Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 12

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Mr. Miller was allowed to assert our motto so we love

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my brothers and sisters.

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We are talking about da

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I remind myself a new that

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Rasulillah Salam said, a dua of a holy rather. Acaba caliza. To Salam.

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He said the DUA is the essence it is the bread of Abba, because dua is the direct communication between the Abbot and between the slave and Allah subhanaw taala.

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Islam brought this truth to the world.

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In other religions, you go to a priest

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to worship on your behalf.

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In Islam, the truth is that Allah Subhana Allah created us for His worship, and it is our job to worship. And so every Muslim needs to learn how to worship and to do it, as Allah subhanaw taala prescribed the essence of that worship is, is to ask Allah subhanaw taala

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now, Allah Subhana Allah made this asking absolutely easy

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for dua, there are no

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boundary conditions. There are ways of making dua and making it more beautiful and so on we'll talk about that but there no boundary condition for example, for that the Hara is not needed. You don't have to have Budo you don't have to have also for the VA facing the fibula is not not a not a requirement, you can make a dua any in any direction. For the VA being inside a masjid or Ana Masala or any none of that you can make a dua walking docking you can make a dua driving a car you're gonna make a mega Dr. Doing your your work in the house, in the office, in the hospital, in the in the studio and wherever you are, you can make

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no conditions for the there's no condition in terms of having your head covered nothing dua, Allah has kept it completely free from all conditions. And this makes eminent sense because the slave calls upon his rep General General who when he is in dire need

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and if he is in dire need, he does not have the time to go and make Willow or Ozel or stand here or stand there are this direction or that direction. He doesn't know and he doesn't have any he just he just caught he's in trouble. He's asked Is he Allah, Ya Allah.

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The biggest trouble that we can be

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is to be in a situation where Allah subhanaw taala is likely to be angry with us.

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The biggest trouble is not if you are hungry or not. If you are, you know May Allah keep you protected and not if you are physically in any dangerous situation, the biggest worry and the biggest

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diarist situation is if we are engaged in something that angers Allah subhanahu wata, for example, if you are engaged in a business which is based on interest based loans, for example, if you are doing a business which is based on buying and selling that which Allah has made haram

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right. For example, if you are one of those who knows that Islam Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed five prayers, but we do not pray and suddenly you get this you get this realization Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala guide you and you get this theorization and you say oh my god, what what am I doing?

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So, immediately you really big Allah please forgive me,

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I will do whatever I have to do now to get out of this business to get out of this and to start praying and to make wudu and also the listener, but yell I want to ask your forgiveness right now, as I am where I am how I am.

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Even before I go on to everything else, right?

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That is a dire need this is the emergency, we have to try to understand the meaning of emergency.

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Today if somebody asked me and asked you for example, the what is the worst situation what is the worst emergency somebody can have? What is the worst bad news or realization that somebody got out? You might say well, you know, there was bad news or realization somebody can have is that he has a terminal case of pancreatic cancer. He did not know it's a fast moving disease, no known cure and he's willing to die in three weeks.

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I will tell you that if a person with iman gets that news that the best use that you can possibly get because he knows he's he's there is no pain in what three weeks is gone and those three weeks is spending it's literally in suju trying to please Allah subhanaw taala inshallah is Jana is guaranteed.

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The question of how do we see things in our lives?

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This is the important thing. So

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talk to Allah subhanaw taala in your DUA.

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Use Ramadan to build your own dua.

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To talk to Allah subhanho wa salam ala Han Allah will vary widely he was obeyed maybe not put together