Omar Suleiman – Why Me #02 Why Did Allah Choose This Time For Me

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The potential of the light of Islam to influence our fate and achieve our dreams is discussed, along with the importance of the Prophet sallama's light as a bridge to light us through our lives. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of our actions and not to become evil, and discusses the historical significance of "slack points" in various periods, including the Prophet's time trial, the recent death of a Muslim, and the birth of a woman in Syria. The importance of knowing oneself and one's purpose in the moment, transforming one's life to become the best one for oneself is emphasized.
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Allah wrote all the possibilities of your fate and aloha forth.

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But which of those fates is actually going to be yours?

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Are you the answer to a family members do

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for you the delayed response to a prayer that was made by someone decades or even centuries ago?

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What legacy will you leave behind once your life has been fully lift?

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Why did Allah choose this moment in history for you to arrive?

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Maybe your parents and grandparents made your app for you, dreaming of your future success and happiness.

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Maybe you are a welcome surprise, or even a scary thought.

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However your conception was preceded by others. Your existence was planned by Allah. He chose the environment that is perfectly suited for your personality and your potential. And he brought you into this world at a certain time to a certain family in a specific place to fulfill your special purpose. Try to think of yourself as a light from Allah's decree brought to this world just at the right time. Maybe even as an extension of the light of someone that came before you. Remember that gathering of add the mighty Saddam walking around and seeing people's like, think of him being amazed by your light, or even closer. Remember that night when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam went up to the heavens, on the night of illness that would matter watch and his whole Ummah was presented to imagine the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walking through his OMA and then coming up to you, and saying what beautiful light you have. Or think of the dreams of those that came before us. For Ibrahim alayhis salam. It was the dream of this descendant who wouldn't arrive for 1000s of years, but he was so worth that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then sometimes the dreams get closer. I'm gonna really thought about all the allowed time to Anhu waking up one night with this huge smile on his face and saying, Who is this child for my descendants that's going to

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fill the earth with justice after it's been filled with injustice. And Ahmed Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah His great grandson was born just a few years after his death, but he fulfilled the dream. I often think what persecuted enslaved Muslim woman is Malcolm X and heads medica Chavez, an answer to every single person has their special turn in the grand story of this world. The question is whether we realize our potential and become that blessed presence wherever we find ourselves. When I saw a slum was born, he said, What Jana Nemo Baraka, Aina, macaroons, and Allah made me bless it wherever I may be. The Scholars say that that's because there Eastside is Salam brings good to every

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environment he is in, and it's not exclusive to him. When we do the same, we are also Mobarak to whatever place were put in, and your birth itself may have been Mobarak because you were a blessing to your family, and maybe even the answer to someone's do as long before you got here.

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We arrive in this world with certain hopes pinned to us, and also darkness that precedes us, confronting us at every turn.

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It might be the darkness of a broken family, it might be the darkness of someone else's betrayal. It might be the darkness of oppression.

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Remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called Bloom? vooral Matt darknesses. Allah subhanho wa Taala illuminates the darkness of this world through the light of his decree. He illuminates it through the light of His revelation, and then He illuminates it through the light of your deeds. That's what some of the scholars say no, don't Allah node is Light upon light. But we have to kindle that light inside of us. Otherwise we become sources of evil ourselves. And that's when the darkness of this world actually becomes our darkness. In fact, we can become submerged in waves of darkness boodle not unbearable have folk about either a holiday other who lemmya kedua

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darkness upon darkness instead of light upon light, and you become so blind that you can't even see your own hands. But you choose whether it'd be a curse of your time, or a blessing for your era. This is what the Prophet slicin meant when he said he couldn't leave codename and almighty savvy

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One in every generation of my alma, there are four runners. It means to be as the scholar said, it never worked a child of the moment. And it's not just your moment because our stories are all interconnected even across time and place. Think of how many marriages almost didn't work out. And how many dangerous pregnancies in your lineage preceded your risky birth? And think of how unlikely your existence was. But Allah subhanaw taala made it happen, because it's part of a bigger story. Maybe the reason you find yourself in a position to build this Masjid in some remote town is because of the drought of a Muslim who passed by that town 100 years ago and said yeah, Allah, I hope

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there's a masjid there one day, or maybe the millions of prayers of the oppressed people around the world is the reason you have the ability to be the answer to their cries for help the Prophet slice and I'm said, help tune Sorona what tools are corner Ellerbee, Lofa equal? Are you given victory or sustenance, except by how you treat your vulnerable ones? Being a blessing to someone else is a reason by which the decree for you becomes blessing. So as for the prophets lie Selim himself, he said Anna Dawa to be Ibrahim I am the doer of my father Ibrahim, and the glad tidings of Asa. And when he was born, sallallahu alayhi wa salam in the darkest of eras, his mother saw a light that lit

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up the entire world, to where she could even see the palaces of greater Syria. Now that's him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Planeten the land I mean a mercy to all the worlds for all times. Why did Allah choose you for now? And what has Allah chosen for you now? Matt Tala come in at a jolly shaitan min Arada. And yet Joseph will work the clay you Roma Hara Hola houfy, the one who wants there to appear in the moment other than what Allah has manifested, is full of ignorance. Know Allah, then know yourself, then know your purpose, and then make the most of that moment. So many people look back at other periods of history and wonder, why wasn't I there instead, you had similar

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trials in some way. But in other ways, you're completely different. Imagine how badly the tab Berrien who just missed being able to live with the Prophets lie some felt when they realized they were left out of being Sahaba. But then when they would tell the Companions, How blessed are you all to have lived with the Prophets lie some of them the Sahaba respond and say you have no idea how hard it was to support Islam in its earliest days. Do you really know that if you lived in that time, you would have been able Beckett and not Abuja? What? Are you sure when you read historical episodes in the Quran, you would have been on the right side of that episode. Would you have been on

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the ship with Nadia Salam or with the majority of people that were actually mocking him? Would you have been ready to support Musa Aeneas Salam against the vicious tyrant like Fidel? Well, every part of history has elements of these stories with all of their tyrants and trends. And you have to decide which character you are today. Because Allah created you for now, because that's what's best for you to make the best of the moment and transform it to be the best deed for your eternal life.

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I promise you that you will have moments of ease and moments of hardship

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and then moments of blessing in the midst of a hardship that's actually greater than the test itself.

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And every single one of those moments was perfectly planned by the most wise whether we see the wisdom in them at the moment or not. So what moments were planned for you?

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Blame sleep and

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eat luck at Danville law Hulan WeMo Lana logging federally at work. Kelly

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