Allah is always Ar-Raheem. Never Doubt Allah

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Number one, Allah has always Rahim there is a 1000s bombs we are none we are living very comfortable Allah Azza Rahim Allah doesn't change I a new change, but Allah doesn't change. So when I see these things I don't say, How can Allah Allah with this I'll say, Allah allowed it for a reason. And your Allah show me the reason or keep me strong. But don't ever doubt the hikma of Allah. Don't doubt the wisdom of Allah. That's number one. Number two, you all need to read the Sierra. This is the time where I need the Sierra

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because you need to think of why this is happening to the people of Gaza. What happened to the Sahaba and mortar when 70 of the careers of the father of the Quran were killed? Aren't these the closest people to Roswell is Otto CERAM. And to Allah they are carrying his book and they were slaughtered in an act of literally three. Treason they were killed. And the Roswell risotto Saddam was there. What happened in how northward Hamza, your Allah killed? Not only killed mutilated? Can't Allah Subhana Allah or Allah is unable to save him or give the Muslims victory after one year, why 23 years? Why the fat healthmark and the conqueror of Mecca didn't happen after three or four or

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seven or 1223 years.

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So I need my Ceylon and the more you read this year, the stronger you will be