Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #26 – The Many Blessings of Wudu

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One day after the budget prayer, the prophets lie Selim asked below the law and we said Yeah, biller had this need to be out of jail. I'm an amateur who filled Islam. He said tell me of the most exceptional deed you have committed to since becoming Muslim. Because I heard your footsteps in paradise and belittled the Allah Tala and who said, I don't think I have anything that is worth mentioning. Except that when I make little during the day or the night, I pray after that will do as much as Allah subhanaw taala allows me to now like everything else that we've said, This rank is for the Companions, but the concept as a whole is for the OMA and the messenger of allah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that whoever performs will do like this will have mine and then offers two kinds of prayer law you had the Sufi Hema and Hafsa who without allowing his thoughts to go all over the place bofi Radha who massacred the women Danby then everything that he has done before will be forgiven.

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The will do is special because of what it encompasses in and of itself. And it can be made more special with what you do with it. And of course it is special because it's tied to the prayer. Now when you do will with Vicky with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala there are two narrations one of them, which I'll say here is the one that I will say though the alonside are narrated that whoever performs will do and then after they complete their will they say Subhanak Allahumma will be handed a shadow Allah Allah Allah and a stockbroker to Lake Glory to you Oh Allah, I bear witness that there is no god but you I seek your forgiveness and I repent to you. He said taba Allahu alayhi

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Tabellen sama raffia tattle Archie phelim took some Illa Yongle criada. He said that Allah puts a seal on that deep meaning though, and it will be raised to the outage to the throne. And nothing is going to break that seal until the Day of Resurrection. So it's going to stay there and be there for you on the Day of Judgment. Now, of course, we know the authentic narration of the prophets, I send them as well about saying the shahada after a look, but I promise you, we will get to that a little bit later. The point is, that remember that Salah itself prayer itself is nor and Wuhan and Naja, it is a light for you. It is proof for you it is salvation for you. And so everything that's going to

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be tied to the Salah is also nude, it's also light. And you also find that in other Hadith so for example where the prophet slice Allah mentions the light for those who go to the masajid and what that's going to translate into, on the Day of Judgment, he said give glad tidings to those who used to walk to the masjid in the dark of a long stretching light on the Day of Judgment because that is sincerity that they were going only for Allah subhanaw taala so you have light in your right and then you have light in front of you which we've already covered and part of that is going to the massage but then there is the actual light of your body the node of your body and obliterate all the

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Allah Tada and when he said that one time the Prophet size and went to the book here to the cemetery and he said, a Salam Alikum Dara calm and what we need in that in sha Allah has become now a goon, peace be on to you, oh abode of believing ones. And in sha Allah, we will join you soon. And he says What did to inna Padilla aina. Aswan Anna, I wish we could see our brothers. Now if you're there in the graveyard, you would think that he's talking either about the brothers that are with him or the brothers that have departed? So the Sahaba who are with the Prophet saw some they said, our listener, Atlanta kala Sula, aren't we your brothers, oh, Messenger of Allah, and the Prophet slice

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and I'm said unto us, Javi, you are my companions? My brothers and sisters are those who have not yet even been born? So they said to the Prophet slicin, well, how are you going to recognize those of your ummah, who have not yet been born yet what sort of law so the Prophet saw some gives them this example. He says, Tell me, suppose that a man had all black horses, and some of those black horses had white streaks and patches, on their limbs and on their foreheads, wooded, the owner of those horses be able to distinguish them from the rest. And they said betta Yatta sort of love course, a messenger of ALLAH. So he said, I will recognize them when they are given their records in

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their right hands. And I will recognize them as their descendants run before them. And my brothers will come on the Day of Judgment, with light on their faces and on their arms and on their legs from what from their will do and I will be waiting for them at the house at the fountain. And so the light of blue is literal light on the body on the Day of Judgment neighborhood and on the outside and who said I heard the profit slice and I'm saying that on the day

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judgment my followers will be called a local mortgage loan and a lot of them have their own means people that are branded on the forelock and on the forearms and it will be from the trace of Lulu and whoever can increase them the area of their radiance of their light on the day of judgment should do so and by the way, they're about to say that this is not like you know go beyond the areas of little This means doing will do regularly consistently and making sure that you touch every position or every part that the profit slice I'm instructed the profit slice and I'm also setting another narration. He said tableau will heal your two minute movement Hey for you available, we'll

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do that on the Day of Judgment A believer is adornments will reach to the extent that they will do reaches on their bodies. And then you have this hadith that brings it all together that will do the Salah, the Masada. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah do LUCAM Allah, Allah will be he'll hotwire while you're far we had Donald Judd Shall I not tell you about something, a deed by which Allah will forgive all of your sins and raise your status in unimaginable ways. They said better jasola What is it a messenger of Allah? And he said Sal Allah and he was salam Isbell who added MCAD well cathro to Hobart, Elon masajid, went to law solidarity battle salah, Budda

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locomotory bought that economically bought the profits, Isom said that you do will do even in the difficult days, you know when it's cold or when it's hard for whatever reason you do will do at those times, and then increase your stops to the massage. That doesn't mean turn around and walk backwards. No, make sure that you walk frequently to the massage and wait for one prayer. Until the other prayer in the prophets I said that is like guarding the fortress. I mean, that is such a complete way of life, to guarantee newer for yourself on the Day of Judgment light for yourself on the day of judgment. And the law is the first part of the purification process literally. And the

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prophets I send them said that when a Muslim or a believer washes his face in the middle, every single sin that he committed with his eyes is going to be washed away with the last drop of water. And when he washes his hands, every single sin that he committed with his hands, is going to be washed away with the last drop of water. And when he washed his his feet, every single sin that he committed with his feet will be washed away with the last drop of water. And the prophets lie some says head to young Raja naughty and until he emerges completely purified from sin. And another narration the prophets lie some said his sins will depart from his body, even from under his

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fingernails. And let's the logic of this will do literally wipes out sins. And what that translates into with everything we've already spoken about. When the darkness of sin is removed, it's filled with light. And that's true of the light in the hearts that comes through repentance after the darkness of sin. And it's true of the light of the bodies on the day of judgment that comes through a wall. And that's just one of the things that becomes so crucial as you prepare to cross directly over the darkest abode of the final.

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that was you know, for whoever here you should deal roll with