and ease, acknowledging the need to deal with groups breaking out by showing the community of believers the need to take action to avoid unnecessary harm. They stress the need to deal with groups breaking out by showing the community of believers the need to take action to avoid unnecessary harm. The conversation also touches on the misunderstanding of "sluds" and the use of "naught" and "naughty people" as terms used by people in a certain way, and the need for acceptance and a "hasn't been enough" approach to things.

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Surratt I heard you right? Okay. So listen, here's the Ross was just being recited. Now certain her gerat begins, according to some opinions, either certain foods rot, or suit off, that begin what's known as a surah Mufasa, which are the disjointed or the short sorrows. And this is this is the majority of what was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the first 13 years of Revelation. And that's why you find much mention of the Hereafter a much mention of general concepts of belief. And these particular sources, basically from certain truths about or sort of cough, until the end, which really build the APY that they build the emaan in our hearts, and they illustrate

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they highlight the appeal of Edison or Gemma and the Muslims as a whole. You know, what to hate is, what faith is what theology is, what it means to worship Allah subhanaw taala not worship anything besides Allah subhanaw taala just general reminders of the hereafter and just building character, that Subhan Allah sorta sort of depends a lot is an amazing surah in that sense, as well as it begins this, this portion of the Quran according to some of the opinions, certain foods a lot one of the names for it is sort of to add up the surah of character, the surah of manners, it's one of the ways that it's referred to because if you look at the surah of the Quran Subhanallah each portion of

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it concerns itself with an aspect of adults with an aspect of character of manners. It starts off with LA to Kadima, Albania de la he was solely okay at that My Allah wa de model so sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the other that you show with Allah, and with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you if you realize here when the prophets lie Selim says in them Boris to the Otama Makarem one o'clock that I was only sent to Perfect, good character, many of them they said to heat with theology is and belief in the last percentile, it is good other with Allah, that you know, it is the worst up that you can have with Allah subhanaw taala when you don't acknowledge his right

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upon you and you don't acknowledge his oneness, so, in reality, faith is a form of good manners with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So Allah starts off the surah with the adage that we should have towards Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the way we treat the messenger sly Salam. Had he been amongst us, how would he treat? How would we treat him? And since he's not amongst us anymore SallAllahu I think it was salam. How do we treat the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it teaches us to have that other with Allah, that other with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then as it moves on from Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Yeah, you Alladhina amanu inja confess he can be another infertile but you know until Cebu, Coleman Behala, for us to be who I am not to not demean the way that we deal with the with with those that bring news in the community. Okay, it takes one false statements to destabilize an entire community. And that's why verification is stressed so much in our religion. So the adult that we should have towards news that comes our weight, and what it means for our community, the implications, you know, nowadays Subhanallah you don't even bother to verify what news site it is, you saw something on WhatsApp, and you just, you just press Share and you start spreading it like wildfire. You

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automatically believe it because you want to believe it, and it leads to absolute disaster. And it destabilizes even the best of communities. Even the community of the prophets lie Selim was destabilized by people who would spread false news. So being careful. And Allah subhanaw taala then teaches us how to have a dialogue with one another, in times of in times of hardship and in times of ease. What in thought if attorney made meaning that settle for asleep? Oh, they now Houma. When two groups arise from the believers, which is inevitable, and a time of fitna, and in a time when when gossip is spread, and at a time when little can be verified. And in a time where egos can thrive. In

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the absence of a system that can control egos. It's inevitable that you're going to have groups breakout. When things are not clear. When when people as a whole don't submit their egos to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I want you to think about this and think about all the fits in that breakout all the all the hardships and all the fights that breakout around North America. Let's not even talk about geopolitics or talking about the Muslim world. Let's talk about you know, fitna in the massage it's okay, when you have fights break out in the message and someone goes out and opens a masjid

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Just a few minutes away. When you trace it at the end of the day, you're going to figure out that it's one or two egos that destabilize an entire community. And because of one person or two people's egos they are willing to sacrifice the house of Allah subhanaw taala, meaning their other with Allah and the messenger slice animus por. So it goes back to one person's lack of add up or two people's lack of Adam with their Creator, which leads to fights breaking out, and those egos will inevitably gathered their sheep. And so you'll start to have groups that will form and it will be all over the place. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, ously Hubei now Huma, bring these two parties together, sort

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things out, bring people back to Allah and the messenger slice of them, bring them back to the Aslan, bring them back to the Foundation, which is Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, get them all to agree upon the Quran and the Sunnah judge between them, this is what we're going to do. So when someone else you know, when someone when someone goes after that agreement, and starts to cause trouble again, * it. Let's see, totally, then you all know what to do. Right? Then all of you join against the one that's causing the fitna in the community. At that point, it's not about reconciliation. It's about squashing what is toxic in the community. Right? One person

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refusing or one group refusing to subvert their egos to Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and is willing to put the house of Allah, the community, the community of believers, everything at risk because of their egos. So it starts off with Allah and His Messenger slice on then how to deal with news that comes into your community, the other when the news comes into your community, the other one you see Pfitzner break out in your community. And then Allah subhana wa Tada says, in normal mode, Mina ICWA, for Asli, who been a homemaker? You know, at the end of the day, the brothers are believed that you are the believers, our brothers, in normal movement or

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for Asli, who been to Hawaii come, bring peace amongst your brothers? What is the basis by which we became brothers?

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What's the basis by which we became brothers? Faith in who?

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Allah so what does Allah Sponza say? What law the under control so all of you fear Allah, you were joined together by Allah, and by being followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your hearts were brought together in the first place in accordance with Allah and the messenger slice Allah. Join again around that which Allah subhanaw taala has given to you to unify your hearts. So Allah Now mentions other between brothers as a whole. At the end of the day Subhanallah one of the greatest diseases that we have at the end of the day is that we are a self defeating community.

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Seriously, think about it if all of the enemies of Islam were to leave us to ourselves, we probably still kill each other. We're a self defeating community, because we forgot what brought us together in the first place. And so people become divided upon nationalistic chants and upon tribalistic things, and upon race and upon social class and economic class people become divided into all these different classes because they forgot that which brought them together in the first place. You don't see that person as just your Muslim brother. Instead, you see him as your Muslim brother who happens to be from another country so we're cool until a fitna breaks out when the fitna breaks out. Who's

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going to rally around Yeah, fine. You're a nice Muslim will shake your hand when the shifts forces to awkwardly do so. In the Masjid. But when fitna breaks when fitna breaks out in the community, you know what's gonna happen? The Arlberg gonna gather. The Pakistanis are gonna gather, the Indians are gonna gather the Bengalis are gonna gather the Somalis are gonna gather, everyone's gonna go back into their cliques and say, hey, look, they're taking the masjid again.

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Hey, look, they're messing it all up again. What happened? You were just smiling in his face and saying salaam aleykum. Brother, welcome to the community. Pfitzner broke out, and what really bound you was not a slum. It was something else. And the ugliness showed in an ugly circumstance. The ugliness came back out. And it turned out lo and behold, he was fine as your brother when things were okay, but Allah azza wa jal expects that we can all play nice when things are nice. The problem is when things get ugly, the true nature of you comes out. And so Allah azza wa jal reminds us in me Nona is one. The believers are brothers meaning what? If someone from your country is wrong

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and the other person even if he's a non Muslim actually he is right then be just in them and let me know what and remember that as believers your brothers now because of that, does that mean that hey we're all brothers now let's gather against society and let's go back out and let's unify ourselves and let's just say you know what we can treat the non Muslims like dirt now know the last part of this Allah azza wa jal deals with up towards who? mankind as a whole yeah you have nurse so Allah goes through fitna Allah goes through slander, backbiting, layoff Tabata document bow. Layers are calm women calm. Don't mock one another Latin Abba Zubin. Elcom don't give each other bad nicknames.

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You know, don't throw nicknames and labels on each other. What's the easiest way to mock someone you start calling them names? Right? So whether it's giving them theological names, call him our hobby. Call him a Sufi call him call him this call him that, right? And then after theological names call him fat call him ugly call him this. Just start calling names and things of that sort. Don't mock people don't think you're better than people don't backbite people. Then Allah subhana wa Tada says, yeah, a U haul nurse in halacha. Come in that current.

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Oh people adapt with mankind as a whole. We created all of you from male and female or Jana come sure Ruben Wakaba you know, Lita, our food in a chroma coma and Allah here at Koco. Last Pantai says, We made you nations and tribes so that you may get to know one another. And by the way, Earth has this connotation, even in Lula and language, not just getting to know one another, but getting to know one another in a very close way. You know, being nice to each other, treating each other well. non Muslim, Muslim, black, white, Arab, Pakistani, all of you, male, female, you treat each other with dignity, Why do you treat them with dignity, in economical Mirandola here at the bottom,

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because the best of you all, is the one who fears Allah Most, which goes back to the very beginning of the surah. The one who has the best Adam with Allah and His Messenger sly Salam is the best of you all. And there is no way to know that there is no way to judge who amongst us we can judge we can say who belongs to what country who belongs to what race, what economic class, what are the cliques. But at the end of the day, someone in this room has more Taqwa than the rest of us.

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And I'm not going to make do out for myself but ask Allah so that we all have high Tukwila I mean that we're all favorable in our Taqwa to Allah, I know it's odd. Someone in this room is higher than everybody else who it could be the person that you least suspect. And by the way, brothers, it could be a sister too. And by the way, you know, those of you that speak Arabic, it could be the brother that standing up here and is not understanding a word of the Quran, but there is something in his heart, where he holds Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in certain regard and Allah sees more tough one is hard. You don't know who they are. So treat every person as if they could be a willy of Allah

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subhanaw taala and you don't know have a dub with Allah have added with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ie the Quran and the Sunnah have add up. When when fitna breaks out, have add up in times of ease have added with your brothers have added up not to back by you know and to be dignified in the way that you speak. Have a dub with mankind as a whole we ask Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah to perfect our iman and to perfect our other as well. I mean, does that come along? I don't send out like when I'm telling you to cancel