Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 15 – Honor

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of protecting people's privacy and privacy, which is a the most important thing in Islam. They use the example of the Prophet's actions to encourage people to uphold their privacy and privacy, and to not the idea of the rule of the Prophet. They also discuss the concept of honor, which is a sense of pride and pride in the act of protecting people's privacy.
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Santa Monica, welcome back to Allah loves. So once again, we're taking a quality that usually has negative connotations, but in this situation, it actually has some good connotations. Before I get back to the Hadeeth that we started speaking about last week, I want to actually mention another Hadith about envy about hustle because it's tied to jealousy. But it's not exactly the same thing. The prophet SAW, I said, I mentioned that there is no envy except in two situations, when you envy someone who Allah has given knowledge and they spread it, or Allah has given wealth, and they spend it in the last cause. Why? Because you would not envy them in a way that you would want something

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you would want the money for the sake of being rich, or you wouldn't want the knowledge for the sake of being praised. But you envy the good that they're able to do with what Allah has employed them with. And you don't wish them bad, but you wish that you could again, build yourself up to a place where you could also do the good that they are doing, and spread it in sha Allah to Allah for a noble goal, and from a noble intention, so you're not envying over this dunya over this world, nor are you envy in a way that fits the envy of the shape on that fits any type of satanic envy, or any type of evil intention or wishing evil for anyone else. And that speaks to your priorities of

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seeking the hereafter. Now, the word jealousy is a little controversial, right? Because there really is no word for a veto in the in the English language that really fits that you could translate as honor. Or you could translate it as a sense of protective jealousy. And in the same Hadith and Buddha would that I spoke about yesterday, in this Hadith, Allah subhanaw taala mentions are the profit slice Allah mentions that there's a type of leader now you have a whole lot that Allah loves and the type of leader that Allah hates. The type of leader that Allah loves is the protective honor and jealousy that is based upon solid grounds, the type that he hates is that which is all based in

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suspicion. So let's talk about this for a moment, when you see someone being harmed, for example, and I want to talk about Libra. And why it's actually important for us to have that sense of leader. When you see someone being harmed when you see your sister being harmed being taken advantage of or being harmed. You know, there's this clip of Malcolm X and hedge America, Chavez Rahim Allah, speaking about the black woman in America and talking about how she's the most disrespected person in America. And you can see the outrage that he has about the protective nature, about how we will not allow anyone to disrespect our black women here in America. Now, if we took that same thing, I

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want you to think about how you feel when you see your sisters that are being offended, that are being taken advantage of that are being assaulted anywhere in the world. If that doesn't drive a sense of outrage and honor. And you that's a problem. If you see your brothers from the Rohingya that are being racially discriminated against, or the Oilers or whatever it may be, you see brothers who did nothing but lived their lives in a noble way and did not seek to harm anyone, but because they're Muslim, they're being harmed, they're being abused, their dignity is being taken away from them. And you are driven out of a sense of honor, that that disturbs you, and it disrupts you. And

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you actually want to help them your move by something when you have zero for religious symbols for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And you know, I'm not talking about when people when the Prophet slicin was disrespected, and people take to the streets and break windows and burn tires and harm people. That's not because of love for the Prophet size. And and that's because of a sense of culture and disrespect and a very false sense of honor. But you should be driven to something where you feel disturbed on the inside, and you want to instead uphold the image of the Prophet peace be upon him in a noble way that fits his noble image sallallahu wasallam. Likewise, a

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person should feel that leader for their family, they should feel a sense of protection, protectiveness, honor, men, women, a woman should be protective over her husband, her husband should be protective over his wife in a way that they would not like that that person be abused or harmed. Someone might say, well, this is the language of honor killings, absolutely not. honor killings are the most hated things in Islam. And that's not an honor for a law because it's the greatest violation of a law that a person hurts an innocent girl or an innocent woman, or even a woman that that does something wrong girl that does something wrong in a way that is such in such an atrocious

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manner. So no, that's not from the sun. No, that's not from Islam. honor killings have nothing to do with Islam. And they're motivated and driven by something other than Allah, and other than the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the honor that we have for our sisters, for our brothers for for things that are sacred is a good protective type of honor, one that causes us to act in honorable ways to uphold the honor of something or someone else. And that is something positive in our religion and something that a lot encourages in us, so that we could always

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have to tap into not to be suspicious or become abusive or to become harmful, or to be driven to lowly things, but instead to uphold the the nobility of noble things. And that means the sanctity of what Allah has sanctified, including the honor of people, and the dignity that Allah has bestowed upon human beings, especially those that are beloved to us. So Allah loves healthy pride and protective jealousy, a great sense of honor, we ask a lot to give us those things without letting them become a means of transgression. And to only keep within us that which is positive love. I mean, there's a lot of hate and see you all next time in sha Allah. So now what

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