Setting And Achieving Goals

Zohra Sarwari


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Actually, and an ever end of every chapter, there's a section called exercises and there's like empty lines, there's questions and empty lines and things like that. That is really, really effective. Tell me about that. Why did you include that in this book? And what is the importance of setting goals and setting these, you know, exercising habits. While we're reading a book, for example, what it does, more or less, it makes you do something, it makes you do it. And if you can write your goals down, it really shows people that you have the ability to take down because say, for example, I mean, this is what I love with a sister. We always want to lose weight in some way or

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another, right? So I want to lose 10 pounds. Well, you say mentally, you tell your friend, maybe. And then that's it. It doesn't get very far. But I'm thinking when you write it down, say I want to lose 10 pounds by three weeks, or a month, let's put it on 10 pounds a month. Okay, what am I gonna do next? Next? Well, I'm gonna have to change my eating habits. I'm going to eat this, these types of food for the next month in order for me to lose the 10 pounds. What else can I do to make this more effective? Again, you're writing all of this down. Unless you write it down and you think of it, you're not going to really follow upon. So it's like a palm tree. So this is the deadline. This

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is taken to do it. Oh, and I have to exercise 45 minutes, maybe four times a week in what is is the best days that I can exercise. So the more you start to write your plans down and post them different places, the more you're able to effectively follow your own plans. So what what the book does, it makes you I don't want to just give you a book to read and self humbler. I want to give you a book that will help you achieve your destiny. Should you take the chance to actually follow along and show off