The Qur’an condemns racism

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The verse of marriage is here too. So I just want to connect this to, to this for a moment.

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A lot of reasons after saying they can't read, but the exterior talks about some of the power of the exterior and what the power of the exterior lends to the one who designed it, right, like if you know lies, and then starts to talk about the creation of the heavens and the earth and those types of things and how that gives you a deeper understanding like Who do you think is the one that is that design, create that correct created design, engineering, all of this beauty and such perfection, right, but allows us and brings it to a very personal interaction of our lives. And if there's one thing I can convey tonight and Charlotte's Island, then I will, the very famous verse of

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marriage, woman iottie and Haleakala, cumin and fusi come as words and the tests kuno la ha pajara la Vina come mawatha Tamara in nephew Daddy, can I out in the comment yet? On verse 21 of his sciences that he created for you from yourselves, mates that you may find tranquility in them, and he placed between you affection and mercy indeed and that are Signs for people who reflect this verse of marriage is on every wedding card I'm sure even the zoom weddings that are going to take place are going to have you know this verse plastered on the evite this versus recited before you know the weddings, it's recited in the kneecaps. It is such a prominent verse, and somehow Allah

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Subhana Allah Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal chose to situate verse 21 between two verses that actually condemn racism

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Okay, so the first verse verse 21, tea and Hanukkah come in to Robin some that you that until battle on temptation and of His Signs is that he created you from dirt, and then suddenly you became human beings dispersing throughout the earth, but you all came from to lob from dirt and then Eliza justice and from the sizes that he takes two people that are both made of dirt, and the only thing that would give anyone superiority in the sight of Allah is there taqwa is there is their sense of piety, and a lot that gives these two people the responsibility to show Rama to show mercy and compassion to one another as a means of elevating themselves in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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as a means of seeing that place of Baraka. And Allah says, and that's a sign for people who think and then Eliza just says women AR t helper somehow it went out of the work the law for Elysee notic on what and why did he come in the Vatican II mean, and of His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your skin colors indeed, is that for indeed, and that is a sign did it mean for people of knowledge, not Lena Island, enough for everyone the lighting and people of knowledge for people who think deeper, so how to love the verse of marriage is situated between one that reminds us of our common origin, physical origin, and then another one

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that tells us we are enriched by our differences in our physical appearances and the types of knowledge that Eliza makes accessible to us through different languages and cultures. And the verse of marriage is situated between those two, somehow, somehow we miss it. And this is a strong a strong lesson when you talk about looking past the exterior in marriage, either attack or mental don't Edina who are who Luca, who the Prophet slicin instead of someone comes to you, whose religion and character are pleasing to you, both things that would only be enriched by culture, and language and differences of skin color and those types of things. So we do, and you should marry that person

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if you don't. And there would be fitna corruption that would spread through the earth. And people would resort to other means of satisfaction and pleasure and it would cause community issues. You know, this is a very powerful lesson for us to take on a personal level, that we really need to embrace the diversity of our own and not just pay lip service to it. But see past the exterior of people, their languages, their skin colors, their cultures, and never fall into the original, that that original racism of shape on that I'm better because I'm created this way. And he's created that thing that way and see past that exterior and Chatelet tada and pursue instead Dean and hook with

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one another and we should be advocates for that in our inner circles in our communities. And in general to make sure that we teach people to think deeper when they look at each other as well. We are creations of alarm zones and we should think look deeper, when we look at one another the night owl