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The next set of biographies also is within some of the women around the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, do we have any Eskimos in here, by the way? Anyone named ESMA. Now, you all know an Eskimo, right? Okay. Any of you have Eskimos in your family? Yeah, you got some estimates? Are they tougher than usual? Yeah.

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So it's really interesting Subhanallah I'm gonna call this part the Eskimos of Medina. Because there's something very interesting about everyone who's named us not all of the Allahu Anhu in engineering in the seal of the prophets of Allah Hardy was Salam is that they all had this very unique characteristic of being very tough, similar to nusseibeh and the Seba, so we said the new sabers all had a certain character to them. So Esma let's kind of go through this a little bit. And first, let's recall the most famous SMS from Mecca. And what ties them together. So who's the most famous Esma that you know when you hear the name Esma Who do you think of?

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A smart Vince Becker? Well, the Allahu Taala and Han Asma bint Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu Ma. A smart we'll be back here was that you need to attain the one who tied her waist belt and who went on the Hijra and who served alongside the prophets nice I'm gonna go back to the call of the Allahu Anhu the one who stood firm in the face of Abuja while the tyrants and was actually slapped by Abu Jaha when she refused to give up the location of her father and the prophets of Allah Hardy who was the one who stood in front of the most ruthless tyrants that they had seen even after Islam. At the age of 100 years old. She stood in the face of a hijab, a noose, with absolutely no fear whatsoever, and

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would be there by the side of her son Abdullah Abu Musab al Abadi, Allahu Tada and Hamas. So a smartphone will be Allah and have been Becker has an incredibly strong personality.

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Right. And I showed the law and he used to extol her virtues in that regard. He was known for just being an incredibly strong woman, then you have a smart Vinter mace.

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A smart mentor may some of the Allahu anha, the wife of Abu Bakr, Siddiq, or the Allahu Anhu was also an extremely strong woman. This was the woman that washed the body of Abu Bakar with the Allah and when he passed away, this is the woman who argued with Omer Mahapatra, the Allahu anhu, about the Fallen about the virtue of the people who made the two Hydros who migrated to both Abyssinia and Medina, who argued the superiority of the people who made the Hijra to both Abyssinia and El Medina. And she is the one who insisted on going out. So I think this is going to be the consistent theme with all of them. She insisted on going out with the Prophets lie someone had to deal with that, on

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the farewell hedge and she was nine months pregnant. And she gave birth at the meet thoughts.

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In Medina, Khalifa where you go into haram, she gave birth to Mohammed bin Abi Beckham, literally on the edge of the Prophet SAW licen them so she was not going to miss out the reward of the hedge with the profit slice on them. And that's one of the most, you know, prominent stories of the macaques because imagine giving birth at the main thoughts. And by the way, she's still made Hutch. Don't ask how she still went out with the profit slice and made hedges did with that. And it wasn't a business class ticket or taking the train like that. Incredible Human being right. So Subhanallah those are the smiles of Makkah, right? The isthmus of Medina,

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the mother or the woman who may be the mother of more other than Jebin, who we talked about is also a smart than Tom. A smart man Tom.

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I remember we said there were two women who went out on Leila tilaka to give the pledge to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Macau. One of them was for sure. nusseibeh or the Allahu anha and the other one was this woman a smart been Tom? Radi Allahu Taala and her and you know what's amazing Subhanallah she too, was fully pregnant. And she gave birth on the night of October meaning the same day that she gave the baby out to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam she gave birth to a son named she Beth she bath while the Allahu Taala and so you have the smell of Makkah who refused to miss hedges or were there the hedge with the Prophets lies and ended up giving birth at the me

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thoughts and you have the smartened bins from Medina who refused to miss Leila Tanaka and ended up giving birth on Leila tilaka. And then there's another very surprising smile by the way. This one was actually pretty shocking to me, as well. Her name is a smart Vince merhaba a smart Vince Makarova.

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This is the mother of a Bucha had

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a Bucha had his mom is also an asthma, and she's also heavy about the Alana. You imagine that Abuja Hill. His son goes on to become one of the most famous companions Nkrumah and his own mom leaves him in my

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And does Hijra to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So a smart bins Makarova Radi Allahu anha the mother of Abuja had became a Muslim and migrated to meet the Prophet slice on Medina. She's not even you know, a lot of these elder holdouts, right? They waited for the prophets lie some to come back to Mecca.

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And then they embraced Islam later on. Right some of the elders of Quraysh that that fought till the very end and then they embraced Islam. This woman, the mother of Abuja, had actually went out to the Prophet saw the wall and he was

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and her son was the Pharaoh was the fifth element of this ummah. And she embraced Islam. So there's something about the isthmus right? These are the these are the mountains of the Sierra. Now the most famous of them from Medina. Is a woman by the name of snot didn't Yazeed even a second? A smart bint he has eat all the Allahu Allah. Her nickname according to have been hedger was Habiba to Nisa, the spokesperson of the women. You already know where this is going. When the women wanted to say something to the prophets, why some request something they knew that the strongest woman amongst them to go and make that request was a smart thing to XID the second, hopefully, but to Nisa. And,

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first of all, her father has either been a second so I mean, again, you see, the spirit of the unsavoury is even a second will the Allahu Anhu was one of those people who did not flee from the prophets of Allah who it was Solomon

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and who was murdered defending the Prophet slice. I'm in the Battle of Hood and he was unrecognizable because of all of the wounds that he took trying to defend the Prophet sighs I'm someone that people flood. He has either been a second or the Allahu Anhu was a man who threw himself at the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and defended the Prophet slicin from every direction and was murdered. So this is his daughter, his daughter, a smart Vinci as Eid Al Ansari and they used to say about her father, Wamena, Nassim and yesterday NAFSA Huberty Allah Allah Tila, they used to recite the I O, and they would remember her father, that from those people that have sold themselves

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for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, seeking to please Allah subhanaw taala so it's not that he has either or the Allahu anha she's the first actually she's the first woman who was divorced in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the ayat a varied

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outward OMA on Zillow 300 The two little Metallica, the IR the verses of ADA came down in regards to her so she's the first divorce see in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam she narrates 10s of a Hadith from the Holocaust of the Prophet slicin with the women. The prophets lie some obviously had a Holika once a week where he would sit with the women of Medina and of course the Mahabharata as well and the prophesy someone give them specific Halaqaat and specific time. And so she narrates the Hadith, that hadith about how the prophets lie some greeted the women. When they came as a party into the masjid and the prophets lie some signal towards them, he greeted us in that

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way sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Many of the Hadith where the prophets lie some answered questions about things that were specific to the women are narrated from a smile the Allahu anha giving us sort of a window into the Halacha with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam some of the warnings the admonishing of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding backbiting and extravagance. She narrates those a Hadith from the Prophets license halacha with the women, the eye on some of the tough seed of the ayat of the prophets lie Selim, actually come through this narration this route of narration primarily in Abu Dhabi route from snap into z, where she's talking about some of the

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things that the prophets lie some told the women explaining some of the verses of the Quran, Kalia into the AlLadhina asafo Allah unfussy him talking about tomb and Rahmatullah. The famous verse about forgiveness. The Tafseer of that verse comes from this halacha this gathering of the prophets lie Selim with the women. She also narrates one time the prophets lie Selim said and this is just one of the narrations but I love this narration. That was Allah say son asked us Allah of Bureau comb BVR recon Shall I not tell you who the best of you are? Who the best of you are. So we said belajar Rasul Allah, we said, yes, a messenger of Allah Khan Alladhina EDA, Ro, Loki and Allah,

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those people who when you see them, they remind you of Allah. The best people are the people that when you see them, you instantly remember Allah subhanaw taala. Then he said, I felt a little convincing your article. So and I'll tell you who the worst of you are called rubella. They said, Yes, he said, Well, Masha Hoon had been Amina and mostly Dunedain and a HIPAA Elda Hunedoara Alanna, and he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the worst of you are those who must not want to be an amoeba. They're always slandering people. And they're always mostly doing a beta lab. They're always causing problems between people who love each other. So they're causing issues in the community.

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And then he said some ally some Allah Hunedoara Alanna Bura Alana, those who who seek to ruin the lies of the innocence, meaning they lead the innocence into destruction they ruin the lives of the innocent by gossip and by slandering or by causing issues within the community. So she narrates many of those Hadith from within the Halaqaat of the prophets lie some in Medina. She also just to give you an idea of her, she used to go and she used to prepare food and she stand outside the masjid of the prophets why Selim and after a shot, she would serve the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what she cooked. So there was one time that she was waiting outside the masjid of the Prophet salAllahu

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alayhi wasallam and she had some bread and some reasons. And she invited also lustleigh Salam into the home to come in to eat. And the prophets lie Selim brought some of the unsolved and she's one of those that witnessed the miracle, where the profit slice I'm told the unsalted to eat from the small dish, and it was 14 of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she mentioned that, you know, after they drank from my water skin, and after they ate from my,

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from my plate, that our sustenance or risk never stopped increasing after that day, meaning we had the benefit of the profit slice. I'm visiting our home that day, until the end of times. Now, her most famous incident and why she's actually called hardly able to MISA.

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The spokesperson of the women is this narration from a bay hockey it's an it's an incredible narration.

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assets in the BSL Allahu alayhi wa sallam she came to the prophets of Allah Krishna Maha abena was Javi and while he was sitting with the Companions,

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a call it be a b into Woombye in the feeder to Nissa II like my my mother and my father be sacrificed for you oh messenger of Allah. I am the ambassador of the women to you. And she says Emma in the whole Mammon and rotten cow in Latin fish, Sharpton, wherever when Sammy adds the mythology, Hatha Olam, Tessmer Illa. Here Allah Miss Lee Rai, and what I'm about to say to you, oh messenger of Allah. There is not a single woman in the east or the west. Who knows of my coming to you or who doesn't know but as a follower of yours, except that they have what I'm about to say to you the concern that I am about to share with you a Messenger alert or the opinion that I'm about to share

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with you. Oh, messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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She said in Allah Bertha Kabil happening Isla Regina when Nisa Allah sent you with the truth to both the men and to the women, men Becca will be Isla he calorie Oxalic we believed in you and we believed in the God who sent you to us. We're in America or Nissa max or Artem Max, all right. coal power AWT, calm Wallmark Dasha harati comm Wareham era to Allah decom that we the women of Medina, we are the pillars of our homes. We are the we we take care of the needs of our households, we care for our husbands, and we fulfill the needs of the house and we also bear your children. So she's speaking on behalf of the moms to write and she says, we're in Nicole Mirage Euroregion for Lily to

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Marlena Bill Juma, aunty Well, Gemma and we're here to tell Maria was so hudl Jana as well, how'd you bury the hunch? That the man amongst you have been given this, this, this this preference, they've been given this ability to go from Joomla to Joomla. And they get to pray in the gemera alongside you all the Salawat and they get to go and they get to visit the sick amongst you and they get to go to the gym as amongst you and they get to go from hedge to hedge meaning they're getting all of these rewards. So we hear all of these Hadith about the reward of this and the reward of that, and the men are taking all of the reward. Remember the poor unsolved, complaining about the

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rich ones like this was the way of the unsolved, we're losing out on the edge. And she says and what Afghan women Dalek al Jihad the visa vie Lula and more than any of that they get to go out and battle with you they could they get to go out and they get to be by your side in the battlefield the auto sword Allah we're in a regular income either Oak Ridge Mahajan, or more Tamron one Morabito one Hatfield on Lancome and while I was gonna come as well, but what are Boehner hola como la de como it's She's literally saying when and then when the men go out with you yada sola and they do all of this stuff. We're the ones that are guarding the homes guarding the wealth taking care of, you know,

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basically the laundry. We're the ones that are raising the children meaning we're being left with all this and we're hearing all these Hadith about these amazing things alongside geodes with Allah. So

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she says

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thunder on

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Share equal comfort at rehearsal Allah might complain to you do we get a share of all this edge? Don't we get to share in this agile with with with essentially with the man right?

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And she says this in the profit slice I'm sitting with the Companions All right I'll tell you what to Nisa The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I'm reading the narration as it's written in short the email so I'm literally it gives you the little bit of the environment of this as well.

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He turned SallAllahu it he was salam felt effort and Nabil Salallahu salam ala was hobby he we watch he clearly he turns lights on with his face towards his companions. All together. He looked at his companions and they were upset.

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They were not happy with the speech of s mapman to see little the Allahu italiana. So he said hello, Samaritan makalah and rotten cut AXELA minimis olatuja V m li D Neha Madhavi Have you ever heard a woman give a more beautiful speech than what this woman just gave? Like ask something more powerful than what this woman just asked.

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And they said yellow suit Allah Mallanna Anambra attend to Teddy Isla meffre have a Messenger of Allah We don't know that a woman would be guided to speak the way that she just spoke. Like, we're not very fond of the things that she just said this is a little bit too aggressive. And what she just said to you that effort and abuse Allah Allah Azza wa salam ala ha So the prophets I'm turned back to us, not the Mikado Lucha in Satoshi a year to help Mara go oh, a woman of the unsought what early meme and how *y Mina Nisa and personal Tibet really the Hakuna the Zoji her what color the hammer allottee what Tibba mawatha Tata who Tara Dean was Erica Kula who so he said go back to the

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women and let them know that when they do all of these things that you mentioned, and they show that goodness towards their husbands and they follow them and that which is good that they will have all of that the entire reward as well. Carla Bharati Murata, we're here to help you do what you kept below skip shower. So a smart turned around and she started saying Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, pleased with what she had just heard. Now, the basis of this is that obviously these people had different circumstances. Right? They all had different circumstances, but the idea of a moussaka villager, that they wanted to have the share of the

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reward, that the unsought of the prophets lie Selim men and women, rich and poor, all had that spirit of sacrifice of wanting to approach the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and have a share in the reward and the Prophet slice them honored that and also Allah slice them said that the women have the reward of the men, when they provide because the one who enables good is like the one who does it. So they have their own share of participating in the reward and then also what she was talking about enabling some of the Sahaba to also conduct some of their affairs and be with the profit slice and that they to have the reward and she walked away please saying Allahu Akbar, and La

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ilaha illAllah. Now this woman, a smile, the Allahu Taala and healthy but to Nisa, the orator, the spokesperson for the women of the unsought

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she also, I mean, this kind of shows you the the Subhanallah the strength and the courage of these people. She was there in the battle, have you ever milk your milk was a difficult battle against the Byzantines and she was serving water to the to the wounded and she was caring for some of the wounded. And in the midst of the battle, she picked up a tent pole when the Byzantines charged and she herself she herself took out nine Byzantine soldiers so similar to say battle the Allahu Tada Anna in that sense of just really being able to step in in the moment and to be someone that was praised by the prophets lie some of the companions in that way all the Allahu Taala and her and may

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Allah be pleased with her and all of the smells Muhammad Amin. So if you have if you notice masks and then this this lecture inshallah and if you have in a smart as a daughter or sister or a mother, so this is this is the strength this is where it comes from, and obviously that strength was in not wanting to be left out of the edges. Really what it comes down to is that none of these women ever wanted to be left out of the edges of the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala