Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 8

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the challenges of comfort and the danger of becoming the worst person in the world. They suggest deluding into advice and finding advice when challenging oneself. The speaker also warns against giving advice to people who are too afraid to deal with challenging situations and reminds people to be aware of their own feelings and expectations.
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them, do you try to instead move on to people that give you comforting words? Do you actually like hearing people that challenge you? advice that is that doesn't ask us to change our ways, and makes us comfortable with what we're doing already is advice that we like. But advice that makes us uncomfortable with our present state is generally advice that our enough's is inclined to reject. The knifes has a knee jerk reaction to advice that challenges it. And it is a major issue that a person could have because you know who the most comforting advisor in the world is? What do you guys think it is? shape on what a comforting advisor he is. He would tell you that I've just been a

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sincere advisor to you this whole time. Why because he'll tell you everything you want to hear every single time and the same thing around you. Not here in the masjid.

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But in your life that will actually congratulate you when you are doing wrong. That will actually celebrate your wrongdoing that will pat you on the back and not tell you when you're messing up. And you like having people like that around you because it makes you feel good with your present self. And there are many ways that we delude ourselves. Sometimes we delude ourselves by ourselves. And sometimes we delude ourselves by surrounding ourselves with those who make us more comfortable and complacent with our delusion. And if you look at the habit of the righteous, not only did they not hate a Nasir hain, did they not hate those that would give them advice. They actually loved people

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more like that. If you were to advise them to hop on the allowance on on home, you might actually get a post in his government. Cut happened a few times. I like you because you actually challenged me. I like you because you actually made me a little uncomfortable. Now here's the thing. Some of you are thinking yeah, I don't know why no one likes me. I'm always giving advice and no one's taking it from me. Receiving advice is the difficult parts. That's where the challenge to your knifes is humility, giving advice. The challenge is kibito self righteousness, it's a different challenge to your spirituality altogether. That's an easy one. But actually receiving advice

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actually, being told you are wrong. actually being given advice is not easy. And I'm the love and Mr. Little the allowed time and said that from the most hated words to Allah subhanho wa Taala is when someone has given advice and they respond and say, Don't judge me.

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Listen to people that advise you actively solicit advisors actively ask to be challenged. And don't do it to prove some sort of silly points. Listen, and consider advice. The worst thing that could happen to you is that people know that you are not an advisable person.

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And so they just let you mess up all the time, and they leave you alone. And you know what that could exist even in the presence of the best advisor or sort of less a lot hiney who has sought him out you saw the alarm and has said that a man was was entering upon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the Prophet slice of them said, What a horrible person and a horrible Omen to his people.

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And he walked in and he sat with the Prophet slice them and the Prophet slicin was just as courteous with him as he is with everyone else. And then he left and the province Isom didn't advise him and I shadow the law and the law. Why didn't you tell him that? So law slicing him says yeah, the worst people in the sight of Allah are those that people leave off giving advice to the affair she because they don't want to deal with his foul mouth. They don't even want to deal with him anymore. Meaning I know that if I try to give this person advice, he's just gonna yell and scream and act like a maniac. So you know what, go ahead. Go ahead. That's the worst thing that can happen to you that

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people leave off giving you advice, and you continue to surround yourself only with those who make you comfortable. The sila hain, the righteous looked for people to challenge them. I mean, I've even put down Mata Haman, Allah, He says something very powerful in this regard. He said that if you were walking and there was a scorpion on your back,

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and the scorpion was about to bite you, you imagine if you're walking and you're about to cross the road, and there's a car coming that's about to hit you and you don't see that card. Let's give a more contemporary example in our context. You would want someone to call out to you and say you're about to get hit by that car. In the analogy of Kodama, you would want him to tell you there's a scorpion on your back. He said but a spiritual element, a spiritual disease is far worse.

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than a physical harm, but you don't want people that notice things about you to tell you, Hey, I think there is a car that's about to hit you and it's about to hit your knifes you need to pay attention. Now what if you're a person that people don't give advice to just because they don't feel qualified just be solicited. Look for people to give, you know, see how, and you know what? The moment of is out of a molehill last said, Listen, even to your critics. Listen to the people that criticize you, even if they're unfair and their criticism. For the sake of my knifes, I'll say that you know what? He's unfair in his criticism, but I need to consider the content of that criticism.

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Because if 80% of what he's saying is untrue, and 20% of it is true that 20% could corrupt my heart and grow to actually be the 100% of the criticism he's giving out of sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala I should consider even that 20% may be true. The greatest incidents that I can give you imagine Imam Shafi Rahim Allah to Allah, and who is better to dismiss critics if he wanted to. The name is Jeffrey. This man is a genius. This man is celebrated and loved by his people. He's a genius. He doesn't lose debates. If he wanted to. If someone walks up to a suffering and insults him and a shofar, he wants to insult him back a shofar. He could do all sorts of things with you.

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You don't want to insult someone who's that smart and who has that position. someone walks into the muslin and says unto Shafi, are you a Mom, are you a chef? And he said, Yes, he said in Nicki Minaj you don't fast.

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You're a wicked evil men.

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A chef, he says, lahoma encounter saw the con, Oh Allah, he's telling the truth, literally, or how many words?

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Forgive me and have mercy upon me and accept my repentance, what encounter later dialogue and if he's not telling the truth, for the love of God, forgive him and have mercy upon him and accept his repentance. Look at that character. Maybe he's telling the truth. Maybe I am.

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Maybe I need to consider that and ask Allah for forgiveness and protection. zeytinburnu Islam, a man came in and started criticizing me said, You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. The Ben forgot why he was criticizing him, because these people looked for advice. Now we are not a Shafi. And I can't promise you that if you walked up to me and said in the cathedral and fossick that I'd respond with such grace and full honesty.

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But we should solicit critics, solicit people that will advise you and give you uncomfortable truths about yourself sometimes that they might notice out of love for you. Not out of vengeance, not in mean spiritedness because they love you and you have invited them to help you construct this knifes when you presented to Allah subhana wa Tada, this heart when you present it to Allah subhana wa Tada. I want you to tell me, what do you see?

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And I also want to hear it from you too. So I want to be you know, this is where brotherhood comes in. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us brothers and sisters like this May Allah subhanaw taala allow us not to be diluted by ourselves. May Allah subhanaw taala not make us the people that hate to be told it's up to law that hate to be reminded of a Lost Planet Allah May Allah make us amongst those who are able to put their egos aside that and remove that veil between us and Allah subhana wa tada and grow in our connection with Him. May Allah azza wa jal never allow us to become overcome by that ego, so that we do not receive advice or admonition either in the form of divine revelation or in

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the form of sincere advice or in the form of reflection that is better for us. And that actually brings us closer to guidance llama I mean, it's not gonna allow us to not want to come from salon accounts.