Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #19 – We all have needs

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Geeta Boone

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Jelena who Elie Gomorrah call me.

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Oh, yeah, he when he got on

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, we all have needs. And Allah Almighty wants us to call out to Him for those needs. If he didn't want us to call out to Him for the needs, he wouldn't have kept needs. When you need something, you've got to ask someone, can you please give this to me. And within their capacity, they would be able to do something, that capacity is God given. It's given by Allah Almighty. So for us to ask a person to give something to us, is simply because we believe that person has the capacity given by Allah Almighty to do that, I would never ask someone to do something for me that I know they don't have, or

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I was never told they have Subhanallah let me give you an example. You look at a person who is perhaps on the street, begging, and you tell them Can you give me a motor vehicle? They look at you and say, Can you give me $1? I mean, can you give me one pound $1

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You were foolish to have asked a person who had nothing, something that you knew they didn't have. But Subhanallah Allah Almighty is the owner of absolutely everything he creates needs in order for us to call out to Him, those needs that nobody can meet besides Him. We ask Allah for forgiveness, we don't ask anyone else for that level of forgiveness. Besides those whom we've wronged, on a lower level, we will ask them, please forgive me, have wronged you. But when you genuinely are seeking the forgiveness of Allah, you can't ask anyone to forgive you for not praying. besides Allah, you can't ask anyone for to forgive you for doing something that Allah has prohibited, which didn't concern

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them. It was ALLAH. So you make dua, or you call out to Allah, and you seek from Allah.

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And when someone has been given the capacity of something, for example, a person who is wealthy, you go to them and say, Please, can you give me $10 For this course, or for that course, and they take our $20, and they give it to you. It doesn't mean that you worship them. It simply means you asked them to give you something you knew, that physically Allah has given them, it was clear and manifest to the whole world, that this person is able and capable within what Allah has given them to give you that. And that's why Allah says what to whom min Mala he led the attack. When Allah speaks about giving to the poor, Allah says, give them from the wealth that Allah has given you. That's what it

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is, Allah gave you so give them if Allah didn't give you, you didn't have to give them and they wouldn't even come to you to ask. So why I say this is because Surah till Ambia is a Surah of the Quran, where Allah Almighty makes mention of the needs of the prophets of Allah. Several prophets have been named in the Surah with their names and they called out to Allah crying for their needs. Subhanallah and if you take a look, all of the prophets had called out to Allah crying for their needs, weeping for Allah to do something that they wanted done. Now if the prophets of Allah called out to Allah crying, surely we should be calling out to Allah weeping, our needs a fun, far greater

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in the sense that

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as as lay human beings, the needs we have for us, there is nobody who is going to meet them besides Allah. So from that aspect, they are great. But obviously the prophets of Allah were asking more important things. Definitely. They were asking, for example, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May peace be upon him, was asking Allah to forgive his ummah, to forgive all of us. He was asking Allah for so many good things. He was asking Allah for

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all of us and on our behalf to give us this goodness and that goodness to guide the people. That's what he was asking Allah for. Oh Allah, Allahu Madico me for in the Himalaya, Allah mon O Allah guide my people, they don't know what they're doing. They're not listening and so on.

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the personal

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needs of some of these prophets, Allah Almighty makes mention of them calling out to Allah.

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But a lot of the times you would find that what Allah makes mention of, is actually the prayers these prophets made for their people. You and I, we make dua we call out for ourselves, big difference. And that's why you get used to calling out to Allah.

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For others, pray for others, not just for yourself, you want goodness, just for yourself.

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While you need to understand that Allah Almighty will give you indeed, but at the same time, Allah Almighty

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would like you to call out to Him for others as well. Oh Allah help this person, oh Allah grant them cure. Allah Who Mosh fie Allahumma ifI, O Allah grant cure to him or Allah, grant Alfia. To him, the goodness the holistic goodness granted to him or to her. And the angels will say, Oh, Allah give this person the same, if not better.

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So you call out to Allah, you call out for everyone you call out for others, you even call out for your enemies to be guided for their hearts to be softened, and for the relationship to improve as a result of them being guided and their hearts being softened towards what is right and just their egos. So Allah Almighty speaks about these two R's and the supplications. And he has made mention of them. So none of us become arrogant to say, I don't want to call out to Allah.

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If we become arrogant and say, We don't want to call out to Allah, Allah will inflict us with something whereby the helplessness of humankind will be made manifest and there will be no option but to call out to the supreme deity, whom you know is higher than you and I, the creator of the universe, and whatever is within entire creation. So, do not be too haughty to think why should I call out to Allah no matter who you are, thank Allah for what he's given you keep on calling out to him for guidance. Every day we are taught to say, a dinner set up almost a team, isn't it a call to Allah guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not the path of those

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who have earned Your anger, no, of those who have gone astray. That is a beautiful prayer. We should be supplicating every day for all our needs.

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Allah says in surah, two lambier Verse number 76. Allah Almighty says,

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one no one is nada. Remember when Noah called out to us, remember when Noah called out to his Lord know, if nada bow and a little while later Allah says first the jab and Allah who will respond to him, we gave him what he wanted, he called out to us and gave him what he wanted. There was a period of time he called out a lot, but we gave him so you to have man call out to Allah, keep calling out to him, repeat it as many times as you want. A day will come when you will get what you've asked for Insha Allah, and if Allah has not written it for you all he knows it's better for you not to have it, he will give you something in return for that. He will do a lot of other goodness. Sometimes

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you're calling out to Allah for something. And you don't realize as a result of that there are so many other things that have come straight in your life, and that you have achieved in life. And Allah will one day show you do you know we gave you all of those things as a result of another dua that you make you made because we replaced it with something better Subhan Allah, that's the Hadith. And sometimes Allah keeps it for you in the hereafter. So your DUA your supplication will never go wasted, never be wasted. Then Allah says, What are you but if nada or boohoo when Job, are you? Alayhis Salam when he called out remember when he called out to us? He was sick, he lost his

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children. He was unhealthy. We called out he called out to us and guess what Allah says faster? Jibon Allahu.

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We responded to him as well. We gave him what he wanted. Then Allah Almighty says,

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the noon the Nguni the prophet Jonah or unis May peace be upon him. Allah says he called out to us and he had a strange situation. Allah says first the job and Allah who we responded to that call of his. And then Allah Almighty says was a career if not that when Zakaria called out to us, he says first the job and Allah who will respond to him. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of a few others. And Allah says We answered their calls. Oh man, don't be arrogant answer.

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Meaning call out to Allah.

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Allah will answer you Subhan Allah respond to the instruction of Allah and see what happens. May Allah Almighty bless every one of us, may we be from among those who call out to Allah day and night. Repeat what you want again and again and again. No problem. A day will come when the doors will fling open, and you will never regret having called out to Allah. May Allah bless every one of us ako loco li ha ha sal Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad kita Boon

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who la gamba Raghu Li and among Oh, yeah, he was