Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day 09 Pulpits of Light

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of "offensive words" in relation to religion and how it can lead to negative emotions. They explain that people who are not in a position to be manipulated or manipulated will receive light from Allah's actions, and that people who are in a position of fear will also receive light. The speaker also mentions that people who are not in a position to be manipulated will receive light.
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If you walk into a place and you see someone on a pulpit that denotes that they probably have some level of authority in that place. Now in this life, there are those who judge with integrity, but they're not seeking any elevation or personal gain. And there are those who don't seek out positions of leadership, but it comes to them. And when it does, they act with a great sense of amount of responsibility. And then there are those that establish relationships with others, but they have no ulterior motives to seek some sort of access or high place here. And Allah azza wa jal says till canderel, Africa, Nigeria, I do have a little Adina law you read una aloo unfill Ali Willa facade

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when people to the Moroccan This is the ultimate abode being the hereafter. We reserve it for those who seek neither elevation meaning for tyranny, nor do they see corruption on earth. And the best end is for the people of taqwa, the people of piety. And that's why reciting, Jesus, the son of Mary was narrated to have said pull that in a little while there enough dunya home as Harbin manera VideoMic piano, glad tidings to those that walk humbly on this earth. They are inheritors of pulpits on the Day of Judgment.

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There are levels of elevation on the day of judgment that denote some sort of distinction. While many are familiar with manava being the pulpits of light, which we'll get to, there are other levels before that. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are three people who will be spared from the shock of that day, and there'll be spirit from the HeyStop meaning from actually being held accountable. And he sets a lifetime that they're going to be on cathedra and min misc which is like a hill of musk until Allah finishes holding everyone else accountable. So imagine these people that are standing on hills of musk, and they're off to the side during an after the

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Aesop after the accountability. And Allah subhana huzzah enters them into Paradise after it's all done. The prophets lysozyme said that these three people are a man who recites the Quran sincerely seeking the pleasure of Allah. And he guides the people with it, and they are pleased with him. So this is a person who's truly Al Quran from the people of Quran. Then a dari, who is a preacher that calls people to the five prayers, again, seeking the pleasure of Allah subhana hazzan. And then you have a servant that sets things right between himself and his Lord, and between himself and those that are entrusted to him. So the underlying theme here is that the reciter of Iran and the preacher

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they could technically seek elevation in this world, but they're doing it only for Allah subhanaw taala and the person who has an upper hand in a relationship could easily transgress, but he doesn't out of fear of Allah subhana wa Tada. On the other hand, the most hated people are the tyrants and they are of varying types and Allah subhanaw taala is not going to wait until the questioning to make his this day known for them. The prophets lie Selim said, You are Sharon which can be ruined al Jabbar Runa Yamato piano, he sorted out that the arrogance and the tyrants will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, like tiny little atoms, they're not even ants, and they're small people like

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they actually are. And the prophets lie. Some said that people will trample upon them due to their disgrace before Allah azza wa jal. On the other hand, you look and you see these elevated platforms of light. Who did they belong to? The prophets lie Selim said, in the Luxor cleaner in the lie, Allah man Abirami nor anumita Weimer, Verily, those who were just will be in the presence of Allah upon pulpits of light, near the right hand of the Most Merciful. What qilta de Amin and the Prophet saw some said both of his hands are right, and that there is no deficiency. So who are these people? Are they just leaders of nations? No, he said, So Lai Salam Alladhina Yara de lune if he hooked me

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him, what led him one our view that these are people who practice justice, in their judgments, with their families, and in all that they did whoever was entrusted to them. And Allah knows when someone is in a position to judge they have immense power sometimes unchecked. So when they use it, right, what does Allah do, he gives them an immense pulpit and position on the day of judgment that everyone can admire. All the while, the tyrants are being trampled, and the people of Justice are being raised up on these platforms. Now this is someone who judged with justice with the people and stayed mindful of Allah. The other category of those who have monopolies, pulpits also includes the

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relationship of people to people. But this one is laced not with justice, but with the love for Allah subhanaw taala. And to appreciate this category, think of people fighting each other on the day of judgment and there

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assigning blame to one another. Why? Because they supported each other and transgression. So they're literally asking Allah show me that person who led me astray. So I can trample him under my feet. I want to jump on that person and beat them up because of what they did. And they're shouting out and regret Attila Yoma, it didn't download the Bible and I do Allah Subhana Allah says, close friends, close friends who are going to be enemies to each other on that day except for the pious, and they're putting their fists in their mouths out of nervousness, and they're saying, Yeah, well you lead to lead to Neelam attack at Fudan and Halina. I wish I never took that person as a friend. So

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while these people are quarreling and trying to stomp on each other and denouncing one another and yelling at each other for leading each other away from Allah subhanaw taala. Then you have these pulpits of light and Allah calls out where are and what to have Munna feeds at it. The human abdomen knows who we are, where are those people that loved each other, for my sake, they have pulpits of light yellow beetle who and who are shahada, those people that love each other for the sake of my majesty, that are on these pulpits of light, they're going to be admired by even the prophets and the martyrs. And in one narration, the companions said, tell us you have a sort of Allah, Who are

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these people. And so these are people who love one another for the sake of Allah. They come from faraway lands, they have no family ties, I swear by Allah, their faces will glow and they will be sitting on these pulpits of light. And Allah will put light on their faces and light on their garments, and they will have no fear when the other people have fear, and they will have no grief when the other people are grieving. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited Allah in earlier Allah. Now finale himolla Camilla zone, behold, verily, as for the friends of Allah, they have no fear, nor shall they grieve. So the pulpits of light in the hereafter are for those who

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didn't seek prominence or position in this life, nor did they betrayed the trust of leadership that was given to them for the sake of some worldly gain, nor did they maintain relationships with people with some lowly worldly motives. These were people that loved and lead with the light of Allah. And so what is Allah doing? He's elevating them with that light in a way that even the prophets and the martyrs would admire them on the day.

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that was enough for a wifey or Asia to roll with

What is a pulpit of light, and who will be granted the special status of standing upon one on the day in which throngs will be crushed together? They are reserved for those who were humble and just. In contrast, those who were tyrannical in this world will be so disregarded that they will be no larger than ants.

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