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Ammar Alshukry
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 names. I'm your host bill Dawson and I'm here with amado shokuhou tagging along and today we are going to go over the name of a lot a Shafi a Shafi and I learned that this is different from shaffir, which is the amount of chef here. No Shafi but a chef, the intercessor Okay, a chef here means intercessor a chef, he is

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the healing intercessor No, no, no, no. I Shafi re Yes. I don't know that could be his tribe or where he's from, I don't know. I don't know what how he got that last name. I Shafi. Okay. But it goes back to this concept of intercession. Okay, as opposed to a Shafi the healer, interestingly enough growing up in Sudan, so she thought, Yes, okay. Growing up in Sudan, a kid or a child is called in rural places, a shafia.

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And that's just what you call a little kit. Okay. They call it a showerhead. So let's say schufa, a group of kids call them show fat, or a young kid is called a chef, and later on,

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you realize how they became called at Sheffield kids, okay. And that is because when a kid passes away, they become an intercessor. Oh, and so. So that's that's one of the benefits of having to endure through the pain of losing a child. Yeah. Eliza? Yes. sends the angels or a lot asked the angels. Did you take the heart of my slave?

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says yes, acaba, too similar to it? Or more appropriately? Did you take the soul of the child of my slave? Yes. Did you take the fruit of their heart or in English? Who would you say? Did you take their heart? And they would say yes. And he would say, What did my slave say? They would say, how mad they castalia your slave said it hamdulillah. And it started out basically means they said in alila, he were in LA, he allowed your own Yeah, we belong to a lion to him, we will return and then allow us to see the angels build for my slave a house in Paradise and call it the house of price.

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And beta. Wow. And so this is of the rewards of because there is no loss rate and the loss of a child. And so when a person in that moment of difficulties as at Hamdulillah, we belong to a lot to him. I mean, you hear so commonly, especially in American context, no parents would have to bury their child. But yet one out of every three families goes through this. Really? Yes. One out of three. Yes. A third of all families go through the experience of miscarriage, or does the miscarriage count? Yes. Okay. And miscarriage counts as far as the data that I'm quoting. Okay. And I mean, usually people more and more, it's becoming popular where people actually they'll

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communicate that but there's still a lot of times people just suffer in silence and they want, man, okay. Yeah. Because I mean, I heard about a close friend of mine who, you know, I only found out after well after the fact that, you know, they actually had a kid who had a miscarriage. I mean, they had a miscarriage, and like, but they just, they didn't tell anybody. Yeah. And wow, okay.

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What's interesting is, I mean, I was just reflecting things. My mom, she's the eldest of 12. But before her there was another child who died when they were young. And 11 survived. No, she she's 12. So before my mom was born, there was another child, so 12 survived. Yeah, Mashallah. That's amazing.

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But it was from

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from it was from because my mom's mom died when she was young. So I think my grandmother from my mom's side, buried as many children as she actually who actually survived how many she had four who survived into adulthood, okay, and at least another four passed away as children. At least another four, as they just painful enough to think about just one. Yeah. And then you look at the Bravo sauce and know who varied all of his children except for a while Emma, and she, he knew she was gonna last him by six months. Okay, and you knew that Hussein was going to be murdered. And it's just that she would Outlast him only by what? divine? No, he Yeah, he told her that she was the

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first of his family members to catch up to him. Okay. How much? Did he know that she was going to outlast them for six months? I don't know. Okay, but he knew that she was the first one to to catch up to him.

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Word Okay, so the children of the prophets Allah. You got Fatima? You've got Xena roquet uncle soon. Yeah. You have Ibrahim. You have a Qasim? Yes. Who some scholars also considered to be asleep. Okay. And some considered to be up to the law. So it could be anywhere between three separate children. Yeah, or one child who has multiple names, multiple names, okay. And so if you are going to consider that he had one

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Son then he had one son in Mecca and one son in Medina and four daughters. Okay, well he has three sons in Mecca and one son in Medina and four daughters Okay, and all of them passed away. So it'll call you uncle foam Zen and Zeno they all passed away. Okay in Medina wow yeah, that I didn't know what okay and um consumer both married tourists might not find both of them. Right. Okay, okay. I remember that's why they call them the new rentas the bear of two lights Exactly. And had said that no man ever married two daughters of a prophet except for not fun. I think the other honor was a had they continued to pass away he would continue to marry as many daughters to them as he said. Sam

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said if we had another one, we would have made her two. Nonetheless, that is a long prelude to the name of a lot of Shafi a show fear the healer a Shafi meaning the healer now a Shafi isn't a name of a lot heard the hold on Okay, it is by the Hadith of the prophets on the lightest center. Okay. The only mention of a lot being healing in the Koran

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is the statement of Ibrahim Addison and when he's talking to his people, and he says what he does for who Ah, Finn, okay, he says when I become sick, he is the one who heals me a lot is the one who heals me okay. However, in Hadith and mahadi, the prophet SAW the light SLM when he would visit a sick person he would say, Allahumma Allah been as it had been best, as Sri anta Shafi la Shiva as Sri. Allah heal anta Shafi you are el shafie you see that Elif lamp. So now we've got a name here as Shafi, la shifa in LA Shiva, Shiva, La La Rosa, comma, there is no healing except for your healing. A healing that leaves behind no ailment. So the prophet SAW Sam said alohomora bidness Oh Allah The

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Lord of mankind. Okay. Remove alphabets remove the harm. Okay, so we've got a dog coming up here. Hold on. Yeah, so Allah home Mama. robinus Yes, prob. Then. No, Mama banasura been Yeah, that's just a grammar grammatical point. Oh, okay. Then NASS. Okay as fee or sorry before that as he as he bill bass, he bill bass, hey, Bill, bass, but as this literally means, like from from a little bit of sloppy, you know, filling

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in sort of tobacco where it says was sloppy and I feel about it well, they are patient in Besa, they are patient in harm, okay. When harm afflicts them their patients so that he does what he did best in moments of harm moments of difficulty, okay. And so here as the hibel bass, the habit means to go, okay. And add the hit means to make go away. Okay. So make the harm go away. The hibel Beth's ash v heal. So it's a it's a it's a supplication. ashy fee. It's in a command form, but you don't command. Yeah. When you're directing upwards, right when you're escalating it to allies. Okay. You're not commanding, you're requesting

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to be asking in a way that is a strong, yeah, of course. Okay. Nothing changes in the form, okay. The only thing that changes is what you call it. Okay. You know what I mean? When you are when you are, it is a strong request. And that's what the prophet commanded. He said, when you ask a law, ask a law.

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Don't say if you wish, okay, because no one for better or worse is going to twist his arm. Okay, you see, I'm saying, actually, that's a horrible phrase to use, but no one is going to force a lawyer to do anything, right. Okay. So a lahoma

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of hibel bas Ashley will enter sheshe fee he while that's when he was visiting a sick person, okay, because that's a male so you say ash Fie. heal him if it was a woman who said she had a she heal her ash? Or you would say for example, ashvini heal me okay. You just change the pronoun depending on who you're requesting. will enter Shafi You are a chef he will enter a chef work under a Shafi sh.

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la shifa Elashi folk, there is no healing last shifa, she for Elashi folk Illa. She

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took Shiva and lay or hydro sarcoma, a healing that leaves behind no succumb no ailment. There's a lot of shift. Yes, okay. Shiva en la vie de la Sakuma, Shiva and La you have ideal Sakuma,

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the route satama And the idea here is that Allah has placed for every disease

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Okay, hold on this is break this down real quick. Allahu Allah O Allah robinus the Lord provides Sustainer of humankind

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other hip other hibben bus make go away the harm

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us free he or she has Feeny and heal me heal her heal him. Well, under Shafi, you are the healer. Yes. Last shift, there and there is no healing Illa except shift except your healing shift.

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You are the root chakra nanodomains. So healer healing that leaves behind no ailment, okay, healing, that I'm getting good at this. Yeah. leaves behind, no ailment, and I just put between bat brackets body.

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So you know that it's at the highest level of authenticity. And the point here is that when you ask and when you seek healing, and everybody gets sick at some point, but we recognize that Allah is the one who heals.

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allows the one who heals, no matter how difficult and all you have to do is talk to people who have been sick. Yeah. And you will come across story of story of story of people. And I've had friends who are doctors who have told me and they said, Listen, when you practice medicine, you realize that a lot heals. Hmm. There are so many people who come across and we're like, how are you even still alive?

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And they've told me this. And at the end of the day, who's the one who heals them? Yeah.

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And so asking healing from Allah. And one powerful

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story that I've heard, was a man who a friend of his had been suffering from cancer, young man. And he asked him a very strong question. He said, How long have you stayed? At the

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he said the phrase that he used was in prostration. House? How strong? How much? How many hours have you spent in prostration? In the offices of doctors, basically, you know, at the altar of doctors, as we were saying English, like how how, how long did you stay at the altar of doctors? And he said, many, many, many days and hours and weeks and things like that. And he said, How much have you stayed in prostration? in front of a lot. So it's kind of rebuking him? Yes. Okay. And he said to him very little. And he said, Go and make long such lists, and ask a lot to heal you. And that story ended up favorably A few months later, he said that that man was healed, kept whether the cancer was

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in recession or what have you, but Eliza is the one who took care of healing. And so the take home here is that you ask a lot for healing.

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Go and do medicine because the province I sent him says to Tao, he said, take medicine.

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Use medicine. Yeah. But that the person but don't. Don't make your heart rely on it. Yes. And that's why they say about talk well, that Oracle is kind of like tied to the same idea of that, that your hands are attached to the dunya. But your heart is attached to Laura. Another way to phrase that is that your hands are busy, but your heart is still okay. Right? That's pretty cool. Thank you. So your hands are busy, but your heart is still you're taking all the precautions doing everything that you need to do but your heart is attached to a lie. So again, and you recognize the question is it's hard man.

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Making that heart still it's not easy. And that's why the reward of it is 70,000 people will enter Paradise without any account. They will have Global Entry if you will to paradise, or galactic or universal.

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There's been no customs no questioning, no passports, no, you know anything. They just go straight to paradise. One of the provinces send them was asked to describe them. He said they are the ones who don't seek omens. They don't brand themselves with fire. They don't brand themselves with fire was that and that's a particular medicine that they used to talk about clotting. Because you know, sometimes and this has been like an old Civil War method. If somebody got shot or sliced or whatever, right? No, they would take a little even the Sahaba used to do that. Okay, these to put to heal wounds in boiling oil. Yeah, exactly. Just the clock this No, that's not that's not talking

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about that. Oh, there must have been some sort of superstition that was tied to this practice. Oh.

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They don't take omens from birds. They don't see croupier. What the secret key I mean, rupee is perfectly valid. But there is a level of torque on a lot where a person no longer that person doesn't even ask anyone to secret appeal. Okay? they don't they don't say Hey, man, can you resort to a fight over my forehead? They don't do that even though it's out but they don't seek it from other people. Hmm. And then the Prophet sums it up when he says why a lot of Quran. They depend on a Bible.

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Meaning they won't even ask people for, you know, even the most What does this mean?

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You wonder to draw pseudo lessons himself would do rookie on himself. Yes, right. There's nothing wrong with doing it okay on yourself. The question is What if one has the option and the capacity and capability to doodle oneself? Why would they ask somebody else? A lot? Why do people ask people to make the offer them?

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Because they're going for Hajj, not because they're going for what? They ask people randomly all the time. Please make darfuri please make dua for us. But I think they were saying more than just not so much. No, they're completely serious. We can just nobody says that in jest. So you know, just kind of Hey, you know, mengalami, right. This is not like saying it's not serious. Yes. Well, it should be something serious. And that's a problem. Okay. It's become so superficial, that it's almost like, she was like, oh, like, you shouldn't be doing such and such, right. Yeah. Like, oh, it just makes off for me. No, you just stop doing that. Yeah, right. Oh, that's to me. Yeah. No, the point here is

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that it's a cop out. Yeah. So the idea here is that a person shouldn't

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not that a person shouldn't but the high because this is the high This is the elite, the most elite people. Yeah, right. Are the people who depend on a lot. So again, sincerely, and they don't ask anyone for anything. Okay. Period. So would asking sincerely somebody to make the offer them fall under the area of asking for okay. I personally, I don't see that as a making doc for you. Okay. I don't see that as being the practice of the companions. I don't see that from being, you know, going around, because you can make doll for yourself, right? There is a tradition, but it's controversial that the prophets, Little Lies, send them astromech when Obama was going to omoto, yeah, to make to

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offer him that the problem is I sent him so much to make to offer him but that's a it's a controversial headache in the sense of its, its authenticity, its authenticity. Okay. But you don't definitely don't see it in the cultural companions. You don't read that in Hades literature. ramadasa, welcome mcdow for me, and I will because it was understood. But even if a hadith itself doesn't have the strength of say, say your husband or whatever, right, then it becomes inappropriate to take action out of it.

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is allowed to take action on it if it's supported by something authentic? Yes.

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Exactly. Okay, exactly. So the science is stuff for your

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fun, good stuff. Oh, this is just total side tangent. But there's something really, really, really fascinating. So I was reading this book, and they're talking about

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prosecution in American context trials, criminal trials. And they say that one of the key things that comes into play, and this is how we're talking about evidence and the evaluation of evidence, they said that good prosecutors and good defenders will make or break a case based on the chain of custody of evidence. So one of the things that comes into play in the policies that they've instilled in stated is that upon the collection of evidence, how is it collected? Who was collecting it? Who was it passed on to and the chain of people who were doing it? Were they all law enforcement professionals? And was there any opportunity at any point that there's a doubt or possibility that

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something could have tampered with the evidence? deliberately or not deliberately? Yeah. And so and if there's ever a possibility of that, then they add, then what they push for is having that evidence thrown out from the court, very nice as and so I was thinking myself like, Wow, that sounds very similar, except instead of dealing with in terms of Heidi's sciences interest, and instead of dealing with tangible evidences, you're dealing with intellectual evidence and tangible evidence, but the same similar process is being applied. Who is it? What is their credibility? Is there a possibility of alteration and so on and so forth? And so I think the best way to relate the

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fundamentals of the science of it is understand the chain of custody in a criminal investigation in American loss context to me, that's beautiful. Gonna have to look that up for Sharla. So any lawyers and police officers, you guys don't know you guys should go learn how do

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I set out the law

In this 43rd episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Asshafee


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