Mohammed Faqih – Jumuah Khutbah May 31, 2019

Mohammed Faqih
AI: Summary © The importance of staying in a transit state and not leaving a permanent address is emphasized, along with the value of the last hour of the month as a crucial moment for everyone. It is emphasized that knowing one's age and finding one's way to achieve success is crucial, while also emphasizing the importance of following Facebook posts and begging for forgiveness. The speaker also discusses the importance of collecting money and giving it to agencies to deliver food items, and mentions the presence of the moon and solar panels in the area. The schedule for Tuesday morning slot is also discussed, along with the importance of bringing shoes and clothing to avoid being late.
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In Alhamdulillah here

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are so few who study Why would we like

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to see an army and see it mid Anna Maria de la Vela Medina. May Allah hi de Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika a shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah Sufi woman Bain Hala Hala Bala risotto Adele, Amanda Toronto Holly Hill oma salatu wa salam O Allah. Yeah, yo holla Deena, taco la porta potti Malachi Martin 11 to the moon. Yeah, yo, Han, taco de como la de la comin See ya wahida wahala coming has jaha Baba seminoma Jalan Katia wrong one is

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what the hola hola de Luna b1 or ham in LA con la motiva.

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lilina Amarok, taco La La colo colon Salida. Your soda American well done overcome my

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suppose and

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my dear respected brothers and sisters.

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We very often say Ramadan is a dear guest, but it's a guest that does not stay or linger around for too long.

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And here we are. We started the countdown. We're only a few days and nights away from this dear blessitt guests leaving us but in reality brothers and sisters, is not a normal one.

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That is the guest, we are all guests, we are all here

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in this transit state, that we're in temporarily.

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And sooner or later, we have to leave.

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And the person that you know, either will leave you in this life or you will leave them

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and sooner or later, right, that departure or separation may be permanent.

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Now, as a bit Mr. Rhodes said, Mammon come in a heading a level who would leave one man who ready

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for life who will tell him when Aria to merge Buddha said, each and every single one of you is a guest, and whatever he or she owns, whatever they own, whatever they possess, is

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a loan, something that they were given, temporarily. It's not something that they keep permanently every now and then. I mean, we hear or we ourselves may fill out a section that says permanent address, there is no permanent address, right? And we say, Oh, this is mine, for good, or this we think that we possess or we keep something forever. And that's not the case in this life. This is just the nature of this life. Right? So if that's the case, then how should one

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live his or her life? And how should one deal with whatever opportunities they have, including this month of Ramadan, we should do our best. We should start strong, continue to be strong and and try or make sure that we end strong now. We all have our regrets. We may have started Ramadan

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with great level of enthusiasm and excitement, right? But somehow somewhere we lost energy or focus or we became distracted.

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So that's why we are told America we have a team here in America. We have a team here. So it doesn't matter how you perform throughout the whole month. Now you have three

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potentially sorry, you have three potentially four valuable nights and three full days you have today tomorrow.

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all the way until Monday,

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potentially, and even. It could be five days. Right. So

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Don't have strong enough.

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Take advantage take full, full advantage of every hour, if possible, every moment of what is left. Right. People think that maybe the most precious time of the month is gone, or some people think tonight is the most precious night invested the 27th night, and it's over No.

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Until the very last hour of this of this month, the value of each hour, and each day that is left increases. This The closer you get to the end of the month, the more precious and the more valuable it becomes, until the very last night Even the eve of varied in and of itself.

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There are a lot of great blessings in it. There is a reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala did not reveal to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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clearly where the provenance of them had to pass on clear information to identify later to.

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And most of the signs that are mentioned in the Hadith, there are signs that will be observed. At the end of the night, when the night is over.

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There is a reason why it was kept hidden so that we would do our best there is a reason why, according to many erla shifts is not the same night every year.

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Right. According to many arola, the latest quarter is not necessarily fixed on the same night.

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Lot of people, they they're there, they wait for the 27th. And that's it. And we all know

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I don't think we need a reminder of how valuable this night is laid out when pagely hieromonk and Fisher it is better than 1000 months.

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And we all know that this is the night that everybody is waiting for the Night of Decree The Night of Power later to cut.

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But as we are keen and as we are so eager

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to make sure that we take advantage of the little puzzle we should take advantage of every single day or hour or moment left in this month.

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Now we know

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the very last D that a person does

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is what determines his or her fate in the next life.

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Everything that you do throughout your life matters. And everything that you do actually brings you to that very last moment of your life. It prepares you for it. Right. But we know that if Allah subhanho wa Taala loves someone a lot as religion allows that individual to stay focused on that which pleases Him.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith says that the law will be at the

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mercy of Uruguay as well. Slo

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sila hora de la minako masama

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cadeia de la huazhu agenda in anomaly solve a problem ot he may have to build a holodeck. If Allah subhana wa Taala wants or intense good for his servant if a servant of Allah Subhana Allah deserves the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada Allah azza wa jal will eventually or Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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will guide him the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said to doing righteous deeds before the end of his time, before his or her death.

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And then the person dies upon that state.

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Either while doing the good deed or while in a state while maintaining a lifestyle. It doesn't matter what they did in their youth or their middle life. Right? And now I don't want anyone to think that okay, that means any I'm I'm in my youth, I'm in my middle life and shallow when I grow older, I will make sure that I end on a good note. How do you know? Nobody knows? See, life is a span that we don't know how long it is, you don't know where you're at, in terms of how far you are into your life. Have you spent Can anyone for sure say, you know, I'm 50%? There, I still have 50% left of my life, we don't know. But what we know is the longer you live, right, the lesser chances,

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right? So if you come to someone who is at the age of,

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you know, whatever, what we call midlife,

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which is by the way, we have to be very careful with these kind of terminologies because it does mess up with us. Right? It does give us this false sense of security a false sense of, you know, we think that we're invincible, we think

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We still have a, you know, a long time to go, No, you don't. I'm not at the retirement, you don't know.

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And that's why we have to take advantage of every moment that we have in every day in every month, every year, you never know. We ask Allah azza wa jal to extend our lives and to allow us to live Ramadan again and again and to experience the blessings of this month, and we begged him to have hanahan with Allah, but there are no guarantees.

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So you don't know how far you are, the sooner you wake up. And the sooner you take this precious life seriously, the better off you are. And that's why it was said, we'll assume and done and if so, who were me, let me imagine wrote, The smart and intelligent person is the one that manages himself or controls himself, right, gets on top of himself, gets on top conquers his own desires and his own life is in charge of his affairs, right? And becomes disciplined enough, mundane enough so while Hamid Ali Baba mode, and works for that, which is after death,

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that is the real life.

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Right? As much as we put into this life as much as we prepare for our retirement and for our old ages for a comfortable retirement.

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Honey, there are no guarantees. We're lucky there are no guarantees.

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That's why Allah Subhana Allah says financial ruin nutcombe poletto nakuha to dunia Let not this dunya deceive you. Whatever on a billion dollar chip on the Seaview Schiphol is one that tells you you have a long time, you have plenty of time, just like every night when we want to wake up for Frederick Wright in the morning. He tells us that the night is is young, you have a long term Sleep Sleep mode. The problem is having the heading says you wake up and you're like no, no snooze, you still have some more time until you miss your chest, you still have long time, the month is still young,

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you know, the 27th night.

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And that's it.

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The last night of the month Oh hutmacher. Every single moment today, if we if we knew that the the value of of what we're dealing with is if we knew the value of if we truly understood the value

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of this month, or what is left of it, we will be just sitting from now until the end of the month. But long as our intention is to please Allah and to fulfill our obligations, right Allah subhanaw taala rewards, but from now on those of us who have been struggling

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with getting off anything that is distracting, by the way, the closer we get to aid the more distracted we become preparing for your doing this and that, you know, congratulating friends and family you know, joking and sending. But I think we should just get off. Nothing is going to happen to us for the next 72 hours for the next whatever amount of days is necessary. Right? If this weekend becomes different. Starting from this again, this moment, I'm going to only do or focus on anything that is necessary. That is absolutely necessary in my intention would be that that is an act of regret, I'm trying to fulfill my obligations and my duties now will only focus on things that

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I must do. And then every the rest of the time I'm going to use to focus on my connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala my bad of Allah subhana wa Tada, finishing whatever I started

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going through my list and repeating By the way, sometimes we have dropped lists or requests, we make them once or twice in that set class I already made my day. No, you need to repeat it. Right?

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giving charity as much as I can. And whatever is left of the month of Ramadan, now is the time. Right? Even if you have already given I've done my part for the for the month No.

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And that's why there is a capital fit which we have estimated

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you know to be 15. Now, you know depends on your Of course, ability but we the average or the what we have determined for it to be it's $15 per each member of your household.

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And if you're expecting a child within the next few days before the end of the Ramadan, you also calculate that they take that into consideration. May Allah Subhana Allah accept our these and forgive our sins have been acceptable midnight in the country. semiology motorolla in two Rahim

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Cordova similar to Mostafa la la evangelina. De we're looking for sophronia filomeno hola Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Eva De La Nina stop her for that.

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Is it important brothers and sisters that we

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come up with a strategy for

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after the end of the month of Ramadan, we have to have something right now we have to ask Allah subhana wa tada and begged him, not to allow us or not to cause us or to leave us to let us go back to our old ways if there are any positive changes that we were able to introduce or accomplish in our lives. During this month of Ramadan, we should ask Allah subhanho wa Taala and beg him to help us maintain these changes. We should seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from changing the minute we find when

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we should seek refuge in Allah, we should seek refuge in a loss of habitat from falling into a state of love LA,

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heedlessness and misguidance we should beg a loss of habitat that have been added to the globe and make sure that you include this in your drugs. Now ask Allah subhanho wa Taala these are the three things that we should be focusing on brothers and sisters in our requests in in our supplication to Allah subhanaw taala three things and this should be not only just a drop that we say with our tongues, but it should be a concern should be something that worries us. Write something that wouldn't be you know, before we go to bed we think about when we wake up we think about three things. Number one, ask Allah subhanaw taala for abode ask Allah for acceptance or love accept

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whatever I have done the little that I did, and do not ever think that you have done a lot or too much or Mashallah this Ramadan, be happy and pleased that Allah subhanaw taala allowed you to do to deliver this opportunity, right? But always belittle whatever you did.

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Allah azza wa jal in the ayah, were reciting, we're going to be also reciting will lead to an AMA

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modular, interrupt a mirage You

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must have heard Allah speaks highly of and praises the believers, who whenever whatever they give peace of Allah, what are the tuna, to those who give whatever they give localu modula while their hearts are in a state of fear, they're not. They're not. There are certain that Allah Subhana Allah is

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gracious, there are certain that Allah Subhana Allah is merciful, but they're just not certain that what they have done was enough

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or was sincere enough. So they give it with humility.

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Hoping and they continue to hope that it's accepted by a loss of habitat that is approved by Allah subhanho wa Taala that is blessed by loss of Hannah with Allah, that is received by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they continue to do that. I hope that Allah Subhana Allah accepted whatever I did, I hope it was good enough. I will, I hope it was sincere enough. I wish I have done more. I wish I was capable of doing more. This is their mindset. And this is the attitude.

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Right? So Boolean acceptance is something extremely important. Because it's one thing to accomplish or to do the deed, it's another thing for it to be accepted.

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There are no guarantees only Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows if it's accepted. So that should be on your mind. Or Allah accept or better. Robin attackable me know Allah subhanaw taala accept whatever I do. Number two, we should continue to beg Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, Allah, that's why, you know, the greatest drop of the Nayla to posit that the prophecies are taught Ayesha, probably Allahu Allah was Allahumma inika fu One, two hibbeler for me, Oh Allah, you are forgiving. And you love forgiveness. So forgive me beg Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, ask Allah support of the shortcomings, for the mistakes for the sins that we have committed things that we're aware of, and

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things that we're not aware of, in the beautiful drought of the province of seven, taught us is, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You or I seek your forgiveness for whatever I have done for what whatever I have committed, and this is also the law. This was part of his daily job, I seek refuge in You from the evil of what I have done.

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And from what I have committed my mistakes and since

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that which I am aware of in that which I am not aware of.

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I seek refuge in You from

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the wrongs that I have done knowingly or intentionally or while I'm aware of it.

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And I seek refuge in You from the things that I'm oblivious to or the things that I didn't pay attention to. Or I forgot so sick

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forgiveness from Allah subhanho to Allah for shortcomings and for them as mistakes and begging ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for to grant you whatever Allah promised, and whatever his promises and then promise, gender, forgiveness, emancipation from Hellfire, and it will mean enough beggar love for these things. ask Allah for forgiveness, right? This is the second element that we should be focusing on. The third element that we should be focusing on in our drive is not to go back to our old ways not to lose what we have accomplished in this month that will be coming and how will the battle cover the bigger or better Robin Allah to the Illumina data center? Do not let our hearts

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deviate after You have guided us or Allah let these positive changes that have occurred in my life be permanent changes, let me be able to keep them and maintain them and build on them and not go back to my old ways. yamaka label follow the prompts and sentiment his head is constantly one of the most frequent prophecies and the main especially in his sujood sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are one who turns hearts around a bit Colby Allah Dena, keep my heart firm upon the truth upon your religion. So we need to ask a lot as usual for Tibet, we need to ask Allah Subhana Allah for firmness, for steadfastness.

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Right. So these are three things that we should focus on. acceptance from Allah, forgiveness, right, and to be granted whatever, you know, for whatever mistakes we have, we have made and number three, seek refuge in Allah Subhana Allah and begged him not to go back to anything that you have abandoned, to any bad habit habits that you were able to, you know, set yourself free from or break during this month, may Allah subhanho wa Taala

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allow you to enjoy the rest of the month of Ramadan and to to do our best in them and accept our deeds and forgive our sins. As I mentioned earlier, the cattle filter which is what the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam determined, and the prophet SAW Selim obligated each believer to give whoever is can afford and have enough

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to sustain themselves and their family for for a full day for 24 hour, then they need to give those who have less than them. Right, they have to give them and during the time of the prophets, I send them the process I'm determined for it to be any any food item that was popular grains, rice, anything, whatever was the main ingredient,

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you know, dates,

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raisins. So, and because not everyone is now capable or know someone that does that. So, what we do is we collect the money. So we determine we looked at various items, commodities, or food food items that people eat, and we determined $15 to be the average cost of whatever that unit unit of you know, we compare different items, dates,

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raisins, different types of grains or rice, and we came up with this estimate of $15 per person in your household. So we collect here at the IOC, we collect that money, and we give it to organizations and agencies that will will deliver or will give or will render to those who are in need food items. So we are in compliance with the

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the instructions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and his teachings. Now we collect that ahead of time, however, is given within that time that is that is designated by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we continue to collect and use a lot of aid. But please do not wait until some automate.

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Right? Because once you place a lot of aid, once you say Allahu Akbar, the man says Allahu Akbar, it's too late, you still have to pay it, but it's too late. It counts before that. So make sure that you give it before the 29th.

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Right? At the latest, the evening of the 29th

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the boxes will be there, but the latest the evening, so calculate each person in your household, right? So you're for people that $60 right now, if someone comes and says, Well, well, my average for whatever you know, is $10. That's fine.

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Between this is what we have, you know, determined to be and with consultation with various Imams and scholars in the area. So we came up with this with this amount also those people who have missed who have missed days or cannot pass because of a chronic or permanent health condition, the cafardo we also had

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estimated the kuthodaw to be $15 but make sure that you put that in separate like envelope if you if you may inshallah tada so that we know this is video or cafaro for each Miss days. May Allah Subhana Allah accept our deeds and forgive our sins, brothers and sisters, Islamic Institute of Orange County follows globe global citing policy, so if the moon or the crescent is sited anywhere in the world, we determine the the end of the month of course, the beginning of the next lunar month, which is chawan and thus there it will be also announced, we are anticipating

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that, you know that the moon will be sited on the eve of Monday, Monday night or the eve of Tuesday, the fourth

00:25:52 --> 00:26:09

of June. So, on Monday evening, inshallah, there's a team of local scholars and one of our scientists that will go to site the moon in the area, we're going to also be waiting for any confirmed reports to come from the eastern regions.

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You know, so if there is any sighting confirmed citing reported anytime during the day, we will declare the beginning of the month if we are able to see it ourselves. Also, same thing we will announce on Monday night between law and post announcements and everything. We are making our plans for Tuesday morning slot today it will be at Fullerton College in the Quad area. in Charlotte, there's plenty of parking structure, parking information will be disseminated. Please join us Tuesday morning inshallah, that could be a lot to begin at 630. And the Salah will start at 730 sharp.

00:26:50 --> 00:26:52

Sorry, it took me about seven

00:26:53 --> 00:27:33

and the salon itself 730. Right sharp in shout Allahu taala so that those people will have, I mean, we urge him and ask everyone to take time off and spend it with family but just in case, you don't have time or you have to go to work late. We wanted to place a lot of aid as early as we can. So people kind of spend some time with their family or go have breakfast, and then go to their work if they must work on that day. So we are anticipating salata aid again to be on Tuesday morning, please make sure that you bring your own rock with you. And if you're with a bunch of people, maybe you can bring one of these large ones bring your own rugs with you as early as you can. And chef Allahu

00:27:33 --> 00:27:41

taala Fullerton College Not to be confused with Cal State Fullerton the university we're talking about Fullerton community college right.

00:27:42 --> 00:28:30

Lemon and Chapman right lemon and Chapman the community college in the Quad area where I believe the library you know, it's an open basically space. So come and join us inshallah tada Now in the case in case there are no reports confirmed reports and there weren't there are normal sightings anywhere in the world, we can't determine right? And we must fast 30 days. Right? If that happens, that's not likely to happen. But if that happens, you know, then we must follow the clear teachings of our province of allies and will observe fasting on Tuesday Ramadan will be 30 days and then we pray a lot to eat here Islamic Institute

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where we're going to be praying a lot today Okay, we'll let you know inshallah to Allah but you know if the default is that it's going to be here at the machine if there is no sighting reported anywhere in the world. So we will you know determine where we're going to be praying but we're looking for an alternative but the machine will be the default place but keep keep in tune in sha Allah tala and we hope that we will all inshallah tada celebrate

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this blessed and joyous occasion together.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:14

Please join us especially that it may perhaps be the last time I get to address the community

00:29:15 --> 00:29:20

in the Sermon on ait and join me for that short

00:29:21 --> 00:29:44

sermon that I will be delivering after the Salah inshallah tada hope to see you all there. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you and accept our deeds and forgive our sins are gonna topple midnight in the Kansas City It was really nice to have him along Minnesota. Magic was a theoretical salad with me as well and even some equilibrium when possible. Gentlemen, gentlemen and now love me in California, but I for one, love minica

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one llama in the California

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solution salatu salam inshallah Allah will finish the recitation of the Quran on Sunday night inshallah Allah So join us for that as well. inshallah Sunday night, the eve of the 29th of Ramadan. We will be finishing the

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Quran inshallah tada insalata tarawih. So Johannesburg Allah.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, a Chateau La Ilaha Illa la shadowgun La ilaha illAllah Allah,

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Mohammed karasuno law shawanna Muhammad Rasulullah Haryana salette

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