Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #12 – Mountains and Mirages

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of a deed in the Bible is discussed, as it is related to the greatness of the creator. A disturbing observation by the Prophet's wife is also highlighted, calling it a "monster's wife." The speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging the Prophet's words and actions, as they are used to create wealth and profit. The history of Islam could turn into a mountain, and the potential for a creature to come from the mountain is also discussed.
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The Eye of the believer sees everything through the lens of the greatness of Allah. So he doesn't belittle a good deed because he knows the greatness of the one he's doing it for. Let's tack it on them in a narrow fisheye. Do not belittle any good deed, the prophet slice, and I'm set. And with that same reasoning, he also doesn't belittle any sin because He recognizes the greatness of the one who is sinning against against the Prophet slice. And I'm warned against Mahakala to denote the belittling of sin. Now, when you do good, you remember that a lot deserves better, so you keep doing more good. And when you inevitably do sin, you remember that Allah's Mercy is greater than your sin

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and you repent. And when you think the short do app or this little deed, or this little donation isn't going to make a difference. Remember that once you plant that deed, with sincerity, it's Allah subhanaw taala, who is going to grow it from there?

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So as you're standing before Allah, what deeds have you brought with you to this momentous meeting with him? Before the deeds are weighed, they are presented to Allah subhanaw taala and are actually presented to you by Allah. And Allah already knows your motivations, He knows your intentions. And on that day, it's the motivation behind your deed that's going to turn it into a mirage or a mountain. And this is a frequent theme in the Quran and the Sunnah, this idea of mountains and mustard seeds, Allah subhanaw taala says, a deed the weight of a mustard seed will be compensated. So he says that whoever doesn't Adams worth of good will see it. And whoever doesn't Adams worth of

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evil will see it. And he also says we're encountered with Karl habits and even harder than attainers, that even if it's a mustard seed worth, we will bring it forward. So a mustard seed of good will be accepted from you today. But then, by the same token, on the Day of Judgment, Allah says, even a mountain of gold will do you no good. And one of the problems with someone with narrow vision is that a person with no foresight only acts in accordance with what is immediately in front of them. So on the Day of Judgment, this wicked person seeing the consequences of their deeds, they're willing to give up the whole world in gold 10 times over and Allah says, I didn't ask you

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for all of that you were not asked for the whole world and gold, but it's only because now that person is facing the consequences of their deeds, that they're willing to give it all up for Allah. Likewise, in this life, Allah subhanaw taala says, If the son of Adam was given a valley of gold, he's not going to say at hamdulillah for that valley, he would want to have them. And then if he's given two valleys of gold, he's going to want three valleys of gold. And nothing is going to stop that appetite. Except for dirt in the mouth, meaning death. So the short sighted person, they can't see past what's right in front of them. And that's all that's going to drive them when it comes to

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fear and reward. The Sahaba on the other hand, had the opposite attitude altogether. They acted now for the next life, and they were accepted. And Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with them, which is why the Prophet size and I'm said, Let us as hobby do not curse my companions, for any one of you were to spend gold equal to it would not equal even a handful of what they spent for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because their intentions turned their small deeds into mountains, mountains that were like in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. Now is that something just for them? While the rank is unique to the Sahaba the concept is the same. Remember what the prophets lie some said about

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planting your seeds into the earth even if the hour is already established? In another Hadith the Prophet slice and M said in the Lucha lay you rob BD a hottie Camuto Murata will look matter camera you Robbie Hadoken fellow Wahoo LLC LA who had a Hakuna Mithila he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Verily Allah will take your date and charity or the morsel that you give, and he will raise it up for you the way that one of you would raise a horse or a young camel until it becomes like a mountain of food for that moment that you meet him subhanho wa Taala and another narration the prophets lifetime said something similar he said not until sadaqa hadn't be soldered Putin may imply

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even while yoke Bell Allahu Allah yerba in la hora amount will be Amin he that no one of you gives charity from play YouTube from that which is pure, and Allah only accepts that which is pure, except that a watchman, the Most Merciful will accept it with his right hand.

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We're in Canada tomorrow, even if it is a date total Wolfie kephale Himani had to coordinate a woman in algebra. The prophets lie some said Allah will nurture it in his hands until it is greater than a mountain just as one of you raises his horse or his young camel and that's why we find the famous example where a mother actually showed the law and how that's used to perfume her charity because she's giving it to Amman, to the most merciful to raise for her then the law the Ukraine Allah Karwan Hasina failed law ephah hula wala who agilon Karim who is going to loan to Allah, a good loan, that he multiply it for you and He grants you a generous reward. So here you have small deeds

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that you did raised by Nan other than Allah and turned into mountains to your delight, if you were sincere, and so he's showing you your mustard seed turn to mountain. On the flip side, the prophets lie Selim said, I certainly know people of my Alma who will come on the Day of Judgment with good deeds like the mountains of T hammer and T hammer are these huge mountains on the Arabian Peninsula. And he said vieja Allahu Allah azza wa jal Lucha and men thorough and Allah will turn those mountains into scattered dust. So battle the Allahu Anhu he said he also would Allah said formula, describe those people to us, tell us who they are so that we don't become of them. And he said to

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them, that they are your brothers and their from your people. We would I mean that lady tema tahune, and they worship at night, just as you do. Well, I can now acquirement either Hello be Muhammad, Allah and Tohoku. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but these are people who when they are alone, they transgress the sacred limits of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what Allah means when he says in the Quran, well Kadim II, I mean women and men in fragile now who have a mental aura, we bring forth all that they did of good and we turn it into scattered particles. So here, you have the opposite mountains turned into mirages due to a person having no regard for the sight of Allah when

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they sin away from the sight of the people. Now I know some people may say, Well, what about the Hadith about Allah forgiving secret sins? And I promise we'll get to that in detail. But in brief, some of the scholars say the hadith of Phil Dunn is talking about the hypocrites who are only pretending to be believers. Whereas the famous Hadith of the Prophet slice Allah, saying that people are forgiven for their secret sins is about sincere believers who are struggling in private. In any case, this is someone who in private feels little regard for the sight of Allah and no conscience and no regret for their sins so long as they are not outed for them by people. Unlike the believer

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whose primary concern is always the sight of Allah subhanaw taala that's also something about the Sahaba that made their small good deeds like because they saw their small sins like ahead too. And I saw the Allah Tada and who said to the tab there in the next generation, who were known for their plentiful good deeds, he said in Nicola Tamela and Anna, here adapt coffee or Unicom in a shop in Kona, Leonard Shuhada, I had an OB sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you know the mobile cart. He said, You do these things that you take so lightly, and in the time of the Prophet spice and I'm we used to consider them major sins. Now, just like how we set this rank is for the companions. The concept

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is still for us all. We've been through though the last time around we said the difference between the wicked person and the Righteous One is that the wicked person sees his sins like a fly that lands on his nose, he just chews it away. The believer on the other hand, sees his sins, can the hook are you doing tattoo geminin, your Hafele and yaka Allah. He says if he is sitting under a mountain, and he's worried that that mountain is going to fall on him. So the believer does not belittle any of his good deeds, and he also doesn't belittle any of his sins. Every small deed, even if it's like a mustard seed has the potential to be a mountain on the Day of Judgment of good or

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bad, and every mountain of good could be vanquished by a minor send and unashamedly or a person's insincerity. However, there's one more part to this. How is it that the Sahaba were so afraid of their sins, that they saw them like mountains like about to crush them, but they weren't paralyzed and paranoid? Rather, we see that they were fulfilled and they were lively. So what was it? It was that they understood that as great as their sins were, Allah's Mercy is even greater the profit slice and I'm sad that Allah azza wa jal has said, Oh, son of that, as long as you call upon me and ask if I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. Oh, son of Adam, were your

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sins to reach the clouds of the skies. And were you then to come to me asking forgiveness of me. I would forgive you. You have an Adam. In knockaloe attorney the Quran will have the hubba sumela Kitani laterally Kobe che

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Yeah, it took me corabi Ha mouthfeel oh son of Adam, were you to come to me with sins nearly as great as the Earth. And were you then to face me ascribing no partner to me, I would come to you with forgiveness, the likes of it. So how Blessed are we to have a Lord like Allah? we disobey Him with mountains of sin, and He forgives us and gives us mountains of reward and stuff. And then they'll claim Rahim Allah has a beautiful saying in this regard, where he says in that Abdullah to milk reality he say he adds an anthology about that the servant comes on a day of judgment with sins that are the size of mountains for Yeji Dooley Santa's who had had an aha and Kathy victory light,

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and he finds that his tongue has completely demolished those mountains of sins, with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa taala. So may Allah subhanaw taala take our small deeds and turn them into mountains and take our mountains of sins and turn them into scattered particles.

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Your deeds on Judgment Day may grow to be as mighty as mountains…or they could be crushed into dust, meaningless as a mirage. It all depends on the sincerity and God-consciousness that you expressed in the life of this world. Like the Companions, be mindful of your deeds, but always keep in mind the endless mercy of Allah.

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