Ebrahim Bham – Challenges Facing The Ummah

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges faced by the oman and the importance of correcting relationships with Allah subhanho wa taala. They emphasize the need for personal growth and finding contentment in their own relationships with Allah. The interfaith and interface principles are emphasized, along with the importance of shaving hair and avoiding killing oneself or another person. The responsibility of Muslims to prevent evil and clean up history is emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding cultural drastic culture.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida Mati What are kita kita Viola Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado favela shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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Omar al Sabah Kumasi, but in La Casa de de como en casa de cada tala manana fo Horton falsely who been away como que la la la

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la Katara contemplado multinuclear Jacqueline esta Muna bill Murphy, Casa Lola

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respected elders and brothers.

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We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved now via Karim Sinhala while he was

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the topic that we have today is the challenges facing the oma. Now there are various challenges, and very definitely, in a short space of time, one cannot cover all the challenges. There are challenges facing us as an oma in this country. There are challenges facing the oma in various parts of the world. We are aware of some of the happenings to our Muslim brothers in various parts of the world, whether it be in Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, India, Burma, and various other parts of the world. And

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while those are some serious challenges, there is no doubt whatsoever with regard to it. There are serious challenges. However, we also have a situation where we have a circle of concern and a circle of influence. Circle of concern is you have a concern over what's happening in various parts of the world influences what you can do with regard to it. Now, there are many parts of the world of things that are happening, where our influence is limited. In one sense, it is limited in the sense that might physically or materially or in terms of solution, you might not be able to do much. However, it still remains upon us to have concern and to have and make dua after all, navia Kareem sallahu

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alayhi wa sallam it said muscle memory in fee Tara homie him What are do him that the example of the believers in terms of the mutual love and a mutual concern is like one body, and in one body, one part of the body is in pain. It's not only their body that suffers is the entire body that feels the pain. In a similar manner. If there is any Muslim who is in afflicted with any difficulty in any part of the world, it is our concern, and it is our responsibility to make dua. However, in terms of where we can make an influence here in our own country, we can make an influence and what can we do with regard to some of the challenges that are facing us in this country, some of our own individual

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and collective challenges? One of the things that I always say that we always start off by correcting our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Yeah, you will know Dena amanu Aminu Bella Oh, believe you correct your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala under the verse in Nell has an attitude hipness, say our good deeds wipe away evil deeds as it moved to Shafi sobre la la, the Grand Mufti of Pakistan has returned he said, it is a unanimous type of

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principles that the orama have made mentioned three important principles. One principle he say is if you do all your deeds for the sake of Allah and for the sake of the year after Allah tala suffices for your worldly needs. If you change your intention, even if you are doing your risk, you are doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And even if your dunya you're doing it for the sake of Allah, Allah will take care of your worldly needs. The second thing he said is, you beautify and adorn your inside your inner self adores adorn your character, Allah will adorn your appearance. adorn your inner self adorn your character, Allah will adorn your appearance. So, today the you

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might you might not even have to spend so much on grooming yourself. You adorn your character, Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant you beautify your appearance. And then another third thing which is relevant to what we are saying he said, correct your relationship with Allah. Allah will correct your relationship with human beings. If you correct your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will correct your relationship with your spouse's with your family, with your community with your fellow neighbors with your countrymen. Correct your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I will correct your relationship with your fellow human beings. So the first thing we do in terms of any challenge, we always turn towards Almighty Allah many times we have Allah telling us, you know turn towards Almighty Allah. It's not a it's not an empty slogan. It's not only a phrase that we repeat, it is something that governs our entire life. It covers our entire life, our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala it

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it smoothens all aspects with regard to our life masaba Kumasi but in fact Marcus about a deacon, whatever calamity comes upon you it's because of your own doing zarafa Satterfield. Bernie, while back up Marcus about 18 years, corruption has come upon the head, the heavens and earth because of the doings of mankind. So the first thing with regard to any type of challenge any type of situation, whenever our motto is we turn towards Almighty Allah because the turning and our correcting of our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala it corrects our relationship with human beings and it also corrects our entire worldly life. In terms of Allah woman our other and victory

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for him Allah who Manisha Tonka says the line Surah Taha whoever stays away from remembering Allah, Allah straightens and Allah makes his worldly life difficult. aminata Andy Griffin Allahumma Isha tanca wherever turns away from remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala makes his worldly life straighten and in difficult situation, along with the karela heated crew, in the remembrance of Allah will your hearts find contentment and satisfaction, any challenge any type of situation, we correct our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then secondly, obviously we are in a situation where we are constantly

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relating with people we are communicating with people we are interacting with people. See while we need our Salah, we need our budget, we need our remembrance of Almighty Allah, what is a percentage of our time that is going to be nzqa or is going to be the budget compared to the time that we are in the budget. A greater portion of our time is where we are interacting with our family where we are interacting with a community where we are interacting with people of our community, our country man. So what do we do with regard to that, in this particular regard? The first thing I would say is two types of relationship. One is interfaith and what is interface interface is your relationship

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within your own community. And of course, we have all heard about the importance and the emphasis with regard to the relationship between the Muslim community in namale Muna fo fastly who

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says ally in the Holy Quran, in number we know not all Muslims are brothers and to one another. For us let Robaina awaken always reconcile reconcile amongst people. Firstly, who may not want to be a krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam told the poor people should I not tell you? Should I not tell you something the opposite at the Raja Kai milele was or even something that is even more greater in reward. Then keeping fast and praying and giving charity balaia Rasul Allah della Sera sola what is greater than fasting? What is greater than prayer? What is greater than giving charity? And is

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now via Kareem Salim said, keep good luck in relationship with people keep good taluk in relationship with people, because the opposite of that he will highlight the opposite of that shaves off. And then of course, when we talk about shaving, we always talk of shaving of the hair so that we are cream saw sunset. I don't say that it shaves off your hair. If you don't correct your relationship with people, it shaves off your deen

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it shaves off your deen. So this is something that is even more important in the words of the reoccurring sauce from then committing prayers, Salat and Zakat, and then one obliged me Masuda Viola Otranto and abdulai numero de Allahu Allah who also make mentioned with regard to those that may be occurring, saw Selim, one day while making tawaf. He addressed the Kaaba in the beetle and said, Oh, Kava and Baitullah, your secret This is very great. After all, in our lobby today, it is a first Masjid in the first house of Allah establish such a house of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. That year in this world, the more money they make off and they said can build it around the tower in

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a directory on top of it. In the beta Memorial, the angels do the same thing, which is the equivalent of the carbon Baitullah in this world. Now via creme de la jolla wasallam. Addressing the carbon bitola said, Your sacredness is very great, but the sacredness of the honor of the believer is even more greater than you.

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sometimes wonder brothers, you know, if someone has to break the copper in the Baitullah what will be our reaction. Today we are sometimes by this honoring believers by not me

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I think believers by not showing regard and sensitivity to the believers, how many qobuz and beta last we are demolishing on a daily basis. Within the words of nebia krimson, Allahu Allah wa sallam, this sacredness of the believer is equivalent to the sacredness, or it is even more greater than the sacredness of the Kaaba and Baitullah. Yes, we will have our difference with regard to it. But at the end of the day, we must remember that it this this Deen has taught us that as believers we are one. Look at the look at the way of how Allah subhanho wa Taala has addressed the commands of the believers. It is amazing. It is you know startling. It gives such a great lesson. Normally you will

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tell someone makes Salaam to one another.

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When you relate about one another's relationship Lucy makes Salaam to one another. Or you will tell someone don't take out the false of another person. Or you will tell another person don't kill another person. The Quran when it makes mention of these types of relationship between the believers look at how he said for Salima and Prosecco mix Salaam to yourself.

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To make Salaam to your brother is like making Salaam to yourself. When it tells you don't look at the faults of another person. It says, tell me so.

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Don't look at the faults of your own self. Looking at the faults of your brothers is like looking at your own faults What? What beauty and joy Do you get in that? When it tells you for that don't kill another person? What does the Quran says? otaku? amphu soccom don't kill yourself to kill your next Muslim brother is killing yourself hurting your other Muslim brother is hurting yourself and hurting him abusing him he's like hurt or hurting and abusing herself. We are one and we have to strive towards making ourselves as one community.

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There was a person by the name of Yunus. Abdul Allah I think it was named Moses. Maybe I might be just getting the name here and they are wrong but he was a student of Imam Shafi Rama to lolly.

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And during the course of one lesson of Omar Shafi, Rama to lolly, there was a disagreement between him and Imam Shafi Rahul Ali. So in this disagreement when he disagreed with Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee, he got out of the class out of the lesson angrily and he got out of the car pass and he went home. And in the late hours of the night, he heard a knock on the door, and he said, Who is it? He said Mohammed bin Idris. The name of Imam Shafi rally was Mohammed bin Idris. So he was shocked Who is this moment with this, he perceived perhaps thought it might be most dead, not realizing that it was it was that when he went to an open the door, he saw Imam Shafi Rama to lay on the door, and

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Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Allah said, you know, there are 99% of the things that we agree upon.

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There are 99% of the things we agree upon. We believe in the oneness of Allah, we believe in the sacredness of the Holy Quran, we believe in the greatness of Namibia, Kareem salatu salam, if we had had this agreed upon this 1% on this one aspect, not let this one aspect becomes the means of hatred between us.

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Brothers, this is an aspect that you and I, we do not pay enough attention to, it's something that we have to look at. Part of our challenges is to look at our interfaith type of relationship, is that correct? Or not? You cannot give from an empty cup. If our relationship between us is not right, then how are we going to correct our relationship with other people.

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And we have such a great responsibility in this regard towards other people. Let me also say we are now that is one aspect. The third second aspect I've made mentioned, one is correct our relationship with Allah. The second thing is correct our relationship with our own Muslim Brothers, then you and I, we are living in a country. We are two or 3%. Right? How much are we we are two or 3%. And then the majority of the people whom we are interacting with are people of other faiths. How do we deal with them? Sometimes I look at this and said, Is there any type of history that when we look at our history, is there a situation amongst the earlier

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people of Islam, that they also lived in a similar circumstances to what you and I lived? Where we are in a country where the people of the country the rulers of the country, are not Muslim? You are living under a constitution? We are not living according to the Sharia. Is this something that we can find from our earlier history? And yes, we do find it. Where do we find it? Let me tell you that when the Muslims went to Abyssinia, when the Muslims migrated because of the persecution of Muslims in Makkah, they went to have a senior because of a just ruler there, maybe a cream sauce and said go to a senior, there's a just ruler and they went there and Islam came into Africa, even it before he

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came to Madina munawwara Islam came to Africa before it came to Madina munawwara it was a people of Africa that gave refuge to Islam.

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And then when you came there, the Sahaba who lived there, this is a very interesting point of history.

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Sahaba who live there, especially the cousin of nebia, cream sauce from Jaffa, Pina Vitaly, he only went to Medina at the seventh year after he tree. So he stayed over a decade at least over a decade in in Ethiopia. And he didn't do so, by default. He did it by choice. He knew via cream sauce had gone to Medina, he was aware of the fact that the Muslims had migrated. But he only went to Medina in the seventh year after his re so Muslims Sahaba lived in a state or lived in a place where the people who are ruling when and Muslims, what did they do? How did they live at a particular time? So we here in our situation, we are here by choice, not by default, we have to make ourself whatever

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the circumstances Elias put us here, we have to fulfill the objective of why Allah has put us here. As at one Abu Hassan Rahim Allah when he used to go to UK and USA used to constantly make mention of this point. You are not here only to earn a living.

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You are not here only to see that your bread is buttered and you are living a comfortable life. And let us put the responsibility upon us come to hydrometeorology cleaness de Marana bill Murphy, Wotton hanani Moncure, you are allies made you the best of people to command what is good and prevent what is evil. That is what your responsibility is. We are living in this particular land. We are living in this particular country, we have to play our role with regard to making this country a better place. We have to be solution oriented. In our history. Whenever you look at our history, you will find that whenever Muslims went to any place, whenever Muslims went to any place, you will look

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at the history of Muslims wherever Muslims went into any place, they made a positive difference to the place where they were staying. They left a legacy in which the people of the land with which they were saying looked upon the Muslims as benefactors. They looked upon Muslims as people who had come to contribute to the betterment. And when they had failed in doing this, then the very same places which welcome them, they expel them. I was recently in Spain and I'm giving a you know a small

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presentation tonight after Madrid with regard to my trip to Spain. When Muslims came into Spain, they were welcomed as people who were our well wishes, they have come to remove from us the oppression and injustice of the previous rulers. And after eight centuries the very same people would welcome you they expelled you. What is the reason this has happened in a vacuum? Why did it happen? We have a situation with regard to this. Look at the very same example with regard to this example I gave you Muslims were in Ethiopia, they remained there for over a decade. They remain under non Muslim rule. When as a Jaffa Ravi Allahu TA, who, when he came to Madina munawwara after

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such a great amount of time after nebia cream sauce Salaam had achieved victory in the bath in the expedition of haber when he came to be a cream saucer and got up out of happiness and the peace also embraced him. And maybe a cream sauce from said law three EMA for the PO do me Jennifer haber, I don't know what has given me greater joy. I don't know what has given me greater joy that coming of Jaffa and meeting my cousin after such a great amount of time, or the conquest of highborn. He equated the happiness of Jafar coming back to Medina to even greater then the victory at hiber. So such a great happiness. But now can I tell you what type of legacy did he leave behind? What legacy

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did he leave behind when he came to Medina after he had left if the opia when maybe a consortium wrote a letter to the rulers of the world. He wrote a letter even to the king of ever senior to become a Muslim and who was the king of Abyssinia Najafi he was known as the Joshua. That was the title of the king of every senior when he received nebia creme de la Hollywood salaams letter. He showed greatest amount of respect and he became a Muslim. He became a Muslim.

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And how did he become a Muslim because of the sahabas interaction with him while they were there.

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That was the reason why he had become a Muslim. They had interacted with him in such a positive manner that when the letter of Nivea cream sauce alum came, he became a Muslim. He sends such a great amount of gifts in 40 people or so there's a whole incident with regard to what happened with that

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group of people but he became a Muslim and not only will become a Muslim, when he passed away when he passed away, maybe a cream sauce lemon Madina, munawwara Libya, Karim Allah Allah wa sallam made Rihanna janasena Muslim made janessa namaz for him in EPS

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The only person in our history that maybe a cream sauce will have made

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generous enemas for In absence was a king have ever seen him. And he became a Muslim by how, by the interaction in the legacy that the Muslims left behind. Do you know what legacy they left behind? Let me give you one incident. One Chibok went recently to Ethiopia. So when they came into when they came back, I was speaking to them. So one person said, I saw an amazing thing in Ethiopia. I said, what you saw, he said, I saw that,

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man, all the women were dressed modestly. All the women were dressed modestly Muslim and non Muslim. So as the alum of the area, why is it that even the non Muslims are dressed modestly? So you know what reply he gave to me. He said, Do you know who came here? He said, Do you know who came here?

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I asked who for a moment I was I was confused. He said of man being a fun The one who may be occurring saw Selim said one day when maybe a cream sauce lamb was sitting long incident, maybe a cream sauce. You know why when was man came maybe a cream sauce then put his quota right? Put his lucky right and he got up and was I shall be allowed and I said Yasuda Abubakar came over came you said normally, when was man came, you put your quota, right? What is the reason? In himself? Some said Why should I not show modesty to the person that even the angels show modesty to

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a legacy he left behind 1400 years thereafter, even the woman of that area and region are still showing modesty?

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What legacy have we left behind for the people that we have interacted with, amongst the non Muslims, we do dealings with them on a daily basis, we might have been able to earn profit from them. But what legacy Sahaba left a legacy behind that the ruler became a Muslim

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by staying there for one decade. So this is a situation that you and I have to what type of what type of legacy brothers You and I have to be solution oriented. So Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. What is our contribution with regard to eat? What is our solution to it? Yesterday, I was reading a stats in South Africa, the wealthiest 1% of South Africa, the wealthiest 1% of South Africa owns 67% of the wealth in South Africa, the wealthiest 10% of the wealthiest people in South Africa own 93% of the wealth in South Africa.

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Until we cannot make South Africa more equal society, we will not may be able to make it a less violent society. Wherever Muslims have been in the world, wherever they have been gone, have always late and made a contribution to the place. They came to East Africa, the entire east coast of Africa today is Muslim. They created a civilization known as the Swahili civilization. The word Swahili comes from the word side. Do you know what I mean? Sorry, Sahel means the coast. They created an entire civilization based on Muslim contribution. And how do you do it? You do it because of kindness, compassion, care concern

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for each and every human being. And Latina says in the Quran, Allah Khurana Bonnie Adam, we have granted respect and dignity to every child of Adam Elisa. When we are cream sauce lamb was wounded in you know, and Nivea creme de la la Selim, blood was flowing from the face of Libya. Kareem saw Salaam Sahaba said jasola make dua against the non Muslims we have done this to you. And the Sahaba did it because they were so concerned with regard to how they could not see the hurt on the beach or Salaam space and Libya. Kareem saw Selim lifted up his hands in LA. And the Sahaba said now who himself will make dua against non Muslims who had caused him so much harm who had caused him this

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hurt, who has wounded him and they were happy because they could not see the wound of nebbia cream sauce. They could not see the hurt of Nivea cream sauce alum. So when they saw slim lifted their hand, they became a little bit happy. And they strain the ears to hear what maybe a cream sauce lamb was saying. And what did you say? Allahu

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Allah moon, Oh Allah have mercy and forgive my people for the truth. The ignorant of the truth.

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What is our key and concerns Manasa Jad no money makes mention of an incident I will conclude with us here. He said I used to see my father. When he used to be at home he used to be very happy. You know, he used to be joking. He used to be laughing. And then all of a sudden when I used to see him going on the streets. He used to have a certain pain on his face. A certain pain on his face, I could concede that he was not happy. He was said. So one day when coming home I asked him, you know, I respected father. Why is it that when I see you at the streets, you have a care you have a concern you have a pain. So he said an amazing thing. He said when I go on the streets, I see people who are

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in poverty. I see people who are in difficulty. Then it shows my heart pains and I make our law. I don't know these people's difficulties.

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Halla remove the difficulty and grant them is. How many times have we seen the people who are on the streets, people who are in poverty, people who don't have jobs? How many times have we have the same type of concern.

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And remember, this is a legacy of the Muslims of the past and the legacy of Muslim throughout history. Whenever they when they made a positive country positive contribution, not only to themselves, to the place where they lived in. If we want to continue that legacy. We have to do the same. May Allah give us a realization of our responsibility through Darwin.

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