Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 13 – Independence

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of independence in Islam, as it is crucial for individuals to pursue their beliefs and pursue their dreams. They also mention a study on the importance of independence in the culture of Islam, as it is crucial for individuals to avoid becoming dependent on others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of striving for one's beliefs and pursuing their dreams to become independent.
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Santa Monica, welcome to Allah labs. So last time we talked about the strong believer, and in this episode I want to focus on independence, this idea of actually being independent. So obviously a person should seek to be in a place in which they are giving the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned in Allahu hibbeler ultraclear Alma Tov, that Verily Allah loves a servant who is poor, yet at the same time maintains a sense of dignity does not go out and beg, does not put themselves in a vulnerable situation, but instead tries to pick themselves up and the Prophet sighs I mentioned. But even if that person might have a big family, they still do their best to be as independent as

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possible. The province is on taught us to seek refuge in Allah from debt to seek refuge and a lot from being in a difficult situation. Yet there are entire chapters of Hadith on the virtues of poverty, the virtues of being in these types of tests that are not self inflicted, but at the same time, their tests and trials that come and that a person tries their best to maintain as much of modesty as much of their independence as possible, even in those situations. And it becomes a mindset sometimes if a person finds himself in a difficult situation, and has to resort to something they typically would not, then they can actually adopt that as a mindset. And that's something that

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the scholars mentioned that a person should try to avoid. Allah loves that person who is trying even in their most difficult moments to be as independent as possible. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam went through numerous examples of this openlogic says, We even took a baby, we took a pledge with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Allah, Allah is an associate that we would not ask people for anything. And he says the companions that were present in that pledge, took that pledge so seriously, that if one of them were on their writing animal, and they dropped something, they dropped the whip or they dropped whatever it is that they had with them, they wouldn't ask someone

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else to pick it up for them, but instead, they would get down and they would pick it up themselves. So that sense of independence is something that is to be ingrained in the mindset in the psyche. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned five advices that jabril Rani Salaam that the angel Gabriel gave him. And the last two things he said while I'm in the shadow of a moment, Leon who believed know that the nobility of the believer is standing up in prayer at night that your sense of nobility is not in the things that other people endow you with. It's not with the awards that are given to you. It's not what the recognition of this world it's in the standing up in prayer at night

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and distinguishing yourself in the sight of Allah, seeking honor in His sight. While on the shuttle film and clear mobility know that the nobility of the believer is his standing up at night, where is still now and in us. And his sense of dignity is his not being in need of people. So a person should strive as much as they can to be always in a state of independence, whether it's financial, emotional, physical, whatever it may be. Now, with that being said, with all of the all of the applications that you make, asking Allah to protect you from an absolute castle from inability from laziness from caliber to Dane will calculate Riyal from the hardship of poverty, the hardship of, of

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debt and the cruelty of man being in the situation where you are subject to some sort of cruelty because you need someone with all of that being said, if a person finds themselves in a situation where they are in need of help, obviously, they should seek help. This is speaking to the mindset a lot does not want us to suffer in silence Allah subhanaw taala simply wants us to not accept or resign ourselves to a position of weakness or to a position of being dependent to try our best to not adopt it as a mindset. And that speaks to the same strength that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was speaking about in the previous episode. So we ask Allah to never allow us to be in need of

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anyone but him to make us people that always strive for his goodness and strength, and to make us a people that are independent of all things but him for surely upon Him we are always dependent even if we don't recognize it does not come in low height and see you all next time and shall allow us to allow money to live

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