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Ibrahim Nuhu
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So how long if you do this then

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he will be I mean careful when dealing with others

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get it is very good. I did that once.

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And I never intend to do that again.

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I was in Medina in the first year, I hate injustice and oppression. So I see one giant

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in our classroom, so Subhanallah it looks like he's the only one who can talk in the class and nobody can talk. And remember the time he smacked somebody from

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Tanzania. I really got annoyed with with that, you know? So I'm just waiting for the time when he will.

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Yeah, so the chef asked some questions, I talk and then he shouted, And subhanAllah and that person, I think he's two times or three times of my size.

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So I told him if he if he if he's not careful, I'm going to kill him in this place.

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And the guy got scared here I will see.

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And so Allah if he's to stand up on camera.

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So Rolla, the chef was telling me, please, patient, patient, patient, Ibrahim, but yeah, I know myself, I'm just ready to run away. But alhamdulillah it works. And we became friends after that.

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He stopped what he's doing in the class, and we became friends after that.

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Anyway, so that was idea by even has, like, try your best to know where to apply it or sometimes it will never work, you know.

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But this is what to do with the person who is weakened, who thinks he has right over others. You shouldn't forget.

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Sometimes we forget out of kindness is good. But we have to remember that the public also has interests for giving him can put the community into trouble. So you look for your right from etc. Even if afterwards you are going to

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I think we lost the connection.

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Even afterwards, let's say you might go on and give him back what he has paid. But at first you should hold him responsible for what he did first. But the righteous people you're supposed to forgive them. In other words,

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are finished. That's the last question Alhamdulillah any other question from

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yesterday I spoke to a brother and I invited him to pray with us because it was so nice. But then he said

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maybe Al Hamdulillah it was kind of you and come back

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what are we met I met a brother yesterday and I advised him to come pray in the masjid was 11 and I told him that this was the Sunnah and that he would inshallah get more reward but then he told me that he was going to pray in the main Masjid instead where they prayed 20 And the reason he gave was He quoted the Hadith that the prayer of two is better than one and three is better than two and he says since the main Masjid is like filled with which how easy is this? I know that he sent me a hadith and the one that we can apply it or can accept Okay, now I got that. Yeah, so then he said so by that logic, so isn't it also so not to pray in the masjid with more people than to pray like 11

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We should tell him that apply in the Sunnah of the Prophet a lot, so much should be done in the correct way. As soon as a lot cinema is talking about the prayers were originally Gemma is

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is prescribed. The word Ziebart is supposed to be in JAMA Sunnah prayers as opposed to be

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done individually. To have people praying next to you is questionable. You're gonna some scholars don't agree with this unless it happens coincidentally.

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You get a tarot reader so let's have a never invited people to come and pray behind him. They came taraweeh he never said people come up. And wait, wait, wait.

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Wait, Adam, wait.

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So let's Allah sama never invited people to come and pray behind him. But he came out of his house to the masjid to pray. And then people saw him be prayed behind. He accept that. That's what we call coincidence. Yeah, so it happens the process so I tolerated it. That means it's okay to do that. Yeah. So the next day the prophets Allah sama did not come out. And they did that by themselves. And Sula, Salah sama said, I saw what you guys did, and he was good. Yeah. So to say that initially, this is how it should be done. No. But it's something that the prophets Allah sama tolerated, and they accept it, then we do it. Later on the prophets, Allah Azza wa said if you can start stand with

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the Imam if you managed to pray with the Imam until the end of the prayer, Allah someone to write for you pm later.

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And in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and by the way, not saying 20 is in

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correct, but there's sunnah and the choice of sola, sola. So

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if somebody wants to pray 20 Ricard, even Taymiyah says it's okay according to the,

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what he called Manage of the sulfasalazine.

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But what was the choice of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam 11?

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He prayed 11 Also in the massive data. And also after, after him, Omar asked people to pray 11

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That's how they go. So, the thing is, which one is better and Muslim should be looking for the best the thing that is better for him.

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No doubt. Nobody will tell you that. Praying more than 11 is better for you. No, because there is no base for this.

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cannot have a base for this. Because if you talk about the congregation, or Celexa was the first person who prayed the Sunnah, that sunnah in JAMA. How did he do or Leila

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Omar combined people also on 11 recap.

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So that's the best to be done and that Hadees is misapplied by by him for sure.

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