Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #18 – Your Unanswered Prayers

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Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. With His infinite understanding, He places us in situations unique to our temperaments that enable us to avoid corruption and become the best people we can be. And in every life situation, He wishes to hear our du’as. Constantly seeking the aid of Allah through du’a guarantees an answer that will bring great blessings in this life and the next.


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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of the term Islam to describe the culture. It is emphasized that one should not be too afraid of the person in one's position, as it can lead to embarrassment and fear. The importance of not being too afraid of the person in one's position is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's actions and not be afraid of the idea of a cure. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being afraid of answers and asks for experiences to share.

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I'd love mystery with Will the law and who gives us this scenario? He says in the lab, they are home mobile, Amory, Minetti Jarrah. Well Imara had to you Yes, Allah Who, that a servant of Allah will be pursuing something of this world of wealth or leadership until it has finally been facilitated for him. So you've made you're out for something you've wanted, and you've gone after it. And now it is on its way to you and then at that moment, Jamboard Allahu alayhi Felco ruled melodica us three, four, and Allah looks at him from above the seven heavens and says to the angels, take it away from him for any Assata to hula, who are called to Hoonah. Why? Because if I give this to him, that I'm

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going to put him in hellfire, meaning this blessing in dunya will change him in a way that Allah knows will end up leading to his destruction in the hereafter for your story for I know so Allah takes it away from him. Phase One New Year 2.0 yaku Saba pani Fulani, the Hani Fudan one now who are in la faute de la jolla xojo La la he so he keeps on saying after that, so and so beat me to it, so and so got this and I didn't and the whole time it was nothing but Allah's blessing upon.

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Now on the Day of Judgment when things are made open and clear, wouldn't you want to know why certain things were withheld from you? What happens when Allah reminds you as you're standing before him? Remember that thing you kept asking me for? Remember that spouse you wanted? Remember that career or position you were after? Going to Josie Rahim Allah mentions a powerful narration from a club Irani and while other scholars like Ibn Raj up and Ibn Taymiyyah pointed out weakness in its chain, they still found it relevant to quote for its wisdom. And that is what anisul The Allahu Anhu narrated Yahoo. Allah azza wa jal in nomina EBRD manleigh You'll see who Imana who ELO Fuck, what in

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Bersatu Allah he have said the Hudak Allah says that from amongst my servants are those whose faith would not be rectified, except through poverty. And if I opened the doors of wealth for him, it would corrupt him. Were in them and everybody, man now you'll see who Imana who ill Alina? Well, of course, who who loves other who Dalek and there are amongst my servants, those whose faith would not be rectified except through wealth. And if I deprived him, it would corrupt what in them and everybody, Mala Yossi who Imana who Illa Saba, Willow uscom to who that Sadhu Dalek and there are amongst my servants those whose faith would not be rectified except for good health. And if I made

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him sick, it would corrupt him. Well in them and everybody manleigh You'll see how Imana who Elissa wallow has had two that have said the WHO Dalek and there are those amongst my servants whose faith would not be rectified, except through illness. And if I healed him, it would corrupt him. Well in them and everybody, Manolo Baba and Minella Ibadah for Akufo, who and who Lee kala Tala hola Egypt and there are amongst my loving servants that seek a particular type of worship a particular type of station and they're unable to achieve it so that they don't become conceited. In the dub bureau. EBA DB or l ni B Matthew will all be him in Nia Alim and Javier I plan for my servants with my knowledge

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of what is in their hearts. Verily, I am all knowing. And I am all aware, this is so crucial to understanding drought in a wholesome way. You're not just calling upon Allah subhanaw taala with certainty in his ability to do things for you. You're calling upon him with certainty in his knowledge to do what's best for you. And just like you're admitting your weakness to do what you want for yourself. You're also acknowledging your limitation of understanding what's actually best for you. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the dua of any one of you is answered, as long as he does not pray for something which involves sin or the cutting off of ties of

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kinship. And as long as he does not become impatient and start to see that oh, to further out, too, I made your I made your fella Allah yesterday bully and Allah is not answering my dua, further ado ah, and so as a result, what does he do? He stops making do out altogether. Now the effect is that you stopped making your app, but your bad opinion of Allah is the source of it in the first place. Because by saying that, you're either attributing to Allah Allah, which is weakness, or you're attributing to him a booklet which is stinginess, and Allah is so far away from either of those attributes. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Lucha Rahim, Haiyan karimun. Verily,

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Allah is compassionate, Allah is shy, Allah is generous.

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Yes Techiman Abdi and yellow fire Eli he a day he from that a female sailor. He's too shy for his servant to raise his hands up to him, and then not place any goodness in either one of them. Subhanallah Our Lord is shy from one of us. Who are you yet i'll be to be shy for me. We're worried about standing before you. But Allah doesn't disappoint those that he loves. And so every single day he takes seriously has it been Allah Allah Rahim Allah said matter of luck, Allah husana COVID polyp, Platinum Anna, who you read on your clear, anytime that Allah allows your tongue to move, then know that it's because he wants to give you something. And that's why I'm gonna help hobble the

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law and who said when I make the app? I only concern myself with the ability to ask not the answer. You shouldn't be worried if you're not seeing the answer. You shouldn't be worried if you're unable to ask that's where you should really be afraid of what I don't know the a lot of times and he said something to that effect. He said my awful and autoimmunity job, but I can eat a half an hour for a minute dua. He said I'm not worried at all about being deprived of an answer. I'm only worried about being deprived from being able to make the ask because if you asked Allah he will answer. So what are the various ways that Allah gives us when we make there, especially as it pertains to this

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moment in the Hereafter, for one in your record on the Day of Judgment, you see all of these Salawat to heal and to spearhead is the father of the dura all the words of remembrance, all the words of forgiveness, all the prayers on the prophets, I seldom all these words of praise our mountains of good now in your record, and you know what, you're likely to be most sincere with those words when you're making a drought and desperation. So that makes it even better. Remember, drought is composed of two things thunar, which is the praise of Allah, and polyp, which is the request from Allah, the scholar say that the ThinApp part, which is the praise that you put forth throughout your draft,

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it's always stored for the hereafter. As for the talab, which is the request, that part is distributed between both this dunya and the ocular, this life and the next, so sometimes it's going to be delayed. So the rewards of all the remembrance of Allah that was part of your DUA is showing up in your record. And if that was all, that would be sufficient. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes on to say, relating to the polyp itself to the ask itself. He says there is no Muslim who calls upon Allah, so long as it's not a sinful ask or the cutting off of family ties, but that Allah will give him one of three things in that unto Ajit Allahu Allah to Allah might quickly

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fulfill your ask what Imam on your sleeve and whom in a souI Mithila or Allah will divert an evil away from him similar to it? What in that and yeah, definitely ILAHA LA who Phil akhira or Allah will store it for him like a treasure in the hereafter. They said either nuclear jasola If that's the case, Allah, we're gonna keep on asking prophets lie some stuff, Allahu XL, Allah is more keep on asking Allah has even more than what you ask of him. No matter how much you ask. The point is, every single time you ask him sincerely, Allah is going to respond with so much more. And so what is it like when you're standing in front of Allah. And Allah says, Remember, when you asked me for

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this, and here's what I've turned that into for you here. Here's the beauty of it, that there is not mentioned. Let's say that you're sick. And you and 150 people make your a bunch of times for you to be cured. But you're not cured in this dunya every single one of those neurons was accepted for you as a treasure in the hereafter. Now it might be that Allah in His mercy lets the sickness go. And then he still cures you, at some point. So let's say that 500 dots were made for a cure. Now 499 of them were stored in the hereafter as treasure, but then that last one went to your cure in this dunya as well. The point is, as you're standing there on the day of judgment, and you're seeing the

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store treasures of do as showing up in your books of deeds. Let me tell you what you're not doing. You are not wishing that those their eyes were answered in this dunya you're saying and hamdulillah Allah left them for here, where they mean so much more not like yeah, luck. Can you let me go back and get that job or that spouse or whatever it is, that you're asking for? You are wishing at this point, that all of your eyes were answered for the hereafter. And so you trust your LORD with your dice. It's very similar to the way that you trust your LORD with your charity. You loaned him your donations in this world and Allah gives it back to you as sweat as a mountain of gold in the

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hereafter. So how many do eyes have you deposited in this dunya? And what type of treasures will you see from Allah? Who never failed to hear you? He never failed to answer you. And he never fails to reward you in ways that you could never imagine.

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that was easy, no fail.

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